Monday, September 9, 2013

The Terra-Gaia Network: Update on Things - part 2 (+ Part1)

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Monday, September 9, 2013

Update on Things - part 2

I do not contradict myself in this post, but elaborate on an angle, I did not get into yesterday.

This is an important article from CNN. I know some of you do not care much for politics, but if you understand that any action taken in the hologram is a show off of dynamics, related to racial DNA and the battle of which timeline that is going to be the "winning one" then you should follow up. Not as in having your nose deep into the news every day, but as in collecting dots and reading the energy signature.
Every time a president buys into the war agenda, he becomes a part of the avatar-reptilian agenda. Whatever Obama started out to be, he is now losing his light, so to speak and is positioned into the line of former war agenda presidents. This is the important battle that really is going on. If he gets a yes, then the Congress and the G-20 Countries are fully invested into the avatar-reptilian agenda, uniting religion and politics into one field of the same basic energy of the avatar-reptilian agenda and then Europe and US are on the same page.
If he gets a no, then some forces within the Congress are working to preserve the optional parallel timeline within the US. So this has enormous importance. The article shown here is from one person who still has his common sense intact, because no matter what evidence there is, it does not attest WHO did the bombing. And that is the important issue.
This week is the week, where the major timeline is activated, and no matter what, it is going to roll. The long agenda, starting back a long time ago, and initiated into the hologram with 9/11 is being cemented in this week. So this week is the main change of reality, where we shift from the many timelines to this one major (and the parallel of course is still there for us to connect to).
When we talk about timelines; whatever you think, feel and do are fueling your three main fields and thus generate your BPR. Your BPR is the one that create your personal timelines, or vectors in spacetime and thus activate the settings (interference pattern and specific scalar fields) you connect to in the hologram. When your timeline matches the collective timelines, i.e. the sum of similar individual timelines, you become part of that main field (also called quantum fields) and thus what once were possibilities now collapse into reality you are, or will be, connected to. 

Read the article How to Change Our Energy System to fully understand this dynamic.
This means that if you buy into the avatar-reptilian agenda, you align to their timeline, also if you are invested in the matter as resistance to it. Every time you invest your energy in a timeline, or agenda, you partake in it.
Thus when you collect the dots and take the temperature on what is going on, you have to observe neutrally and see it as dynamics as if you observe a stream of water.
Do not partake in the news as something emotional, rational or something you have to take action to. Be very clear about that. If you think you do a good cause by posting and commenting in a very emotional way against the avatar-reptilian agenda, you are becoming a part of their timeline, or as I am doing now, giving you information and then start an emotional reaction in you, I and you, become part of this agenda.
Thus energy cleansing and balancing my energy field is obligatory later today, as in creating the counter sum of energy to balance the activated timeline. I do this all the time every time I travel on old timelines and gather information, so you can partake and gather information and then withdraw, but only if you enter the timeline being fully neutral and only observe. This is the main secret behind the Buddhist mindfulness and detachment to the world. When the Buddha did not attach and partake in any timelines, creating dukkha(read pp. 17 to understand this in full and you should read this book – it is full of very profound wisdom we can use to this day, when it comes to transforming our three main fields), he found a way out of the hologram.
So invest all your energy into the world, you would like (unless you manage to become fully neutral like the Buddha and thus leaving the Galactic Worlds). Think about what world you would like, feel it and do daily actions to support this type of world. It has very little to do with meditation and wishful thinking, albeit this helps; the main energy stems your daily awareness and actions.

And I know some are talking about if they do not focus on the main timeline, it is not going to happen, is really not my view of things. It will play out, because IT HAS ALREADY PLAYED OUT!
We cannot change the outcome of the first run through of what happened as a result of the binary settings in the hologram, but we can connect to the parallel timelines created for us to get out, cf. the you know who´s creation of different host fields - it is the same principle at play here.
I know it is difficult to understand how the future is connected to now and that we really cannot change it, but if you see it as a circle of events playing themselves out over and over again until you detach yourself from the wheel - you know the wheel of Dukkha and re-incarnation - then perhaps you get the idea. The linear timelines do not exist other in our perception of things and has to do with our limited view of things.

And, btw, the parallel timelines are yet to be determined, ie. what we put into them - there are more than one - will be entirely up to us. We are the creators of the new realities of galactic Terra, away from the already happened timeline, giving the original planet a second chance.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

An Update on Things

I can only say: Going into Syria is going to change our galactic or spiritual history on so many levels. There are few major events that really change timelines, and this is one of them.... just remember we have already outlived this run through of evolution and have returned to prevent some effects of events like this, but it is a turnover of energy in the hologram and in the first run through of the events that brought the transhumanism closer to becoming the main line of development for humanity.
The strike on Syria is connected to 9/11 (why do you think they are preparing for this now? Never forget that date and time are nodal point into the timelines) on an energetic level as well as the war in Iraq, Egypt and all the old cities of the Middle East. The Middle East is strongly connected to the original 4thdimensional areas of galactic Terra, i.e. the original Mars and not the planet we are able to see now. This planet is a false image we are being presented to and the real 4th dimensional planet is totally different (hmm a thing to go deeper into some day). The original Mars is being transformed as we speak and thus the connecting areas of Earth, i.e. the 1st and 2ndgalactic energy fields or grids of galactic Terra are still connected to the hologram and thus the original settings are there to be tampered with.
Along with the “invasion of Mars” and the changing of the grid of the 1st and 2nd dimension behind the hologram under the so-called Middle East (the atrocities happening there are ruining the galactic Terra grid. War, murder and all evil acts always destroy the manasic energy into fragmenting further) the oldest teachings and knowledge of the ancient civilizations will be gone and thus this level of energy work. It is like pulling out all the secret knowledge of the original 4th galactic Terra humanities – strongly connected to true Tara – and the first humanities coming here holding this knowledge. Some of it has to do with racial DNA and the first attempt to heal the infection.
It has the same striking effect as the digressive races from other systems coming here for bio-regenesis and crystallization. The ancient and original galactic races, all holding the knowledge of how to work with energy etc. are being wiped out.  Europe fell a long time ago (the Maldakian races and the original 5th dimensional knowledge of galactic Terra), the first part of the original 3rd dimensional galactic Terra situated in China is also gone, the other part of the original 3rddimensional galactic Terra is what we call America has also turned into the new agenda.
The Middle East will fall; in the upcoming years a total turnover will happen or wars and injustice will be daily events on a much larger scale than the ones we are experiencing now.
Before this strike the Middle East was still fighting to keep its position, but when Syria falls and the occupation of Egypt is fulfilled by the dark brotherhoods, there really is not much left to work with. This means that huge parts of the 1st, 2nd, all of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional grid of original Terra is now under the avatar-reptilian races. Smaller countries such as Tibet (the old 8thdimension) has been lost as well to other factions.
It is all a part of the great scheme of things: 1) Create chaos and when the humanities cries out for help then 2) bring order and install the new “peaceful agenda” into the areas, transforming all original galactic consciousness into the 5th dimensional avatar-reptilian agenda. Humanity is being turned into the same blueprint so to speak, all holding the same 5D energy system and with no connection to the original galactic settings what so ever. All that is offered is the new 5th dimensional crystalline DNA settings.
All in all – the parallel process of restituting the hologram and the pull out of intruder races are still in progress as noted earlier and at the same time the original timeline is still playing itself out. So: Remember to stay on track and hold on to the future timeline working to restore the original galactic consciousness and not the timeline of the first round or how things played out in the first rounds of this evolution.

Beware of the ripples this war is going to create in the hologram. In some sense this is the silence before the storm. Not to frighten you, but whatever we are going to face is beginning with this war, because this war is a tipping point of energy within the hologram - most of what has happened have been in the other dimensions, but this is within the hologram.
Stay tuned to the one the future is presenting and offering you. Work with your energy system and work hard to remember who and what you are – a true galactic human being and not a version the avatar-reptilian races are presenting to you.

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