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The Terra-Gaia Network: The Feminine Devic or Angelic level of the True Worlds

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Feminine Devic or Angelic level of the True Worlds

 I found this statement on youtube:
“If you are part of any of these organizations then you are part of a UFO CULT. They all sell books dvds seminars etc selling you information that will supposedly protect you from the bad guy ET's and also give you enlightenment as well as make you ascend to the 5th Dimension. They love bomb you and tell you love and light and make you believe that if you just reach the right level you'll be able to transcend reality etc. These are cults that are social experiments in mind control and are new age groups that promise you special powers as well. I'm willing to bet all of these people are victims of Ritual Abuse and trauma based mind control and have Star Wars/Star Trek Programming. They come bearing "the truth" and exclusive knowledge that only they can provide. Too bad they all conflict with each other as well. Oh and they are the only ones in contact with the aliens so they are the only ones who can talk to them too.

Ashayana Deane - Emerald order Melchizedek Cloister / Guardian Alliance
Jelaila Starr - Nibiruan Council
George Kavassilas - The Sirian High Council/Galactic Federation of Light (Star Trek)
Laura Knight Jzyadzik - The Casseopiens?
David Wilcock - The RA material
Lisa Renee - Guardian Alliance (the GA that Ashayana says are the bad guys. Go figure.)”

It is an interesting angle and worth taking into account, because what are we relying on in our search for the truth? Are we looking in the right places? And does the truth exist?
Before I continue, I have to say that I consider the above teachings to belong to the 3rd galactic races of the Galactic Worlds, being positioned in the artificial 5thdimension of the holographic Earth or other similar galactic communities. So the claim is in a way correct.

To recapture
With holographic I mean an artificial structure created out of the 1st and 2nd dimensional layers of galactic Terra, and thus all we perceive as real, is in reality an illusion upheld by our present low vibrating human minds (electromagnetic circuits) and the collective consciousness field we create on a daily basis – the energy system of the so-called planet Earth. We are the ones sustaining the hologram and our prison. 
If we remember who we are, then we can dissolve the hologram at once, simply by leaving this present state of consciousness, but since the human morphogenetic field is a piece of galactic intruder science this is not as easy as it sounds, since our orbs of created manasic consciousness (our souls are not human like copies, but orbs of geometrical patterns vibrating with sound and light into which the highest levels of living consciousness is interwoven) are woven into all levels of the hologram as well as being a part of the mental and emotional fields of energy. 
The mental and emotional fields, the basics of the ego, are not bodies but fields of reversed manasic consciousness fused with different types of implants creating mental illusions (thought forms and beliefsystems) and emotional forces such as electro-chemical transmitters creating the electromagnetic endocrine glands, the PNS part of the nervous system, the heart and blood all circulating with induced coding from the racial DNA in our morphogenetic fields; the template behind the body. 
The higher electromagnetic meridian network (actually the atomic level before the quantum level) and the chakra system is connecting us to the deepest layers of the hologram, making it almost impossible to discern what level that is higher and what is artificial. We therefore have to transform ourselves on all levels of our being, undo it all and remember who and what we are in order to transform, let go of the ego, and integrate our true consciousness.
Galactic Worlds consists of reversed and primarily digressed worlds holding various forms of benevolent and malevolent races, where the original created consciousness (orbs of manasic consciousness, as in the true soul) has been reversed and infected into small dark spiral energy bits, spiraling downwards into space dust unless they are infused with creational consciousness or other types of living light. Those bits are racial DNA. 
The 3rd galactic races are thus all kinds of galactic beings, and some are benevolent whereas others are malevolent; it all depends on the sum of reversed bits in their consciousness fields and the coding they hold. The galactic races are the same as the stellar races, because many of the 3rd galactic races stem from stellar constellations and thus the new humanities are galactic consciousness directly integrated into the human morphogenetic field, upholding their galactic memories and knowledge, circumventing the holographic ego by deleting the settings of the collective human structure.
Thus the infusion into humanity of Earth is galactic consciousness from the Galactic Worlds or from future versions of galactic Terra, as she has evolved into a whole new version. The old galactic Terra is dying, the 4th and 5th dimensions are no more – due to the parallel shift of the 4th and 5th dimensional band of the original Terra (the Terra of the Created Worlds) that was coursed by the infection - and we have to integrate and evolve into the 6thdimension of galactic Terra if we want to continue this old line of evolution. Others rejoin the 5th dimensions of similar galactic communities (many are descendants of galactic Terra having left this manifestation field as it was taken over by the intruder races) and the whole idea of the many teachings in our present timeline is to gain as much of the vibrant non-reversed manasic consciousness left in humanity of holographic Earth. 
And now to this post
I am in my very human mood today, so I am able to ask some important questions before I dive further into another timeline and another angle to it all, losing my critical approach to things as I am swallowed up into the higher realms of conditional truth. 
Why do I call it conditional? Well, all readings of the network of timelines from the Galactic and Created Worlds, and thus in reality the Akashic Records, are conditioned by my level of consciousness, what type of timelines I am connected to (the consciousness of the heart system) and the angle I have developed on things, as in what type of evolution that is the primary for me as well as what type of consciousness I have evolved (the consciousness triangles in the head from the Created Worlds), regarding the races I originally stem from in the Created Worlds, as in the stellar, lunar or solar levels. I am also conditioned regarding the galactic imprints in my body and mind, all due to the racial DNA, which is integrated into my mental, emotional and morphogenetic field. All in all each one of us, reading the Akashic Records (the fancy CDT plates of the Keylontic Science groups are the galactic version of the original network of consciousness streams), are reading from the conditioned level of consciousness each and one of us holds. Thus to try to get one truth or one version of the history of humanity is impossible. Each and one of us read the events in different ways.
In this post I leave the 3rd galactic realms and enter the 4th dimensional levels of my timelines in order to understand and transform my heart system on the next levels. I have more or less worked my way through the levels of the morphogenetic field as in the network of lives within the hologram and is now facing the galactic level as well as the original levels of the Created Worlds. I cannot awaken the triangles properly in my head before having transformed the next level in me, and thus the thymus chakra with all its timelines and principle of life in various forms of reversed and non-reversed entities.
For now the 4th dimensional layer in me is a mix of archetypical knowledge, as in dreamlike visions, Galactic World knowledge and remnants of what I remember from the Created and True Worlds. All of this is mixed with what my devic helpers have told me along with the stories I have heard from the devas in my clients - before they left the body of my clients – and all in all very much conditioned by the timelines I am activating and the information imprinted there. The imprints in the timelines – streams of consciousness connected to each of my manifestations in the Created Worlds, as well as the Galactic Worlds – are memories recorded by the type of being I was on that timeline, i.e. stellar, lunar or solar or galactic, and how I viewed the higher worlds – the less dense properties of my being.
The True Worlds
I would say that the highest level in us (the angelic level or the Devic level) is the True Worlds. Those worlds are feminine, because this round of evolution, we are a part of, is feminine and thus the living eternal consciousness expresses itself as feminine in this overall system of all there is. 
God Source (to use this expression - not really my favorite) at this present time of all there is, is a threefold feminine version of the living consciousness as in progressive, inclusive, integrative and inner, also termed magnetic in some teachings, with the purpose of transforming the living consciousness into higher versions of the denser consciousness type of the previous evolutionary rounds. The gender attributes are not as in sexes, but as in how the living consciousness (the source of all there is) unfolds itself and the purpose of it all in this evolutionary round. 
In the previous evolutionary round the eternal living consciousness was mainly masculine – streaming out - and developed what we call human monads, whereas in this round of the living consciousness the angelic or devic monads are the main type of individual consciousness to be developed. The human monads are primarily dense in structure, whereas the devic monads are primarily lighter in structure. When I say monads I simply use the very old theosophical term, but the same term has been used in the KS material as well, and fits the profile, except that I see the True World population as real living entities, resembling our human form, that was developed in the previous rounds of evolution, albeit in a total different type of material. Nothing is gross or permanent in the True Worlds, as my old friend Serapheyia told me many years ago (this book is not translated into English).
Many of the dark brotherhoods, the prime agents behind the 3rd dimensions (and the artificial 5th) of the Galactic Worlds and their gross evolutions, are actually monads having revived the type of consciousness that were developed in the previous system; i.e. the threefold masculine, radiating and expressive consciousness; primarily technical and highly scientific. The main source of their consciousness is masculine, as in a masculine type of eternal being or god, and every time we encounter a teaching holding this version of the living consciousness, we can for sure acknowledge that some version of the reversed brotherhoods, wishing to continue the masculine type of the living consciousness, areat play. Earth is strongly infused with teachings steering us in the wrong direction. The symbol of the previous type of living twofoldconsciousness, expressed in the previous twofold Created Worlds; at that time being feminine in structure to counterbalance the masculine living consciousness of then True Worlds, i.e. holding the first level of the living consciousnss – was the Swastika
Therefore the human monads of the previous twofold system, being integrated into the present threefold Created Worlds and now digressed into the Galactic Worlds, hold the symbol of the pentagram, as in symbolizing the masculine twofold concept of the previous eternal consciousness (the father and the son) and the threefold manasic consciousness, which is masculine in this evolution and thus hidden within the concept of the masculine Holy Spirit. I know many perceive the pentagram as a female symbol, but it is not. It is a symbol of magick, and thus the old knowledge misused in this evolutionary rounds by all reversed monads. 
There were angelic or devic masculine monads in the previous system, so all male angels are per se from the previous system, refusing to evolve according to plan; thus the fallen angels. They did not rebel against God, as in the Jewish esoteric version of the monothetic story, but when awoken in the True Worlds, they denied turning their expressive and radiating aspect of the previous system into the feminine type of integrative living consciousness, our god in this evolutionary system. 
Being a human monad is not a bad thing, but the ones clinging on to the old teachings of the previous system, its technology and science and thus refusing to follow the feminine line of evolution, are naturally reversing the order and this is what starts the true infection in the manasic consciousness. So the healing of the infected parts is simple: start following the main idea behind this feminine evolution and the purpose of the living consciousness in this evolutionary round.

The human monads from the previous system have been integrated into the True Worlds as well, creating the angelic humans and they are a minority compared to the angelic or devic monads in this evolutionary rounds. The angelic/devic human monads in the Created Worlds hold the double systems, as in the swastika and the hexagram, within their fields and the main purpose for those beings is to evolve the old knowledge into the new levels of consciousness and use it here to evolve the living consciousness further.
The symbol of the threefold feminine living consciousness in the counterbalancing threefold Created Worlds of manasic consciousness is therefore the hexagram. This symbolize the threefold stellar, lunar and solar living consciousness of the True Worlds in balance with the created masculine manasic geometric, vibrational sound and light language consciousness of those worlds. 
The hexagram is not the MerkaBah. This is actually a term from the esoteric teachings of the Jewish religion. The hexagram is the symbol of the balanced and true energy in us, the manasic soul and the feminine devic level of our being. It should be placed above our heads and not below (optimal; when the triangles function in the field of consciousness we are creating out of the heart system and the triangles in the head, the two triangles resembles the outer masculine manasic and inner feminine living consciousness in us; the two aspects of all there is in this evolution of eternal consciousness).
This level does not awaken before we have created the triangles in the head and body, transforming the CNS and the cerebrospinal fluid into living consciousness, as well as the heart system and thus the PNS, being able to unfold the CUs in us and reform the whole trilateral consciousness system of living consciousness, manasic consciousness and morphogenetic consciousness with its racial DNA into one whole vibrating system of living consciousness, which is really not an option at this point.
How the triangles are connected is individual, cf. type of monad and timelines, as well as the origin of the soul as a solar, lunar or stellar being, but an inspiration can be fetched on this website on Esoteric Healing. A system connected to the Neo-Theosophical teachings and thus the priestly races. But since they are the main inventors of the ordinary sevenfold chakra system – before the galactic 3rd dimensional 12 leveled version arose – the mechanics are valid enough if you use your discernment and work with the energies as in what works and what does not work for you. 
a) Recapturing the psychological, as in the energies from the astral field into the chakras, expression in the normal human being: Basics and Centers.
b) Working with the esoteric triangles – you can combine this with the triangles of the Panergeia Series – and evolve your own system: Triangles.
The material can be downloaded into print here…..
Since I am suggesting this material to you, you are not to become students of the great White Brotherhood – the Masters – but simply take what you are able to align to and leave the rest. All teachings on Earth are manipulated to make their students evolve into certain directions and the result those teachers wish to promote into the earthly system of collective consciousness for various purposes. 
To sum up
Hence the soul level is the next level in our consciousness system. This level stems from the Created Worlds of manasic consciousness of living geometry, sound and light. Thus the soul is not a structure that resembles our human energy system, but is an orb of geometrical symbols, vibrational sound and living light (light language).
For me galactic history and timelines are belonging to the primarily human evolution. So if we consider the division of True Worlds, i.e. Tara, Gaia and Aramatena, those levels are the first worlds of this overall evolutionary round of the eternal living consciousness. Those levels correspond to the devic feminine realms of the Neo-Theosophical teachings promoted by the Masters back in the early 19th century and during the 1. and 2. World Wars. The devic realms are the same as the angelic realms of the Keylontic Science (KS). It is from the devic or True Worlds that our highest levels stems, being projected into a Created World being, a soul, for some as matrices and for others as individuated souls.
But when we work with the Keylontic Science, I would claim that this is the human monad version or galactic version based upon the highly technological and scientific knowledge of the previous rounds, and therefore reversed, albeit they claim an even more reversed sort of technology present here on Earth. 

This might be correct too, but I claim that we can climb even higher in our search for the truth and the teachings that will get us out of the Galactic Worlds and back into the Created Worlds as souls – perhaps not in this lifetime, but if we do our best to develop a field of transformed consciousness, being able to connect to timelines and our own memories, we are well on our way back into the feminine True Worlds of eternal consciousness – the true angelic or devic level of consciousness in us and thus hopefully as I progress further, I will be able to describe this level to.

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