Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Arcturian Group ~ July 24, 2011

By Marilyn Raffaele

                                                       JULY 24, 2011We of the Arcturian Group come today to tell you of the many changes taking place on your planet.  You see so much chaos, but you do not see the light that is bursting forth from within the chaos.  We see the pockets of shadow  now beginning to integrate the light frequencies that you are sending and holding.  Many are awakening and are also adding their new light consciousness to the shadow.  We do not say dark, evil, or use these type of terms because all darkness is simply the absence of light and these words carry an energy that adds to the shadow.  That is why we tell you to send light to  people and areas that seem to be dark.  Every spark of light will brighten the shadow until the shadow is no more.  You see, this is how evolution takes place. Everything is in movement toward a consciousness of Light.  All  is Light, shadow is simply the unawareness of this. Because of free will, this can be a chosen state of consciousness, however for most it is simply that until now  they have not been spiritually ready for this understanding.

Many changes are about to occur .  Many of your political game players are beginning to awaken to the childishness of their self serving behaviors.  We see them starting to question within themselves, and this is the first step in their understanding that they were chosen to serve others and not themselves.  So many of them have played these games for so long that they believe this is how it is done.  This self serving will end as more and more light enters into your planet.  In your quiet centered moments visualize these elected people awakening.  Visualize your government working together for the good of all and not just a select few. Send them light.  Your visualizations  help to bring it about, for you are creators.  However it is important that you do not visualize according to your personal concepts; visualizing that which would serve only you and yours  based in a  belief system of duality.  This is a trap that many fall into especially those of organized religions who are taught that  they know what is best for everyone according to their limited beliefs. This is how the dark arts started.  It was  the selfish  misuse of energy and visualization by those that understood energy but worked with it  from an unevolved state of consciousness and interpreted it  as a means of  self serving.

Visualizing must be done from a place of Universal Love; that is, Light  flowing from a consciousness of One--with its only intention that of manifesting  what is highest and best for all, otherwise you play the same game as those living in the shadow.

There is much coming dear ones, this next month will bring events and experiences  that reflect the game playing of those who would keep you in bondage; events that represent the death throes of that which is finished but refuses to die.  Keep to your Center always, and in spite of what you may see or hear, know that you can never be separate from that which you are.  You are witnessing the birth pangs of a new world consciousness and the weakening struggles of those who believe they have the power to  prevent it and who in their ignorance, continue to present  self serving agendas of fear to the world.  Remember it is always your choice as to whether or not you accept fear ideas.  Hold to your center of truth in spite of any and all appearances, knowing that in your true essence you are Divine now and forever; always one with Source.

You are doing a fine job of it, we do not mean to say you are not, but simply wish to reiterate that when you find yourselves in the midst of intense temptation to go back into old energy, stop, take a breath, and center.  Say to yourselves in that second of centering; "I and the Father are one" using whatever words speak to your truth.  This is enough to center and shift you out of the lower resonance presenting itself.   Hold on, do not be afraid, and just  keep walking the walk of truth.  As changes take place on your planet, many are going into fear, a fear of the unknown which in turn rules and prevents them from moving forward, forcing them to stay in what is old and finished regardless of how uncomfortable.   It is your job as light workers to bring comfort and light to those who live from fear, but only if these dear ones are open to it for every individual  has free will and is permitted to  live in fear if that is their choice.

There will be and are now, many who reach out silently or verbally; those who are ready to understand more of what is going on. This is where you as Lightworkers can step in either with words or suggestions (seeds planted)  to new understandings which in turn activate their evolutionary journey from fear and into enlightenment.  You, the awakened ones are like the head of the arrow dear ones, experiencing  the friction heat of being ahead of the game and no longer playing by the old "rules".  You represent  a consciousness  the majority has not yet attained and therefore does not understand and so out of fear, those not yet spiritually awakened lash out at evolved spiritual truth with ridicule and anger-- the crucifixion of the Christ (Light). It is terrifying for the unevolved  to even consider that their foundational  belief structure may be crumbling. Truth represents a threat to all they have known and believed on all levels-government, churches, and God.  However, very soon you will be opening your arms to the many who are quickly awakening,  now ready for that which you have to share with them.

Your tool boxes are full dear ones; you have experienced so much.  Those of you who have had every possible thing happen in your lives have said  to yourselves; "What more could possibly happen  that hasn't already happened to me"?  You will see now how you have been blessed instead of cursed.  You have earned the position of Lightworker, able to assist any and all who are drawn to your energy for help and teaching.  Your tool box is full to the top with experience, and you no longer fear anything. You simply reach into your spiritual tool box and say;  "Yes, I know all about that, dear one".  You become grateful for each and every experience  of this and other lifetimes, no matter how horrific or wonderful, for the puzzle is beginning to come together magnificently and the pieces are starting to form a picture not even imagined.

We love you dear ones.  Keep on keeping on, for it won't be long before you see that your inner work is manifesting in higher and truer manifestations of Light.  Much is indeed happening although you are not yet fully aware of it.

We are in love, the Arcturian Group.                                             7/24/11

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