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The Galactic Terra-Polarian Network: The Road So Far - 29th of November 2013
Ison = still flying ~ onwards ~

The Road So Far - 29th of November 2013

Where are we now? And what have the last 12 years provided us with? This is a historical overall view of things I have learned so far from 2000-2001 and to now:
1) The rise of the understanding of the new children, the Light Worker wave and the new use of the Internet as a media of communication for all of those factions.
2) The huge cleansing of the astral plane, both individually and on a planetary level done by the Light Workers and the new children.
3) The awakening of humanity into a new type of astral spiritual thinking, making the esoteric knowledge broadly know outside the esoteric schools. End of full secrecy and opening up to gradually more influx of knowledge of larger parts of humanity. Instead of only few individuals knowing the inner secrets, the interested is now able to find all the information they want on the Internet.
4) Understanding of spiritual development on a broad scale, as well as the understanding of different types of energy systems, humanity is diverse on a soul level, and thus the diversity of teachings.
5) Understanding of the NAAs (negative alien agenda) and the PAAs (positive alien agenda), and the diversity of their teachings and the many factions that are operating on Earth and on both sides of the karmic networks; i.e. the dark network and the network of light.
6) Understanding that teachers can fail, fall and are under the laws of energy when they work respectively inside the dark network – very difficult place to work, because the hosts and inserted fields do not protect the teacher from the projections of the many humans still being under the control of the dark network – and inside the network of light. The latter being the easiest one, because the pupils here are more or less all connected to the network of light, and thus knows how to cleanse themselves and they do not project, expect and cling on to the teacher as the “savior”. They know they hold the savior internally; the soul in them and they do not rely on outer gurus, teachers, gods or religion.
7) The gradually change of interdependence of the outer knowledge and returning to the inner individual connection and understanding of knowledge from the inner consciousness of the soul; i.e. the galactic sphere of consciousness that is behind the human body.
8) Understanding that Earth is a mixed field of the Moon Chain and the Earth Chain. The Moon Chain is the remnants of the fallen Tara and its way through this solar system as it fell and connected to Maldak, due to the already fallen experiments with the infection done by the scientists there, which led to the explosion of Maldak, and the fallen humanities from Maldak, along with the dark brotherhood, ended on the Moon. The Moon is thus a fallen planetoid. The very fallen or digressive humanities from the Moon, now fully in what we understand as the physical form, where connected to the Earth Chain, of which our beautiful Earth is a part and the growing humanity present here, learning to use creational science. The connection of the Moon Chain and the Earth Chain happened after the fall of Atlantis, where the evolved humanity of the planet Earth digressed and fell into oblivion due to misuse of creational powers, as well as the life force. This is the reason and the rise of the problem of sexuality – which is not a natural part of higher evolution. Due to this regression of the Earth the vibration became so low, that the magnetic pull of the Moon Chain fused this with Earth. This brought the humanoids to Earth. Before this, Earth where connected to Mars and the humanity both there and here were solely etheric, astral and mental in constitution and had no physical body as such, but entirely under the guidance of the soul, the spherical orb of consciousness connected to the higher soul of the planets, an even larger orb of living consciousness, and the chain they belonged to. This was the beginning of the duality on Earth, the two networks and the very difficult school of soul regenesis this planet has turned into.
I remember standing on the inside of the network of light – it really looks like viewing the Earth through a large piece of glass, thinking: “Are we going into those primitive bodies?” This happened after the merging of the Moon and Earth in the first run through. Later on the dark priesthoods of the Moon Chain invited the NAAs and the result was the quarantine, Earth as we know it and the very poorly state humanity generally speaking are in.
Earth thus contains a school of evolution, and a dark school of devolution and humanity has to choose for themselves which path they want to partake in. The inner schools of light, under the original councils of the Earth Chain and the network of light (the Polarian Network) cannot force the pupils of humanity to change paths; this has to happen from inside the human, reacting to a call from the soul.
9) The dark schools work on the bio-regenesis alone – the transhuman agenda – and the transformation of the three lower fields, as well as the physical body, into a crystallized version merging the quantum level of the human body with the negative manasic energy of the 5D mental body creating a very heartless, cold and non-emotional humanity being all rational, and yet holding the higher knowledge of the mental planes.
10) The schools of light work on soul regenesis alone; the transformation of the body and the three lower fields into a permeable flexible and compassionate energy field into which the soul can re-integrate its sphere of consciousness. From here the emotional field – the one that is transformed into the level of intuition and Buddhic knowledge of the heart system; the knowledge of the “angels” or the devas in full compassion and following the overall plan for the evolution of the Earth Chain – are fused with the manasic (higher mental) light fields of galactic knowledge from the Polarian Network (and similar networks of the PAAs). Due to the compassion of the heart, which creates a certain substance, the 5th plane of the mental field becomes a merged field of both higher technical and deeply scientific knowledge of how to work with energy, force and living consciousness as well as the deepest compassion and knowledge of how to use this power according to the overall evolution of Earth and its humanity, being all connected to the soul of the planet – in lack of better terms called a Logos. A Logos is gigantic field of planetary living consciousness, intention and force connected to an even greater being; a chain of planets and so forth up until we reach the highest level of which we really do not know a thing.
11) The soul is a hermaphrodite containing consciousness from the feminine deva evolution of this present system and the masculine human evolution, from the last system and is symbolized as a six pointed star until we are able to connect to it and see clairvoyantly. On its own level, it is a sphere or orb of living moving consciousness, dynamic and very similar to the atom in our bodies, radiating different hues of light and force.
12) The process of transformation is not only the use of symbols and outside integrated energy of the NAAs and their teachings, but an inner transformation of energy, initiated by the soul, of the three lower fields and the use of the physical body as a vehicle to do “good” and make the outer changes on Earth we all need. The in-body experience is necessary for now, due to the physical energies from the Moon, but in the future the humanity of Earth will return to their original manasic, Buddhic and etheric structures of light, compassion and living consciousness, using the knowledge of how to work with the living geometric light (light language), the living vibration (sound and mantras) and the living light itself (wisdom and science combined into creational science.)
13) The Earth Chain has been given access back into the galactic communities of light and progression. The Moon Chain is being deported as we speak, cf. the stages of 2017, 2022, 2033 and 2047 where the 3rddimensional NAAs will leave in 2017, the 4th in 2022, the 5thin 2033 and the remaining different other types of beings in 2047.
14) The transition of the NAAs will deplete the dark network and make it easier for humanity inside the dark network to work on their soul regenesis, leaving the “Moon side of Earth” and return to “the solar Earth side”, but humanity still has a long way to go and if the NAAs and the leaders of the dark network succeed in their bio-regenesis program before 2047, the Moon part of Earth will be exported to other manifestation fields, undoing the merging of the Moon and Earth which will start approx. 2055.
15) The Earth side is being connected to the cosmic planes of the network of light and this is where we stand for now – experiencing a whole new type of inner reality, and a slow progress back into the original evolution of the Earth Chain, now understood as the solar system or Galactic Terra.

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