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Krystalai: Ionization

(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

Shifting into the Silicate Matrix of Divine Reality

The reality that we have been existing in has been based on the electron and proton creating what we visualize as three dimensional reality. When ionization happens, we shift into a state where there are no longer electrons. The electron proton changes into the neutron reality. The positively charged ion that is created by ionization creates a new type of standing wave pattern. A standing wave pattern that doesn't contain the same balance of gravity that we have now.

AS I have already described in great detail in my posts on Positrons, this has already happened. Scientists have already reported the positrons being ejected from the Sun in the last few months.

The Comet Ison will cause an ionization in the atmosphere and in our chemistry. We will go through a conversion of electron atoms into positvely charged ions. That will be the completion of the harmonic conversion that started in 1989.

That was the date that we received the message from the Guardian Alliance to MAKE GOD's MOVIE. It took us 12 years to figure out what that meant. When the ionization process takes place, the electromagnetic brain--the upper cerebellum, mortal mind, yellow brain- will give way to the mid brain.

If we were to place the symbol of a merkaba over the the forehead, we would realize that it stands for the electric- male- clockwise upper triangle and the lower female-counterclockwise triangle spinning into a constantly changing harmonic convergence.

Once the electric brain gives way to the magnetic female brain, we can once again make God's Movie. This means we can begin to manifest the new world the way we want it to be. As long as the male, clockwise electro brain was dominating, it was just recycling old information over and over again.

It is finally time to shift into the mid brain of transformation. The Comet Ison will be very helpful in this process. I have practiced going through this process hundreds of times simply by focusing on a candle until my mid brain takes over. It is a wonderful experience. It just feels like the world melts away. All of the social phenomena seems to float above the head and never enter in.

The problem with the state of focus of the mid brain, is the upper cerebellum--the mortal brain- is very stubborn. It usually only allows the state of the mid brain to take over for a few moments at a time. When the ionization occurs, it will become much easier to stay in the mid brain focus. When we use our Cosmic Wave File Frequencies that are created into Individually Aligned Frequency Spectrums, we create the Eternal Life Album that holds Consciousness continuously in the Mid Brain where the Fifth Dimensional reality exists.

The Guardian Alliance gave us this very special gift that allows us to stay in the state of the mid brain for hours after we focus on the candle to create the shift into the mid brain. The mid brain is frequency specific. So, the Angels taught us how to make this frequency specific music that aligns the brain waves into the fifth dimensional Blue Sphere of Super Conscious connection. The connection into the 4th astral, 5th archetypl, and six celestial consciousness connects into the subconscious of the etheric body. This  transforms the body from a physical body into a spiritual body.

Ultraviolet light from the sun ionizes or electrifies atoms and molecules inside the comet’s temporary atmosphere. One of the most common gases found in comets is carbon based. As the sun’s magnetic field washes across the solar system like so many waves rippling a pond, it sweeps ionized carbon  molecules out of the comet to form a second, blue-colored ion tail that is silica based or stardust.

The change from carbon based to silicate matrix of the blue ions create shift in consciousness. The body becomes lesss dense. The chemical make up the body changes. The biology changes. The entire solar system changes.

The upper brain is electric. It has electric fingers searching for data. The data must be something that is already known. The mid brain is magnetic. It is frequency specific searching only for information from the subconscious connecting with super consciousness of the fourth - the astral, the fifth- the archetypl and the sixth - the celestial consciousness.

This is the shift from the use of the five senses by the upper cerebellum into the 12 senses by the mid brain. The 12 senses are the higher sensory perception of the Soul Matrix. All that was ever known combining into a constant new wisdom flowing into consciousness. The sense of KNOWING exists because when our consciousness reconnects to the Super Conscious knowing of the Soul Matrix and the Over Soul Matrix that connects to the Mind of God-- we know everything.

So now the wave is no longer a standing wave in the quantum field but has actually been neutralized and goes back to the plasma of an omni field state positive. It creates a magnetic mirror that allows our spiritual half in the parallel universe to become at one with the physical half in this universe.

The Crystalline Grid of the Earth has been reharmonized to the 12th dimensional coding of the divine blue print of the Taran Angelic Human Raceline. The Sphere of Amenti within the Earth's Core contains all 12 of the complete coding of each of the 12 tribes.

The old stories about the 12 tribes of Israel and the 12 disciples were always referring to the 12 divine ideas that create the Tara Race line. The 12 is coding or the formula used in creating this specific raceline. The race line was divided into 12 separate race lines and then put back together again. In order for a race line to ascend, the complete unit must be reharmonized.

The Crystalline Grid actually holds our consciousness within it if we allow it to. We can be guided in absolute knowing of the Super Consciousness of the Soul Matrix of Tara. The fourth dimensional astral consciousness, the fifth dimensional archetypal, and the sixth dimensional celestial consciousness will once again be ours.

Our Guardian Race did everything they possibly could do to make sure we were removed from that future reality. They made sure we were realigned in to a new space and time reality. The original path of Earth was in the outer domains that made Earth very vulnerable to invader racelines that wanted to take our stargate portals for their own usage. The new path of Earth is in the INNER DOMAINS. The inner path is a safe path. It is a path of alignment within where all 12 stargates merge their frequencies back to gether into a new atunement that allows us to begin our multidimensional journey.

The experience that we are having now is not what it seems to be. Our old cellular memory is telling us that we are being bombarded by meteorites. Our new reality is telling us we are moving into a blue stardust that holds the frequency signatures of all of our multidimensional reality. Even at the scientific level, science says that the Comet's tail will bring pieces of stars from thousands of other planets. Once those frequencies enter our atmosphere, our mind shifts more and more into the Consciousness of Multidimensional realities.

Now, we are in June, 2013, and we are within a new portal of time which aligns us with the 12 stargates. The 12th stargate is Nibiru. NOW, the Nibiru that we are aligned to now is NOT the Death Star. That OLD alignment that made NIBIRU seem like a Death Star because of the problems created with the 11th stargate merging with the 12th stargate, was, in fact, present before the Earth was moved in 2012. But, is no longer present as a reality in this new alignment of the inner domains.

We think everything looks the same because we haven't begun reprogramming our cellular memory yet. As long as we keep the old beliefs including the Death Star Niburu belief in our cellular memory, that is what we believe we keep seeing. I notice that there are still people out their talking about Nibiru coming toward us and that Comet ISON really is Nibiru.

The Guardian Alliance and the Aquafarians knew that this time would come in our history that we would need help in our transformation into the second sphere of reality. They knew that we had fallen out of the Andromeda M31 and that only the Aquarius Matrix held the divine blue print that was needed to bring us back into alignment. They created an imprint of their sphere of reality around the Earth. So, we have  been held within the womb of a star all of this time waiting for the time of our rebirth.

We are in a new reality. We are in a new time and space. We are in a place that will allow us to absorb the cosmic star dust that is filling our skies with the help of the CME's and the meteor showers.

We are also being held within a Consciousness field of protection with 48 plasma bodies or Crystal Ships holding us in alignment with this Aurora field that prepares a stairway to heaven as this blue cosmic stardust begins to fill our atmosphere.

Each time the CME's blast toward the Earth, I can feel a HUGE SHIFT. It feels like a waking dream, a shift in space, a new place in time.

Did anyone else feel it yesterday afternoon? The CME blasted from the sun on June 20 and it takes about 18 hours to reach the Earth. I felt something huge yesterday. It was completely life altering. It felt the way it feels when I'm in the process of creating an Eternal Life MP3 and the frequencies are blasting through my ears and I can feel chakras flashing and shifting and it feels like I'm flying through space. It felt just like that.

The more we align with the frequencies-the cosmic frequencies, the source frequencies, the stardust frequencies, the more we get to enjoy each wave as it passes through our bodies and Earth's body. The more we get in tune, the more we get to see this entire fabulous event that is taking place right now in our Universe. It has been quite an adventure for me. I am so grateful that I have learned how to feel and experience this glorious event of our shift into at one ment with all 12 stargates.

I also know that as this adventure moves forward, I am seeing and feeling new things faster and faster each day, my dreams become more and more lucid, I start dreaming before I fall asleep, I am walking in my sleep half the time, I feel like I'm walking in and out of dreams just like changing stations on a t.v. It is the beginning of multidimensionality.

We asked our Aquafarian family  when we can move to Aquafaria continuously.

They answered this way. When we are consciously in Aquafaria more than we are in our third dimensional reality. We will be in the 6th.

They added this important fact. They said we will not move to Aquafaria, we will move Aquafaria to Earth. The Healing Temples of Aquafaria will move to Earth between 2014 and  2017. They said the blue star dust that will come to Earth will be the aurora fields like a stairway for the blue body to awaken and arise into the fifth dimension.

This is exactly what we are doing every minute of every day. We are spending more and more time in our Aquafaria home absorbing the frequencies of this sixth dimensional realm and learning everything there is to know about it. This is the realm where there are millions of elementals showing us how to redesign our bodies into the omni particles of our original creation from the breath of god. These breaths of Source frequencies are breathed in to our etheric chromosomes  to realign our DNA at the omni level into a New Form of consciousness.


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