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Terra Gaia Network: Evidence, conspiracy and 9/11 - Part 2

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Evidence, conspiracy and 9/11 - Part 2

Read part 1 first.

The first thing I was led to was the 9/11. I had seen videos of this back then and I do remember the event, but at that time I was not really clear enough to understand what was going on and a year ago I took up the lead again. At that time I focused mostly on the human losses, the emotional hardship and the grief I felt seeing the videos of the many trapped people. I saw the conspiracy trends on Youtube and I was very clear on the fact that something did not add up.
I took on the approach of the Inner Government and so forth and dived into the many videos on the Internet on weather modification, HAARP, chemtrails and as I list those subjects my neighbor is smoking a cigarette and I have to close my door to my balcony whilst thinking that the worst thing about the smoke – besides the smell – is the cadmium in the air particles it sends into my home and the first thought is: “Why do “they” put cadmium in cigarettes?” And I realized the stronghold the “they” have on my mind-set.
What seems to hinder us in getting hold of the truth of such events is the mental and emotional constructions those conspiracy theories nest in our mind. The fostered “they” and the “us” – the bad controlling whatever beings against “humanity” - because what is this construction and what does it do to us? And what does the emotional reaction of being victimized prevent us from seeing? The latter question being purely rhetorical, because naturally the more success an idea gets, the more you can be sure of that it holds different emotional implants and thought-forms leading the receiving human mind - having a need for, or holds similar energetic structure - into accordingly created matrices of information within the framework of lower Earth by either intent or accident. 
And what do I mean with this statement – by intent or accident? Actually; quite a lot of the “they” material is purely human in origin and stems from subconscious material.

Psychological and energetic evidence
Most collective blurry concepts of groups holding negative powers over us, or any form of higher beings holding some sort of positive or negative power over us, are mental and emotional constructions stemming from the energetic levels of the inner child hidden within our psyche on deeper subconscious levels; that is the sub-personality or remaining level of energies holding the psychological traits and mind-set we had in our childhood. Those energetic remains are not only the known and remembered memories, but also all the emotional and mental stuff we do notremember, and this part of our psyche can be activated very easily if only the correct emotional or mental buttons are pressed. 
The energetic information that our personality – the ego – have selected as safe and accepted material are present in our psyche as clear energetic memories and all the discarded or dangerous energetic material are usually only being presented to us in dreams or as unclear blurry information. Thus the energysystem from our childhood, mostly hidden by nature, and the energetic consciousness we had as children are still present as a subfield within our main energysystem or “aura”. Those are the first layers we encounter, when we start “to look inside” or do “spiritual work.”
As children we experience the fact that the world is a big place and that we are not able to really take care of ourselves. We were dependent on our caretakers, and other authorities, and as things are, most parents have their flaws and energetically distorted dynamics. The child is very sensitive and senses all energies; the energy that is seen, the expressed and the hidden energy within the individual and joint field of the caretakers and the dynamics in the home, created by the caretakers and their struggle with life as it plays out in various more or less severe forms. 
The impressions from all this bouncing around energy leaves many marks on the energysystem of the child, molds it and affects it on all levels, consciously and subconsciously creating the basic systems of intrinsic values and perceptions of reality amongst other things. When we go to school and other socializing mechanisms those intrinsic values and ideas are tested and outplayed amongst other people and similar interaction. Some of the hidden energies are molded and adapted to the outer reality, leaving some of the worst energetic traits from the family behind, and others are suppressed into an even deeper level, controlling us without our knowledge.

Thus much of the stress a child experiences stems from the untold and non-expressed, or suppressed, emotions of the caretakers, and other authorities we encounter, and the child sometimes acts out on those hidden dynamics or expresses them as illness, fever and stomach aches. Over time the injected and imprinted energy from the surroundings layers itself into the energy field of the child, forming the “aura” with thought-forms, emotional entities shaped from the emitted energy from caretakers, surroundings and similar outer effects and their internal more or less happy energetic exchanges, and it is this energetic garbage or imprints in the aura that forms and shapes our adult perception of reality. 
The more energetic garbage, emotional gestalts and mental thought-forms we are carrying in our aura, the more prone we are to project this into a sort of “they” – a shadow presence of some sort of beings controlling us; and they are. The household within the energy field surrounding us are literally controlling our worldview, what we see and perceive, as well as every time we make an emotional or mental judgment of things, those entities in our energy field are the ones operating the vehicle. Therefore the idea of free will truly is an illusion as long as the energy field around us stays uncleansed and non-recognized. 
In similar line of thought the ghosts of the past are projected into conspiracy theories or similar illusions of present evil in the world, nurturing the fear-hungering and emotional upheaval longing fright and angst entities of our childhood. Every time the environment in the home got unstable the child reacted with fear and over time such fears gathered and became energetic entities, literally dark shadow beings, and those entities are very strong within most energy fields of the ordinary human. Most blurry demons and other dark plasma beings are emotional entities from our subconscious mind (or as they were called in the old days; low astral entities).
Another reaction was to create helpers and guides to secure the perimeters of the child. Most of those beings start out as small emotional reactions from the child when it learns to comfort itself in times of unstable environmental energies in the home. The art of self-consoling and nurturing starts with a teddy or the preferred doll and as the child grows up more advanced and less seen methods are invented to soothe the child; different grownups and their kindness is internalized and so forth, creating an gestalt within the energy field which, when we start to work with our subconscious levels, as in “spiritual” energy work, pops up as guardians and angels etc.

The first layers of inner presence and beings are from our own energy field and we need to let go of this content, grow up and start to work conscious and deliberately with our energies, but before we know how to master this level thoroughly, we have to learn to discern the various forms our energysystem expresses itself. It can express itself through the emotional spectrum, as different types of mental thought-forms (ideologies, conceptions, paradigms of thought etc.), or as different forms of projections as in how we experience events, other people or things happening in the “world” and so forth. Our whole experience of the inner or outer world, as well as inner or outer human beings, is colored by our energy field and the order, or mess, it holds.
All in all: The more unspecific, blurry and collective the beings are, which we encounter on the inner planes, the more we are for sure entangled in our own energy field displaying the unseen and vague energetic dynamics from our childhood, the gestalts we created back then as a result of imagination, woven into all sorts of internalized imagery from books etc. The adult spiritual reasoning, explanations or ideology we put on those encounters are mostly made up by humans holding the same types of shadows in their energy field, not knowing what they really are and thus trying to explain what they see and experience in a less intelligent way creating “real living” beings, aliens or dark unspecific forces. We need to get past this in order to really grow in consciousness. 
True beings, both human and less human in form, are very specific and real when you encounter them in your mind. Real telepathic or energetic communication with humanities outside of Earth holds deep life-changing messages. None of the encounters are telling nurturing or consoling facts (not the ones I have encountered) or are in any way present there to soothe or stir up emotional energy.
Most of my encounters have revealed all my unfortunate sides, the shadows in me, the work I needed to do and they have had very little caring and patience for me as in the “me” operating the bio-vessel, i.e. the ego. All information and energy work has been aimed for the original being inside of the energetic mess and energy field of the bio-vessel. 
Along the way I invented caring and soothing entities to comfort my broken human heart – sensitive children like myself find this Earth and its humanity very brutal and most human energetic encounters leave some kind of negative or emotional imprint that needs to be healed – and along the way I stopped the need for comfort or expecting things from within that would prolong the illusion of the ego-related “spiritual realms” or anything that would keep the energetic level of the child within me and its needs alive. 
Quite a lot of the so-called spiritual seekers within all teachings are living out their inner child, whilst they relearn to master their energy field as well as the awakening right hemisphere of the brain within the illusions of fairy-tales and angelic realms, but only a very few work just as hard to get pass the infantile experiences and into a more adult and enduring discernment of reality. When the comforting and loving angels disappear and the evil within the surrounding energy field starts to show itself, most seekers back out or deny their shadows. They feel that they are being attacked and search for, or create, a teaching that fits this experience whether it may be demonology or alien visits in our dreams – and that is all right. We all need to go through those stages, as have I, in order to get to the next levels of our original consciousness.
Nothing I have ever seen or encountered on the inner planes – in few clear moments when I was not fighting my own creations - led to the New Age beliefs or the religious ideologies (and other teachings, which I will not mention by name), but the more I read of those teachings, one specifically, the more entities I encountered, as if my mind willingly created the described monsters and made me go even deeper into those teachings, following the energetic trail of “them” against “us”. 
Such teachings are NOT created to help us, but are solely created to feed the thought-forms or energetic matrices behind them, giving energy to the creator of the system by fear-induced ideologies generating a stronghold on the mind, as well as inducing a perception of them against us. Such systems offer emotional releasing energy work, but the more energy work that is done or symbols being imbedded into the energysystem of the seeker, the deeper into the energy matrix of the teaching the seeker goes until one day, the mere thought of leaving the system creates fear and anxiety. 
We see this with all false teachings; at first the paradigm and teaching offers explanations to all there is, and the next minute the separation from ordinary people as well as the true inner guidance sets in, claiming that whatever the student feels or sees has to fit the program or the mainstream of thought. The teaching and the details of it are induced and copied as the real truth creating copy-cats and parrot participants who eagerly share their knowledge on the Internet and elsewhere using the induced concepts and ideas.

Only one perspective is correct, and this is the one offered by the teachings and the now arisen sole leader of the group, which very fast rise into status of being the true admitter of divine energy whether it may be as a guru, a priest or a mediator between the group of followers and the higher realms of truth. On top of this the beings on the higher planes are always right and do always have the best intentions at heart in all they do, being the emissaries of the highest divine principle, so the herd can follow the leaders without questioning. 

All evil are something imposed on the group from the outside, or stems from dark forces trying to stop the truth from growing and changing the selected few into becoming divine humans holding the true divine consciousness whilst all in all those infantile ideas are feeding the grandiosity and imaginary magical thought-patterns and longings of the inner child, driving the undeveloped energy field into more illusionary levels of consciousness. Any questioners are quickly shunned from the flock because only the leader holds the answers and the true empowerment of individual thought and evolving consciousness are lost along the way. 

False teachings always hold many lower entities, because as we saw in the dynamics of the home, the same un-seen, not confronted and suppressed emotional (astral) baggage from the practitioners are quickly gathered into a subfield holding the not allowed emotional and mental energies. The group mind is suppressing the same energies as the leaders or creators of the teachings and this is sub-consciously emitted into the followers generating the same type of suppression in them. In other words; the shadow of the leader, the teachings, the healings and the hidden energetic shadows from the participants grow into energetic gestalts or entities containing all the not confronted energetic waste such groups always create.

E.g. the demons of Christianity are the shadows stemming from the followers which have denied their own darkness and along the way the hidden entities have left the individual participants and attached themselves to the matrix of the group and the teachings, as well as their leaders, because this energy field gave more sustenance than the individual being.
When adapting to all false teachings, the newcomers are quickly inserted into the matrix with all its shadows, thought-forms and hidden energetic gestalts and what was not there beforehand suddenly becomes a reality displaying inner adversaries, helping forces or alliances. Whatever darkness any community is fighting are entirely the results of suppressed energetic garbage created over time as well as visiting entities from other reality fields finding this specific type of matrix interesting to explore or sustain.

Thus the growing darkness within a matrix, or system of thought and emotional energy, attracts different types of creatures and they hook themselves onto the believers or the followers, whilst the energy of the system reinforces both the darkness in the matrix and in the individuals clinging to the system they swear their allegiance to.
All leaders of any group not being aware of their own shadows and whatever they carry along with them, will one day face the gigantic monster they have created and nurtured within a paradigm, that be scientific, religious or other systems of thought attracting followers and creating meaning for the participants, and it is mostly these shadows in the system we experience as “them”, i.e. the dark forces behind leading parties, politicians etc. except from the real dark "souls" or original galactic human consciousness which are very real indeed, but contrary to the dark forces expressing themselves as a collective and blurry "they", real dark consciousness expresses itself as a very clear and intelligent human type of consciousness and never as a collective unless this special type of dark being has become a collective master mind. And there are real dark consciousness within our leaders and governments.
When I first met real dark beings, it was not the dark blurry sort of astral plasma beings; they had quite a lot to say and always left my energy field depleted for days.
My own entities stirred up emotional feelings, but the encounters with the “real” aliens were nothing like any description I had got from the present teachings. And one thing I learned was that every time I was on the fringe of getting into some kind of inner truth that would bring me closer to my original being, the diversion and misinformation from those real beings – some in shapes of light, others in additional forms of disguise – grew accordingly leading me astray over and over again. Getting back on track is the hardest thing and I am still struggling with it every day to keep my mind focused and on track. The whole energy system of Earth is coded into divert the human mind, whether it be into emotional, mental or physical distraction.  And the first true question to be asked is: “Why is that?”
When I met my own group all I was met with was hardworking, loyal, intelligent and caring in their own way – as in believing in me, that I am able to transform and evolve – and this energy is the most empowering of all. Not “love” or soothing words of my significance, my endeavors or my “mission” in this world, but the constant nudge of moving forward, learn, understand, see things as they are, grow energetically and stay in the cleanest energy I am able to manifest at all times. They are in no way or in any means nurturing my inner child or my ego.
When this is said, then there is the problem of the real “them”, because naturally there are forces present on Earth holding diverse agendas. I have been through the alien agenda teachings and their presence is a stated fact, but the details, the effects, the evidence and the tales on the Internet are not proof of the “truth”. Most of what has been put there are reminiscences of projected emotional human baggage distorting the picture quite a bit and whist humanity and the ones that could find out the truth are all covered up in their own projected fears and emotional baggage from group or hive minds of politicians, religious leaders, New Age gurus and other similar main holders of the so-called correct mental and emotional paradigms, the true alien forces work in mysterious ways.
And before we are clear of our emotional baggage we are easily being manipulated into the false informational framework. The enemy is not “them”, but “us”. We are our own worst enemy, when we do not take care of our energy system, when we think that all bad energies are dissolved by “willing” it, using mantras or other false ideas of how to get rid of the entities in our energy field, because besides the emotional gestalts and the mental thought-forms, the field holds implants (high-tech), racial DNA connected consciousness from more than one alien being, fragments of previous human energy fields, so-called devas and other “spiritual” beings (most of them are remains from other manifestation fields not being able to leave the energy system of Earth) etc. and we have a long way ahead of us in learning to administer all levels of energy in and around us.

Then what about 9/11?
Well. I cannot tell you who did it, or why it was done, but the evidence strongly suggests that some sort of supersonic weapon was used altering the chemical structure of the two towers and all that was in them. This weapon could be of human origin or of other similar origin, or it might have been used for other unknown reasons. For now I cannot assume any reason or explanation, just register the evidence and store it for further use later in my survey of the remains of Earth.

Prelude to the forensics of the remaining Earth - Part 1

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