Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Arcturian Group ~ September 18, 2011

By Marilyn Raffaele

AUGUST 18,2011 (*original error date)

Greetings dear ones. We of the Arcturian group welcome you to a new age, to a new way of seeing, and new light of understanding that is blanketing the earth at this time. We see Light moving though many places that heretofore have been in darkness. Many who were stuck in tradition and old energy are beginning to open, even if just a little, to new ways of seeing and being. The Light is surrounding you dear ones, and this is acting to dissolve and break the bonds of those shadows that you have lived under for so long.

There is coming a time very shortly, when you will understand even more. You are creating an energy in which the new can be born in more powerful ways, a new energy in which those who will be here to help can enter and be listened to. Much is about to change on earth. Much that you have believed could never change is indeed changing, for all is energy and you have changed the energy needed in order for these old issues to function. We see you embracing the new ideas with love for you are beginning to see that there are indeed better and higher ways of doing things. Ways which include all, and not just a select group deemed worthy by the false standards of old energy beliefs. Those who still continue to hold to what is finished, will have a difficult time of it, for they are "beating a dead horse" as you say in your vernacular.

The lesson for you now dear ones, is that you hold to the truth of your being. Let the truth of oneness with Source, and therefore all that is, be more manifest in your thinking. Let Truth be your first thought before any human thoughts or taking steps for action. You see that way, you begin to change your way of thinking and soon your state of consciousness. You must practice knowing the truth. Truth is, but it must be recognized and then become an attained state of consciousness before it can manifest. In your daily lives then, first realize the truth of all things and the non-reality of anything that would seem to be a power. There is only One Power and that is Divine Power which is everpresent within you. There is only one presence and that Presence is where you are, always. There is only one knowledge and that Knowledge is where you are at all times for it not only is within you, but is you.

This is the goal, the realization that you are that which you seek. It has seemed fine in the past to study these things and to discuss them with like minded people--groups and friends where you feel a comradery and the sense that you are doing something very spiritual. However, you are ready to move beyond this now for those were baby steps. You must now begin to live these truths and not only when things are going according to what you think is the right way for them to go. It is time to begin to live, move, and have your being in truth; to let it be your first thought, your first realization, your first response. Then if there are human footsteps to be taken, you take them, but always with the realization that there is a Divine Law of love and wholeness in place that nothing can over ride or change. Divine Law is infinite but mankind living in the shadows of the third dimension, has not known this. If there was disease within the Consciousness of the Divine which is governed by Divine Law, there could be no cure for disease-EVER. You see all that is real is governed by unchanging Divine Law which is Love.

All that appears so frightening and so negative at this time, simply manifests old energy moving up and away. These experiences offer opportunities to acknowledge the non--power of anything other than Source. You say, "Oh now, how can you say that for these things are terrible and kill people and harm the earth". Yes indeed, that is the appearance. That is what you see with your third dimensional vision, but we tell you that you are now ready and beginning to see beyond these appearances. You are beginning to know and understand that the Divine is the substance and creator of all things and therefor all true creations are of love and harmony. Appearances of discord and evil are creations of the un-illumined mind imbued with beliefs of good and evil. Mind simply forms the outer, from the state of consciousness of the individual.

You see for a long long time, lifetime after lifetime, mankind has been creating manifestations of good and evil through their ignorance of truth and beliefs in duality and separation, but you are graduating now. You have evolved enough to be finished with the harsh lessons of the third dimension. Congratulate yourselves, because it is very difficult to find the truth of who you really are in a world that is heavy with the energy of duality and separation. Earth is a hard school dear ones, and you have done it. You have found truth even with the veil down and in the presence of duality and separation. You are awakening and discovering that your real nature is Divine, in spite of any appearances that may seem to contradict that.

Be happy and express gratitude dear ones, for you are moving very quickly into a energy where the old issues will no longer be. They simply cannot have form in the new energy because you will not be creating them. Yours illumined states of consciousness will now manifest as higher, and truer appearances.

We must remind you however, not to be fooled into looking for third dimensional "good" for good appearances are just the other end of the duality stick from bad appearances. The spiritual lesson is to move beyond concepts of either good or evil, and into the spiritual. Divine Being is complete and whole, your attained consciousness of this then translates as what is needed. You do not need to tell it what you need, It is Omniscient, and as your consciousness of this deepens, your experience will reflect it. This is why meditation is key. In meditation you are resting in your realization of oneness with the Divine, whereas in the common idea of prayer, you are telling an Omniscience Divinity what you need which is separation and duality. This does not mean that you cannot state your choice and your intentions, but you do it from the consciousness of free will choice, not from a sense of your good being outside of yourself.

Be patient dear ones, much is ready to change. Do not fear, but hold to your center and always make Truth your focus in spite of the hundreds of untruths bombarding you at this time. We say be informed but do not mire yourselves in the news and words of doom and gloom for this will pull you down into the heavy frequencies present within them. Keep yourselves separate by keeping your energy fields filled with Light, clearing yourselves with Light often during the day.

Cease from the struggle and rest in what is.

We are the Arcturian Group 9/18/11


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