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Saleena: I have to say the combination of messages I read today have me in a state of excitement and tears of relief. My mind doesn't know all the answers nor timing yet something in me, the Higher knowing parts, are assuring me that it is a certainty that these changes are NOW IN PROGRESS and we will step into a much brighter, lighter way of life very very soon. (note, I only used 2 o's in soon) We are on the HOME TRACK of a very long process, at least from an Earth-bound-Time-bound place. I am going to share my thoughts, and weave links I want to share amoungst them.


If today is truly a MAJOR SHIFT POINT,

I want to go on record that I,

one soul in a human body,

choose to embrace HARMONY.

I choose to support the release of us all

from the tangles of the Cabal, the DARK ONES,

and support us to cooperate fully in





I support us to OPEN and RECEIVE

every possible new potential increasing


flowing in through our SUN and

broadcasting from many

places and spaces to us NOW.





I have included Steve Beckow's whole post because that is the one that really hit HOME for me. "Why IS this so FANTASTIC?" From an EXPANDED PERSPECTIVE, things can look much different and he follows the advice many of my HIgher Dimensional friends have repeated and now my own beliefs; to FOCUS ON WHAT YOU WANT MORE OF because that is what the NEW UNIVERSE will serve up.

Manifestation is getting so quick.

Every thought, everything I repeatedly say… is happening.


It seems like MAGIC to me, yet it is a Universal Law now applied to us in a whole new speed. That is because the rules have changed here on Earth and continue rapidly to shift and transform at lightning speed RIGHT NOW.

I confess that I was enthusiastic about BARACK OBAMA as President at first and have lost much of it as his hands "appear" to be tied and the Cabal seems to be having it's way so much of the time. I have watched him carefully and been dissapointed at some of the choices he appears to make. We have wondered why he didn't step up and take some more courageous actions.

This is changing. I thank Steve for putting together a bigger perspective and reminding me of the underlying purposes beneath what we all see on the surface.

I thank Kauilapele for his efforts to keep us informed on the Exopolitical front.

I thank the Andromedans, the Arcturians, the Sirians, and so many other star groups, our Galactic Families, who have been with us, assisted us in mostly unseen ways and loved us constantly.

I thank David Wilcock for his bold faced bravery in putting out information that WILL and HAS already begun the change, the shift out of Financial Tyranny.

I THANK EVERY WHISTLE BLOWER who has stepped forward to share their Truth at great risk to their own safety and well-being.

I THANK EVERY LIGHTWORKER who has stayed continuously on-call and held on without much "pay" or acknowledgement and brought in more and more light to assist in this magnanamous SHIFT of the AGES.




and now it is finally showing

by these changes!


It is such a relief to now longer fear any of it. I can see the LIGHT at the END of this long dark tunnel we have been in for so long for experience. I blame no one. I know I am part of it ALL. I know that we are ALL ONE. I see we have all played out a tremendously successful polarity experience on this Earth stage. I thank MOTHER EARTH for hosting us through it all and am grateful that she is ascending and we have the chance to ascend with her this time. It is time, the end of all that we have become so familiar with.


Some say that today & tomorrow,

Mar 21 and 22nd,

events will occur at many levels


nothing will be the same after that.


March 18, 2012 Press Release

for a very interesting perspective:

We did have a 7.4 in Mexico today


I am grounding, listening, watching, and responding to do what I am inspired to do at this time. I am with you all.


Belees, the Arcturian, once defined HOME as living closer to the Pure Source Frequencies. Knowing LOVE, Living as LOVE, in LOVE and knowing, truly knowing there is nothing that isn't LOVE.

Hang ON… Hang IN here… and know that




Message from Andromeda for the Day of 3-21-12

"As time speeds up and there is no more time, all things come to an end, we are at the end of this cycle, for some it will be March 21st, for others Dec 21st and some will never see it or acknowledge it…"


Saleena: I found Steve's message here first:
Note from Kauilapele's Blog: "This is basically a reblog of Steve’s post today. And when he mentions Stephen Cook, I presume he means this article on 2012 Scenario. He presents so many of the positive points about what has occurred over the past few years as evidence for the upward movement (ascension) on this planet.


I will say this, in my mind there is absolutely no doubt that Higher Forces (Galactics) are involved with our planet in a way that is helping us all to achieve Ascension in body, to drive out the dark forces for which we no longer have any need, and to help us cleanse and regenerate our planet. We are here to realize and claim our Galactic citizenship, and to live accordingly.

In my mind there is also absolutely no doubt that Barack Obama is an integral character in this closing of the duality play. He is not “one of them” (the dark ones), nor is he secretly working with any cabal to try to produce a one world government or New World Order."

Why is it so fantastic

by Steve Beckow


Why is it so fantastic for Stephen Cook to say that the National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order may be used by the Obama Administration to beat back and round up the cabal?


We heard SaLuSa say on March 19, 2012:

“It is clear now to many people that a big shake up is about to occur in the halls of power, and that will enable more far reaching changes to go ahead. It is important that those who block progress and vital changes necessary to free you from control, are totally removed. That process is well underway and those standing in our way are well aware that their time is up. There is no way out for them and their crimes are well documented, with absolute proof of their involvement. We are talking about a measure of weeks rather than months before our actions begin to bite.


“We are therefore hopeful of taking a great step forward very soon, and one that will be such that you will get to learn of it. We have some backing from the media, and believe it will not take much before reporting of what is happening will spread and be accurate.


“We are not out for sensationalism, but nevertheless the events will be quite extraordinary."

"We want it to be known that the old regime is no longer in charge, and that it will be replaced by one that truly represents the people.

The Light is returning Dear Ones, and it will reach into everyone’s lives for the better.” (1)



Why would SaLuSa say this and the galactics allow a menacing move like the enactment of this Executive Order unless it was to aid the Company of Light’s efforts?


We heard Matthew Ward

say at the beginning of the year:

“Some doubt that Barack Obama is the highly evolved light being that we and other messengers in high stations have told you he is, and he is perceived as following in the footsteps of the Illuminati. You will see for yourselves the truth of what we have said, but because his role in your world is of paramount importance, we shall speak about his position vs the Illuminati agenda.

“First, though, my mother has been inundated with emails from people who expressed grave concerns about the ominous-sounding defense authorization bill, so we shall address this issue. Obama signed the bill not because he favors it, but because he knows it will not be in effect long enough to have much, if any, application.


“We have mentioned in several messages that all enacted or proposed laws in any country that were devised with dark purpose will be stricken. Nullifying all unjust and injurious laws, regulations and policies and ending all harmful systems and practices are integral aspects of clearing the way for Earth’s Golden Age.” (2)


Barack Obama has had his hands tied for many years by the dark cabal, New World Order, or Illuminati (whatever you want to call them), whom he could not dislodge and who surrounded him. He would not have been elected if it were not for their support. No one would have been in years gone by. Matthew told us that on Jan. 4, 2012:

“Without the power of any Illuminati behind him, Obama could not have risen to become the Democratic party’s nominee, the essential first step to his election as president, and this was known to the master planners of Earth’s Golden Age. The soul who embodied as Barack Obama, the souls who would back him many years later, and all of you who clamored to participate in Earth’s ascension process knew that too, but none remembers.” (3)


On Nov. 5, 2011, Matthew explained that Obama would emerge from Illuminati control and provide the leadership we long for.

“Lightworkers’ steadfastness, the light from all who are awakening, and our universal family’s services are fast weakening the Illuminati’s last remnants of power.


In the coming year, their formidable forces that have prevented US President Obama from fully acting on his light-filled mission will be torn away and truths revealed about the extent of the power bloc that has derailed or distorted his reform efforts. It will become known as well that behind the scenes he has been cooperating with the evolved souls from other civilizations, and you will see his effectiveness in working with other leaders to bring about stability and harmonious relations among all nations.” (4)


Even his apparent resistance to Disclosure is not something we may have rightly appreciated, Suzy Ward said on Nov. 8, 2011:

“If you saw Matthew’s last message, you know that Obama is totally aware of the presence of ETs. He can’t announce this because of the ‘power bloc,’ but it’s also ET advice to wait a bit longer so those on the planet can continue to dismantle the Illuminati anonymously.” (5)


When the President does emerge from Illuminati resistance, I am led to believe that he will use all the resources at his disposal (why not including this Executive Order?) to finish off the cabal and restore the government of the United States to the people.


How can I say that? What indications are there that the cabal are being defeated by the galactics and the white hats in the Pentagon and other agencies and organizations?


* The cabal’s underground command centers have been destroyed in the months since August 2011.


* HAARP has not operated now in several months.


* We’ve had no cabal-induced volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods or snow storms this winter.


* We had no manmade (Fort Dedrick) pandemics or toxic vaccines when the children returned to school this year – no swine flu, avian flu, SARS or anything else.


* Chemtrails are lifting.


* Legislative actions against the cabal are succeeding.


* The Arab Spring is succeeding.


* The Occupy Movement is holding up.


* The cabal’s financial wing is resigning en masse and soon arrests will be seen to occur.


* The censored, CIA-dominated mainstream media is beginning to report these happenings.


* The U.S. Navy (white hats) are in control of Northern Command (black hats) and the secret space fleet, Solar Warden.


* The cabal has been unable to launch its war against Iran, which it intended to use to kickstart a nuclear World War III on the planet and reduce the planet’s population from 7 billion to 500 million docile slaves.


* No nuclear bombs are capable of being exploded on the planet any more.


All these developments are indicative of the cabal being beaten back. According to my understanding, President Obama is conversant with all these developments and with many more, some of them beyond most people’s beliefs.


We are nearly home.

The period of enforced quiet and submission

to many degrading and demeaning acts

of the cabal will soon be over.


Many, many people jumped ship, including many lightworkers. The sources of information that to so many appeared unreliable will soon, we hope, be vindicated. And we hope to be rewarded then with the knowledge that we held fast and never abandoned the President no matter how dark the outlook appeared.


(1) SaLuSa, March 19, 2012
(2) Matthew’s Message, Jan. 4, 2012
(3) Matthew’s Message, Jan. 4, 2012.
(4) Matthew’s Message, Nov. 5, 2011.
(5) Suzy Ward to Steve Beckow, Nov. 8, 2011.

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