Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Gaian Community: The two paths I know of - April 13, 2013


Saturday, April 13, 2013

The two paths I know of

There are three major evolutionary paths holographic humans can take – in the future there will be more - but for now:

One is the 10D stellar path of unconditional love, or the Kryst/Christ path, another concerns the 11D lunar path of unconditional compassion, or Buddhic path of combining and balancing the learned on the 10D path with a deeper understanding of creational science and the last path, the 12D solar path, concerns how true creational power is learned and how it is used within the hologram. All holographic humans have to hold this trilateral consciousness, achieved in this or in another universe, altering the holographic tree of life geometric structure into a living field of transformed geometric manasic imprints holding living sound and living light.

What to expect from inner guides and helpers on the 10D
The majority of humanity is only told where to go and is not involved in the less pretty stuff, i.e. the guides are only showing the directions in broad strokes leaving the seeker to fill out the blanks by using individual free will and creativity. The guides are avoiding to show the hardship of the holographic world as in leading children past a car accident and only telling them on “what is needed to know basis”, because as children you have to learn to crawl, before you can walk. The purpose of this teaching is to let the seekers find their own way, take their time and learn to discern what is important and what is not on the path concerning the best way to integrate the living light. Therefore this path is the longest and the hardest.

The goal of 10D path
On the 10D path it is all about how to learn individual unconditional love as the first step to higher evolutions and possible ascension. On this level you are mostly holographic blueprint, or manasic geometry and you need to add the living light from your CTC to become a living conscious being. All you see on the Internet is related to this goal, albeit new versions of the original teachings will surface in the years to come concerning how to handle the inserted fear, false beliefsystems and alter it all into accept, trust and confidence in the living light arising from within, giving the true empowerment of self.

Unconditional love not just about being all nice and sensitive, i.e. projecting upon others and the surroundings: “all is ok or I love ye all, or turn the other cheek, all you need is love, love one another (because human love is very self-absorbed and service to self in its energy) etc.”
Most people, on Earth, having this worldview are in a process of learning how to face and transform their inner fears, self-hatred, and other energetic conception towards self or others.

True love, in all systems, is how to administer the living consciousness within and letting it grow inside of you, leading you to new insights and knowledge unfolding from your true core. When you truly love yourself, as in holding the living light in you geometric bio-field, mainly in the heartsystem, you become a beacon of living light and unconditional love and all human emotions, needs, fears and ideas become less important and will slowly fade away.

Are you still on the 10D path?
If you are feeling the true love from within, knowing in your heart that you are loved from within because you feel the daily presence of your inner group, having poked the hole into the true realities and holding double awareness of both worlds by being centered in the inner whilst living in the outer, knowing how to use the healing energy inside you and you hold no feelings of pain, hurt and loneliness, you are on the finishing steps of the 10D path, getting ready to the 11D path.

What to expect from inner guides and helpers on the 11D
When learned to hold the living light as an individual and trust the source of all power and true consciousness to stem from the individual CTC, the seeker is let in on every gruesome detail, in order to make the seeker realize the necessity of the inner work and the personal contribution to wholeness, if anything has to be altered. From this knowledge discernment arises, full understanding of paths, access to the correct Councils etc. are granted and the tough responsibility for one’s own actions and how they affect the entire reality field becomes a part of the inner growth. Full integrating of DNA or CUs and full access to memories are a part of this.

The goal of 11D path
On this path it is to learn collective unconditional compassion as the next step towards higher consciousness in 12D as a human form. This learning process can be taken here or in other systems and most teachers of students on the 10D paths, from within, are students of the 11D path from other levels of the hologram helping the seekers through the tough path of 10D. In this process of helping others by knowing the laws of creational science, holding the power to alter any 10D path seekers life, the 11D teacher becomes clever and more aware of the effects the energetic work have on wholeness, the individual and what process is the best way to learn what needs to be learned on the 10D. On the former path it was all about the living light and the world related to the individual, and on this one it is all about everything else. The main energy field to learn to administer is living sound, which has to be integrated into the now combined geometry and living light structure of living consciousness, imbedded into the holographic worlds of stellar humanities and universes.

The 12D path is somewhat still blurry to me, so I will not mention it for now.

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