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May war situation Abstract ascension path problem description

May war situation Abstract ascension path problem description

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Translation: Black Jack #!topic/mceo-alhumbhra-mc/9YB8hQp7Cjw

Said, because FAtalE disaster in May 2012 Seminar galaxy / planet green ring and purple ring Solomon Eucharist care field has been reversed, and broken in October 2012,  (Aquafereion) St. body care field green, purple faceted "core duties" (before the MCEO the 2,3 spokesman) appointment has been revoked. White - Blue-care field, and AL-Hum-Bhra San reflect the will as much as possible "to carry" still of Christo green, purple Akuifeilaiento (Aquafereion)care field, and galaxies / planets Solomon nursing field quantum to do everything possible. This means that 3 the Ascension path (KalA Kerry Stowe rose, KalE Rama - Iraq when Adams handed the retreat and KalE Dima Kristol fall of) "are still viable; but these are all white - blue guard The field and MCEO the arbitration Cosminyahas-AL-Hum-Bhra Parliament is responsible for maintaining.

"Christo people" and "sincere desire Christo hosted trapped in FAtalE people remain in green, purple care field in the fall, but they are not yet fully succumbed to those in the nursing field. wildfire-like spread of "Metatron - FAtalE dark flower disaster (because these nursing field core being damaged / destroyed). Regardless of the individual has ever been to assist green or purple path, as long as they are sincere service real Christo agenda (not FAtalE, dark flower of being externally initiated the "lip service" false Kristol). (By the way, of the AL-Hum-Bhra, this easily frequency identification) they are still being accepted as the the "MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra Security headquarters subsidiary of Crystal River Eucharist and white - blue core part of the nursing field, AL-Hum-Bhra to expand to the the Crystal River Eucharist security.

Green, purple path "is still valid, but now the validity of these paths directly from white - blue - core / AL-Hum-Bhra Crystal River Eucharist security to maintain and promote the.

I hope that this can be explained fully illustrate this situation. Please contact the appropriate person or discussion groups to share this information.


The first spokesman E'Asha of the the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra arbitration Parliament

_____________________________________________________________ #!topic / mceo-alhumbhra-mc /wiXaraRCsGU

The loved ones the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra arbitration Parliament recommended that, at this time, because of FAtalE force the use of the the violet plasma current was reversed "penetration" individual "line". So even during the of KRP (Crystal River pray), "KRP-AL-Hum-Bhra Myotic plasma upgrade" has not yet been placed in the KRP (Reference: The /? fromgroups #! topic/mceo-alhumbhra-mc/725SZHnKjoo), it is best to only mentioned in KRP own until the AL-Hum-Bhra upgrade increase, expansion and stability "KRP date.

Otherwise, if "you own KRP hosted in other individuals, but not aware of the problem of a field, which may further make you in danger, because their field to make you more vulnerable to attack." This is similar to when you fly, teach you the security agreement: "before helping others, first wearing the oxygen mask, because if you lose consciousness, you can not help anyone." Similarly, other individuals want to go hosted before, need to ensure your own stable and strong.

The first spokesman E'Asha of the the MCEO-AL-Hum-Bhra arbitration Parliament

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