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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


I did not originally no want to post this information, but I feel it is in order to do so, to end this blog properly.
To clarify
I went into the foreign galactic teachings some four years ago. I needed to go through this path to learn their technology and to learn how to discern the information on the Internet, in books, videos etc. Most of what have been up in the air regarding the DNA regenesis, are bonded to the foreign galactic races and their bio-regenesis program; their attempt to create a merged biology that could sustain and survive in the cosmic higher mental consciousness Earth, now galactic Terra, is heading to.
As you all know by now the lifting of Earth back into the galactic communities - undergoing soul regenesis – is happening faster than ever and we are back on track and heading into the Light Worlds. The shipping out of the foreign galactic races, that does not want to undergo a full soul regenesis, happens as you also know in 2017 (3D racial DNA), 2022 (4D racial DNA), 2033 (5D racial DNA) and whatever remains in 2047. And then “Earth” is back as a part of galactic Terra and we should all be so far in our inner cleansing and transformation of the heart system, to be able to see and connect hereto.
On galactic Terra the evolution back into the Light Worlds will continue and the main problem of the transhuman agenda, which looked quite strong early in 2013, when I started this blog, is looking to be less than anticipated. The email below leads to this, and this is the reason why I post it. 

Within a few years time, the main portion of the previous followers will leave the transhuman agenda and the remaining ones will go to their crystal universes later on, as agreed. Many other followers have been stranded and left a bit on their own because they could not work with the energies of the darkened network of you know who, and the substitute of this person, another of the foreign councils, have turned more and more dark as well, as this person also is hit by the inner soul levels, as we all are.
My happy announcement, and it really makes me happy, is that the most prominent branch of the foreign teachings have got a new speaker, as they promised back in the early 2013.
Even though the former teachers of this teaching did go astray, the foreign councils and their effort to help their incarnated souls here on Earth are still very much caring for all of you, and thus they have agreed on joining the soul regenesis program; their version of the soul-regenesis teachings. This will surface as the new speaker grows with her tasks and learn what to say that will help you achieve this. The path for you is still very technical, most of you stem from highly technical universes, but it will not lead to the transhuman path. This will buy you time and secure your present stay as Earth turns into galactic Terra. Perhaps some of you will even prefer to stay on galactic Terra, since many of you have been on Earth for so long.
I will not mention the name of the new speaker, but those of you, who belong to this branch, will find her on your own and you will in your heart want to evolve the deep compassion that it takes to transform the darkened bits of the soul. The teachings of the new speaker will evolve during the next two years, unless something goes wrong. So I do this to help you, but I want to protect her – we will all find our way to the paths we belong to and each of the new teachers will grow according to the inner guidance and the connection to the ones belonging to them.
The E-mail
Just had to send you this email. I listened to the new speaker’s voice, not so much the info, but the energy signature in her voice.
In a blog, I have now deleted, but started up after the event, where the former speaker went to the "dark side" so to speak, I got the information that a new speaker would arise for the original material, and that we just had to wait. Back then I was warned to pull out - before the proclamation of the fall within the group - and delete all energetic encoding I had integrated from there to prevent me from following the fallen network they had created.
It is always difficult to hold the light, as a teacher, when a group of followers start to cling on to your energy field. When this happens the personal shadows often grow out of proportions of both the teacher and the followers - fed by the darkness in the followers and their projected energies from the astral and mental fields of the ego - which is what happened to this teacher in question - thus the change of speakers to prevent this from happening; the circulation of consciousness secures the clarity of the energy - and as you can see with another of the speakers on the Internet; she is also struggling with her inner shadows as the group around her becomes more and more dependent on her. The negativity you see in her material are from her own projections, and the projections of her group. This is quite common to happen for teachers on Earth.
It is here the weakness of the bio-regenesis shows itself; you might cleanse the body and the lower mind as well as the astral/emotional field with symbols and light coding, but here on Earth we have to cleanse and transform the dark energy, not expel it. It is ours and ours to cleanse through heartfelt emotional cleansing and compassion and if you just suppress it, it will eventually return as dark entities around you and within the group, creating a lot of dark elementals and fear.
And if your template holds a lot of dark incarnational energies on the soul levels - which led us here in the first place - then this will show as the group grows around such souls. Eventually the lack of inner and deeper cleansing will release the dark material of the soul, and thus the result is what have happened to many gurus and teachers here on Earth; the fall into the urge for powers, sexual energy, personal gratification and negligence of the inner darkness.

Any way
The new speaker is here. I will not give up her name, since I know that the ones following her path will find her and to avoid confusion for those who have followed my path the last year or so. We are all very vulnerable and confused, trying to figure out where we belong.
I am on another path, and will not advocate for her, but I will follow her progress and see where they are taking their galactic races, and the branch that will remain without the bio-regenesis and their progress into their version of soul-regenesis.

My endnote to this blog
We are all in the same boat; no one is better or cleaner, or more saved, or more evolved etc. We have had foreign supremacy, but this is ending. We are all struggling with our past, the many false programs that have led us to partake in negative paths and actions, and the energetic remnants (karma) from this is in our template and souls. 

Some work harder, and thus cleanse faster, where others are bound to take more rounds to achieve the same level and enjoy the rising of the energies of Earth. 

Helpers have incarnated; I see them in my practice, but they work in hiding, amongst the common people, humbly and quietly, and they too are struggling to cleanse their personal triad of lower energies to become what they truly are on the soul level.

Therefore: Stop following teachings that proclaim you are special, something marvelous and unique and therefore better than others. Do not follow teachings that proclaim love, but endorse fear. Do not take the easy path, if it is too good to be true, it often is. Take care and work hard to become the most compassionate being, doing no harm in thought, emotion and action and be that compassionate being in all of the hours of the day and the night. Observe and change when you are not. Become your own teacher and judge of energy, discernment and development. 

The only one that is really able to see into your heart and what needs to be done is you. 

Be kind to yourself, nurture yourself and work on your karma, your dark energies and your past. Then it will be so much easier to accept the same darkness in others and true kindness towards others and yourself can arise within your heart.

You will get there, unless you definitely resists to undergo the soul regenesis and the hard work it takes to transform the lower three bodies of the ego as well as the three bodies of the soul. 
Read the newsletter of november 2013.

-By Randi Green-

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