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Comet ISON Will Pepper The Earth With Dust ~ NASA + /PART2/ Krystalai: Dec 12-18 ETA

“Panspermia alleges that life exists and is distributed uniformly through the Universe in the form of amino acids, microbes, germs and spores. If life arose extraterrestrially, then our planet is not a closed system. The fossil evidence shows that life took root on Earth as soon as possible once the heavy bombardment period subsided, the planet cooled and water formed. Vulcanism and space debris made conditions inhospitable to life for the first half-a-billion years of planetary existence.
This “seed of life” can travel between worlds and arrive by natural means such as ballistic impact, meteorite and comet. Intergalactic space may be permeated with cosmic dust and microbes. Evidence shows they could survive the hard-core radiation and the near-absolute cold of deep space. Some researchers (Hoyle and Wickramasinghe, 2000) believe these “seeds” of life are raining down on us all the time, affirming our cosmic ancestry.”

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Dec 12-18

Dear Members,
I think this youtube is helpful in understanding what will happen on December 12.
Please remember that the important part of the plasma between Dec 12-18 is the consciousness that is carried in this light and how it has the ability to melt down the seals in the pineal gland and cause the seventh seal to open.
The miasms and seals that were placed in the human body to block the chakra flows into the Cosmic Realms were specifically placed in the the places where the frequencies of consciousness flow into our multidimensional selves..
The seals were placed on the third chakra to block flow to the seventh and on the fourth chakra to block flow from the sixth to the twelfth, and several others in between.
The point is our higher self- our higher, multidimensional super consciousness - or our Souls at the levels of Galactic Consciousness, Universal Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness were blocked from our third dimensional bodies at the third chakra and from our fourth dimensional bodies at the fourth chakra.
Eventhough we have already gone through the clearings that would unblock the third and fourth chakras, we have to have the sixth through twelfth levels cleared as well in order for all of the parts to be put back to gehter again.
The cause of the EGO becoming arrogant, jealous, fearful, etc. was because it was unplugged from it's complete self. The ego lies in the third chakra. But the ego would be just fine if it hadn't been separated from the seventh through twelfth chakras.
This is what will begin to happen to us after this plasma event Dec 12-18. It is good to be prepared with some batteries and candles and enough food to last a couple of weeks.
Most important is always listening to your music and follow my instructions of walking into the candle. This will bring you the most rapid transposition opportunity during this precious event.
I highly recommend this youtube

This Youtube give us an idea of how Comet Ison's Plasma from the Coronal Mass Ejection might effect Earth between December 12-18.
Others say Dece 11-17.

Please remember that a CME is not the same as a EMP.
Most of the news out there about electricity going out completely is based on EMP, which is a man made nuclear weapon and war causation.
If the Zeta-Drakonian, Jehovian, Phantom Matrix group had won the war, we would be looking at the EMP scenerio.

That group has lost the war. When Earth popped into the NEW GALACTIC ALIGNMENT that allowed her to align into the Parallel Universe. have her Christ Grids turned back on, and allow for the passage way of what is being called Comet Ison to pass through her Sun, that EMP war possibility became highly unlikely.
We are looking at a CME--not a EMP.

It might require wrapping electric equipment in foil for a few weeks-- but not years.
We have also learned that even the EMP news that was put out by the government was totally incorrect because it was created during WW2 by the ZETA.

The Guardians shifted the time line of Earth 2213 years fast forward to bypass any and all of the damage that the Zetas would had done to the Earth. If that was not the case, we would had already been blown up two or three times. If you want to know the entire story, I highly recommend reading Voyagers one and two by Ashayana Deane.

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