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Krystalai: Meditation To Transmute Cellular Memory & Using the God Room to Transmute Error ++
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I want to make sure that you are all having a merry Christmas and not having one of those days when all of your Fears, Jealousy, Envy and any other Error that likes to come out and ruin the party. I'm writing this because one member is having a problem, so I want everyone to be protected.

I am sharing this letter that I wrote to a member dealing with FEAR on this lovely Christmas day.
I AM SHARING THIS MEDITATION THAT YOU SHOULD ALL USE TO CLEAR YOUR CELLULAR MEMORY so that your true Christ Consciousness may appear on this day.
I will tell you that everything and I mean EVERYTHING (that means every memory that is still engrained in your cellular memory from this life time and your past millions of life times) If it is still filled with FEAR will come out at this time.
The FEAR that you feel isn't related to the Sound. It is coming out as a result of the SOUNDS that are clearing and transmutting your cellular memory.
The Guardians told us that this would happen at this time. They told us this fifteen years ago. They told us how to prepare for it. They told us that those who did not prepare ahead of time would go through FEAR, NIGHTMARES, Demonic Attacks, etc.

These are not personalized attacks. These are demonic memories that have been left within your cellular memory.

I do not see that you have any REAL DEMONS attached to your consciousness, like what happened to my husband. That was a special event that kept those demons from being able to ever attach themselves to any one ever again. That was a mission that was completely planned with the Sirius B Council before we came to Earth.

Your situation is just PLAIN OLD FEAR coming to the surface to be OWNED.
OWNING the FEAR or Jealousy or Hatred or whatever the ERROR is that is surfacing is done by transmutting it into light.

I will give you a new meditation.

Create a Light stream from your Mid Brain - Frequency Specific area in the middle of your head. Create a stream out your third eye between your eyebrows and out about two feet. Ride through that stream and imagine a Diamond Door that is White Crystal. Go through the Door.

You are now in the God Room. In that room you will see envelopes on the wall. They are all colors. Find the envelope that is causing fear.

There is a fireplace in the middle of the room. Throw that envelope in the fireplace and watch it burn. It will burn and return its energy to Source. Now, watch the energy return as refined pure white crystal snowflakes.

You need to throw every one of those envelopes in the fire place until every one of them turns into a crystal light snowflake.

The Music will help you find each one of these envelopes and it will help you transmute each one.

Using the God Room to Transmute Error

Dear Members,

Great questions are coming out on this Great Christmas Day. I know that one person's question could easily be the question in another's mind that doesn't know it yet.

The question was asked about what these ideas or errors that we need to transmute in the God Room are and where did they come from.

The ideas that need to be transmutted are a result of false programming that was placed in our solar system, our bodies, our DNA, and within the chakras connection to their frequency alignment in all dimensional levels. What was that other website you sent me? The Web ? it has many names - the web, the veil, the error program.

Whatever you want to call it, the purpose of my music is to disolve it and to realign your frequencies and cellular memory into the proper 12DNA subharmonics of your original Soul Matrix.

As this reprogramming is taking place, some of the old errors that are a result of the false programming FIGHT BACK. They know they are about to be disolved and they come forth to be seen.

As ERROR always works. It does the opposite of what would be best to sustain itself. When the ERROR makes itself KNOWN is the EASIEST time to Transmute it. When you Feel an Error in your life of any sort. Any idea at all trying to persuade or annoy you, it is time to go to the GOD ROOM, find the envelope on the wall and put it in the FIRE.


I want to share this today because my Guardians directed me to find it today.
I am not too proud to say that this entity knows something about Manifestation that I did not include in
my manifestation workshops, so I want you all to have this link to BASHAR. One youtube is on MANIFESTATION and it is THE BEST set of Truths I have heard since Sunday School. The fact is this is exactly what Mary Baker Eddy said, and NOW is the time to completely Understand this Truth.

Everything that we desire to Manifest is ALREADY HERE. The formula that I have given for Manifestation is the Divine Formula of Manifestation, and we do need to always to the Highest Frequency, however it is also true that the Reality of anything that we desire is ALREADY HERE. I also love the way BASHAR points out that we should spend about 15 minutes on our INSTANT MANIFESTATION, and about how completely PASSIONATE we need to be.

Also, if any of you can afford it, there is a December 21, 2013 youtube of BASHAR's last revelation about this year that costs $50. You will find it if you go to the Bashar Website.

He speaks about that workshop on this youtube



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