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The Arcturian Group ~ June 26, 2011

The Arcturian Group ~ June 26, 2011

By Marilyn Raffaele
                                                                   JUNE 26, 2011

Greetings dear ones from those of us who watch with great enthusiasm your journey into the higher frequencies.  We see you awakening from your dreams of the old-that which has always been, and embracing new ways of understanding what life is about.  Of course there are the many who choose to remain in what they have always known, but most are beginning to question and  look for new answers to the issues they face.

Many  are now beginning to intuitively feel the unreliability of those sources of information  which heretofore have been considered true.  We see you beginning to use your intuition.  Each of you has guidance within your being which you experience as intuition.  As you begin to trust these inner nudges, you will start to experience your life issues unfolding in new and higher ways because your Higher Self, and your guides are now a part of your choices.  You see, it has been a matter of your own choice through ignorance,  not to include these  primary sources of guidance.

The human mind can only present to  you information that is already out there floating around in the universal consciousness of the third dimension. That which is new and heretofore unmanifest (real art, music) flows from deeper sources of creativity than the human mind.  Nothing new  can come through if the human mind is the only source of inspiration but this is how you have been taught to function and much of your music and art reflects this.   The mind is only a tool, a machine that interprets your state of consciousness on a level you can understand.  Your outer is the energy of your state of consciousness formed and interpreted by mind.

You ask;  "Is  human consciousness  translating though mind, manifesting the chaos on earth?"  Yes.  Many of you are suffering; it is the general, impersonal  energy of the third dimension (consciousness of duality and separation) that  must  always manifest in the outer as pairs of opposites.  This is what is clearing and releasing from earth now in order that the new and higher dimensional energies can manifest.  You see, life issues are personal depending upon the lessons chosen to be learned in this life time, but they are also general in the sense of  a world consciousness of  ignorance. In  ignorance you have allowed your  minds to accept  any old impersonal beliefs floating around in the universal  consciousness.  Every belief any one has ever had is floating about for you to accept or reject. Most believe that when they have a thought, it is theirs.  This is not true and this knowledge is a tool for you to start rejecting all you do not wish to be a part of your consciousness.  It wasn't all that long ago that man accepted the belief that the world was flat, but evolved beyond that.  This is what you must do with every old third dimensional  belief that comes your way wanting entrance to your belief system.

As awakening beings of light, you must recognize the impersonal nature of the issues you find yourself dealing with.  It is time to recognize that you no longer have to accept world beliefs into your consciousness simply because the church, the government, or the experts say it is so.  There is a Divine omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent Consciousness not conditioned by the beliefs of duality and separation and this is your true state of consciousness.  As free will beings it is your choice to accept this  or not.  Which energy do you choose to function from?  NOW is the time of recognition,  the time of letting go of duality and separation.  NOW is your time of ascension dear ones,  it is your choice.  There is no blame for those who choose to delay the process, it is for you to decide.

Your intuition is guiding you to choose truth, and although at present the outer appearances may be very difficult for you, always let your first  step be the recognition that you can never be separate from your divinity.  You can never in life or death, sickness or health, rich or poor,  be separated from that which you are!  Rest in that dear ones,  and  let that be your very first action; then proceed to take the human footsteps necessary for the particular task at hand.  This is how you change and move beyond the old and outgrown belief system.  The only heaven or hell there is, is what you create for yourself though your state of consciousness.

Meditation is important because it opens the the door to your Higher Self.  It says; "I am ready,  show me the way".  In the old energy, much rite and ritual was taught as being necessary for meditation--  (light the candle, chant, sit this way,  do this do that).   All of this was simply to get the student into the energy that is now flooding the planet.  It is no longer necessary for meditation to be a chore.  All these tools were simply to raise the individual's energy  to that place where they could rest  in the silent realization of  "I and the Father are one".   It is that resting in an absolute "no-thingness" which is "every-thingness". This moment of realization, is the goal of meditation--  not pictures, not messages, nor psychic experiences although these things may happen.  Paraphrasing Edgar Cayce; "Meditation is like riding up in an elevator and as the  doors open at each floor you see interesting activity taking place. Those who choose to  stay and get involved in the activities of each floor,  will never get to the top".

Dear ones it is time to start walking  the walk instead of just talking the talk.  Many think because they read books, have taken or even teach classes, and understand spiritual principles  that they have arrived. Knowlege is simply the first step, you must  live it.   It then unfolds into that which is new and higher and not known on earth yet.

We would like to add that the earth will soon experience a major energy shift.  Be prepared and ready for change.

In Light and Love we are the Arcturian Group.                                       6/26/11

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