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~ The Arcturian Group ~ May 1, 2011

~ The Arcturian Group ~ May 1, 2011 

By Marilyn Raffaele

MAY 1, 2011

We of the Arcturian Group say to you all that you are doing a fine job of the shift, in spite of the chaos many of you are experiencing and seeing.  We tell you that although these experiences are very difficult, it is the only way in which consciousness is able to shift for many.  There are those who would never shift their awareness from what they have always known; from that which is comfortable, and  which still serves them.

The chaos of the storms is serving to break up  energy that was stagnant and old.  Energy that needed to be removed and transmuted.   As a result, many are being forced to adjust  rigid  belief systems and ways of thinking.   Although this may seem very harsh (and it is), we see those  involved quickly moving into new states of consciousness.  It is  a "kick out of the box" so to speak.

Gaia is using these methods to transmute and shift her energy, bringing herself into alignment with that which is new and higher in order for the coming changes to manifest.

Understand that the issues in the middle east as well as the weather related chaos are all about shifting energies.  Many simply would not chose to shift.  It is comfortable to remain in that which is familiar, however much of what is familiar in most instances has now been  outgrown, is old, and is untrue.

All who are on earth at this time chose to be here and experience this shift while on earth; choosing to experience whatever lessons  were necessary in order to evolve into a new state of consciousness. All have been given the choice as to whether to leave or  stay for the shift.  This was done on a deeper level, so many who are leaving at this time do not understand or remember that they chose to leave.  This is usually because on a deeper level, they do not feel they can be where they need to be in time. They will come back into the new energy. There are no accidents, all is on track for you the people of earth and Gaia herself to move into a higher, lighter frequency energy.  This is what is happening now, not the end of the world, but the end of the world as you have known it.

You are doing a fine job, dear ones, we just wish for you to understand that many simply cannot do this journey without a "boot".  All will soon balance out and you will see how the world is moving into a new and better place.  The word "soon" is one that the channel does not like.  We understand that our ideas of "soon" may be different than yours, but we can say that all is on track for  each of you to fulfill the desired destination as set up by you before entering into this life experience.  Many of you came in with a whole sheet of lessons needing to be learned and that is why life has been so intense for many of you.  In past lifetimes you brought  with you perhaps one or two lessons chosen; however this time, you came in with all lessons needing to be finished in time for the massive shifting now in progress.  You see, you knew before coming in that things would be difficult, but you chose to come anyway.  You are brave, hardworking, spiritual beings of light who will rejoice and high five each other when this is finally finished and you are able to see the bigger picture.

Many of the children being born now have no lessons to learn;  they have already finished their three dimensional lessons, but chose to be on earth at this important time simply to add their Light to the planet.  That is why so many of them do not fit into "the box" so to speak, they are functioning  beyond many of the adults who are their teachers.  These children do not understand why three dimensional issues they see as irrelevant, are important to so many around them.  Be patient with these children; they do need structure and love, but most of all need you to understand that they see the world from a whole different perspective than  those who have not yet evolved to their level.

There will be more earth changes, there will be more chaos, and there will be more of that you wish  not to have.  However, keep in mind that this is serving Gaia to shift and clear as well as serving mankind to  move out of third dimensional duality/separation consciousness and into Oneness. It is serving to move the world into a whole new way of seeing.  It is pushing mankind to finally understand the futility of war and destruction in the face of  a reality of Oneness.  It is moving the current world view more deeply into  truth, and those who move with it will find their way becomes easier.  Those who do not, will find that living  continues to be more and more difficult because the energy  that would support the old is rapidly leaving.

Be open and be ready to feel, hear, and see changes within yourselves and within your personal world.  Trust your intuition, and begin to see a bigger picture based upon the realization  that you are all in and of the One Divine consciousness.  There is no separation, individuality yes, but no separation.  Those who would war and kill and want you to believe that this is somehow connected to your innate freedom and peace, see all life as separate.  This is the old energy-that which cannot survive in the higher dimensional energies.

We say to you all, we are with you in love and support.

The Arcturian Group                                                                           5/1/11

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