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Freedom Teachings: Sacred Sexuality and the Art of Divine Relationship Part 1/2/3 & Two Moons Rising & Festival of Light 2006 #TPB #MCEO #WS #KS

Sacred Sexuality and the Art of Divine Relationship Part_1 / 2 / 3 & Two Moons Rising &
Festival of Light 2006

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Sacred Sexuality & the Art of Divine Relationship, Spirit, Biology & the Elemental Force Part 1 of a 3 part MCEO Workshop Series. Recorded live Denver, CO July 7-9, 2006.

An in-depth, 3-part exploration of the multi-dimensional relationships between human sexuality, spirituality, love, power and gender, in relation to coupling, parenting and the Hidden Mysteries of Life and Thereafter. This Workshop Series features MCEO-Aurora perspectives on the dynamics of Divine Relationship, healing sexual isms, consciously directing your Elemental Force, and overcoming influences that inhibit the Natural Joy of Spirit, in Love, Relationship and Sexual Expression. Includes enlightening revelations on Coveted Ancient Secrets, addresses some of the most controversial Private Topics of our times and features Aurora Elemental Command Training Level-1-A,B&C.

Divine Marriage- Source, Spirit, Sexuality and Self, Private Parts- The Metaphysics of Sexual Expression, Eternal Flame- Nurturing the Love-Light Within, Survival of the Fetish- Love, Lust and Leanings, GardnerΓÇÖs Tips-Cultivating Joy in Sexual Being and Expression, Snuggles and Struggles- Gender, Power and War Games , Fairy Moons- The Elemental Force, DNA and Bio-chemical Attraction , Sacred States- God, Self, Sex & Sadhi, Blind Dates-Hidden Ooh-cult Manipulations , Safe Sex-Psychic Self-Protection in Interpersonal Exchange.

Introducing the Psonn of Aurora. Discover how our Light Cell Anatomy is intertwined with our Sexuality. The D-2 Elemental Body Sexuality and Ascension. Three sexes and four sexual orientations. Updates on the Rainbow Bridge. Starborn First Creation Cycle of the Inner, Middle and Outer Worlds and the Fast Track Evac. Reu-Sha-TA Spiral, the spinning of the Um-Shaddh-Eie and a new addition to our breathing technologies. Sacred Sex: how it has been abused on our Planet to Create the Fib of no Chi Spiral. The Big Secret about Sexuality. Ascension and the Opening of the Gates of Urtha. Elementals of Earth and Urtha and Elemental Command. Urtha Entrustment and a New Opportunity. Important activation's that should not be missed.


Two Moons Rising - Easter Weekend, April 2006. Recorded live in Phoenix, AZ

Discover the beginning processes involved in the expedited TaKEYon Activation Cycle, which is beginning 9 years earlier than planned, to override the activation of the Threshold Spiral, which has been arranged by a Fallen group called the ThE-tans. Early TaKEYon Cycle activation and the timing there-of, will be crucial in order to intercept the Threshold Spiral which is capable of taking all the structures and associated Life-Forms in this entire Ecka-Veca Universe, that were previously headed for either the Ascension Path or Cal-Fall, into Sho-na Black Hole Fall.

The expedited TaKEYon Cycle, that the Indigo Team are now assisting in, will be critical in preventing this intended ThE-tan take-over and providing an alternative Cal (Guff) Fall path for hosting Fallen Races AND of course in maintaining an ascending path for Kristic Races into the Middle Domains and Inner Hub Worlds for a successful StarFire Cycle.

Provides updates on the current status of the drama we find ourselves in the middle of. Tauren Light Seed activation, steps 1-17 (aka Preliminary Sequence: Setting the Creation Program which prepares us for Preparing the programming medium and ΓÇ£accessing the Creation Program in the steps 18-22C and then in the final steps 23&24). Assistance from Christiac Races, Rainbow-Sun Krystal-Matrix Speakers, assisting us to experience "Absolute Love", with progressive levesl of ReShaLA training.

Training our internal eyes of RaShaLA, the deep inner space of the Sadhi SAta state and the cock-pit of Creation. Remembering ourselves with our ancient White-Heliotalic Cosmic garments, which well be wearing when traveling within our Ra-Sha-LA and Sadhi Spheres. Linking to the Urtha Host Shield for personal activation of the 1728 personal Edon keys of the expedited TaKEYon cycle, needed to enter into the Hub Domains.

Keylona Sparks, Keylon Crystal Fire Letters, Keylon codes, fire-letter sequences, the kelontic lattice, The Piatso Electric response, the Spark of Adama proto-sparks, firing of the fire-letters, The Keylontic Keys, the KaSha keys, quatum differentials, quantum equilibrium, harmonic keys, the Keys of E-na Ka, PkE quatum building Cycles, Photo-sparks, Oscillation of the Ta-Ur, the TaUr hydrogen bond, the Ta-KEY-on neutral field, the Ta-KEY-on flash point, HELI-OM, the STILL point, The Zero Point and the Winds of Allah/AllA. Learn how the Winds of Allah-AllA through the generation of spark currents flowing in and out of the Creation Point at the center of the Na-DA-Ur or Diamond Doorway.

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