Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Terra-Gaia Network: The Terra-Gaia Ascension

The Terra-Gaia Network: The Terra-Gaia Ascension:

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Terra-Gaia Ascension

The subject today is about ascension, or should I say more correctly about implementing our consciousness back into the true realms of the created worlds; in our case the areas which I claim belong to the original galactic manifestations fields: Galactic Terra-Gaia.
There has been loads of information on ascension in the last decade or so, albeit those are not really to be trusted. Before our present lower Earth (instead of NET Earth I will baptize our present manifestation field “lower Earth”, because the frequency fence is dissolving as we speak merging our reality field into galactic Terra, re-created as a low frequency area of Terra thus “lower Earth”) humans were in contact with other galactic humanities in parallel reality fields and from this contact arose – later seen as visions and guidance – much of the ancient literature concerning the concept of transfiguration, i.e. the unfolding of the true consciousness within the human body altering it into a full spiritual body, or other similar thought patterns found in the Chaldean heritage of the Indo-European cultures. Long before this present age of humanity those teachers and galactic humans were connected to the Founding Fathers of which some of them broke out and created the societies of Avatars. These societies turned into the diverse brotherhoods behind the many versions of ascension and higher spiritual training on lower Earth – at least until the negative Serpent Brotherhoods took over lower Earth and cut of the parallel reality fields from which those teachings were administered. From that point on the false teaching arose and distorted matrices of thought were replacing the original teachings on how to evolve into the other surrounding reality fields of lower Earth – back then galactic Terra.
It is a huge part of our cultural heritage to search and long for a higher form of presence or existence. From the strings of Indo-European lineages the idea of an afterlife arose, or a plane of true being, as we see it in the old Greek Orphic myths and later within the thought patterns of Pythagoras and Plato. Those ideas left their mark on the Hellenistic Jewish religious heritage and in the New Testament eschatology as the idea of the world being brought back into a heavenly state in the end times either within this world – as in the Jewish or early Christian thought - or in the later version after the first witnesses had perished as a spiritual realm called the Kingdom of God resembling the first paradise before the fall – some of the first church fathers more prone to the idea of apokatastasis than others - just as we find the same idea in the Hindu ideas of the Yugas returning to the golden age etc. But the question remains: Can we trust those inherited thought patterns? Does old age equals truth? Can we trust this into deep layers cultural thought patterns of the West and the East?

Naturally I have already answered those questions; before a certain age, i.e. timelines, we can trust our inner information. The division of human collective thought and cultural heritage from the galactic realms are normally conceptualized as the timeline that cut into lower Earth and finally separated us from galactic Terra around 12.500 BCE, creating the frequency fence and the control systems of the Serpent Brotherhoods. Thus if you are able to connect to the higher dimensional knowledge as it is recorded into the basic core of galactic humanity, you are able to pull forth the original teachings. The merging and dissolving of the frequency fence, the reality line, are absolutely helping us in this. The true records are still present in galactic Terra and as we connect to this grid, emitting our original galactic signature, we re-enter the original collective consciousness of humanity and the levels we have access to (your signature is a key to the records and follows your original level of CUs).
The other problem is that history and old thought patterns, as well as archaeology evidence of old cultures, their remains and texts left for us to find, is not the same as they really were present there “back then.” And what do I mean by that?
Time is an illusion and in spite of the merging with the non-tempus fugit galactic Terra this operative feature will be here on lower Earth for a while. The next step is to really understand the creational science behind time and the artificial structure of the reality field, we presently are implemented into. There are several angles to the understanding of time, but for now it is important to understand that lower Earth for decades have been held in a loop of energy. There has really not been any progression or evolution as in linear time, thus any “old age” is an illusion as well.
Reality is a filament grid of conscious events and the possible outcomes of these events. Every time we perform a conscious action we always have a dual opportunity and two different outcomes, because of to the binary template; one which follows the downward pull of the infection and another which initiate the healing process of the infection. On galactic levels we will face the free will of three possible outcomes and in higher densities the choices expands following the structure of the template, always leaving only ONE option for choosing the path of the infection, hence the pull of the infection gets lesser and lesser.
From the year 12.500 BCE, in our perception of time, humanity have been held within a perfect state of immobile consciousness – taking away our free will and choices - and therefore consciousness has not really moved within the matrix; it has more acted like a fractal pattern within a closed perimeter, creating more and more dense timelines which have consolidated the infection in us. The loop of simultaneous parallel reality fields have increasingly fragmented our consciousness, dividing us into more and more dense timelines each time our prime consciousness left a bio-chemical structure; in other words: We are not experiencing an evolution of humanity as in first being Neanderthals etc. evolving into this state of being; on the contrary. If we on this timeline find archeological evidence from “the past” it is in reality from another parallel reality field where some parts of humanity have evolved into this primitive state of being and died out. The reason why we can see this has to do with that part of our reality field being low vibrant enough to collide with the remains of that parallel field.
Whenever and whatever evidence we find in the soil, it is a sort of bleed through from other levels of the matrix or the merging of the timeline we are presently encapsulated in and another similar or more dense timeline, following the laws of affinity (the base pulse rhythm of any energy system always connect to similar energy). Thus the search for evidence of higher evolutions is impossible and will never happen as long as lower Earth is on its downwards spiral into dust and the more evidence we find of the “first primitive humanity” or buildings of previous civilizations, the more of our reality field is colliding and merging with died out reality fields.
Bio-chemical compound is always the last stage of any galactic evolution within the created worlds and is a sign of the infection in its last stages, thus we are not unveiling the past, when we discover old civilizations; we are excavating parallel timelines that have died out, because they have lost their action potential, making the humanity die out and not being able to re-incarnate into those timelines and the fusion is a sign of the demise of our reality field.
I know some of you will find this teaching difficult, but we have to learn to utilize the galactic mind in the true areas of galactic 3D to prevent our own dawn fall and start to recreate the laws of free will by relearning how the conscious choices operates. Again another question arises out of my statement, because what is the galactic Terra 3D (for short GT3D)?
As I wrote in the basic concepts, in spite of the main accepted ideas of humanity being ready to enter the 5D – I have been there myself – I have altered my opinion after a series of healings done by the Terra-Gaia team, I belong to, and the fact that we are starting to beat the infection in me, beginning with connecting the morphogenetic binary template of 1D and 2D NET version into the galactic trinary template.
The galactic template holds three levels of creational energy which is the basic density-1 template in the created worlds. The trinary template has nothing to do with the energy structure of the Panergeia Project; this structure, and way to alter the false chakrasystem, is aimed for the beginners or the ones leaving and not wanting to keep up the work in the created worlds; it mostly resembles a sort of upgrade or transfer of the mind-field of the present being, as you are today, and from this level of consciousness the Panergeia Project will help you.
The mind-field holds the same idea as that of the soul; that is what remain of you when you die. When using the techniques in the Panergeia Series they will upgrade your mind-field into being able to connect to the Panergeia fields in the higher areas of lower Earth where we have positioned fields of energy for the ones not being able to alter back into the original template, or who do not want to alter their present being into the galactic structure. It is a sort of first aid and from the mind-field the original CUs – what remains of your true being – will be pulled out of the false energy field and restored into the true levels, from which the true being in you can pull out of the created worlds, ending the adventure here.
The trinary galactic template is the beginning of the next life outside lower Earth, I have chosen to start now and thus remain within the created worlds. We are a few old Gaian warriors that are ready and prepared to fight for the new to come and to work in this dying manifestation field to enter the upcoming worlds. We are not done, at all, with the main purpose of the created worlds: To lay the foundation of the next level of unfolded living consciousness into the new areas of the Gaian races, following the evolutionary and expanding pull from within. So in one sense this is what ascension is about now; not leaving the scene, but fighting to alter the false bio-field and the infection of the created worlds back into the true creational and galactic structure of the original races, becoming galactic beings once more.
It is not fully possible to alter and change the remaining lower Earth 1D and 2D (LE1D and LE2D) structures of the binary template – the whole bio-chemical structure lies within the compounds of LE1D and the electromagnetic quantum counterpart in LE2D – so this is the levels my body functions on, but the original GT3D has been connected to my template, creating an extension to the binary template – merging it with the lowest part of the original trinary template of the galactic worlds. This means that my mind is starting to grow into the galactic realms of consciousness despite my LE1D and LE2D bio-field.
In the trinary galactic template the basic energies are the projected CUs which create three types of density-1 matter; geometric light pattern, living light and living sound. In lower Earth the geometric light pattern, living light and sound (they cannot really be separated) have turned into the fragmented LE1D bio-chemical compounds, the living light has turned into the LE2D quantum fields and the true GT3D is really not present in its original form on lower Earth at all. What we perceive as 3D, is a synergetic result of LE1D and LE2D; that is the emission of the former two levels creating what we perceive as LE3D or “space”.
LE4D is the frequency fence or the collective consciousness field, artificial into its core, and holds nothing of interest for us. It is in this area of our artificial constructed world that the knowledge and cultural heritage from after 12.500 BCE is placed, which then gives us the second answer to the first questions whether or not we can trust the old age information, the heritage from the ancients etc.
If you fully understand this, then it is not difficult at all to grasp that the so-called 5D is not the GT5D, but the LE5D; the areas where the intruder races have been positioning themselves for various purposes. I know I have been on the 5D wagon as well, having seen the areas in galactic Terra, but in fact what I thought to be 5D is in reality GT3D, because the humans on GT3D are in a sort of matter structure indicating that they belong to the density-1 evolutions, whereas a GT5D structure holds the next level of geometric pattern, living light and sound, evolving a more complex and totally different arrangement of symbols, radiating filaments of light and emitting sound-patterns – in other words impossible for me to comprehend and connect to.
Not having understood the severe state the human body really is in, that is only holding two dimensions (and not three) and both in a very fragmented form literally means that lower Earth and its humanity is in a final state of existence. Hence the many inserted hosts and fields to uphold this reality until the majority – all of those who are able to transform and leave lower Earth (LE) – have succeeded in this after which LE will dissolve and turn into the last stage of dust, holding no electromagnetic powers at all. The parallel reality fields will collapse along with LE and this whole area will disappear.
So the fact that LE has returned into being an ascension planet does not mean that it is the planet that will take the path back into the created worlds, but our humanity.
The habitants in a manifestation field are bound to the ground by the grid; that is the grid stemming from within the created humanity evolving in that field. Fields arise out of the humanity being present there, in that corner of the created worlds, and not the other way around and the grid within the humanity being present there connects every single being to the grid in the ground, creating a symbiotic connection between people and the land, they have created around themselves. Thus it is humanity that has got the pass back into the created worlds, and not “Earth”. The core being of “Earth” is us – not some higher soul or being; we really need to let go of the idea of a large being called Gaia. This being is us – we are Gaia and we hold the power within.
When the old races of Gaia returns to galactic Terra the Gaian races will rise once more; not as a planet, but as a race holding specific properties and features of consciousness. Just like the idea of “GOD” is an illusion, covering our longing to re-connect to our true being in a distorted masculine form, so is the idea of Gaia or the female entity supposedly being present as the soul of our “Earth”. Earth is not a planet or a body; it is an artificial inserted field, draining the original creational field of energy, whilst holding its true inhabitants in a state of amnesia and imprisonment. So when you feel “Gaia” in you or feel connected to the goddess of Earth, you are starting to re-connect to yourself, your true female identity, unless of course you are tapping into the many false thought patterns in LE4D, holding all sorts of romantic idea of what Gaia is and the like. The more you view any gestalt or manifestation field as a creature holding humanlike features, or you feel her or him in your heart, that is connecting to the thought form as on a human emotional level, you are for sure under the spell of the false spirituality in LE4D, diverting your timelines and original consciousness deeper into the frequency fence. These ideas are mind-implants to divert your heartsystem and energy field into the false LE4D and place your energy there.
Naturally you have to work with this illusion and learn the true content in it, because all collective thought patterns hold some truth in them – they are not created out of the blue, but out of our original heritage from the time when we came here belonging to the first humanity trying to inhabit the outskirts of galactic Terra. The first humanity is what I call The Nordics and they are the founders of the races that grew out of the Indo-European cultures and inhabited the northern areas of the old Gaia. So all in all I am still in the process of learning and discerning false information from truth and yet I am following the knowledge that GT3D is implementing into my brain.

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