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Panergeiaproject: I am not saying goodbye, just relocating

Friday, March 8, 2013 / Posted by Randi Green

I am not saying goodbye, just relocating

The foundation of the new platform, the Panergeia Community, is the threefold Source of Mother, sister and brother. It is based on the compassion from Tara - not just reflected in the myth of Tara, but within the compassion and sorrow I hold in my heart. I love my planet Tara and the events happening lately makes me angry and full of sadness. I will use the sadness and pain to evolve my compassion in the most prosperous way. I will try not to become angry and alienate you following my path despite that I sometimes get very upset and reacts almost like a vigorous deity, destroying everything in my path. This is a side of my inner strength which is making me able to lift myself, move along the path, and destroy any evil in and around me, so I will not let it go. I just have to adjust it. Lifting is about becoming lighter and correct anger is a very handy tool in destroying old energetic connections.

But besides this it is time for me to move on. Vol 1. ended a circle of energy for me, and I am heading towards the sisterhood of my Taraian origin. Being a priestess only means being one of the tribes working with the grid directly and being directly in contact with the core crystal plasma beings. Being creative and explore the possibilities of the grid. Nothing more than that. Writing vol. 2 gives with the best of my ability access to the memories of how the Taraian planetarian system works; not in detail, this must be for other books focusing on that.

Long story short. Those of you still following my trail, which starts with level 1 on TAOCE, please read all the posts and see the videos, I have tried to cover all aspects of the beginning of the psychological process, and then go to level 2 in the Panergeia project, where I continue the trail of consciousness and energy. Level 3 – please watch all the clips from Bashar – I have chosen them because they hold all the information needed to understand the weird universe we are a part of.

A lot of details are not necessary because detailed information on the construction of the outer reality fields, outer Earth and the false chakrasystem, is not important considering that you alter your outer template by working with the inner, i.e. focusing on where you are going and not where you were. You need to understand the dynamics in the past and use it as a stepping stone, but not the detailed dynamics; this will just drive you deeper into the consciousness fields of the false teachings. If you feel the need for detailed scientific information – look on the Internet, but as I said, it is really not needed. It is like working psychologically; you only need to understand enough of the trauma to solve the energy in it, not wallow in the details, because this will re-traumatize you. The same goes for the reversed outer Earth. Going to deep only makes you focus your energy there and pull more energy in from what you are trying to avoid. But you still need to know the headlines to avoid doing the same mistake again. See how smart the reversed teachings are?

I have put a lot of effort in my blogs to make it able for you to find all the answers you might have and hold, and therefore I become very sad when you just choose the easy way and ask me instead of following the energy yourself, become curious, look things up and ask within yourself what the answer might be, why you hold doubts and why you are afraid to know the truth. Having doubts is always a product of fear and you have to look into why you are afraid of moving forward, that is to make a decision. What are you afraid to lose? To see within yourself? Are your fears imaginative, an implant to keep you from exploring your true power or does it cover a truth you do not want to face, i.e. having some serious dark sides you need to work on?

I cannot answer those questions for you, because if I give you the answers – I would love to and sometimes I slip – you do not pull in energy from your own true template and then you are not evolving as in pulling in higher levels of density.

Therefore you have to do all the work yourself – you have to choose, you have to get rid of your doubts and start to face what is bothering you. If you have doubts it is a sign of something is not fitting you anymore, and instead of weaving a net of questions, go directly to your heart, your intuition and then face the fact – and act on it, despite the fear such a choice arise within you. Changes always arise fear, higher consciousness always arise fear, true love always arise fear, true empowerment always arise fear. Awakening the true inner you will always arise fear in the ego – simple as that - and when you feel that fear, you have to be brave, become the hero and face the wicked witch. Fairytales hold a lot of truth in them, when the talk comes to the mechanisms of ego. The true you is the hero and the landscape of the fairytales are the comfortzone, the usual ground, and the adventure is the inner travel you have to take to become that princess, that hero or that king; your magnificent true self.

When you understand that reality is a product of your mind, you then understand that if we want to change reality, we have to change our minds and emotions, hence the Pangergeia Series vol. 1 where I have done the best I could to show how this is done by telling you my story. I am no teacher – for that I had to be a Taraian from the parallel planet, which I am not – but I am able to manipulate energy into my work and the blogs, books etc. are a trail connected to the grid. It is a trail out – you might call me a trail blazer – but you are the ones to follow the path, to do the job and to implement it into your lives. In other words work with the energy as in asking questions and find the answers within to integrate it. An answer from within is energy from your template and an answer from outside is energy to the APIN system. See the difference?

For those of you still resonating with my energy and my more of less pedagogical endeavors (I tell you I am not pedagogical in my true nature, but I have learned to be so, but I still forget myself sometimes) please join me on the Panergeia Community blog and the new Facebookplatform. I have to build a new one because the old the Academy of Conscious Evolution is too masculine and cannot hold the new 6D energies I am about to learn to handle.

PS please continue to ask me questions, but ask the ones which benefits us all; i.e. the questions you know everybody on the path has or faces. Those are the questions I love to answer because they become collective energy which makes us all grow and put more energy into the trail I am creating. If you ask questions relating to the trail, it grows stronger, but when you ask out of emotions or your personal mindset, it only gives you energy – do you see the difference? Ask to benefit us all – not just yourself.

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