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The Arcturian Group ~ November 13, 2011

The Arcturian Group ~ November 13, 2011

By Marilyn Raffaele                             November 13, 2011

Dear ones, we know that you were expecting much to happen on the 11-11-11 day, and many of you are disappointed.  However, we can assure you that much did happen.  The energy of the new and higher is now more easily accessible to all and especially those choosing to be a part of the new world.  Many of you are  feeling the impact of this new energy as a tiredness, a buzzing, a new sense of the world around you.  Spirit does not appear in the ways  often expected by third dimensional consciousness, but appears in ways that are quiet and gentle and yet powerful and permanent.

Many  who are open and receptive to it, are responding to the new energies  through  experiences;  a sense of lifting, new inspiration, and a deeper awareness of  universal  love. Try not to interpret the activities of spirit from a  material concept of what you think  spirit should be or look like.  Many of these concepts have been given you from your films and television shows and are simply untrue.  For the most part, they are but a human interpretations of spirituality, based in unawareness.

Give permission for all that is finished to be released. Your job as awakening souls is to rest in truth, allow the process to unfold, and live out from your highest sense of  love. See the divine spark within every living thing regardless of how the person may see himself or others.  Develop  ways of remembering  to do  this as you go through your day.  This is how you grow in truth and evolve deeper-- by practicing and by  choosing to let go of old and outgrown  habits based in false teachings.   Habits of judgement and criticism flow from  a belief in duality and separation.  These concepts are held in universal consciousness  as long as people believe them perpetuated  by  those who deem themselves spiritual  "teachers" or "leaders" and  those who accept what they are  taught by them.

Mankind has been inundated over eons of time with rigid teachings and protocols for how to be "holy".  They  have declared some  people who practiced these concepts  "saints" and  now continue to worship and pray to them.  There are no saints!   ALL life is  the manifestation of the one and only life, the Divine.  Those declared to be saints may have  been further along their path of realization,(or not), but they are no different from you--simple as that.  Stop giving away your power, your identity,  your truth.  It is time  to claim for yourselves--YOURSELF.

All  that you are witnessing  in the outer world, is a reflection of  truth as it  begins to take root in the masses instead of just the few. The new energy is  like a soft and  gentle rain of light flowing down upon all.  Some  run for umbrellas to shield themselves, but others lift their faces and extend their arms out to receive as much light  as they can. Which do you choose to do?

The choice is yours, dear ones.  Always the choice is yours and because of this, you must cease to  blame anything or anyone else for your choices-- "I am too busy, I  have too many responsibilities, I am too sick, it is too hard".  No,  excuses will not suffice if you  plan to evolve into the new energy, dear ones.  This is the culmination of why you chose to be here on earth at this powerful time.  Would you return home telling those awaiting you that you were just too busy on earth to do that which you incarnated to do?

The time is now, you are being showered with help and blessings, but the choice is yours as to whether or not you accept it.    There is no judgement for those who choose to delay their journey as  all will eventually awaken, but the time for your choice is now, that is what we are saying.  Do not look to your brothers in the skies to come and save you as some are doing.  You are being guided and helped by them, but the work must be yours and is the reason you are here at this time.

Begin to think with your heart.  To allow the energy of the heart center to guide you, while allowing  the human mind to relax a bit.  You have been taught to rely on your minds for everything, and in the process have lost contact with your heart center which is the true source of guidance and intuition.   Trust the energies that  you receive from the heart.  Go out into nature and  allow yourselves to experience the heart; to feel the energy  within the aliveness of everything around you.  Gently still the mind,  allowing yourself to rest in  the resonance of your heart center.  Let this awareness guide you through each day, with the assistance of the mind, not mind being the sole  decision maker as it has been.

We say to all reading this that you are doing a fine job of it.  Try not to fret about your spiritual  progress with  tools for this and  tools for that.  Most of the books and classes at this time are about getting to where you already are  and  are of no use to those who have evolved beyond their message.  Many not understanding this,  keep going back to them, working with  outdated  rites and rituals  no longer needed.  Let your intuition guide you toward a book or a class, but don't let your decisions be based in what is popular, or what someone insists you "need".  You are graduating and already have everything you need in order to make these choices for yourselves.  The only ritual needed now is that of  going within,  listening to the heart, and then fully and completely accepting that you are the manifestation of Source discovering what that means.

What a wonderful game you created for yourselves.

We are in love always, the Arcturian group.

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