Monday, March 18, 2013

True Earth Associations: The Panergeia Series Volume: I/II/III

The Panergeia Series


What is reality?

The Panergeia Series Vol.1

On the human bio-field, the mind-field and the Taraian density-2 inner realities. This is the story of how to transform the bio-field, with its APIN chakra system, into the triangular density body and how to survive the loss of the bio-field by turning your heart density triangle into a True Life Taraian density field.

The True Worlds

The Panergeia Series Vol.2

On the true trilateral essence and the true inner realities. This is the story of how everything came to be, the way the holographic realities were created and many other things.

 The Maze

The Panergeia Series Vol.3

On the holographic reality and how we are interconnected hereto. 

By: Randi Green


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The Panergeia Series



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