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~ The Arcturian Group ~ Let Go! April 17-11

Arcturian Group: Let Go!

2011 April 17
by chezanni

The Arcturian Group through Marilyn Raffaelle | April 17, 2011.

We are here and we welcome those reading this message to an energy of the new age for this is indeed the new age.

However, we see you often trying very hard to remain in the old age; that which is finished and done with. Many of you resist change, and this is holding you back in your journey into the new. Let go! Let go! This is our message today. So many try desperately to hold on to that which is finished. The financial structure as you have known it is finished. New and better is coming- emerging out of the chaos. It is only those who benefit from the status quo and those who in their ignorance hold great fear, that urge you to hold on to what has been the past.

Examine your selves dear ones; examine closely your intentions and your desires, and your beliefs. Examine everything that you hold as truth and ask yourselves; “In the light of all that I am beginning to understand, do I need to continue to hold this belief as truth?” This is an exercise that each must do. It is time for the letting go of all that is outside of yourselves for at least a few moments each day in order to go within and examine your belief system. It is time to unplug the ear phones, turn off the electronics; to stop looking to be entertained and taught from outside of yourselves every moment and go within to where the real resides. We cannot emphasize enough that IT IS TIME.

You are the source, you are the answers, and you are the place wherein the Secret of Life is hidden. Let go of everything that would have you search and seek without. You are past the time of seeking your good from others; from society, from government, from doctrines, from everything and anything that would have you believe that only they have the answers. This looking outside of yourselves is holding you back in the old energy, dear ones.

Examine your day and count how many times you think, say, or search outside of yourself for an answer. We are not saying that others cannot help you, but we are saying that your first step must become a going within and examining all issues of the situation from a place of truth. That is, real truth, not what you have been taught is truth. Real truth is; I am that I am–Profound, mystical, and real. This has been taught by mystics of all ages, and you are now ready to come aboard. You are the manifestation of Source, what does that mean? What are the qualities of Source?

It is time to start claiming and acknowledging your Divine sonship; learning what it means to be Divine. Yes, in your real self you are Divine. Churches have taught you for a long long time that you are worms in the dust, that you need to be saved, and that you are less than the lowest and are born tainted. BUNK, dear ones. This is pure unadulterated bunk. You are the manifestation of Source, here on earth to awaken to that very truth through and in spite of the dense energy of duality and separation present on earth. You are doing it. Pat yourselves on the back. You are awakening from the dream.

Many are now beginning to see through all the false words, and the false appearances that confront from all sides, Many are beginning to understand experiences much as watching a film of earth life; a movie. The bullets that fly on the screen never hit you do they? But it all seems very real. HYPNOTISM Even when you leave the planet in what is termed death, you soon find that you are back home, with friends saying to you; “Oh, back so soon”?

You see dear ones, all you see on earth is a material concept of the Divine reality. That is, everything is real, but is being seen and interpreted through a universal mind (there is only one which is why all see the same thing) that is conditioned with beliefs of duality, two powers, good and evil– third dimensional energy. You are here on earth by choice to awaken even while in the midst of these pictures. The earth and all of creation is not illusion, it is how you perceive it based on your state of consciousness, that is the illusion. As your consciousness (not just intellectual knowledge) embodies more and more truth, and less and less false, the outer scene changes. The outer is the inner and that is what is happening right now. The Light of so many of you awakening, is pushing the old to the surface to be released, which you are seeing as chaos.

We urge you again to consciously release all the old beliefs and concepts that still hold you in bondage to all unreal and finished. That is our message today, dear ones.

Examine, and let go. Do not dwell in the past with regret or guilt. Let it go once and for all. This must be done in order to allow in that which is new, real, and which carries the Light of the Divine–that which you are.

We are the Arcturian Group

the Arcturian Group 4/17/11

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