Wednesday, June 1, 2011

~ Arcturian ~ Message for the Consciousness of Earth and Humanity

Arcturian ~ Message for the Consciousness of Earth and Humanity

June 1, 2011

Trans by Sandra

JKM 6-1-11 Arcturian Message for the Consciousness of Earth and Humanity

With Will in Indiana and Judith on Van. Island 7:30 am

J: I was speaking with Will in Indiana, and I am sitting facing the Georgia Strait on Vancouver Island, and I was commenting to Will that everything is silver blue gray this morning, there is overcast, and I am looking at an island right in front of me not far out on the water, and the cloud cover has come down where I cannot see the Vancouver Mountains, and I'm speaking with Will when all at once over the island there was a light ship. At first I thought it was an airplane, but it obviously -- it was obvious it wasn't an airplane, it was in a millisecond because I could see it was a big silver disk, and it was brilliant white light and it came like it was coming towards me, and then it circled, it made a circle, and like made a curve, and then it disappeared and then just within seconds a huge bald eagle flew right in front of me, and then as I picked up the phone to call the conference call to record this, 3 eagles flew in front of me, so the message is from the eagles, and I would love for MenalPaul (sp?) to get this because it is from the eagles and the Galactic Councils of Light and the Arcturian Emissaries of Light:

We have chosen this time to make our presence visible to the messenger, that she may be fully assured that we have been actively involved in this mission and physically in many dimensions reading ??the harmonics of light in the multi dimensional reality. We have assessed the field of consciousness. This vibration of the expanded sound of the new dimension of sound has already reached a harmonic of the vibration at the Source for an infinite second in the infinite Universe beyond time and space, the Earth emanated the frequencies of source harmonics. This source harmonic was the vital field of conscious energy expressed through the consciousness of the soul of the Great Mother at the conception of your planet. This is a pure sound light harmonic that is the ohm one Omni tone. This tone has been received by our technology, and we use the technology not as mechanical but as advanced, a word for advanced harmonic instrumentation that determines the frequency and dimensions of sound beyond any capacity or limitation that Earth has in its ability on any level to interpret, the power of sound.

This harmonic of One is manifest because it is manifest. Love knows no limits. In the human experience you have had to struggle to make the test of the heart to choose love and to act upon that love at all times. This harmonic (unintelligible) is now manifest, is the way. It is the Christ living eternal immortal Buddha Christ Consciousness. Humanity may now open to a new dimension of loving and of grace therein by which service to the light is supported by the heart and the faith that you serve with.

Blessed be, we have made our presence known. We have manifested physically and we are here with you Brethren of Light.

So be it and so it is.

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