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Krystalai: Removing the Tower of Babel

Crystalai (2013)
(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse) 

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Why is this website called Cosmic Dolphin Magic?
What is Mission of this Website?

I had first  received the message," You are here to remove the TOWER OF BABEL" when I was five years old. My lifetime journey was obviously a pre planned step by step memory of how to make sure this happens. In 2008, I finally received communication from the Grand Yanas, sometimes called the Guardyanas or the Cosmic Guardians. Bashar calls them the Yanals. They are actually the Pre Light and Pre Sound Field of all creation. They are the Idea Center where all creation from the Spark of Source ignites the Flame of an Idea and then is Formed into the New Idea. They are the Creation Center of the Cosmos.

It was not possible to remove the Tower of Babel prior to December 21, 2012. That was the date when all 12 Universes could align simultaneously. This possibility only happens once in several millions of years. This plan and this date had been created millions of years ago by the Cosmic Guardians.

The reason that the problem must be removed at the highest level of Cosmic Light and Sound, is because the problems within the Earth's Matrix began with wars in the Cosmos. All of those wars and the problems created through them could only be removed from the memory banks of the entire Cosmos by moving the Earth's Matrix into a NEW VERSION of Reality. The Earth was actually moved to the alignment of the eighth stargate. There were eight possible realities all within one time and space location. There were 8 Versions of Earth simultaneously. We had to be moved Interdimensionally into a new alignment to remove all of the past misalignments of our consciousness.

There were problems to be removed in the Cosmic Spheres, the Universal Spheres and the Galactic Spheres before the entire realignment of the Earth with her brand new Consciousness could be established.
The Earth was removed from her natural Galaxy 550 light years ago, when Tara blew up. That meant our original consciousness was blown up and sent out into a different Galaxy from whence we originated. In order for the Cosmic Councils to give re-birth to the original perfect selves that we once were, they had to arrange for a large crew from Sun Ra to travel to the Photon Belt of Sun Alcyone to pick up the Consciousness that had been stored there since our original creation. That carrier of consciousness was labeled Comet Ison by Scientists. Comet Ison brought our consciousness back into our Sun Vesta, who is our real Sun in our New Alignment. That consciousness is now being transmitted into the Earth's Matrix. All Star Families travel from the within to the without. The consciousness is carried into the Crystal Heart of the Earth where the Cosmic Core of the 14th Dimension aligns as a Vortex to all Multi Dimensional Star Gates.
This new transmission of the entire Blue Sphere of Amenti carries all of the original Consciousness of who we were before the Tower of Babel scrambled our Consciousness to the point of complete Amnesia. All prior reality of everything that took place prior to ten thousand years ago was completely removed.
And there was a good reason for that. The Annunaki were embarassed of having the Universe remember what they had done after everyone regains consciousness.
I am not even going to attempt to convence my audience to consider how much of the information that they have about reality could not possibly be true if in fact we had the memory of the entire human race removed from the Consciousness of the Universe ten thousand years ago. That means that the information passed down by any form of teaching was most likely a lie. And those teachings that were not a lie had been broken up into tiny pieces of the truth and scattered here and there in a few of the religions of the world. Unfortunely, from my point of view, even the pices of truth that were left behind have been ignored, and the pieces of non reality that are held on to as the truth are simply not the truth.

So, we have this place in time where the Tower of Babel must come to an end before the truth can be revealed.
I have known this truth for a very long time. I have attempted to tell people this truth many times in my life and I could easily see that there was no person on Earth ready to hear the truth yet.
I have created a teaching that will be here for those who are ready to help me remove the Tower of Babel and to start hearing the truth. There are thousands of other paths for those who want to continue believing all of those bits and pieces of realities that cannot possibly be true.

So, I'm here to say SHUT UP AND LISTEN. It is time to listen to the Cosmic Creators who re-create us every nano second. It is time to be re-created from the Cosmic Plasma of the Heliotalic pink white light of the 14th dimensional transformation frequency.
It is time to begin communication through the HIGHEST FREQUENCIES of the Heliotalic pink white, silver pastel, 14th dimensional frequencies, rather than the LOWEST FREQUENCIES of the Hertzian brown third dimensional frequencies.

It is the frequencies from the sphere around the body that is 36 inches above the head and 36 inches around the body in all directions that holds the transformational energy that can remove the Tower of Babel.
This was the mission that the Elohim Angels revealed to me and the Grand Yanas directed me to do. They told me not to follow any former teachings. They told me not to teach Keylontic Science or any of the prior sciences, because something brand new needed to be taught. They told me that I would collect wisdom from other teachings. That is what a master does. They are the ones who must put the puzzle back togehter.
So, that is who I am. I am the on Earth to remove the Tower of Babel through the creation of Music that brings the HIGHEST FREQUENCY to Earth. This is not Solfege. Solfege brings the lowest frequencies of audible sounds that are Hertzian.

This teaching is different than those who say we must connect our hearts. This teaching says we must connect our CRYSTAL HEARTS. The Crystal Heart is the ganglia of cells directly below the heart. That is the area of the Thymus, the Imagination Center. It is also the area of the Seed Atom, wich is the Soul, the Experience Seeker. The combination of the Imagination, the Soul, the Crystal body within the Crystal Heart area. This was called the Fourth Heart Chakra.
It became mis translated to be known as the Heart. It was never the Heart that needed to be connected. It was always the Crystal Heart. The Mini Me Crystal Body that lives in the area of the Seed Atom, the place where the Medulla Oblangata, the Lower Cerebellum reconnects the Mind of God. The Frequency of the 14th dimension of pink white light, silver heliotalic energy of transformation, which is the Mind of God.
The Mind of God in the 14th dimension is actually the creation factory. It is the place where the entities of light that many call the Sun Ra create. There are seven suns of creation. The Ka Ha are the pre sound and pre light at the most etheric level where the Spark of Source is ignited, next there is the Sun Ra, the place where the etheric becomes formless and an idea is created. That energy level of light is the 14th dimensional cosmic level.

We were all created through the Sun Ra Creation center. In order to connect to this consciousness of creation we must raise our frequencies into the 14th dimensional frequency of transformation.
This dimension of creation also exists within the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth in the etheric level of the Core. The Core is a third dimensional density. We must enter into the higher levels of frequencies to travel into the Cosmic Core of reality.

This is the place within Earth that is called Aquafaria. This is the place where the Cosmic Dolphins Swim.
This same place exists within our neurons. The neurons have these tiny fibers that transmit a new reality. They exist wiith in a place scientists call the soma. There is a mote around the soma. and a canal of water outside the mote.

The place where I go in conscious ness to swim with the Cosmic Dolphins is this tiny little mote that is around the soma.
That is the 14th dimensional creation zone. All new creation must first go through a n ionization process. The ions are the blue violet hue of transformation. All of the transformation that is going on at this time is caused by ionization because the ion is the magical hue that is produced when we walk into the full spectrum of light and sound. We walk through that atomic mirror of light and sound and then we become transformed. We must walk into or swim into that magical creation castle to dream our dreams into reality.

So, where is this TOWER OF BABEL? It is in the thinking brain. The thinking brain is like a computer that has a virus in it that scrambles all of the messages. It is actually the electromagnetic transmitters from the brain that create the holograms that we see in the Earth's movie. We don't have to keep seeing those scrambled messages.
If we stop using the thinking brain and start using the frequency specific brain and only connect to the full spectrum of the Mind of God in the 14th dimensional frequency, we become the creators. Our creations come from every thought that we take into the Creation Realm of the Mind of God and then project through the pituitary projector onto the radial body movie screen.

This is how we begin to make God's movie and stop re playing the old movies that are in the old film in the old thinking brain.
Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse

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