Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Terra-Gaia Network: Changing Timelines


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Changing Timelines

I will address two things in this post:

1) The daily changing of the bio-vessel into the Cross–World energy system.
2) How we distinguish what food, herb etc that is connected to timelines and dimensions.

The daily changing of the bio-vessel into the Cross–World Energy System
As I wrote in the post Status on my Work of the 15th of September 2013:
We, the Free Worlds and the new frontiers of humanity, wish to alter the quantum layers of the human body as well, but our aim is to penetrate the quantum layers, which is the quarantine energies sealing off the electromagnetic energy system, and lead the original created three-fold manasic energy back into the holographic electromagnetic body and by this trying to heal the infection and re-activate the True World CUs of the 1st and 2nd dimensional galactic layers still present behind the human body and hologram.

In the fusion of the original non-infected CUs with the present energy system and the, in this system, present racial DNA we wish to make room for a new type of merging of what the earthly holographic humanity has evolved into, including all, and connect this to the future timelines of what the other free galactic 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional races have evolved into in the future. This means that the original True World human behind a quarantined body, i.e. those who have ended within the hologram not by free will or by an infected state of their CUs (many have been captured by the digressed races in other systems, raiding the living systems of living light), have agreed to undergo such a merging with the digressed racial DNA and transform it into the new galactic standards of the Free Worlds.

“The penetration of the quantum layers”; what does that mean?
In the work we are about to engage in, there is an important thing we have to remember: What we are doing is totally new and an experiment initiated by the new galactic races coming from the future and the first run-through of the destiny of Earth.

This means that they are working on this as are we and nobody really knows whether or not it is possible; it is a very important punch line to be made and to remember. The safety measures of this is the always present possibility of our original CUs to return as the fragmented state they are in for the present time being, and from those fragments the original coding will be re-implemented into our original being in the True Worlds. We have to keep in mind that in some sense this human body and mind is an illusion and does really not exist as an independent individual being in the True Worlds. The common ground of all there is.

So to return as a CU fragment is just like a drop of water coming back to the sea and being merged with the original field of consciousness we really are, in its new form. No matter what form or what state we are in.

Those of you feeling drawn to the teaching I hand out are just following the inner call from the true consciousness, the projected CUs in us, and we do not fear to fail. We are simply playing with the possibilities of getting out of this hologram, as a new type of being, and if this does not play out as we anticipate, then we will be reabsorbed back into the True Worlds as CUs – the only true and real thing in us. Or, for some, the CUs in the Galactic Worlds will be refined and adjusted and a new galactic being will arise in another harmonious community.

Why have we engaged in trying to fuse the CUs and the racial, and to some extent digressed, DNA instead of just playing safe and only concerning us on our own CUs and reconnecting to the living consciousness? Well: We have to remember that Earth is not the only place where this type of imprisonment has taken place, nor is it the only place where the crystallization and the rise of transhuman populations are being established.

Secondly we have to understand that the many original True Humans that projected some of their living consciousness into the Created Worlds – now the Galactic Worlds, since the future timelines are being implemented into the Created Worlds, creating a whole new type of Created Worlds, hence the Galactic Worlds – are scattered out on all of those first created worlds and if they are forced to let go of their CUs, then this is seen as a somewhat sorrowing thing. The best way I can explain it, is that the living consciousness wants to evolve, progress and expand – integrate itself and become more - and if the CUs should be left in the transhuman or crystalline worlds not by its own free will (for those who freely choose this, then this sort of follows the intrinsic rules of the living consciousness in them, because to choose such a destiny is the best way to expand a distressed system for them) then the diminishing of the CUs that could evolve into a healthy state once again, would be twisted and violated into digression. When the natural expansion of the CUs are twisted and violated into digression, this is like acting against the intrinsic dynamics of the living consciousness and severe darkness arises from this.

So all the original True Humans being invested into the Created Worlds would then face a connection to severe darkness, being forced to either accept this destiny – trying to keep the darkness in place – or let go of it, knowing that their original consciousness is being used in dark deeds of regression. I know how this sounds, albeit this is the best human explanation I can give for the present time being. Naturally the living consciousness follows creational science and more advanced rules, but I simply cannot express this otherwise; my human brain and all. But I feel what it does to the living consciousness to be pulled into a regressive state contrary of its healthy state; i.e. “free will”. The free will is really the intrinsic pull in us as in what forces that are controlling us and what forces we are letting us being controlled by.

Therefore the third option is to battle the digressed racial DNA in us, that pulls us into the transhuman and crystalline worlds and do our best to stay in the game outside of those worlds, whilst we work energetically and consciously to alter the connection we have to it – the CUs are being implemented into the racial DNA – with a little help from our friends.

So the main goal is to change our energy system into the tipping point where the racial DNA stops controlling us. Racial DNA is set into our morphogenetic field as either the 4th dimensional priestly template or the 5th dimensional avatar-reptilian template and it is also from this level – the morphogenetic field - that the CUs will be radiating into and connecting to the 1st geometric layer of galactic Terra on the new timelines. For now the incarnational geometry is controlled by the racial DNA, and thus controlling our destiny.

Use the free articles on how to start this work – you should also read the book What the Buddha Taught if you need some guidelines on inner work and cleansing.

When we have altered enough of our energy system to sort of expel the radiation of the racial DNA and have lifted our frequencies in our bodies by the means of transforming our whole ego-system, emptying the chakras, and cleansed our mind and emotions into being in balance and holding no harmful energies (yes, the old ways of working with our mind and emotions will never stop, because those two fields are the main levels in us unfolding the racial DNA in us) then the new energies in the parallel timelines will become accessible for us. Not before. You cannot connect through symbols or other false promises. 

It is impossible to add further to a closed system, and if your fields are full of the energies of the racial DNA, then there is no room for new energies. We have to make room for the new and when the new has rooted, we can then start to transform the old energy system into holding higher levels of the new. The seed of the new has to unfold by our daily awareness and inner as well as outer work.

And in spite of the connection to the new timelines we will, as long as we are in this body and imbedded into the hologram, always hold the old energy system and the emptied chakras will be present in us, waiting to be fed with energy. Thus our whole life will be a continuous inner work on how to keep the cleansed chakras dormant, how to utilize the emotional and mental fields as humans, albeit without being human in thought and longings. It is that simple and that hard.

When we reach the tipping point certain things will happen:

a) Our emotional field changes and so does our relations
We will still have a family, but we are not invested in it as we used to be; instead we see the other members as citizens of either the new or the old timelines and we accept this. We are concerned and try to help the best way we can, but we do not, in any way, violate the free will of those beings. Sorry to say, our spouses and children are not necessarily belonging to the same circles of the Galactic Worlds as we are. We learn to live with the differences, because this is the original way we live in galactic communities and the ones choosing to go our way are few, so no matter what we have to learn to thrive as ambassadors in a foreign system of energy and consciousness.

As long as there is no forcing on of energy or steeling of consciousness, we work within our families and communities to contain and accept the different galactic expression we all hold. Communication and understanding of what we, as evolving out of the hologram, are willing to accept of behavior from the people around us are the first step to sustain an environment in the home, upholding energies for the differences we have.

I have said this before and I will stress it again: We are not fanatic about our origin and work. We do not distance us, and we do not see ourselves as elite or as elected. We are not special – in fact we are fools; experimenting and taking on the hard work – and we will most likely not succeed.

Why then? What is driving us is not arising from the emotional needs of belonging to something higher; this includes the longing for the love or the living consciousness. Such emotions stem from the racial DNA and outplay themselves in the spiritual or religious longing after God, or the Source and all other personified cravings of love, as well as longings of full inner accept and the need for a divine being to truly see us and nurture us in our core. Such feelings arise out of the lack of our true core. The same feelings include the need of being something special or elected.

Solution: Go to therapy and deal with it; it arises from your inner child and the longing of parental love, projected onto a divine omnipotent image of “true love”. The lack of being seen and truly understood as a little person in your childhood, have distorted your emotional field to search for restoration and connecting as you know we can connect, but as long as you are controlled by the need of human love, partnership and divine beings, you are acting out old layers in your emotional field controlled by racial DNA.

When you have learned the effects of the interjected energetic interactional patterns of your childhood, you are able to begin to work with the deeper layers of your emotional field and here you will encounter the other fragments of your CUs in your energy field and some of them will present themselves as human beings, loving you and nurturing you from within. Learn to connect and fuse with them, after which they will disappear.

Do not cling onto them, or to your family.

Be the best partner and parent of all times, watch your energy – what you send out and what you take in – be mindfull and aware of energy interactions all the time, and when you connect to your true core, you have oceans of energy to give of, being all you need of love and security inside and thus others will see you as a kind, balanced and harmonious person.

When you have transformed and reached the tipping point, you will not experience any attacks or negative reactions to your core energy; this is only in the process of altering your emotional field, so if you experience hostility from others, you still have some racial DNA to work with. The same goes for positive emotional encounters such as praise and the need for recognition and when people recognize you. Others will be mirrors and helpers in this process.

Do not despair and feel that the world is against you; on the contrary. The world and other humans are reflecting back to you that you need to transform. Do not blame yourself for being “dark” or selfish. You are living consciousness in progress and working your way through all the geometrical patterns, which does not fit you anymore. It is like training to be able to run a marathon: A lot of hard work, daily awareness, training and learning your body and mind to hold new thoughts and different types of energy. As long as you work, observe, understand and experience new events and emotions – you are in progress. You have to work your way through the whole emotional spectrum from one end to the other and transform all emotions into a state of calm awareness. If patterns or events repeat themselves, you have not finished the work with them and the racial DNA behind.

Become your own inner parent, mother, father and caretaker. Learn to support yourself, nurture yourself by activating the heart and truly love and be kind to yourself and all you are. Enjoy your progress. You can literally feel this as energy flowing from the heart and into your whole body, filling it with bliss and comfort. You do not need any energy from other people at all; you have it all within.

Give to yourself what you usually demand unconsciously from others, and stop the circulation of energy in the chakras. When you get really skilled, you can activate the ecstasy or sexual energy simply by using your breath – not using it for masturbation or similar things; just feel the energy like you feel love or other emotional rushes: Then you know you are a self-sustaining system and the racial DNA is withdrawing from its ruling position and their coding of the energy circulated through chakras and into the hologram. Lust, love, joy, sadness, desire, anger, needs etc. are just energies as they unfold in the emotional field from the racial DNA, craving to interact with similar energies in the hologram. Energy and nothing else and you need to learn to control energy, to control the hologram and your departure from it.

If those energies arise in you, observe them, feel them and let them go. Just like children are angry for a moment and then the sun shines through and all is forgotten. We cannot avoid the human emotions, but we can learn not to connect to them, follow their flows of energy and take part in them.

When the heart is directed into self-love in a positive and sustaining way, the abundance from the core will radiate out and into others. The result is not partnership and more love as such, but balance, harmony and peace in and around you. Peace, accept and harmony is the goal, because when you are here, the emotional field settles into a silent lake of bliss and the turmoil of the old energies will subside, letting in the manasic energies of the geometrical layers of the 1st levels of galactic Terra and thus the true galactic emotions of inclusiveness and acceptance.

b) Our mental field will change as well
I will go deeper into this later on, but the goal here is to create a field of energy being invisible so to speak. Nothing should cling to it as in belief systems, ideas, theories, ideologies or any other rational type of thinking. The mental field can be exited when needed to understand and discern energetic information and then it should slide back into its permeable state of awareness and observation. What you really need to know, all arises from within and the mental field is only a tool to be used in the hologram, when you need to understand changes in or things you need to act upon such as normal everyday life; paying of bills, rent, partaking in a normal human gathering, exchanging information with other humans etc.

When those two states of consciousness are achieved the light from the 1st dimensions of galactic Terra will start to cross the barrier of the quantum layers. When you do not use the emotional and mental fields, according to racial DNA and this set-up, the silence of the two fields in you allows the manasic energy to enter your system from within. It will radiate from within starting to build up the new incarnational geometry you need in the morphogenetic field. You cannot force this to happen; it will happen on its own and all you can do is to note the difference in mind and feelings as the seed of the new unfolds in its new soil. But you can tend the garden, so to speak, and weed out the old energies.

The 1st manasic geometrical energies of Terra are also activating our perception of the new timelines and what we need to do, to utilize the galactic energy in our newborn cross-world energy system. The energy system in us is literally a fragile and brittle network of small bits of galactic light growing out from our inner core of light. Even though we can see it in our minds, the first layers are in the morphogenetic field and the new energies have to outgrow the old racial template. The whole idea is when we die, we shed of the old morphogenetic field and the template inserted here and take out the newly one we have created.

So as long as we live, we will be invested in this work. Avoiding activating the old template and building the new one out of a whole new type of energy, of which most of it is something we create ourselves. Note this. WE CREATE THE NEW ENERGIES and the better we are in sensing what belongs to the new and the old timelines, the better we are to integrate more energy into the new template. And since galactic humans are very powerful beings, we have a long way to go to get to this level of consciousness and integration of energy.

The integration happens during our daily life and awareness. It is linked to what we do, what we eat and what we are – or express of energy. The main thing to understand here is that in the deconstruction process, i.e. tearing down the energy system connected to the old template and altering the energies in the chakras, our helpers can teach us, but in the construction and re-building process we are fully on our own. At this point our projected CUs should guide us into what to do, and if we do not have this inner guidance, we are far from connected.

Be true to yourself as in acknowledging what state your interrelationships are in, what you experience from the outer world, what you feel and think, and what level of inner information you are able to get.

Is it emotional coded as in images and sensations, and on what level? Low levels are always regarding human emotions and longings. High level are always sensations of pure energy of which you understand where and what the energy is.

Is it mentally coded as in information sustaining old beliefsystems build upon hostile and victim/victimizer ideology? Taking your empowerment from you? Is it highly detailed or only giving you information you can read on the internet? Ask seriously difficult questions and be prepared for the answers to drop in over a longer period until your brain is able to hold the zip-files of full information. And when you get the zip-files; what is the content? Priestly or avatar-reptilian information? Then you have accessed your template and are now directly working with your racial DNA. This is fine, but not the end-goal. You have to work your way through this level as well. In the end you simply just know the answer without really asking the question. It is like a stream of consciousness always being present in you leading you the way out of all you know.

And remember that in the process of evolving your emotional and mental field, you are working with the interference patterns of the hologram and thus your fields hold a zillion layers and scalar fields to be transformed. Read How to change our energy system to understand this.

If you think this is an easy task, you are deceiving yourself and if you feel it is hardship, impossible and you almost break under the weight of it, then you are not ready to engage in the next level, because you simply do not hold strong enough CUs to direct you. You are solely reacting out of emotional ego-consciousness. When you are connected, you feel joy, it’s a game and you simply cannot stop enjoying the new things you learn and experience every day. I can tell you some serious strange things are happening in my life and they are all related to energy interactions unfolding new levels of information, both in and out of human form.
How we distinguish which food, herb that is connected to the new timelines and dimensions
First of all: When you do not have activated the 1stgalactic Terraian geometry in your morphogenetic field, you have no need for knowing what timelines food or herbs are connected to, because your body cannot use the energy in the food or herbs anyway.

Besides; the same herb can be working on both timelines, therefore it is the inner state of your morphogenetic field that discerns what energy it will absorb and integrate. If you have not reached the tipping point all you eat will be fueling the old timelines. It is that simple and that hard. Naturally you can alter the pH level in you by eating non-GMO, no additives, no sugar and no gluten, lots of green veggies, fruit and high energy food as I have told you, and in this way help in the process of altering your energy fields. High frequency food always add more energy to your system, and you need this in the transformation.

But when you have accessed the new timelines and have the intrinsic knowledge, then the following guidelines can be followed: In the newsletter for September and in the post Status on my Work, I mention the areas of which the original 3rd and 4th dimensional humanities of Terra ended up in the hologram, occupying different areas of Earth.

The way to work with the herbs and food after the tipping point is simple:
1) What area does it stem from originally? Is it growing in a 3rd, 4th or 5th dimensional area, as in out of the grid of the first humanities to create that area? The humanities and their native areas hold the original grid of their consciousness when they settled here and all that grew out of the grid, holds the energies of the grid. So by knowing the origin of the plant, food etc. you also know what dimensional or planetary energy it holds.

2) When you need to know this information, you will know it.

Why do I not hand more information over to you? Well if I give you all the answers, you are not accessing and working with the timelines. It is that simple and that hard. I only share with you the aha-experiences I have along the way and share what I learn in headlines and general overview, thus in great detail I cannot give to you. It is like pouring water into a full glass. You simply have no use of this information in detail, and when you get to the point where you have the need for this information, you will know it in detail from within, what herbs and foods you need to eat, in order to utilize the timelines you need to expand and grow into.

So we cannot do or learn anything and eat specific herbs to activate the 1st galactic energies of Terra, because it is consciousness and grows in contact with consciousness and not through electromagnetic energy. The only thing we can do is to transform our energy system to achieve the state of our energy system that will allow the crossing of the quantum field.

But, what you need to know is this
Food and herbs do activate timelines and hold certain energy signatures, i.e. grid patterns and geometrical patterns which connect and activate the similar energy in the timelines they are grown out of, but in their digressed state. So when we work with energy from an uncleansed energy system, using the chakra energies, we are working with the digressed state of the herbs and foods.

Therefore when we alter our energy system, the oldest layers in all original foods and herbs will be activated and we will work with the first geometrical patterns in them, bypassing the digressed state in them. Naturally we have to eat non-GMO, biodynamic and as less polluted foods as possible until we reach this level in us (and after).

E.g. if I eat Gotu Kola and have not activated my galactic timeline, I only gain the help this herb is able to perform according to my old chakra system, mostly activating the holographic energies. But when I eat the same herb after I have activated my galactic timelines and the geometrical 1st layer is being built up in me, the original coding in the herb will unfold. 

The point being: it is not the herb or what we eat in itself, but our energy system that extracts or connects to the correct timeline of it. 

The same goes for meat from animals. When we eat meat being connected to the old timelines, we only eat low-frequent decaying energy, but the moment we alter our energy system and reach the tipping point, we start to connect to the soulfragments in the meat, whereas before we just absorbed this unaware and subconsciously. 

Animals are the main holders of the soulfragments, i.e. the first Taraians that were pulled into the Created Worlds when the infection destroyed Tara. They are later fragmented into this type of evolution, mostly unwillingly, albeit the fragments are not able of holding a mental field and the majority of those fragments are inserted into animals instead.

Some of our animals hold very old fragments and should be respected as such in our way of treating our ancient brothers and sisters. When they die, we have to help them get to the helpers taking care of the soulfragments by leading them out and into the helping areas, where they can be restituted into their original galactic, albeit very outdated, form and from here return to the True Worlds.

For now some of the meat we eat still holds soulfragments and we should do our best to integrate those and take them with us out, but as the SAC runs out those fragments are being pulled out or leave under healing – the stories I have told you of the devas leaving the hologram; devas are soulfragments as well as elementals. The latter being the last stage before turning into electromagnetic energy. Only a few will remain as non-eatable animals.

There is a reason for the invention of stem cell meat; the moment the last group of devas have left the hologram and their animal oversouls, as the matrices of those fragments being kept in groups are called, the meat becomes toxic and the dead energy it really is.

So all in all over the next coming years, as the core in us unfolds, the need for meat will vanish and be seen as an atrocity – eating our own brothers and sisters!

Conclusion: What we need, long for, like and find reasons of doing is a direct reflection of the state of consciousness we are in and the type of racial DNA, or CUs, controlling our emotional and mental fields. It is that simple and that hard.

The Cross-World Energy System

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