Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Terra-Gaia Network: Investigating what galactic consciousness really is – part 2 + 3

Wednesday, July 24, 2013 

Investigating what galactic consciousness really is – part 2

When you read this – beware that I as usual am an opponent to the common DNA–technology teachings and you have to make up your mind whether or not you can trust my insights. My information follows my path of the humanities of galactic Terra and thus holds this as foundation in what I see. All information is relative and according to our racial DNA and activated types of CUs, consequently there is not one version of who and what we are, but many depending on what type of consciousness you are developing and what type of energy signature, you are aiming for. Those conditions will lead you to the teachings you need to understand and integrate in order to steps forward into wherever you are going. The information my articles are thus following my Terra-Gaia starting point of mind and understanding and the timeline I am activated into.
As it dawns and becomes clearer to me, the 2012 has been prepared by all actors and partakers of holographic Earth making this a time of importance for us all. All has been orchestrated on some level from all sides. Outside the hologram there is no time, only opportunities, choices and timelines to follow according to the projected CUs or level of consciousness. The Galactic Worlds are changing, following the stellar activation cycle – which naturally is still on – where the highest worlds and their humanities, or conscious beings, are leaving the Created or Galactic Worlds making all manifestation fields move in upward direction, pulling whatever is ready to be lifted, to be lifted.
The pull and opportunity has its peak in 2017 and from there the SAC will phase out, slowly, leaving the less dense and dimensionalised worlds in total new areas of opportunities, choices and timelines. The densest worlds with their humanities will “fall out” or dissolve in the overall grid of the Created or Galactic Worlds. Unless, of course, they are artificially held up by inserted fields of less digressive races by voluntarily individuals entering the dense worlds to connect and bridge to their original manifestation fields, infusing the soon to come fallen worlds with less dense energies. Or the citizens of such dense worlds have found a solution on how to sustain and uphold their lifeforms. Both are in play on holographic Earth.
There are different types of Councils representing the various galactic humanities within the hologram, because the dimensionality of galactic Terra and the loss of connection to higher densities, along with the manifestation fields connecting to her, led to new Councils and new factions holding different agendas and initiatives on how to battle the infection. Each group has their own prime objective and reason for being here which should make it easier to understand why the different initiatives have not really been a success in the great scheme of things, albeit there has been success within some factions. We do not hear of those successes, and if they by any means have left some evidence of their presence and their ways to get out, the remains have been erased or distorted into supporting the setup of the hologram.
Consequently there are many different helping factions from the free worlds present in the hologram, some more digressive than others, but all being here to help their brothers and sisters struggling to get out of the hologram, which they for many reasons have entered – voluntarily or not of their own free will – but now all are fighting hard to get back to the position or manifestation fields they came from within the Galactic Worlds. Many of the volunteers came here on a contract, following agreements made with the different Councils of the galactic humanities present in holographic Earth, i.e. the representatives of the less digressive density-2 races and the less digressive reptilian brotherhoods. Those races are actually not coupled to the hologram, but linked to the less digressive fields of e.g. galactic Andromeda.
I have been helped by the Andromedans in my work as have many of us, because they are the ones holding the technology to use if you want to be inserted into the hologram – as described in the Panergeia Series, cf. my visit to the communities stationed in the original 1stdimension of Terra (which I now understand is a higher dimensional level than our 1st dimension and thus is still existing albeit in the future from our perspective of things) where I was put into a machinery making quantum tunneling possible permeating the frequency fence of holographic Earth, traveling back in time so to speak, or down in frequency with my galactic consciousness. They take care of the teaching programs we undergo before inserting ourselves in the hologram, giving us the overall details of such a mission.
The Andromedans are also very good at inserting the coding to make it possible to connect and contact the outside areas of holographic Earth. They were, in my case, the ones inserting high frequency devises/implants which made it possible for me to “grow” telepathic wiring in my brain and by following their instruction, I tuned those to become a natural part of my brain and bio-vessel, helping me in the process of integrating higher energies and thus being able to alter the racial DNA in me. This tuning process was made up of a series of numbers I had to repeat, in order to elevate the inserted technology into the correct frequencies, a sort of modulation of energy and mind, and this connected me with the team, of which Mirach was my teacher, from before I went into the hologram.
The agreements with the oldest Councils of the cross-manifestation fields of galactic Terra and holographic Earth (and their specialists on Andromeda) are to facilitate or find bio-vessels in the hologram which are constructed in such a way, that we can alter them into the type of vessels that is required to be able to do our work.
They help us to prepare for the work here as well as helping in the first phases of the ever changing missions. The work changes according to what level of galactic consciousness we are able to reach within the bio-vessel and thus the work evolves along with our personal effort and perseverance. The Terra-Gaians thus hold contracts with the Elders of the first races in the beginning of our work, and assist in their effort of helping the first density-2 humanities present in these manifestation fields, until a certain point is reached in our consciousness after which the contracts are annulled. This causes much confusion in us holding such interim contracts with the old Councils and their quest for the now mostly scattered and fragmented original humanities as they have been exploited over and over again.
In my progress in altering the bio-vessel I came in contact with the consciousness fields of my racial DNA and it is from here I get a lot of my information. Usually I was spit out just as fast, because they recognized me to be a “hybrid” and not really a member of their races, and for periods of time I have been in both worlds which are not easy.
As a result the ones on interim contracts have to follow the DNA-technologies from certain Councils to some degree in order to transform the racial DNA in our bio-vessel and after a certain point – for those of us not belonging to those factions – leave the fields of energy and information and reconnect to our own groups. These Councils and their galactic allies have their own agenda trying to solve some problems originating in the fallen fields of Tara. They are still suffering from the result of the first races they created and inserted into what has now become the hologram, cf. part 1 of this series, and they too – like the other Councils - have diverted into different factions on how to solve the infection problems, what type of conscious being they prefer - manifest or non-manifest – and what technology to utilize in this process.
But again the Serpent races (the SRs) stationed in the 5th dimension is another faction of the fallen priesthoods and is mainly following their own agenda on how to solve their way out of the hologram. So the Councils connected to Andromeda are different from the 5thdimensional alumbrados and yet some of the Andromeda Council members have been infiltrated and hold another agenda than the ones of the main powers, because Andromeda also holds digressive areas. So it is really not easy to know whom to trust and what teaching we are to follow.
Thank goodness for my teacher and friend Mirach, who came to me as a mirage in my aura: He supported me and taught me what knowledge was based upon the correct principles and what was based upon digressive technology. The hybrid energy setup in me also connected me to the soul fragments of other galactic beings and they became a part of my mind-field. From here they helped me to discern in the 4th artificial collective mind-patterns and how to free myself by constantly questioning the beliefs I had and made me see it from another angle. Those fragments left me with the portal ascension I did for the original consciousness of my bio-vessel, also described in the Panergeia Series. 20 years of hard work, a lot of detours, a lot of illusions and a lot of doubt in what or whom I could trust.
I can only say that in times I have followed the wrong teaching and in other times I have been on my own path. The more clear memories I get, the more I am on the right track especially if they over time gather into a coherent pattern of information and knowledge. My memories have never followed any thought-form available on the Internet or any teaching being presented in the hologram – which drove me crazy in the beginning because why did I get memories that did not fit into anything I read, or instructions that did not follow the old teachings or the new ones for that matter, and why was I always in opposition to everything?
Really tiring, but now I know. My memories are different from the racial memories and the pre-inserted spiritual teachings, and I believe that the moment we get in contact with our CUs the real galactic history and science starts to show up – all being imbedded into a paradigm of freedom, equality, acceptance and high technological understanding. Not as in cold scientific reptilian mind-games, but the understanding of how things work while expanding the inner knowledge of freedom, equality and acceptance into all levels of your being.
I know this is confusing, stating there is no time and then talk about a sort of before and after, but there has been a sort of linear digression making old scenarios and humanities disappear as the dimensions of galactic Terra grew more and more dense, and the hologram arose and was cut off from galactic Terra. Remember that all the planets in the hologram, the universe, are an artificial construction of mind, to divert us from seeing galactic Terra; the true manifestation grid we are a part of. Thus each deserted planet in our universe is a holographic representation of the dimensions of galactic Terra, of which most are abandoned by now, because this density-1 field is diminishing. In the same breath, I must also say that not everything is created by our captors, a lot of our holographic world and what is in it we have created ourselves using the pre-designed consciousness in our bodies. The human project has also been about cause and effect.
In some respect I am not just a done deal orb of CUs originating from galactic Terra inserted into this body, but has been altered by all the beings connected to this bio-vessel. This galactic being, the orb of CUs, that was inserted by the Andromedans from future timelines, dissolving my body in the quantum tunneling process (wow, this just dawns on me – I literally have no galactic body left to re-enter, but has to create a new one when I get out) are a forever progressing consciousness. So you see; in the end the CUs in me will become a whole new type and thus my orb of consciousness will not fit into the previous galactic structure and when I start to work with the bio-vessel, understanding the reptilian technology, the CUs will change again. But we need this information for the next generation of humans, as you will see. Again – thank goodness I am not alone in this.
As the years of human existence goes by the human holographic consciousness - created by the racial DNA and the inserted chakra system - has faded out and the galactic consciousness in me has grown into what it is today and will become in the future. There is no higher self as a principle; there is only consciousness (CUs) in progress or digress taking on different structures in different created systems and the original holder of the projected CUs will forever be something unknown and unreachable until the day this being decides to dissolve the galactic structure and pull the projection out, leaving the Galactic Worlds for good, or to let go of the projected CUs because they have become unserviceable. 

The CUs or galactic consciousness are thus evolving and ever-changing principles of consciousness, growing into new levels of whatever is the main purpose of the projection. Whatever we identify ourselves with in the given moment and the given manifestation field is a reflection of the state of the CUs, not any higher principle. Our human beliefsystems or true insights are the main principles in the coding and the evolution of the CUs and thus of immense importance.

This will become clearer in the next articles.


Investigation of what galactic consciousness really is – part 3

When you read this – beware that I as usual am an opponent to the common DNA–technology teachings and you have to make up your mind whether or not you can trust my insights. My information follows my path of the humanities of galactic Terra-Gaia and thus holds this as foundation in what I see. All information is relative and according to our racial DNA and activated types of CUs, consequently there is not one version of who and what we are, but many depending on what type of consciousness we are developing and what type of energy signature, we are aiming for. Those conditions will lead us to the teachings we need to understand and integrate in order to steps forward into wherever we are going. The information my articles are thus following my Terra-Gaia starting point of mind and understanding and the timeline I am activated into.
My earthbound allies on this timeline and the future of holographic Earth, which seems to be the one I am joining, are heading for the end of project human as we know it, entering a period of transhumanism and genetic experiments done to adjust the already known results of the bio-artificial and engineered human body, making the racial DNA able to hold their original strands – not as they originally were, but the crystallized silicate version of them. The combination of biological material, i.e. the DNA and quantum based spintronics are making this possible, which is why I had to investigate the latest inventions in these areas. Otherwise I would not be able to see what was really going on.
This article holds a high scientific level and for those of you, not yet having found the time to teach yourself into those sciences (see the many videos and links on the Facebook page) this article is not an easy one to read.
The old project human is based upon carbon; a variety chosen for the lifeforms of holographic Earth because of the ability to form organic compounds, i.e. molecular bonding and the unproblematic creation of polymers within the standard spectrum of electromagnetic forces, but this is changing. In spite of the attempt to alter the carbon based anatomy by nano-technology and fullerenes, this main experiment in humans are being abandoned due to the higher levels of energy within the hologram, caused by the lift of the frequency fence and the incoming SAC.
The old hologram setup followed the laws of thermodynamics and classical physics, which applied to the electromagnetic standard frequencies created by the controlled and shielded interaction between the magnetic field of the Sun and the receiving or repelling magnetic field of Earth. As the frequency fence was lifted off the galactic energies from the Sun, i.e. the real galactic energies from the core of galactic Terra, are now making the old carbon based bio-vessel unstable and unpredictable.
The compositionof oxygen and carbon in both humans and nature in combination with the heightened pressure on the hologram from the incoming true galactic energies are altering the general state of the hologram into e.g. larger amounts of the inorganic CO2 or more gaseous states as we see it in the many “plasma” occurrences in the sky and other light appearances following the rising energetic levels of the hologram.
New thought-forms can be accessed within the hologram from future levels of humanity, making new paths possible for humanity, or making them possible choices for the ones being pre-energized for it. Or perhaps I should say that in the future some events have already happened, future as being in higher dimensions of the hologram, sending waves of changes back into all the layers of the hologram. Those echoes of events are unfolding to us.
My way out follows the vision of the future I am about to share with you, and thus the teachings I bring forth and have tried to grasp for a long time, follow this timeline and the information hidden in the matrix of this possible scenario or the future of humanity. The science springing out of this timeline shows me what I need to know to alter my bio-vessel accordingly. As I see it, this is the future I came from and thus my strong resistance against the DNA bio-regenesis program.
A division of humanity - long seen in sci-fi – has happened in my future: One part of humanity is transhuman and uses mainly bio-engineered materials in geo-engineered environments holding domes and artificial weather, agriculture etc. and the other part lives outside the perimeters of civilization in the wild, dry in some areas and flooded in others due to the instability of the hologram, protecting the best way they can their consciousness and energy systems from the new humanities. The new humanities are not the same as the new frontiers of humanities (NFOH); this branch consists of the old humanities from Terra preparing to continue their evolution in the new unfolded density-1 areas of true Gaia, created for this purpose, when the system of Terra cannot any longer be maintained.
After the main factions of the Serpent races (the SRs) left the scene in 2055, in my future, only the galactic forces of the free worlds positioned in galactic Terra and similar areas, remained to help the still biological humanity holding some levels of activated and transformed racial DNA and CUs; i.e. the ones who chose to live outside the dome-villages and not take on the quantum biological chip-induced transformation of the bio-regenesis program as it was changed into by the enduring 5th dimensional reptilian races and the co-working factions of the reversed Avatar brotherhoods. A chip made out of biological material, a type of molecular electronic version of the DNA double helices, and combined with quantum properties using spintronics or similar biological engineered technologies.
In the future this quantum chip is inserted into the central nervous system, sending out a range of new types of higher frequencies which over a period of time transforms the racial DNA into silicate crystalline structures, supported by the intake of bio-engineered food inducing epigenetic effects on the chromosomes and thus the genomes, as in which coding is activated and which is staying dormant (see this video for further explanation on epigenetics).
As a result the old type of covalent chemical structures in the body slowly turns into this new chemical organization being able to hold more stands and thus unfolds the original racial DNA (and not just the modified two strands we hold now, where the remaining strands only works on the mind or human consciousness) into a whole new type of genome connecting the transhuman energy system with multiple dimensional worlds inhabited by the descendants of the cross-bread reptilian and avatar human races. The new racial DNA structure makes it possible to travel inter-dimensionally using all the quantum states or probability densities of the systems as well as quantum tunneling without the dissolution of the original system. The basic science in the teachings of the DNA-“ascension” is thus based upon this silicate matrix or crystal gene structures of the transhuman body. As Wikipediaexplains it:
In the vast majority of silicates, including silicate minerals, the Si occupies a tetrahedral environment, being surrounded by 4 oxygen centres. In these structures, the chemical bonds to silicon conform to the octet rule. These tetrahedra sometimes occur as isolated SiO44- centres, but most commonly, the tetrahedra are joined together in various ways, such as pairs (Si2O76-) and rings (Si6O1812-). Commonly the silicate anions are chains, double chains, sheets, and three-dimensional frameworks.
Click on the links to see pictures and the geometry of the different types of silicate. It should not be difficult to understand how the racial DNA-MerkaBah technologies are the incipient attempts on the future silicate engineering in the body, as well as the use of correlating geometry to activate those patterns in the conscious connection between the mind and the cells in the body of the practitioners. When a field of correlating human minds is generated and it creates homogeneous thought-forms, the arising geometric patterns are able to be manifested within the hologram following the old rules of the Galactic Worlds.
The transhuman body looks human and has skin, but the chemical structure is totally different and transmits bio-organic light in a new way making it able to connect to new dimensions outside the hologram. Those levels are connected through the artificial 5th dimension to other similar worlds and the areas where the dome-villages are, are connected to those dimensions, making them a sort of shields within the hologram or flagships of the continuing new humanity and their bio-regenesis program. This means that when you enter the dome-villages, you alter your dimensionality and is able to be on both the hologram and the adjacent dimensions in other similar reality fields.
These are the new worlds of the reptilian-transhuman agenda, already being prepared to be fully activated in the hologram after 2055. Those worlds are not horrible as such – actually they are very “humane” and holds very little violence, since the reptilian-transhuman mind has been altered into a field of common goals in science and progress within the perimeters of the Avatar-reptilian world systems, so there is no low-life entities anymore; most of what causes violence in the hologram now are a dysfunction between the SRs soul-program in the 4th dimensions and the racial DNA in the bio-vessel.
Those two agendas are not functioning well together as well as the many side-effects of the soul-body connection. The energetic interference between the lower frequencies of the body and the somewhat higher of the chakra system produces shadow entities, i.e. lower astral beings, generated out of the soul induced emotional and mental disorders following the infection and the effects it has had on the original density-2 template. Those infected soul energies have a tendency to make the atoms of the body emit distorted light. When the main factions of the SRs pull out in 2055, and the soul-program goes with them, the bio-vessels and the racial DNA program becomes free to take on the pyramid-structure and hierarchical power systems, agreed to be the leading principle of both the reversed Avatar brotherhoods and the reptilian leaders, which make those worlds very effective.

The humanities outside the dome-villages have similarly grown into two new divisions which over time will become the Neanderthals and the tall Indo-European races, which we find evidence of in the soil. These are not remnants of the past, but from our future. You see things within the hologram runs in loops, and will continue to do so after the SAC ends; thus my future scenario holds humanities with galactic consciousness which are still present within the hologram for various reasons, some not ready to let go, others still fighting the infection and trying to become ready to leave with the help of the free worlds and yet others totally digressing into the hominoid primitive beings we are seeing in the soil and think is our ancestors.

This scenario became possible because when the Serpent Races left they took their soul hive-minds with them, leaving all humans to either the transhuman fate – the bio-regenesis into crystallization based upon merging of the racial DNA and a plasma type version of the CUs - or the wild-civilization life. And only the ones connected to their original galactic groups will evolve and in the end leave the hologram. The reptilian-transhuman shields will remain as a new type of colonies or world systems and outside of the dome-areas, now being invisible, the remaining humanity will grow into the Neanderthals. Into these mind-less beings new levels of experiments can begin, starting it all over again in the new world systems.


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