Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Terra-Gaia Network: Investigation of what galactic ascension really is – Part 1


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Investigation of what galactic ascension really is – Part 1

Well this is not going to be the easiest task I have committed myself to and for many reasons. What I write is based upon what I see and what I am able to discern out of the mixed layers of true and distorted information, always in progress and always asking deeper into what I understand. This post is mostly based upon the past of holographic Earth, but it is vital information for us in the process of altering our bodies and psyche, because in spite of the changing energies in the hologram, creating openings and galactic influx into the hologram altering it (I see it like spheres of galactic energy lighting up like bubbles of energy), our bodies and psyches are still based upon the old science of humanity – for now.
You already have learned how words are symbols and that words are keys to enter specific energy fields or thought patterns in the collective consciousness field, which you also have learned is the 4thartificial dimensional band in holographic Earth. The reason why I use and invent new terms and try to figure it all out by myself is to bypass the holographic thought pattern programming and to drill my mind into the old layers of the hologram holding some of the original truths, because the hologram is – in spite of its electromagnetic structure – built into the original 1stand 2nd dimensional band of density-1 galactic Terra and thus it still holds all the old information laid into the grid by the original galactic humanities of Terra. It is not only the racial DNA which is activated in the human energy system; it is the energies in the grid of galactic Terra as well. 
The high energy frequencies from the core of galactic Terra – our Sun – are working on the deepest layers of our being and therefore the changes happen inside and out. The cells are literally being ignited from the inside through the emitting original density-1 layers in every cell growing in intensity, altering our consciousness and memories slowly but surely. Albeit the ignition happens automatically due to the pull of the stellar activation cycle and is enhanced by the awakening grid of galactic Terra, we have to partake in the process. Therefore if we are to work consciously with the process, we have to know how we are constructed.

First we have to understand that the manasic geometric energies in the grid are only united with our remaining density-1 structure and changed into galactic consciousness when we work with them. Alteration and expansion of the density-1 layers only happens if we make conscious use of the manasic energies, i.e. work to integrate the knowledge of the grid into the deepest layers of our consciousness in order to activate the original CUs of galactic Terra in us. We need to be able to catch the remnant echo of the original teachings and make it grow in us if we want to proceed into galactic Terra, or any other similar density-1 system, after death and at the same time we have to fight and alter the artificial layers of our outer and inner being. All in all we have to work on three levels; the body, the psyche and the original galactic consciousness. I will focus on how to do this from the August newsletter and ahead, starting from scratch. 
The 4th dimensional layer of collective emotional-mental energy fields is a mixture of pre-inserted, by the controlling digressive races, thought patterns based upon the frequencies of the emotional-mental energy levels in the human energy system. Thus the 4thdimensional layer of the hologram holds specific informational patterns which the seeker of higher truths – when activating the 4th chakra – accesses and downloads into the right hemisphere of the brain thinking “wow I really got some deep intuitive insights” and all the seeker is experiencing, restricted by the always active chakrasystem, is another illusion and imaginative layer created to prevent the real memories to show up. 
On top of this the 4th dimensional layer expands according to all the emotional-mental information (beliefsystems) and illusions (ideas of reality, self-understanding, interaction patterns and goals) humanity have created by themselves and manifested in their auras as a reflection of their psychological structure. From this level of the human energy system the content of the aura is integrated into the collective consciousness field using the mechanisms of interference connecting similar thought patterns with other similar patterns and as such the collective emotional-mental energy fields are a mixture of many energy patterns; some more true than others. 
It should be clear by now that if we hold beliefs which create constructive interference with similar patterns in the collective emotional-mental energy fields in the 4th dimensional band, we will enhance those energy patterns and if we by chance are able to avoid the existing patterns, we can create new patterns for others to follow, or if we really put our will into it – but it takes more than one person – can use the interference mechanisms to minimize the existing energies there.
Interference patterns from the emission of our auras are an important subject we in the future hopefully will learn to administer much better than we do now, because any reality field molds after the emission of the dimensional patterns in the field itself and the humanity evolving though it. What we can do for now is to minimize the content in our auras by solving the psychological enigmas in us and by understanding how and what we are on all levels, control and dissolving the energetic patterns in our auras and in this way stop being a part of the collective emotional-mental energy fields.
The 4th dimensional band is mostly controlled by the Serpent brotherhoods or races and similar groups, i.e. galactic human in origin, which are the ones preferring to use mind-altering techniques whereas e.g. the Draconians and similar groups, i.e. reptilian in origin, prefer to use racial DNA to alter the reality-perception of the human brain and body in the first three dimensions of the hologram. The latter factions mostly operate in the lower emotional-mental energy areas of the collective consciousness fields and are very active in the areas of science and rational thinking, cf. the left hemisphere. Their overall goal with the human guinea pig is to alter the human body, its racial DNA, to be able to foster new bio-vessels they can take on in their domains of the galactic worlds, when they leave holographic Earth as agreed in the waves of 2017, 2022, 2033 and 2047.
Many of the reptilian races are primarily scientific in structure and those races operate in worlds where the manifestation fields are very different from our Galactic Worlds. Just like in the rest of the Galactic Worlds, some of the reptilian races are more infected than others and some are thus on the brink of extinction just like our version of humanity would have been, if not the stellar activation cycle and the common goal of the Galactic Worlds were to rescue such worlds like holographic Earth. There are many colonies “out there” where different galactic humanities are captured and used as experimental objects by those who are in much worse condition. Holographic Earth is a prison like many other similar holographic electromagnetic worlds where digressive races try to figure out how to solve the extinction protocol as a result of the infection. The Galactic Worlds have an intrinsic or inbuilt extinction protocol when the humanities or other forms of races becomes too low vibrant and too infected, i.e. too fragmented and hold to high levels of dimensional bio-chemical material. In our holographic prison the bio-chemical compounds are electromagnetic in nature, but in other universes holographic prisons are made out of other variations of the original density structure of the living light, sound and geometry. 
Our holographic Earth, with is different properties and features, are a direct invention of the draconian races, combined with science from other highly intelligent reptilian races and is based upon spintronics. This type of science is now starting to become a part of the human mind-set due to the overall program of “disclosure” of the 5th dimensional layer of Earth. The goal is to infuse the reptilian races and their level of intelligence and the art of science they are able to perform into a humanlike structure; in this way the transhuman and artificial construction of the future bio-vessel will not seem farfetched when it finally becomes the standard human bio-vessel in the hologram. 
Into this highly scientific geared and primarily synthetic biological entity using e.g. spintronics and other similar types of highly developed technologies on a daily basis, the reptilian and draconian races are finally able to insert their racial DNA creating a whole new cross-bread between the typical reptilian and draconian appearance and the human prototype. At that point, in the future, they will take their part of the hologram with them, i.e. the many results of the experiments performed here, the structure of artificial worlds, the perfect hominoid-reptilian bio-vessel to insert into this structure and the overall coding of how to create such worlds. The artificial crystalline consciousness units (ACCUs) which are more of less perfected, are now being made as the last level of their experiments making Earth a done deal for them. As soon as the ACCUs are in place in the bio-engineered body structure, they are good to go and will do so. All in all the chakrasystem is really not their “thing”, but has been helpful in the work with developing the correct type of racial DNA to the artificial bio-structure and the ACCUs of their future evolutions. 
The higher ranked reptilian races in the artificial 5th band of holographic Earth - mostly using a high-technological variation of quantum mechanical tunneling (read and see the video to understand what this really is; it has nothing to do with “portals” as an Einstein-Rosen bridge, i.e. a wormhole in time and space, but all to do with permeating perimeters of reality fields by the use of consciousness in and out of different states of matter) from here and into their own reality fields in other parts of the Galactic Worlds - are not really present within the hologram themselves, but have created a hominoid archetypical program which is connected to a specific type of their DNA-strands. This consciousness program is working just fine through the chakra system, creating humanlike minds in the chosen lineages to carry out their agenda within the hologram in all sorts of political, scientific and other levels of leading or trendsetting areas of society where high-tech science and money are a part of the prominent agenda.
The Serpent brotherhoods and races (the SRs) are more interested in the religious, spiritual and psychological parts of the artificial human energy system, i.e. the psyche or chakra system, and as such the human bio-system is divided into two parts; one operating and primarily functioning within the outer areas of the hologram satisfying the reptilian agenda in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimension (all three together are a sad expression of the original density-1 level of the Galactic Worlds, still holding some degree of the original density structure, i.e. the manasic geometric energies) as well as the artificial 5th level of the hologram, which correspond to the 3rd level of the Galactic Worlds. 
The inner part of the human bio-vessel – the one that belongs to the Serpent brotherhoods and their allies of different spiritual versions of the Alumbrados– have primarily the goal to blend the upper levels of the chakra system with the low-vibrating and very fragmented original density-1 areas of the Galactic Worlds. The 1st dimension of the hologram is the chemical layer, the 2nd dimension layer is the electromagnetic and the 3rd layer is in itself the matrix or hologram which arises out of the former two and the overall programs being infused from the 4th and 5th level of the hologram.
The Serpent races (the SRs) have different objectives in mind, due to their primarily evolutions based upon originally density-2 humanities, but primarily - within the hologram – the SRs (there are many different types being involved here) have, along with their reptilian alliances, a huge interest in battling the infection. Just like the rest of the Galactic Worlds have, but the means and the methods are very different from the experiments running in all Earth-like holograms and the other areas belonging to the original Galactic Worlds and their communities. One could say that the prison-like experiments have been created by the most infected races and the less infected are working within the rules of respect for all living lifeforms holding consciousness units, because those races still remember who and what they are, and where they came from; the True Worlds, which make us all brothers and sisters. 
Many of the reptilian races have been fostered or generated within density-1 systems and thus are not interested in higher thought or other types of consciousness; the reptilians primarily work with what can be dealt with, managed, altered and merged into something new. We see this in creational myths where humanity are built out of clay, sand or earth being primarily carnal or of physical matter, i.e. Yahweh the great draconian in the Old Testament, whereas the SRs are depictured in creational myths using immaterial powers, such as the word or spirit to create the human “soul”, i.e. the Elohims of the first creational myth in the Old Testament. 
Broadly speaking we find this overall dual pattern – along with merged variations - within all creational myths of the world ranging from creator gods and their matter-humans to name a few the Incas, the Mayans, the Africans and the Celtic gods holding blood and sacrifice as one of their traits as well as the other version of the human race being created in the spiritual likeness of the gods within all types of Indo-European cultures and the like, fostering the SRs agenda of developing the “soul” or inner human, where the prime idea has to do with some sort of sin, karma, fall, and sacrifice as in an ethic or moral sense etc. The blood religions (symbol for the racial DNA) are based upon the reptilian agenda and the soul religions (symbol for the inner energy system) on the SRs both instigated to satisfy the main purpose of the human project.
Those two main factions – with all their sub allies – have been either battling or co-working on the human project for eons, having their different agenda or directive within the overall program. In the end the reptilian construction of the human vessel proved to be more effective than the mere “angelic” or light based structure which the SRs used in the beginning, trying to get out of the growing dimensional grid of galactic Terra – the then digressing density-1 – and back into the evolutionary paths in density-2 areas of the Galactic Worlds. 
The invitation of such beings as the draconian Yahweh and the reptilians came as a result of the more and more fragmented form of the light based structure in the digressing density-1 levels of Galactic Terra and in the end, a prison was established to solve the problems of both factions. The reptilian races did not mind and the SRs were at this point so infected that survival triumphed over galactic rules and respect for all living lifeforms. 
The SRs are also what I call the Avatar brotherhoods, because those beings are the highest ranked of the SRs present in the 5th dimension and as the reptilians, they are free to go to other parts of the Galactic Worlds, creating many new alliances and programs to solve their problems. 
Thus the SRs are the inventors of all spiritual teachings across all cultures and countries in the world, from the brāhmaa religious systems to the Greek or Hellenistic systems of thought, to the New Age systems, including the modern version of the Christ consciousness. All teachings from the SRs hold the ideology of a soul, a supreme self or different level of consciousness growing through matrix-like systems or group-minds, i.e. the Court or Councils of the Elohims. Their teachings in all forms are constructed with the purpose of clearing and altering the infected density-2 layer of the galactic consciousness, or the level of living sound, and freeing it from the dimensionality of the digressed worlds, creating various types of beliefs in the duality of mind and body. And it is into this challenge that the chakra system belongs as the main method to solve the infection for the SRs or infected Avatar brotherhoods, the original galactic humans from the infected density-2 areas of the Galactic Worlds, mostly from galactic Terra after the exclusion from Tara, but also from other worlds cooperating with the fallen priesthoods of Tara. 
As already hinted the reptilian systems are devoted to one god, one world order, pyramid-like or hierarchical systems of power with one main being on the top, cf. Yahweh the great draconian and their main objective is the density-1 level or the geometric manasic energies.
Thus when the talk is about ascension, we have to understand the twofold division of the human body, as being a guinea pig for two main factions; one focusing on the density-1 structure (the physics of reality and the science behind the electromagnetic bio-chemical body) and the other on the density-2 level (not very highly activated nowadays); the areas of the human consciousness that goes into the 4th and 5th dimension of the human psyche. 
Both factions have their own goal in mind in each human body, and we need to figure this out before we even can begin to talk about altering the body or transforming the psyche, because whatever we think is correct teaching correlating to respectively the body or the psyche, is for sure distorted and only holds parts of the true and original galactic conscious evolution, i.e. the way the original CUs evolve in density-1, density-2 and density-3 systems of the Galactic Worlds. 
All teachings becoming a part of larger groups has for sure been modulated into the controlling systems of the hologram, making sure nothing really gives us the capacity to free ourselves. Therefore all contemporary teachings as well as the old ones – this cycle have been postponed until project human was ready - have been instigated to make us follow the pull of the SAC; not from the freeing factions but from the prison-holders, the SRs and the reptilians themselves, because it is not just on holographic Earth that the energies are changing, but all over the Galactic Worlds due to the pull from the uplifting in the True Worlds. 
Luckily for us the same SAC have given the freeing communities the option to reach us. To really follow the SAC the activation of the different layers of the racial DNA had to be allowed and in this various levels of galactic information passed through the controlling mechanisms of the hologram along with a massive effort from freedom forces using all means of telepathic communication and similar methods.

I can only talk on my own behalf but I know for sure that my team was in the beginning forced to work with the activated racial reptilian DNA, which made me prone to specific teachings and less human-friendly feelings and ideologies arising from within. Later on as I gained control over my body, mostly by altering what I ate and drank, but also from aided meditation, self-healing and instructions from my team. They also used direct interference in my aura, being visible and tangible on a higher frequency, where they inserted helping consciousness fields and other types of galactic technology to make me aware of how to work my way through and around the reptilian racial DNA and the consciousness it awakens following the SAC.
I changed the low vibrating grip of my psyche and was thus able to start to work with releasing the grip of the chakra system and the connection to the 4th layer of our prison. 
It is from this premise that my investigation begins and my journey into putting together my experiences and what my team has shown me, into a system of thought which holds high levels of consistency for me, because a united consciousness field is the main source to activate the CUs behind the chakra system, the racial DNA and the false 4th and 5thareas of holographic Earth – all being very strongly activated by the racial DNA and the so-called spiritual teachings circulating in different human groups of seekers. But all in all the merging with the higher levels of the hologram, where the real consciousness is stronger, also allows us to grasp and to catch the stellar activation cycle, if we can bend the perimeters and the safety mechanisms of the distorted holographic teachings and work our way through or around those to be able to receive the original teachings and means to get out, from the inside and from the aiding forces of the free Galactic Worlds.

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