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The Terra-Gaia Network: An up to date overview of things


Saturday, June 8, 2013

An up to date overview of things

Let me take a historical view, before progressing into the new: First of all I consider ALL teachings to be false, incl. the latest systems being handed to us. Why do I feel that way? Because what I see does not uphold the material giving to humanity and in the latest New Age material the ideas are clearly manipulated into an agenda built on a Christian ideology; no matter what name they call it today. Hence it is not for all of humanity since not all humans are Christians and the idea of only one system being the correct one is truly false teachings.

If this was true then all visitors giving us messages would be united into the same kind of teaching and the Guardian Alliances (GA) would not give it in different versions as in “you know who”, Lisa Renee and Teresa Talea and the remaining Azurite Press. All are claiming to be in direct contact with the GA. Clearly the GA is either divided or someone is being fooled into believing to be connected to the “true keepers of Earth and humanity”. Personally I see the division as being the answer, due to the fact that the GA and the Councils, they are a part of, are working on different dimensions and thus has to uphold different approaches to the original rules of the galactic worlds. The rules of the created worlds are quite uniform though, and in time those rules will appear in the minds of all getting in contact with galactic Terra. They are an intrinsic part of the galactic mind-set.

I regularly visit the Councils and no – we do NOT agree on all matters, but we find solutions within the frames of the rules of the created worlds. When you get in contact with your 5D galactic mind, you can visit the Councils as well. All voices are heard. Thus we have to look at the evidence ourselves and not just trust what we are being told as a part of our personal responsibility. We have to compare the various sources on Earth and then make up our mind on what it true and not.

The underlying old Christian dogma of “all other religions being false” which you see in most of the latest New Age material including “you know what” (do not mention names; it seems that every time I do that I get visited or stir up negative energy around me – albeit as you will see this is soon to be history), are clearly not true. Things are more nuanced than that, but all religions and teachings do come from the Adashi community, in spite of the many forms they come in, to sustain their agenda.

In my world view all Adashi or Masters belong to the Taraian priesthood that fell into this creation, or the original galactic Terra density-1 manifestation field, and in time, as the galactic manifestation field fragmented into 9 dimensions due to the infection, 9 planets grew out of it, creating our solar system. The remaining three; Nibiru and Pluto are from a very negative system of overlords situated in the 10th and 11thdimensions of their own system that merged with our solar system, and the “Sun” is in fact the core of galactic Terra being pushed into the 12thdimension.

Despite the part of the original Adashi community that worked behind the Krystal River Host, the “you know who” is a new group having connections to Urtha and other universes or manifestation fields. They have taken over the old Krystal River Host and the remaining Adashi having left the community are now replacing themselves into the other levels of galactic communities and groups. We are starting to work together on a new level, since the “you know who” are pulling themselves out of the drama as I write this message.

The latest I get on this is that they have managed to create their manifestation areas using the merging or crystallization technologies from the highly evolved reptilian races on Urtha (the dragon people) and this is good and fine. They are thus leaving the perimeter of 5D and are positioning themselves in higher layers of galactic Terra until the final withdrawing in 2047. The ones following this high-multitude energy field are already selected, holding special combinations of DNA and the many, feeling connected to this group of “you know who” are only accepted as being part of the human field sustaining the host, or upholding the quantum in this.

I know this will stir up some minds of the followers, but when the human bio-field is left and the followers enter the 5D galactic Terra; we will be there to help them re-orient themselves into the true reality of their original being, clear them of the false coding that has kept them in the loop of false expectations and feelings of being part of something grand for centuries. The old Adashi from the Krystal River Host will assist us in this.

I know it sounds as if I am claiming to be a part of the “right wing” here, but I am not. We are all in this mess and no matter what group, you are presently being a part of, the original galactic races are present to help you, when you leave old Gaia or Earth, if you want our help. Listen to your heart and choose what feels right for you. All will find its perfect solution in the end since the laws of the created worlds always overrule any attempt to divert it. And since we all belong to the true worlds, in the end, the core consciousness in us will return hereto. Do not fear your “end”, this is a thought-form created to make you choose the systems claiming to “save” you. You do not need to be saved; you need to transform your energy system and claim your birth right as one of the true races of galactic Terra. And you need to take full responsibility for your own evolution in any direction, you may choose. But as I have stated all along; only if we work together are we able to lift humanity into the higher realms and continue our evolution there. The original humanity is a connected field of energy and consciousness and only if we choose systems – no matter where they come from – that create progress and expansion, i.e. returning to becoming a system of geometric manasic light and sound, are we able to lift all.

Such information I bring here is normally part of the newsletters, but since I feel the need to share this with all of you, I post it here. The galactic political climate is changing. The collection of timelines, and coding, from the Lemurian and Atlantean levels of NET Earth, as well as the connection to the initiated Illuminati sequence in parallel reality fields gave the final set off for the old Adashi community.  

Much of what have been revealed from this camp was creations they invented and placed into our reality fields; the old Adashi community created both the threats and the solutions so to speak and in co-working with different races, intruders and the factions of the old Taraian priesthoods – each belonging to a different camp - used the technology and knowledge from Tara to create the present drama, we are leaving now. Other galactic races came here to prevent it from happening – so I am claiming here that the old Adashi community was the main source and providers of the mess we are in for now. This is an allegation and you have to take this with a grant of salt, because this is what I remember and thus follows my agenda against the Taraian priesthood, which as you know, I hold responsible for many of the things that has happened. They were the ones to start the mess by experimenting with the infection from the created worlds back on Tara, but now most of us are back on track, trying to find a collective answer and solution to it all, reintegrating galactic Terra to sustain humanity in the years to come.

Thus the Adashi community, whether they are presented in the factions of the Galactic Federation, the Theosophical communities, the Illuminati (Reptillian- Luciferian agenda) or other brotherhoods holding the idea of Masterhood and ascension hierarchies are all based upon the fallen priesthood from Tara, and now we are working together to heal galactic Terra and the original humanity. 

You do remember that the true world crystal plasma mother planet and the parallel sister version of her fell into the core of galactic Terra, which is the created world of the Taraians. They originally created the galactic worlds by projecting their living consciousness into these areas creating what I call manasic energy. Manasic energy is seen as geometric living light and living sound and is the counterpart in the created or galactic worlds of the living consciousenss of the true worlds. 

Created planets are systems holding the coding of creation and therefore they are female energy fields as well, since all energies that are able to create are per definition feminine. The "God-Source" is thus feminine and btw. imbedded into all of us, being a part of the original coding of the created worlds and the vessels and lifeforms they uphold. The living consciousenss is the female counterpart in the true worlds. All female creational systems always have a male counterpart, and in the worlds of this system, the core mother planet and her balancing parallel sister planet unfolded a son, or brother planet, being the receiving planet - the stellar planet of Tara - were all the creations of the core and parallel planets could grow and prosper.

The Taraian priesthood, the Adashi community of the created worlds, being trapped here is all fighting the digression or the infection, which in the end leads to electromagnetic dust (matter compound). This was the reason for all the battles in our galactic reality field, but since we have found a solution to healing the infection – time will bring it closer to our realms – the fighting over the remaining living light have stopped and we are working fast to spread the news, as well as I am doing here. We are truly facing new times.

Many of the old galactic races following their Adashi leaders were fighting to survive and figure out a way to reverse the fragmentation, and some of them have found peace in the idea of staying in the created worlds and never return to Gaia; you see Tara – the remaining stellar version of her, has now been integrated into lower Gaia. There is thus no Tara left other than in the created universes, where we hold the parts of the grid of Tara. There is not much left of the grid in the galactic Terra because the intruders have harvested it all, but we hold it being a part of this system. This is very important to grasp that whatever remains of Tara is now within humanity of Earth and similar systems imbedded or connected to galactic Terra.

Galactic Terra holds very little of the original manasic density-1 grid – she has been exploited here too by the intruding races and all there is left, is the sad areas of galactic Terra. Those areas are the ones we are trying to review and rebuild into becoming a platform that can receive and help humanity as they leave NET Earth or the part I from now on will call old Gaia.

Let me tell you a story from the old days: A long time ago, while galactic Terra was being divided into dimensions, a magnificent being from true Gaia came to galactic Terra, claiming the lower areas of galactic Terra to be hers. She wanted to evolve the lower areas and create a new area where life could prosper in the all forms, this dimensionality demanded. She had a vision and since galactic Terra at that point was not under the rules of the digressive intruder races – this happened much later – the huge being from Gaia; a goddess you might call her, came here to alter the areas into something beautiful. The other higher dimensional planets looked different; the humanities there were more interested in technologies, such as how to handle and grow the geometric light (the blueprint or templates) into a non-infected state, or how to alter the light-sound into vibrational patterns mending the fragmentation. They used the old type of plasma crystals and tried very hard to reverse the infection; all wanted to go home since they still were a part of the original true being of which some were left in the remaining part of Tara.

The magnificent being came here, altered her vibration and geometric properties to be able to go into the lower dimensions of galactic Terra and with her was a group of helpers finding her mission worth supporting. They all downsized their vibration, because coming into the created worlds normally happened into the worlds holding density and not dimensions. You see density is the true state of the created worlds, whereas dimensionality is a product of the infection when it starts to fragment the fields of geometric light and sound. The unified manifestation fields divides itself into minor planets and thus when you see or live in a field holding dimensions or planets, you know that this field is in the last stage of the infection. When the living light leaves and turns into a electro-chemical being, the stage of the infection is even worse.

Old Gaia (our Earth) then became the outpost for those old beings, trying to reverse the infection from the lowest point of galactic Terra. The other races, on the other planets, looked upon this experiment with awe and respect, knowing the toll those beings took to try to reverse the infection. The magnificent being, and her kin, the firstborn of what later became humanity of Earth, knew that the project probably was a one way ticket, but since they knew that they could always dissolve their created bodies, they did not take this as a bigger loss.

The female races of humanity, the firstborn to create in the lower areas of galactic Terra, were highly skilled scientist and knew from other planets how to reverse the infection and they progressed in full. Through the core of their being, they gave of their inner most valuable consciousness, lifting every little stone and crystal of the field into becoming a planet with a crust, holding all sorts of green lifeforms, water and seas, life and beings.

As the other planets, more correctly spheres or manifestation fields were left behind, the remaining area of galactic Terra prospered and grew. The firstborn humanity learned to live amongst their creations and took on the properties of the environment due to the peace and serenity old Gaia held. This was the golden age, and the one before the humanity we know. The firstborn races chose different versions of vessels to be in – in the beginning they all had preserved their geometric light body, being all symbols and light, vibrating with a unifying sound pattern holding them together (today sound spread the atoms, but the healing sound gather the atoms into geometric light; that is reversing the electro-chemical process seen in the molecules). The firstborns spread all over old Gaia creating different root races, holding specific knowledge connected to the vessels they had taken on. Some were connected to the seas, others to animals, yet others had energetic connection to all the trees, the green leafed vegetations and others were connected to the sky, the air, the fire, the ground and all the elements as we know them. Not as in old magical ideas, but as creational science, knowing how to work with, alter and transform the manasic geometry that was still being present in the dimensional bands of old Gaia.

The first root races combined their geometric manasic light with sound, creating heaven, earth, the stars, the sun (the disk hiding the core of galactic Terra), the birds, the animals, the land, the nature etc. and some created human forms to take on as a vessel, resembling the original Taraian form from the stellar realms of true Tara.

Some of the firstborn root races became the Nordics and this is the ones I am going to work with in the future. The point of the story is: When I ask of you to connect to your root race it is to go deep into your heart – after you have replaced the artificial chakrasystem and regained the geometric living light in you; you should see this as three major centre emanating radiation of light holding the most beautiful patterns of living light – each symbol resembles a tiny living being in the most beautiful vibrating form of light. When you connect to all the tiny living geometric symbols in each of the three major centre (Tan Tien, Heart, i.e. thymus and physical heart and brain) you feel the deepest joy and happiness. You radiate joy and happiness and this happiness holds all the tiny geometric bits together, making them want to be pulled into your magnetic core of joy.

From the three major centre timelines of light and sound are emanating, connecting you to all of the created worlds in full knowledge. You have to see yourself as those three centre, emanating living light and producing a sound, that gather and pull in the living light, sustain it and evolve it, and in each ray the living tiny geometric symbols dance in and out of the core, creating a dynamic pattern of inhaling and exhaling, pulling in more of the energies from the original created worlds. You enter your core consciousness template – placed in time and space as a faint memory of your true origin - and from here you remember how you projected yourself into the created worlds; the joy you felt, the need you felt for participating in this experiment and then you feel the empowerment of your true being connected to the true and first worlds. You are that being and on top of that you are a created being as well. Remember the joy and happiness the true consciousness gives you.
It is from this platform, I will continue to write and work. 

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