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Krystalai: Quantum Physics of Consiousness #Part2+

CRYSTALAI (c) 2013

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(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

The contents of your DNA template and scalar template are like the film that is used in a camera. Whatever is in the DNA template is the image that is projected into the holographic bubble. The out here is the screen that it gets projected on to. The Radial Body is the screen that the picture bounces back to you the contents of what is inside of you. and makes it look like its outside of you.
We bring back the correct Math into our Radial body and that takes the Blue print clear back to the template to reset everything back to the blue print.

Thought becomes form
Primal Life Force currents ManU EirA and ManA break themselves down into all of the smaller currents, muons, treons, Ions

15 Rays go into planetary merkaba field and matter units spiraling vortices of electromagnetic energy are merkaba fields that form around all things. Primary Life Force through planetary merkaba field take energy and move it. Take arches of light in PartiKI units and bend them into spirals.
Spirals are flash lines and spiraling flash lines mathematical coding makes arches turn into spirals The whole cosmic matrix was structured on this formula of partikI polarized into partikai and partikum. This goes into maharic shield of the divine blue print and goes into planet shield and then into our shield. It goes into the keyons thought and morphogenetic field. This is where partiki polarize and form idea. Keylons

Keylon field is crystal body or crystal thought form field. First place where thought form crystallizes and thought takes on form. It goes into the merkaba field in my body.

It goes into the body template of the DNA and RNA. My DNA is the RNA of anti particle double keylon thought form field and merkaba field to DNA template to axiotonal lines into hoova bodies, into auric field, to chakra and meridian lines into Trion miaji field. The five radial body levels or density levels into radius each of five radial bodies have from radial body into little radius streams Breaks it down into omnions and Dions into electro magnetism into quarks, muons, miasms and subatomic and atomic particles

into blue print translation of nuclei, molecules, elements, compound chemicals, chemical DNA template and chemical lenses of manifest body form hologram.

This is the chemical lenses of the projector that these frequencies move through, bounce off the radial body. We generate our own projection screen around us. We don't see the screen but our consciousness comes through like a beam of light on to the projector. It passes through all these phases of light breaking down into specific things and takes this image that is stored in the DNA and scalar template and projecting it out there onto projector It bounces banc because it is curved. We are inside of a sphere. The projector is curved. The image bounces back and we see what our DNA and our Template projected out into the Hologram.
The screen bounces the light back and we see it.
So, if we create in our DNA the movie of us winning the lotto, that movie will project from the screen back to us.

We must become saturated wit light and sound at the etheric level of crystal light crystal gel and crystal dust. We must breathe from the Azure  or the crystal heart and breathe from the seed atom. Breathe from the Elohim of Hearing the Angels thoughts are the breathe of Source breathing into plasma, atomic radiation

String theory beyond atoms, quarks, sparks the light and sound of strings.
Like harp strings of light and sound streaming from the cosmic mind of God. The strings create universal atonement.

We had to learn out real body is cosmic. Relativity this is to that as this is to that all strings come from Source all strings tie us together with light and sound.

There are many different densities of consciousness, but it is all the exact same consciousness. We now live in a physical density that will transform to a density that is half physical and half etheric in 2017. If we move up to dimensions seven, eight and nine, the density is angelic or etheric. The density of the twelfth dimension is zero or pure white light. We are in reality within the full spectrum of light or the multidimensional reality of all that is within the mind of God.

EVERYTHING is made from a basic unit called Keylon. Keylontic Science is the science of the language of the stars. The stars are made of keylons. A Keylon is like a Watt in the 3D reality. However the Keylon is cosmic electricity.

Oscillation bends energy and creates arches of energy to create electromagnetic force of light and sound merging to become dimensionality.

There are twelve domains and fifteen rays. the Cosmic Sphere of the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth dimensions are called kee Ra Shay and have Rays that form arches. The arches are formed by the suns feeding energy to each other that creates Eternal Life. The arches are formed from the Cosmic into the Universal. The Rays form arches This is where the story of the arch of the covenant came from.

Oscillation is when you have standing waves oscillating near each other. They create fields around them that create arches of energy. Light and Sound merge to become dimensionality  Partikum forms from more consciousness from Source and begin to group by like mathematical programs so partikai attracts more partikai and partikI an Partikum attract likes.
They build up in form one dimension at a time.
Finally they build three dimensional partikai grids that form keylons, a keylon is like a watt or unit of energy

Quantity of Consciousness thrust contained within a thing or a unit. Keylon is how much consciousness measure of life force. Keylons break down into Sound vibration and light fields.
Each dimension of consciousness remains and more and more builds upon it.

This is how I record the music.
I breathe one keylon code, one unit of Source Consciousness on top of each other. I breathe crystal sphere of energy, crystal light radiation is the sparks of source creating the keylons . This pure energy is prepared for a Re Birth of a new idea. Each level of currents have specific keylon amounts of partikI partikai units.

Keylon level has to do with accretion level in the DNA How difference much frequency the DNA template can hold and how much it is holding.

The amount of DNA you have determines which stargate you can go through
Keylon is wattage of consciousness in a template

As frequencies step down and replicate and break and polarize themselves to make a smaller set. Step down creation. Literally the whole breaks itself down into smaller and smaller pieces.
We get 12 domains and from that we get 12 dimensions . Each step down creates a different type of current. Sound tones break down into smaller units that have only frequencies. Natural automatics keeps polarity in balance New ideas are created through polarity of frequencies. BUT, when unnatural mathematics are used, bad polarity can occur. Original creation had balanced polarity balanced movement.

It created a free will matrix.
Mathematics of Divine Blue Print was created in a way to allow this to be a perpetual motion eternal life system.

When someone takes away someone else’s free will, it jeopardizes the hologram.
You can have all the Free Will you want as long as your free will doesn't jeopardize someone else’s free will. THAT IS THE LAW. Free will within a co-creative frame work. If you are oscillating you can see yourself. To become something you must become nothing. Spin frequencies until you feel invisible.

Cosmic Nothingness is what we came from and what we return to.
MIons and Dions before omnions.

We need a Tri Veka Merkaba to shift into the God World.
Putting mathematical formula back into Kathara grid in order to clear the core template

Activating DNA 
The coding gets sent out through the DNA Most rapid way to create change
Using the body to generate the process within of spinning on the merkaba field
Merkaba has been spinning in reverse for about 200,000 years.
To clear miasms we use symbols activate twelve to forty eight currents. Use the body's currents to get critical mass.
When I sing the songs I am  triggering codes in the DNA template. The listener becomes that wave spectra that corresponds to the DNA. The listener allowing it to activate in the shields that which makes it activate in the merkaba fields are the vector codes of the chromosome blue print. The scalar waves that create chromosomes. Base codes and acceleration codes in DNA template have two scalar wave patterns.

12 VEKA CODES equal one DNA fire letter
God fire alphabet
 Fire letters are specific groupings of scalar wave forms that carry the mathematics of the universal and cosmic divine blue print. it has a base 12.

humans created on core krystic template of a base 12DNA template made of mathematical fire letter math arrangement of the divine blue print fire letters compose DNA and dimensions  of the 12 strand matrix  is the silicate matrix template . Crystalline is silica. It is the eternal life substance of  a certain type of crystals and stars.

Those of us on planet Earth have been mutated into carbon based bodies. Our real bodies are crystalline silica. Indigo children have the 12 vector code of one DNA fire letter. They have twelve fire letters per one DNA strand template. One strand equals twelve fire letters  and that equals 144 vector codes.

Our 1727 selves are in a vector code and all must be cleared. The only way to clear out all of this error is with energy High frequency energy, but the frequencies must be cosmic consciousness or Source Consciousness first activity of the Kristi or Universal 12 DNA to begin the clearing.
Celestiline is a transient element with short life span. It does something to the body to create internal molecular structure infusion. It allows the particles to shift so that you can turn into light and disappear and as a wave form move someplace else to turn into you merkaba.
Then you lower your frequency and put your body back. The celestiline comes from hydrogen bonds. They link two sides of the double helix together. The celestiline talks to the DNA and turns on the 12 sub harmonics. We need hydrogen bands to make this happen.
Getting our chemicals in our body back to doing what they were meant to do.
Now, our bodies points themselves because the chemicals created through gene code are inorganic. Hormones are created in the body that are unnatural. The hormones are causing the body to eat itself to death.
Celestiline Music or the Arias are used to open stargates and for braiding the DNA into the 12 strands.


The question that is asked most often after a client orders their Individualized Eternal Life MP3 is how often should I listen to it. The answer to this question is how often would you like to be completely immersed within the entire Divine Blue Print Template of the Breath of Source that originally created you? We would all like to do this as often as possible. However, if you are still preoccupied with the 3D world, begin with one hour or two hours a day, which is enough to listen to all of your songs at least once. Find songs that resonate with you the most, and listen to them one hour a day. Those songs might be the ones that are healing something in you that needs the most attention at this time. You will eventually get tired of those songs, because that item that needed attention is healed. Soon, another song or two will resonate with you the most. You see, when I am collecting frequencies and aligning consciousness into the certain places and certain codes, I am going through a process of healing one miasm at a time, as well as always aligning your template within your five merkabas into the Etheric Inner Earth Stargates where we will eventually walk through the doors at the 14th dimensional frequency level. I am also always aligning your template through your merkaba into the outer realms of the D4 Christic Realm of Aramatena--our 12th stargate, and then on out into the Cosmic Time Matrix and into the pre sound and pre sound light fields. Once the frequencies are aligned and collected I transmute all of those frequencies into pure Source Frequencies. This guarantees the original spark of Source is penetrating your body from the zero point within your cells out into the Infinite Unknown.

So, there are all of these breaths of consciousness aligning your consciousness into the Inner and the Outer Domains of Eternal Life Frequencies. Now, your body is fully within the flame of the complete light and sound spectrum. It looks like a crystal light body. I see that light body standing within a candle flame. The flame holds all of the light codes from hertzian, infra red, visible light, invisible light, x ray, gamma-plasma and pink white light. That light is the total light of Source. So, I hold your crystal light body within the flame, which we call the Amorea Flame and the Ekasha Flame. While I am doing this I am using codes such as Uma A tra Ena A Ekasha. This means the spiritual all ness of this one being held within the spark of Source Flame. We hold this flame within the pineal gland and within the crystal heart chakra area where the fourth and the eighth chakras meet. The Amorea Flame contains the frequencies of D4 Christ Consciousness or Universal Consciousness and D5 Cosmic Consciousness ignited by the breath of Source and wrapped around the body.

Now that your body has been firmly wrapped and penetrated with Source Frequencies that transpose you from the zero point within out into infinity, your new light body rides in the merkaba down into the Etheric Core of Earth to plant the seed of your original perfect self that will be reborn from the Core of Earth out into the Crystal Grids of Earth and then flow into the atmosphere and into your personal biosphere. You are now living within a sphere of Etheric Reality - the self that you once were and were supposed to be.

Now that your seed has been planted in the future, your rebirth is now possible. Our original 12 coded self was not planted into the Earth's Core at the time of our incarnation because of the frequency fences and misalignments created by Fallen Races.

It was not until this time when the Founders Races brought in enough Indigo Star seeds to raise the frequencies of the Earth and to implant enough of these frequencies into the Core of Etheric Earth, that this Sphere of Amenti, which at once carried our complete 12 coded blue print of our race line. Our race line had to be returned in pieces, one at a time. So there were 12 races that had to be returned. The Indigo Children brought in one frequency at a time to re-establish our original birth right.

Now, it is our time to travel into the Earth's Core and plant our seed into the Sphere of Amenti. Now we have aligned with the correct perfect template. Next, I use that template- your personal template to transmute the miasms and seals that were placed in your body by the fallen race lines over the past millions of years. There were these beautiful perfect codes or symbols within our templates. When the symbol is perfected within the chakra, the DNA can then begin to connect to the 12 sub harmonic strands that are supposed to be on each and every strand of the double helix, triple helix, or whatever template the body is now carrying. Where the scientists see junk DNA is actually an invisible etheric template where the 12 sub harmonics belong.

These sub harmonics naturally appear once the miasms are removed from the physical template and the spirit body template.

Once the breath and spark of Source enters into the pre sound and pre light chambers of Cosmic Consciousness, there is a divine coded template that is formed. It is made out of star dust- the language of the stars, the frequencies of the Cosmos. When we tune in to these frequencies within our cells and within the Etheric Inner Earth and within the Stardust that will be coming from Comet ISON and other Solar Wind activity, we are re-igniting our or keylon codes or our star language codes. We are allowing the communication of our Starry family to become our new consciousness which is called SUPER.

The ETERNAL LIFE MP3 is created from certain frequencies of Cosmic Consciousness. The frequencies sometimes include codes which are like mathematical formulas that do certain things. Our Cosmic Creation Family knows about everything that has happened to their Soul Families over the past millions of years. They know exactly how each miasm, distortion, misalignment was placed within our field of Consciousness. They know how the Fallen Angelic groups sacrificed our divine templates to create magical powders for their own recreational uses. They know how we were tortured, they know how we were misaligned from the Mind of God.

The codes, the frequencies, the training, the Consciousness alignment with Elemental Crystal Spheres of Energy, are all a part of the Scientific Formula for FIXING THE MESS that was created by Fallen races over the past millions of years.

Crystalai was given these formulas, activations, codes directly from her own Over Soul and Monadic Families who directed the perfect flow of the Sound and Light from Cosmic Consciousness- the Rishi Self that is too etheric to contact directly. The flow of Consciousness of density one and two etheric light and sound frequencies coming directly from the Grand Yana Creation Races at the Pre Sound and Light Fields of Consciousness guarantee the frequencies to be completely uncontaminated by any of the Frequency Wars that have taken place over the past 250 billion years.

Once the Frequencies come through the Breath of Consciousness, they begin to transmute the negative blockages that were placed in the templates of Angelic Humans on the Earth. Once all of these Miasms or Errors that were placed in the light fields are removed, an entire new reality is revealed to Consciousness.

The Guardians know about the miasms in the sexual organs, they know about the miasms in the pineal, they know about the vesica pisces creating a mortality loop that guarantees death. They know that these problems were created at such high levels, that they can't be healed through chakras alone. They problems existed as far back in the creation template as the light fields only steps down from the pre light fields of Source Consciousness.

The original Electric Wars that took place many millions of years ago, were a war against Source itself within the Plasma Level or within the Original Sun.

The only way the problem could be completely removed was to clear the memory all the way back to our original self- our original divine blue print. This is what we are doing with the Eternal Life MP3. The Breaths of Consciousness streaming from Cosmic Consciousness are programmed with the codes of transmutation, that will dissolve the miasms within the template eternally.

Once this process is complete, the Angelic Human will remember how Instant Manifestation was always a part of normal reality. Instant Healing wasn't even a concept because there was nothing to heal. The IDEA MAN was, is and always will be perfect, complete and whole. Abstract concepts such as Orbing, teleporting, telecommunication with multidimensional reality are all a part of the Normal System, once these Distortions are removed from the DNA template and our 12 coded Divine Template is restored.

ASCENDING Through Frequency Alignment WITH MOTHER EARTH
Crystalai channels Mother Earth Consciousness
through the breaths of Cosmic Angels

Listen to Mother Earth:

Those who are standing on Mother Earth are also a part of Mother Earth's Body. We are in the same Sphere. We contain the same Frequencies. Mother Earth's

Frequencies are our frequencies. Mother Earth also has a Sun deep inside of her
Core. Her Sun is deep inside the Etheric Chambers, the Liquid Light Mantels.
Mother Earth has braided and woven her Sun's Frequencies up through her body
and into three spheres to connect with and unite with all of the other Suns in the
Third Sphere or the Galactic Sphere. As our bodies stand on the Earth's Surface, we are conduits of all of this Aqualene Sun's Frequency streaming up out of Mother Earth from below and from the Galactic Suns streaming down from above. Mother Earth needs us to become a part of this process. She needs us to be ascending with her. As we flow together Mother Earth is very happy to feel all of her family rising with her.

Listening to the ULTRA VIOLET BLUE SUN streams these frequencies from Mother Earth's Core, her Sun out through the body of the listener and up into the galactic suns and the Milky Way's Stars.

Please listen here:

We can absorb frequencies from Mother Earth's Crust where the Divine Christ
Consciousness is stored. We can also absorb frequencies of Divine Love,
Unconditional Love, Intelligence and many more Divine Qualities from her Crust.
When we travel down into Mother Earth's Core we can absorb qualities of Divine
Creativity, Divine Substance, Divine Principle. We can ask AnWa to send the Crystal Star Merkaba down into the Heart of Mother Earth to collect all of these Frequencies of our Divine Substance- our Divine Essence--our Divine Plan-- all of the Divine Consciousness that we share with and reflect through Mother Earth.
We can send our physical bodies down deep into the Earth's Core and beyond into the Liquid Light Chambers and absorb our original Complete Body. This etheric dust body contains all of the keys and codes or remembering all that we really are.

We can journey down and collect this iridescent spiritual body.
As we combine our physical body with this iridescent crystalline silica based body, we can then allow the Suns' energies to remove all that is unlike the original selfhood from our physical body and become one with our true Divine Self Hood.

When the physical and spiritual unite into Oneness this is Zero point energy of
Oneness. We must unite into Mother Earth's Body and Frequencies to return into this Oneness.

This process of obtaining Oneness with the original Divine Self will happen naturally when there is enough light frequency brought into the body as the body absorbs the Sun's Aqualene Frequencies of the Galactic Suns and Mother Earth's Ultra Violet Blue Suns frequencies. Once these two bodies become one, then the crystal cells that contain the eternal memory of the Immortal Self Hood Cells are the Crystal Dust Silica Based Cells of our Original selfhood.

Mother Earth shares the same planetary body that we do. We share the same
Merkaba Body with mother Earth. We are both in the Earth's Matrix of Five Spheres.

These are the spheres of the Planetary, Solar System, Galactic, Universal and
Cosmic. We must merge our Frequencies into the earth. The Earth's Core contains our Divine Principle, our substance, and deep inside the Earth's Etheric Core is our spiritual Body. There is also grids of Love, Unconditional Love, Atmosphere Divine, Truth, Intelligence and the streams of Divine Alignment from our Etheric Twin Matrix.

All of these energies of source consciousness are woven into the Earth from above. The original Fifth Dimensional Essence of the mother Earth's Body is where our Scientists have placed the Photon Belt in our Science Books. This photon contains the frequency that shifts our entire matrix into the home frequency or the fifth.  Van Allen Belt as been drawn in our science textbooks. This Etheric Galactic home has remained in this location as the Ursa of our Mother Earth. Ursa contains the Divine Image and Likeness of Mother Earth, just as our Crystal Dust Spiritual Body in the Earth's Core contains our Divine Image and Likeness.

As Mother Earth returns into her Divine Selfhood, so do we return with her.
The Cosmic and Galactic Entities of Light have been streaming Stellar Wave
infusions into the Earth s plane to raise her frequencies back into these etheric
realms of Consciousness. The photon belt contains fifth dimensional home
frequencies of transformation to be drawn into Mother Earth.
When Mother Earth rises into the Van Allen Belt of frequencies, she will completely be one with her Urtha, her Original selfhood. She will then be at the Zero G level of transforming into the Golden Galaxy.

Mother Earth's Sun, deep inside of her Core Domain is also streaming energy
upward through pillars into her Crust. This liquid light energy flows up as the stellar and Aqualene Energies flow inward.

This Liquid Light cleansing of Mother Earth and our bodies is transforming us
together to rise into our original Divine Tone of Home. We help raise our
frequencies together with the help of the Sun's Energy Streams, through the Earth and through our Crystal Hearts. We spin our Merkaba from our Crystal Heart down into the Earth's Core - deep down inside where the Earth's Sun resides. Collect this energy, Walk into the Earths Sun and absorb the Frequencies. Bring those frequencies into the Crystal Heart. Now ride the Merkaba to the 8th and collect the Sun's Energy. Ride up to the 14th and Collect all Etheric Frequencies and all Galactic Sun Frequencies. Bring them into Crystal Heart. Become one with all Suns Energies.

When we absorb the Frequencies of Mother Earth into our Crystal Cells, we awaken our Crystal Dust memory, - the Crystal Dust Memory of all that we really are. These records of our Eternal Being are stored in our Crystal Cells in our Spiritual Body.

Our Spiritual Body is in the Etheric Core of Mother Earth which is in at onement with our Crystal Heart. We bring in the essence of our immortal body into our Crystal Heart to ignite our Immortal Being of Oneness. When our spiritual Body is aligned into our Physical Body our memory will be restored.


CRYSTALAI (c) 2013

(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

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Crystalai (c) 2013

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