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Sept. 2011 Group of Forty [Arcturian]


September 3, 2011 GOF Lecture

Preparing for 2012

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Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. We are on a cusp of major
changes, and we are quickly approaching 2012. There is much anxiety and
excitement about the changes that are before you and are before the planet. We
have designated 2011 as the year of the planetary healer. This designation
indicates that there is a great deal of planetary work that must be done. There
is a great deal of planetary work ahead in preparation for the 2012 energy

The preparation has to do with the expansion of the vessels so that both your
personal and planetary vessels can hold the fifth-dimensional light that is
going to be downloaded. In the idea of the vessel, one understands that the
vessel is like a structure. It can be considered a physical structure, and it
can be considered an etheric structure.

The structure or the vessel is built to contain a certain frequency and energy.
You can compare the vessel to water. Say a vessel can hold a certain poundage of
water, but if the water becomes too heavy and too much, then the vessel can
break. So it is with the frequencies and so it is with energy. Energy requires
that in order for it to be used properly and to be processed properly, it must
somehow be contained. You would not want electricity, for example, to be
floating through the atmosphere without having a designation or a focus. If
electricity were not focused, then you would not be able to turn a light on even
though there is electricity all over the atmosphere. You still have to focus and
direct the electricity through a wire and into some type of a circuit.

This is exactly the same thing with spiritual energy and spiritual light. It is
exactly the same thing with fifth-dimensional energy and fifth-dimensional
light. There is going to be a time when there will be a huge input of
fifth-dimensional energy. This energy that I am talking about is actually
measureable. It is observable. When this energy is coming, you as a vessel have
to be constructed and prepared to hold a newer and higher frequency.

We have been offering various types of exercises that can train your self as a
vessel to hold more fifth-dimensional energy and fifth-dimensional light. We
know that the Ascension is getting closer. What is the difference going to be
between those who ascend and those who do not ascend? One of the main
differences is going to be this: those who ascend will be able to hold the input
of energies - etheric energy and spiritual energy - that is going to be

This ascension is going to be a surge of spiritual and etheric energy. People
often ask, "Am I worthy enough to ascend, or have I been able to complete all my
life lessons?" They might say, "No, I feel I have not completed my life lessons,
and I feel that I am not worthy enough." People could deny themselves the
experience of the Ascension with this type of thinking.

The key factor now for the Ascension is your ability to hold this higher energy
and higher input of light. It is true that in order to hold newer light and
newer energy, you must clear out and release a lot of baggage. You must release
a lot of older energies so that there is room for the new vibration. Also, you
have to have a strong enough structure to hold the newer light.

Everything that I have said about your personal ascension also applies to the
planetary ascension. We want to provide an etheric energetic structure for the
planet so that the planet can hold, receive and process fifth-dimensional
energies. The 12 etheric crystals, one of which was originally downloaded at
Lago Puelo, Argentina, are set up to assist the planet in holding and processing
fifth-dimensional energy and fifth-dimensional light. The etheric crystals,
including the one at Lago Puelo, are capable of handling a large input, an
immediate input of fifth-dimensional light.

Let's talk about fifth-dimensional light and vessels. When we talk about
fifth-dimensional light on a personal basis, sometimes then we can say that a
certain individual's vessel is not strong enough to hold the fifth-dimensional
light. In order to make the vessel stronger, the person must discharge old
energy. It is the same with the planet. It is the same with the structures in
the planet which include a variety of social, political and geophysical
energies. That is to say, what you are seeing now on the Earth is a great deal
of releasing of congested and denser energy patterns so that the Earth and the
structures on this planet can develop a stronger vessel in order to receive
fifth-dimensional energies.

The etheric crystals are working and are in excellent position to begin the
downloading of fifth-dimensional energies. But the crystals by themselves need
assistance. To that purpose, we also established through your great work, the
Planetary Cities of Light project. This is a further elaboration of creation of
vessels on the Earth. Vessels are now being created in individual Planetary
Cities of Light. These individual Planetary Cities of Light are going to be able
to handle fifth-dimensional energy. They are going to be able to receive the
huge input of light and energy. When we talk about 2012, let's be frank, there
is going to be upheaval. You have already seen some of the upheaval beginning in
2011. It is going to carry through, of course, into 2012.

Remember, if you, as a personal vessel, are somewhat congested, then, if you
receive a high input of fifth-dimensional light and have no preparation and have
done no spiritual work, then it's going to blow your circuits. It is going to
make you, perhaps, more confused. There will be disruption and disorganization.
That is why we are emphasizing preparation and also doing some of the exercises,
such as shimmering. The planet also has to be prepared for this huge input of
fifth-dimensional energy and light that is coming in 2012.

There are many cases and examples where the social, the political and even the
geological structure have not been prepared to receive the input of
fifth-dimensional energy and light. Therefore, there were disruptions. What I am
suggesting is, on a planetary level, the Earth must be prepared for
fifth-dimensional input because if the Earth is unprepared as a planet, then
there will even be more disruptions than what you have already seen.

The third part of our cycle of planetary preparation is the Ladders of
Ascension. The first level is the etheric crystals. The second level is the
Planetary Cities of Light, and the third level is the Ladders of Ascension. Each
level carries a unique and individual frequency. The Ladders of Ascension are
being designated in certain energetic power places on the planet. The
frequencies of the Ladders of Ascension and the frequencies of the places have
been calibrated so that they can handle large numbers of souls who are ready to
ascend. One of the things that we looked for in designating a place for a Ladder
of Ascension is to look for a place that has a sense of purity and a spiritual
energetic structure. These places already have the ability to be a vessel of
light and hold spiritual energy. Spiritual light is already around these areas
so that they can handle huge energetic inputs of soul light.

We want to talk about the Ladders of Ascension and placement of the Ladders of
Ascension in reference to the concept of bilocation. Bilocation is the ability
to place yourself in two places at the same time. One bilocation point is
considered the home place, and the second is considered the designated projected
place. When we are talking about the Ascension, we are talking about bilocation
into another dimension. The ability to perform bilocation will assist you in
your ascension. We have found this based on our experience in other planets. We
have assisted and been involved in other planetary ascensions. We have found
that using designated "bilocation-friendly" places, such as Ladders of
Ascension, make it easier and make it more viable to assist large groups of
people in their ascension. People can, at the point of ascension, project and
bilocate to the Ladder of Ascension. At the point on the Ladder of Ascension,
there will be a huge fifth-dimensional
opening. There will not be a fifth-dimensional opening over the entire planet.
The whole planet is not going to open up to the fifth dimension. Why? The whole
planet and all of the many cities are not prepared to receive this huge
downloading of energy because the vessels on the planet are not strong enough.

Designated places like the ones that have the Ladders of Ascension are strong
enough to hold the right vibration that will attract the fifth dimension and
will be able to keep the gates to the fifth dimension open. This is an important
factor. The gates at the Ladder of Ascension have to be kept open because there
is going to be thousands and thousands of souls that will ascend. There are
already several areas that have been designated as holding Ladders of Ascension
(Mt. Fuji, Japan; Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem; Bell Rock, Sedona, Arizona;
Nelson Bay, NSW, Australia near Sidney; and San Martín de los Andes,
Argentina), and we have worked in these areas for the downloading of the Ladders
of Ascension. Now in this session, we are activating another Ladder of Ascension
at San Martín de los Andes in Argentina. This beautiful Planetary City of Light
is very near our first etheric crystal that we downloaded at Lago Puelo. Now we
are excited to work with
opening and downloading a new Ladder of Ascension at San Martín de los Andes.

I am asking everyone now to visualize this beautiful new fifth-dimensional
Ladder of Ascension. I, Juliano, have my starship Athena directly over San
Martín de los Andes and the Group of Forty members that are there to receive
this etheric Ladder of Ascension. I want all who are listening and meditating
with us now to visualize and work with me to bring this Ladder of Ascension down
into San Martín de los Andes. On the count of three, I, Juliano, with your
assistance, am downloading this new Ladder of Ascension. (Tones Ohhhhhhhh,
Ooohhhhhhh.) A majestic blue ladder is leaving my starship Athena and coming
down directly over the home of where the Group of Forty is at this moment. This
Ladder of Ascension is now being downloaded there.

The Ladder of Ascension is staying above the city. It is staying above the city
in a beautiful way so that everyone can feel and sense the beautiful blue light
energetically that is being radiated from the fifth dimension. This Ladder of
Ascension has directly come from the fifth dimension, and it is in the etheric
realm directly over San Martín de los Andes. We will meditate for a few minutes
on this beautiful opening which is now occurring over this Planetary City of
Light. Visualize and see this Ladder of Ascension over San Martín de los Andes.

There is a great deal of joy around the Ladder of Ascension. Those people who
are in San Martín de los Andes are directly experiencing the joyfulness because
the fifth dimension is a dimension of joy. It is a dimension of unity. It is a
dimension of oneness. Having this opening to the fifth dimension is raising the
spiritual light quotient of the city. At the same time, I, Juliano, deepen the
connection between the Bell Rock Ladder of Ascension in Sedona, Arizona, with
the new Ladder of Ascension in San Martín de los Andes. It is a beautiful light

The Ladders of Ascension are capable of handling many souls and the Ladder of
Ascension is like an attraction. At the moment of ascension, you can choose any
Ladder of Ascension you wish. You can simply ascend from where you are without
going through the Ladders of Ascension. Our experience has been that it is
easier to project yourself to an area that has the Ladders of Ascension. You
will feel more comfortable, especially when you see the masses or thousands of
souls going to the areas.

One final idea - bilocation begins by sending your soul essence to the other
place. When you reach the Ladder of Ascension with your soul essence, you will
receive and experience such a high input of energetic light that you will be
able to use that energy to bring your physical body to the Ladder of Ascension,
and then you will be able to ascend. It does require a huge input of energy to
ascend a physical body, including bilocating energetically, and then through the
bilocation, bring the physical body and then ascend. But, you will have the
vessel to hold that energy, to do that task. And, the designated areas that are
Ladders of Ascension will be places that can hold these huge energy inputs
without disintegrating.

I, Juliano, congratulate the Group of Forty members there in San Martín de los
Andes for holding this light, for helping to create the great vessel in their
city so that they can work with this new Ladder of Ascension. Mother Mary is
going to be the spiritual advisor, guide and teacher for this Ladder of
Ascension in San Martín de los Andes.

Now I will turn to another subject because we have a great deal of work to do. I
want to talk more specifically about 2012 and the energy of 2012. I would like
to look at the whole idea of predictions and what is coming. I know that, in
essence, the year 2012 is actually going to begin around October 15th, 2011.

From an energetic standpoint, 2012 does not really begin on January 1st, 2012,
but the energy and the cycle and the light is already beginning on October 15th.
In a sense you are now (on September 3) almost coming to the end of the cycle of
2011. You might say that this has been a short year. Look at everything that has
happened already.

In looking at the predictions for 2012, I want to first deal with several
questions about the comet Elenin (Author's Note: Comet Elenin was discovered by
Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin on December 10, 2010. It is supposed to come
closest to the Earth on October 16, 2011 when it will be around 22 million miles
from the Earth.). It has come into the solar system. Some people that are
psychic are predicting upheaval from that comet. Our perception is this: when
you look at astronomical events such as the coming of a comet, you must look at
them first in terms of their symbolic significance. When we look at astrology,
when we look at the position of planets, we say that the positions of the
planets are reflections of an energy that is pervasive in this section of the
galaxy. For example, people sometimes say that because Mars is in this position
that it is causing certain problems. The position of Mars is a reflection of the
energies that are in the galaxy
and that are coming to you on the planet Earth. The comet from this perspective
is a metaphoric or symbolic messenger that is coming to this planet. It is true
that this comet will be approximately at its closest point around 22 million
miles from the Earth. That is a relatively close in astronomical terms. It is
not going to hit the Earth. It is not going to be an asteroid that is going to
blow up things.

The comet represents symbolically an attempt to awaken this planet at this time
to the fact that Earth is interacting with many extraplanetary energy sources.
Earth does not exist solely on its own in this galaxy. This comet is coming at
this point because it has a message for humanity. The message for humanity is
that you are galactic beings. You are a galactic planet. You are not isolated.
It just so happens that the comet is coinciding with one of the most intense
periods of changes on the planet so far. The comet is coming in right at the
beginning point of the 2012 energy.

The people and some of the psychics have predicted that there will be many more
eruptions of volcanoes. Some psychics have predicted that there will be more
electromagnetic storms, and there will be more weather changes and earthquakes
that are coming due to the comet. I want to say that the comet itself is not
causing these things, but the comet itself is representing to you the energetic
changes that are already here and are coming. One view is that the comet is
causing this. In another view all of these changes in the Earth are erupting.
Humanity is on the brink of a spiritual revolution. Humanity is on the brink of
a spiritual period of evolution. That means that the thoughts of biorelativity
can be used to insulate the Earth from the energetic changes and in a sense help
to stabilize the Earth. Never before has there been such a great need for
humanity to stabilize the Earth. Just even before this lecture, someone
contacted the channel and said that
there are supposed to be huge earthquakes that are supposed to be coming to
Northeast America. The psychic made dire predictions of large magnitude
earthquakes occurring in the first week of September.

In essence, the answer to such predictions is that we must hold thoughts of
planetary stability. We must hold the thoughts of energetic spiritual balance to
the planet because the planet is receiving already threads of fifth-dimensional
energy and light. Old patterns are breaking down. The old patterns are breaking
down, and the new energies that are coming to this planet are affecting this
planet on a large scale. The effect can be seen on a social scale, a political
scale, an economic scale, a geological scale and on the scale of the weather
patterns. The Earth's feedback loop systems are being affected also. All of
these systems now are going to be in a stressful state.

I want to look into the predictions for 2012. First I will look at some of the
political issues that are facing the United States for 2012. The year 2012 is
going to see a continued decline in America's economic power and in America's
economic leadership and in America's leadership in general. The current crisis
that you see, the debt crisis and the banking crisis and the general financial
crisis, will continue to accelerate in 2012. In fact we see that the Dow Jones,
which seems to be such an important number to people, will easily be going down
to the 8,000 level by April or May of 2012.

The problem with the decline in the America's financial power and financial
leadership is that there is not any country or any person that can replace
America. There are people who say that America is going to lose its power and
someone else will take its place, but there isn't any one country that can do
that. Even China, which could be considered the more stable country
economically, is not able to lead the world economically. What we predict for
2012 is that the decline of the economic power and the political power and the
military power is going to leave a vacuum. That vacuum is not going to be filled
because there is not anyone or any country that can stand forth to become the

We are saying that also there is also a decline in the ability of the leadership
in general. You probably have already noticed that the leaders in the world
don't seem to be able to lead. In other words, nobody really knows how to solve
these problems. There is an interesting political discussion about the Mideast
wars and the war and the concerns with Iran. Now, for example, you know that
there are discussions that Iran is building a nuclear bomb, and now there will
be undisputed evidence in 2012 that will be revealed showing that Iran does have
the nuclear bomb. Of course, this development would be a direct threat to
Israel, and there would be a direct threat to the peace in the Middle East.

Yet, the United States will not do anything because the United States wrongly,
perhaps from the political standpoint, attacked Iraq because they thought there
were weapons of mass destruction there. Now, there will be weapons of mass
destruction discovered in Iran, but no one will follow the United States because
they followed them the first time and the result was devastating and

This is another example of decline in leadership. One of the things that is
going to happen in 2012 is this loss of leadership in the world. There will be
many people that are coming forward in America saying that they want to be
leaders, and that they have the energies, and they think they have the
solutions. None of them are going to be able to lead and to be successful. In
this vacuum, the answer would be that there is going to be somebody in the world
that is emerging. Remember that you have heard this prediction before. You have
heard the predictions before that there will be a leader emerging that will show
how to solve all these problems. This person will win the popularity of many
people, but a lot of people, especially the starseeds, will see that this person
is not really who he says he is, and they will see through him immediately. You
will see that there will be many people following this person anyway.

This is again part of the unfolding of the cosmic drama that is being played out
on this planet. On the other front, we could say that this is another example of
2012 being representative of increasingly more polarizations. You think that
2011 is polarized. Wait till you see 2012, because there will be more energies
of polarization. There is a good part of polarization, because spiritual energy
will also become stronger. So when we speak of polarization, many people will
say, this is terrible! Many people view polarizations as being either Side A or
Side B. Side A doesn't seem to be able to communicate to Side B, and there will
be a conflict that can lead to stalemates. But, the good part of polarization
for the starseeds and for spirituality is that the spiritual beings on the
planet are becoming stronger. The spiritually minded people are becoming more
committed, and they are becoming more willing to work because they understand
that the spiritual
light must be used to solve some of these problems of the third dimension. The
third-dimensional energies alone are not going to be able to solve the problem.

Overall, in 2012, there is going to become an awakening of extraplanetary
influences. This will be especially in South America and especially in Asia and
in parts of Europe. There is going to become a huge understanding, a huge
opening of the galactic energies and of the existence of extraplanetary beings
and of the existence of the other energies. 2012 will see the uncovering of all
of the secret documents that the governments have been keeping in the closet.
People will begin to accept dimensional beings. In general, there will be a much
wider acceptance of the extraplanetary beings. There is going to be in 2012 less
confidence in the governments, especially when the people realize that the
governments have kept one of the greatest secrets in history, that is, the
existence of the proof of interaction with other extraplanetary beings. The
governments have kept that information secret from the population. That idea and
that information is going to be
broken open, and people will again see that these extradimensional beings
exist, and that in some cases there are governments that have interacted with
them . People will see that governments have even borrowed and used technologies
that have come from these interactions. It is even going to be discovered that a
trade for the technologies has occurred. Some governments have given permission
for extraplanetary beings to engage in genetic studies of populations. In return
those governments have received technological assistance.

There is going to be a lack of world leadership. Somebody is going to emerge
because it is going to be obvious from the chaos that there needs to be somebody

There are some other predictions that I want to make for 2012. I always say that
the predictions are based on the available information at this time and from our
perceptions. A lot of people have an interest in the election in the U.S. in
2012. I do not see Obama winning the election. In fact, there is some doubt of
whether or not he will even be a candidate for this election. There is going to
be some type of a bombshell or some kind of disruption in his life or in the
presidency that may make him either withdraw or make him decide to not run
again. Something is going to happen that will shift the whole energies of the

The problem again is, though, that there is no strong person that really
emerges. There will need to be a greater return to a spiritual understanding of
Earth issues. There will be a lot of anger directed at governments in 2012,
especially when people realize that the governments have been hiding many
things. What you have been seeing that is called the "Arab Spring" in the Arab
world may be spreading to some of the countries in the West.

There are always bright spots, and there are always places that are somewhat
immune from this. We cannot cover all of the countries, but we can say that many
of the countries in South America are relatively immune to the government
disruptions. There will be a little more stability there. The governments in
countries in South America are going to be affected by the economic instability,
but at the same time, many of them have their own individual resources that will
enable them to become more self-sufficient. I think that the countries in South
America and in Central America are going to realize that they have to find ways
of being on their own. They have to find ways of more self-sufficiency and more

Countries in South America have more of a direct possibility for becoming
self-sufficient because they have access to quite a few resources and also the
populations in these countries already are more resonant with the
extradimensional and extraplanetary beings. They have more personal experiences
and extradimensional knowledge is more generally open in these countries.

In particular, I do see Argentina and Brazil being two countries that will have
stability. Also generally, all the countries that are south of the Tropic of
Capricorn will have more stable weather patterns. There will be difficult
weather situations at times. They may have more rain and more cold than usual.
It is not going to be devastating or catastrophic like some of the weather
changes that are being experienced in the northern hemisphere, where there are
severe droughts, for example.

This drought in Texas and in other parts of North America will continue through
2012. There will be several other times when there will be huge storms, but they
will not break the drought. In terms of North America, we do not see major
earthquakes happening in the Northeast in the next month or in the next week.
There is a lot of fear that people are spreading about catastrophic events in
2012 which will not really happen.

Never before in the history of Man has it become so necessary to use
biorelativity. The starseeds and the lightworkers are going to work to hold and
protect Earth's energy patterns. It is possible that a comet can send
electromagnetic discharges to the Earth, which could disrupt satellites. This
possibility of electromagnetic disruption can be countered by the starseeds
putting white light around the Earth and around the electromagnetic energy field
of the Earth. Yes, there are great Earth changes happening. At the same time,
the power of biorelativity is also strong. The effectiveness of biorelativity
against disruptive energy can be effective. People should believe and understand
that biorelativity is a spiritual force that can be used to help stabilize
weather patterns, weather changes and even earthquakes.

Australia and New Zealand are two other countries that are relatively insulated
from further Earth changes. They may continue to suffer economically because of
their dependence on the United States. But also they have a stronger history of
independence and self-direction. I think that Australia will experience some
dramatic weather events in 2012. It is something that they are able to integrate
and tolerate. There are going to be some dramatic shifts in their government.
They will discover that their government has been more in cahoots with the
United States, and that they have unnecessarily handed over more of their powers
to the United States. People are going to become shocked when they realize some
of the things that they turned over to the United States. People will become
angry and will want to stop the turning over of their power and light and energy
to another country. This is going to be revealed and will happen in Australia.
The Australian
government knows about the extraterrestrial energies and extraplanetary
interactions. That will make people unhappy when the Australian people find out
that the government has kept major secrets from them.

Generally Australia will be a stable place to be in 2012, except for these other
weather patterns. Parts of Africa will continue to be unstable. There are many
bright spots in Africa. There are also lots of disruptions in Africa. There is
lots of poverty and famine in certain parts, as you know, such as in Somalia and
other areas. Generally the world is not going to marshal the resources to stop
these famines because the world is going to be struggling with their own

A lot of people are worried about the Middle East. I think there is going to be
a confrontation again between Israel and another Middle Eastern country. The
idea is that Israel is going to have to defend itself, which Israel already
knows. Israel will be successful in this. The United States will not be able to
unilaterally act against Iran. The United States will be supporting Israel
behind the scenes. The Arab Spring will continue for a while, but it is going to
be pretty much over by December 2011. The countries that are open to shifting
will have shifted by December. Other countries that have not shifted
dramatically will be able to hold onto their power at that point at least for a

I still see Europe as mixed. I think that Germany still will remain the leader.
Germany still has the most economic power and that will continue. Germany will
continue to balance the rest of Europe, with the help of France. Germany has an
obligation to hold the rest of Europe afloat financially. They will hold to that

The weather patterns in Europe will be somewhat variable, somewhat extreme, but
it won't be as extreme as the United States. There will be periods of great
social unrest in some of the Mediterranean countries including Spain, Greece,
Portugal and even Italy. The rest of Europe and Eastern Europe will be
relatively stable. Germany will continue to exert a leadership role in energy
innovation for 2012.

There are still huge dangers around the world from nuclear energy and from
nuclear reactors. It will be revealed that the Fukushima accident is far more
dangerous and far more devastating than what anybody has said. I think that many
people knew that already, but a true report of the devastation will come out.
There will be reports of other nuclear accidents that have occurred around the
world. Unfortunately, I do not see a movement towards shutting down the
reactors. There is a possibility of one or two more major nuclear accidents in

Generally, Asia and India continue to be a dominant force economically. India
will assume a stronger leadership role and will become a greater ally to the
United States. India is going to be helping the United States. It is going to be
one of the few countries that is going to be in the position to offer
substantial support to the United States. I am talking about economic support
and also technical support. India will be developing and is getting closer to
developing a space program, for example, and this will become more obvious in

In conclusion I could say that the lightworkers and the lightwork in 2012 are
going to become stronger. Because of increased polarizations, more people will
seek a spiritual light and spiritual understanding, and that the lightworkers
will be gaining in their ability to become influential and in holding the light
patterns. Remember that there will be huge influxes of fifth-dimensional light
in 2012, and that these energy influxes will contain answers to many of the

Remember that the Ascension is going to download spiritual energy into the
planet. Even when the Ascension ends, even when the first wave is over, know
that the spiritual light that the Ascension brings will stay on the planet. It
is not like the fifth dimension opens and the Ascension happens, then it closes
and the spiritual light is gone.

So, my friends, we are looking forward to working more closely with all of you
doing the biorelativity. We did not cover all the subjects. We will do more
predictions for 2012 as we are working together throughout these months. This is
Juliano. Good day.

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