Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Terra-Gaia Network: Timelines and the Panergeia Project


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Timelines and the Panergeia Project

Tara as we know it is no more, the remains have been integrated into lower Gaia, but the receiving stations, the Panergeia Project, are still very much present in the timelines between galactic Terra and NET Earth. All information in the Panergeia Series still stands, and the methodology for the ones being able to transform their mind-field into the correct BPR, can still transform their present personality into the receiving stations where helpers are present to assist in the healing process etc. NET Earth is still divided into three major time zones, where the majority of humanity experiences the slowly integration of 5D galactic Terra into NET Earth, dissolving the frequency fence in 4D into a more open reality field holding general understanding of life outside Earth. 

Geological and climate changes are still a variable future and the alteration of society is still on the table. The Panergeia Project is aimed for the ones being present in this timeline – the 3D and 4D timeline of NET Earth – merging with 5D – and the future this evolutionary level holds. My Facebook page is there to discuss the changes, monitor them and put in the heads up for all changes in energy. You are the one to perform the daily cleansing, restoration and alteration of your general state of your bio-field, the mind-field and the energy system that will take you to the receiving stations. How you perceive the past, present and future is the way your BPR will align to the overall timelines.

The political and galactic set up, as described in this blog, still applies to the ones being on those timelines. The Terra-Gaia Network are for the ones having transformed their original galactic template into the ones fitting the timelines of galactic Terra and old Gaia and thus the information there will focus on the galactic levels of humanity as it was supposed to be – and not the way it is for the present. When I retrieve the old ways, I alter my past and this will affect my present, hence I alter my energetic set up, the DNA in me and this will lead me to another world view and understanding of things. In other worlds, I am preparing myself for my next incarnation in this life, by changing my perspective of things.

When I pull in those alternate timelines, I pull them into the collective consciousness as well and when you read my material you amplify them, integrate the energy, and make it common knowledge. We have to alter the old negative timelines and create new ones holding the galactic consciousness as the main source of being. From there we can start to re-integrate the true living consciousness.

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