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The Galactic- Terra-Polarian Network: Reading the Signs of Changes


Reading the Signs of Changes

I think it is time to address some important points of view:
1)  When people interpret visions and inner information the error of the beginner is to interpret it as if the signs belonged to the earthly plane of existence; they rarely do. The soul speaks in images, dreams and visions to the untrained mind, using the oldest parts of the brain, connected to the alta major and the occipital lobe and thus when those visions are interpreted through the modern mind – the not so highly evolved parts of the frontal lobe and the rational left brain under the control of the ego – they are translated through a media that has lost its ability to see things in the cross world of dreams and reality. (The true higher function of the brains is yet to come when all the preceding levels of the brain are summed up and connected to the frontal lope under the guidance of the soul; then we will see what the human mind is able to do).
The opposite happened during the middle ages of magic and esoteric information. Back then the human mind interpreted all events, even the outer experiences, as a part of a divine plan and meaningful scheme of the one god. We see this way of interpreting things in religious groups during the enlightenment and into present ages in pious seekers, not grounded new agers and godly people. Previous times have shown the same swing of the pendulum from either non-believing in signs to predominant beliefs in signs all over.
2) But neither way is showing the full picture. The law of opposites is to integrate both poles into one balanced understanding. It is not either or, but the higher version of both polarities as in the triad of dialectic thought (Hegel).
Naturally some events have a significant effect on the physical plane and yet a lot of events have no significant effect on the outer, but a whole lot of meaning on the inner or soul level – the synthesis level of mind and soul. (The galactic consciousness equals the level of the soul, as either an original high state of being, a soul undergoing regenesis – or part of a soul - or a full reversed soul; a fallen being).
The outer world is a diminutive version of the inner light worlds. Thus when outer events happen, they reflect inner changes and not the other way around. They are the residual of higher leveled energetic changes spiraling down into the last plane of existence; our Earth. Thus when outer celestial events finally occur; they are the last energetic event in a line of previous higher events and changes in energy and consciousness of the inhabitants of the inner or higher light worlds. This is how things and signs on Earth have to be seen: As the end result of inner cyclic changes and not the other way around. And when such outer celestial events occur, the results on the human mind are not seen immediately but in the time following the event; in the long run. Changes in humanity happen very slowly and not at once.
3) We also have to have a lot of knowledge on what the celestial and planetary bodies stand for. As the human body holds specific powers and different fields of mental, astral and etheric energies - each field driven by its own internal laws and cycles of evolution and devolution - the same principles applies for all outer and inner heavenly bodies. Not that they are gods or celestial large beings – I prefer not to go into this projecting mechanism of anthropomorphic thinking, i.e. making all we see into an image of our likeness – they are the sum of many individual and connected soul beings, just like our Earth is a field of souls putting parts of their consciousness into this field for various purposes and thus creating a plane of existence.
4) All larger fields such as planets, stars etc. are therefore the sum of evolving or devolving consciousness fields build up by the partaking souls, monads etc. forming an outer body into which they can incarnate or connect to on various levels of the etheric, astral and mental planes. Only Earth has a direct physical evolution: The remaining celestial bodies in the solar system have left this part of their cyclic evolution – or if you prefer; have stopped undergoing this level of digression as in the 1stand 2nd degree of the original state of consciousness as we have on Earth – and are now presently working on their part of the creation of galactic Terra; the united solar system into one manifestation field holding all higher levels of etheric, astral and higher mental incarnational fields. Or to put into more modern terms; life is existing in our solar system, on all the planets, but in different dimensions.
5) Each of the different evolutions in our solar system are connected to other similar chains of evolutions, connecting the many galaxies into a major network of souls undergoing regenesis or beings of a high standard evolving on their own levels. From this network many deva-stellar humanities (souls) are operating within the mind of their receptive humans, the incarnated field workers of which you already know. This is not new knowledge. The news is to select between the ego oriented and fearbased ideologies to stop those from spreading with the purpose of altering the very fine prognosis of the creation of galactic Terra into a whole manifestation field of souls undergoing regenesis under the guidance of both higher deva teachers and monadic beings from other systems, coming forth to help and sustain us in the process of transformation.
6) The process of transformation will have periods of progress and periods of setbacks. There will be times when the surface of the Earth has to undergo changes to adapt to the elevated cosmic incoming energies from the sun, the planets and other inner celestial bodies, unknown to us. Some of the incoming cosmic energies will benefit us and others will not feel so pleasant – seen from an ego point of view.
7) All losses and changes are seen as negative according to the ego; only the continuing, repeating and rigid everyday common experiences as the ego is accustomed to, are pleasant and seen as preferable; when it comes to the ego. The ego is in a state of devolution thus all signs of status quo are signs of continued existence, whereas signs of changes could be signs of destruction to the very fragile balance of the physical body and the manipulated bits of the etheric, astral and mental fields, making them all revolve around the ego and the needs of the ego. If this dominion is lost, the soul is able to interfere with the singular control of the ego.
The soul is the great enemy of the ego in our time. The ego functions on reversed energy – it was created as the caretaker of the infected energies in manifestation fields created to make a transformation possible, but eventually the ego became self indulgent and lost its connection to the soul as the fields of Earth grew denser and finally when the quarantine was put on Earth, the ego and this level of physical consciousness evolved into a whole sphere of its own. The soul therefore stands for the dissolution of the ego and the transformation of all known to the ego and back into soul consciousness. The main and original purpose of the ego is to transform all the reversed energies and transform them back into levels of higher consciousness where the soul is able to permeate the ego, making it co-operate with the soul. The king of the body (the ego) is then not the lord, but becomes the servant of the high king; the soul.
The stronghold of the lower state of mind, and the continuing cycles of reversed energies, are solely based upon a reality field controlled by ego consciousness and the three fields under the dominion of a servant that suddenly became king, eager to gain power and use the reversed energies to sustain this power.
The soul sees things in a different perspective. The soul is meek and patient. In the end, if the part of the soul that does not transform back into the original state of being, the soul simply let go of this level and starts over in the overall evolution of souls. It is eternal and thus holds no fear, no angst of dying or being dissolved. It freely gives parts of its spherical consciousness to different worlds, as different beings and different experiences. It knows it is a part of the first true consciousness and can never really die.
In the Old Testament they talk of how humans can truly die, or as it is said in Hebrew die death, which is the destruction of the ego. Not the human body. If the ego truly dies, it is when it is cut off from the soul or on a much higher level if the soul has turned into a full reversed state, the monad can dispel the soul and cut if off. The monad can be affected as well, so can whole systems and worlds of monads but they are not cut off. They are left to outlive their potentials and in a later evolution being revived and put back into circulation and the overall evolution of living consciousness.
The human body can die, and it can be dissolved, but since the ego is a temporary state of mind, an invention created to control the body and the three energy fields it truly consists of as the rest of the solar system, then the ego does not really exist and therefore we should not let us be controlled by it. We have to learn to discern us from the fleshly oriented ego (to use an old phrase), return it into its prime function as the observer of energy and school ourselves in how to build the bridge between the true higher mind and the functional, intermediary human mind or ego. Meditation helps in this process; to release the ego from the deep in-body-experience (when the ego identifies itself with the body and the outer world) and return to become the observer of the three energy fields, as they outplay their reversed substance into the physical world, through the means of a physical body. The human in-body-experience is a period of healing and transforming old karmic patterns and not the sole purpose of the soul.
8) The ego is an impermanent experience seen from the level of the soul, and only a part of the soul is engaged in the transformation of the negative karmic patterns or the reversed energies of some parts of the soul. The negative karmic patterns can be the effect of being in touch with infected energies in one type of incarnational process, a voluntary experience, an experience put on to the soul of non-voluntary means etc. and the degrees of infection varies as well from parts to full blown infection. The ego only exist in one lifetime constructed to alter specific karmic patterns and transform them into their opposite positive qualities – in this world of opposites - and from here bring them back into the higher levels of mind, cf. the triad of integration (thesis-antithesis-synthesis). Only if the ego succeed in gaining control over the three bodies of soul regenesis, will it be able to live forever as an integrated part of the soul; or as the opposite result as a part of a cyclic devolution where it loses more and more of the lifeforce which it was given from the soul to begin with.
9) As things are in such fields of regenesis, they only exist in a period of time. When the devolution reach a certain point, the lack of higher energies make the field collapse and dissolve by its own means. It is not divine intervention, or the work of higher gods, but the implicit laws and works of any manifestation field. The main law for human existence is the law of energy working through opposition – the principle that secures the transformational process of the reversed energy – but it also works through the law of least resistance, which means that if the ego is left on its own, it will devolve slowly but surely. Thus the only sign we have of progress is through changes.
10) When we suffer it is the result of the reluctant ego resisting the changes and trying to work against them. When the soul takes over, the servant is protected and nurtured by its king (again using old images of the covenant in the OT) and this does not mean that the ego stops existing or stops having a saying in the everyday life. On the contrary: When the soul is the master of the three bodies and the ego cooperate with the energies from the soul, as it should; the ego being the main operator in the physical world, the ego follows the inner guidance on how to transform the reversed energies and the ego and soul co-exist in full harmony as an integrated part of our mind. We simply stop having the idea of an ego and a soul; we become a soul in a body, using the mind, emotions and actions to heal, counteract and repair the negative karmic patterns. We become determined humans, working under the laws of the higher worlds to undo the reversing and return as a full transformed soul back into full speed on the higher planes of existence.
11) Therefore – to conclude the list of points – we are not to fear the changes but view them as the returning of a world controlled and utilized by the soul level in us, as it was created to be. It is a plane of existence where the soul undergo regenesis, undo karmic patterns and regenerate itself into higher levels of existence. For the soul this is normal, a usual thing to do, and a common thing seen in the overall evolution and devolution of the soul experiences. Sometimes we progress and other times we regress, but we learn from it all. The signs we have to learn to read are the signs of our individual karmic patterns as they show themselves as they arise from the etheric level, the astral level and the mental level and what we should do to transform those outer or inner events, or actions done to us, or by us. Celestial events are the collective karmic patterns and have to be interpreted as such.
I would like to stress here that the souls where I come from do not incarnate on Earth and becomes murderers and psychopaths. Most of those are souls from heavily digressed areas of the galaxies (the higher dimensions that are outside our present state of consciousness) and many came here during invitations from certain factions to make the total sum of energies on Earth very low vibrant and thus disconnecting it from the light worlds. We, the original and non-fallen souls, do not incarnate and do such deeds. It is simply impossible. We incarnate on matters of behavior, emotional distress and distorted mental thought forms; i.e. the karmic negative patterns of the astral and mental planes of existence; the etheric blueprint is a result of those two. The ones driven by these dark means are dark souls. Fallen into the total reversed way of seeing things, only possible in this world of opposites; this makes Earth such an attractive place to be for such deeply distressed souls. The last resort of transformation, the outpost before dying death.
Earth is therefore one of the hardest and most severe schools to attend, and to incarnate in; ranging from the deepest darkness to the highest inner light. Only if we succeed in our classes here are we let into the higher worlds connected to Earth. It is a place where we can alter many karmic patterns in one lifetime before progressing to new light worlds; whereas in other schools we have to do this in smaller bits and over several incarnational cycles. It is the fast track to soul progress and soul regenesis.

The unfortunate side is that this going deep into the karmic patterns also can lead to a separation of the ego from the soul, being fully integrated into the setup of the three fields and their digressed energies. 

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