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The division of the timelines into a high frequency and low frequency timeline started on the 12th of September 2013, and things are starting to play out as I have described in this blog and will end in 2047.

All posts before this date were seen from a multiple timeline perspective holding the old teachings and versions of inner reality, but since a lot of humanity is still working their way out of the lower timeline and into the higher frequency timeline all the information here is important and should be read more than once.

Please read and re-read my free articles and books. They contain all the information you need to work your way up to the heart chakra, lift the energy into this area, re-open the heart system and the true function of the PNS and how to discern and work with energy in a constructive way to guide you out of here and into the higher frequency timeline.

Please remember my work has been a dynamic process where I explored and understood more as I evolved myself into higher levels of consciousness, thus some contradictions may appear. If there is such a contradiction, the last post holding the information is the correct one.

My material is created to make you ask questions – not to give you all the answers. Things are complicated in the levels holding the original consciousness and there is not one answer to any question - there are multiple answers all according to what timeline you are reading the information from. On one timeline, according to that energy field, the information is like this and on another timeline the same question will get another answer. This is why I encourage you to seek your own answers instead of relying on “teachers” and “gurus”.

The path you are to follow is created out of your timelines connected to your heart system – not the timelines of others, because what you really need to know is how to work with your incarnational geometry to release you from the hologram and re-gather your CUs or original orb of consciousness that was put into the hologram in the first place and is now fragmented into various timelines. This is your quest: To re-gather your true consciousness.

You also need to learn to discern energy to become better in making the correct choices in dealing with energy, implants and other obstacles and you need to learn to trust your own insights because all information you need is hidden within your CUs in your morphogenetic field and on the other timelines connected hereto, where parts of the real you are inserted into other morphogenetic fields. All true energy work has to have those goals. Not to accomplish powers or clairvoyant insight, but to grow in consciousness to get you connected to whom you really are.

When you ask a question - you should be the one to get the answer from within, relating to that timeline you are connecting to and thus integrating the information, i.e. the energy – and it will make you grow in consciousness.

When you base your development on the answers of others, you are not integrating the energy yourself, only filling your lower mind with information you really cannot use.

When you work with timelines, you connect to their inbuilt streams of consciousness, and when you ask questions relating to this – in meditation where you have the best opportunity to connect – you start to integrate the creational science into your system. You cannot build your original energy system without doing all the work yourself.

You are the one to build the path, to work your way out and into the higher timelines. You are the one to gather the consciousness from within and not in form of outer symbols, ideas or “the view of the guru”.

Only up to the heart system are we all on the same path. After you have allocated the energy from the lower chakras and into the heart, collecting momentum to thrust open the incarnational layers and the path to the original consciousness in you, you will be on your own individual path and the information you get from here is strictly yours and yours alone. Thus there is no common teaching to be shared after this level – and no need to follow a teaching, since you have become your own guru and teacher.

I have been asked to withhold the project of the last two articles, i.e. the ones following the higher path into transmuting the human consciousness into its galactic equivalent consciousness. I started the process, but as I have been told, the higher frequency timeline is still too entangled into the lower frequency timeline and I am not to put this information into words before after 2015.

As you might remember the digressive are the ones to be led into the lower timeline, this is what I have described as the digressive leaving in several rounds: in 2017 the first levels will leave, 2022 the next, in 2033 and the last digressive to leave will be in 2047. In 2055 the higher frequency timeline will divide into new streams of consciousness, carrying the priestly races to their universes, we will be connected to our galactic free worlds, and the transhuman will be integrated into their communities.

The stages of leaving is in reality the years where the timelines divide further, following the pull of the stellar activation cycle, sorting the digressive and reversed energy out of the original consciousness; i.e. the non-reversed galactic or created consciousness.

To be able to build this hologram, the original energy from Terra – the creational science energy used to build things out of the geometrical and sound layers – had to be reversed and altered into something unnatural. So essentially speaking our consciousness is reversed to be able to utilize the racial DNA and the original CUs are holding a whole other ratio of dynamics. The outer triangle in the head is utilizing the reversed racial DNA and the non-reversed triangle hidden in the galactic layers of our consciousness is the one we have to re-connect to, to start the undoing of the reversed energy system all in all and thus alter the CNS. In the old days called biological ascension.

The last set of articles, on the 5D-6D of the original Terra and the morphogenetic fields and how to reverse the racial DNA into CUs – dividing them from each other by using the technology of spin – I cannot give you yet. The hologram cannot sustain us and we would suffer unnecessary since we cannot withdraw from society and isolate us in the desert as the old seekers did. Whether or not the biological transmutation is possible I strongly doubt, but I have no doubts that we are able to reverse the calcification of our cellular structure and build in more dynamic and living light making us capable of leaving very quickly and consciously when we die.

As for now – we have three years to learn to work with the hologram, cf. the energies of the SAC being present in the 3rd dimension and after 2017 we all have to focus on the 4th dimensional energies. The pull out of the SAC follows the races and their timelines, as in when they entered the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimension. The years 2017, 2022, 2033 and 2047 are thus important in our work on those levels.
Focus on all you have on the 3rd dimension – cf. the article on the bio-vessel – learn to handle the energies in your home, your body and the place you live.  
Understand what dimension your country is connected to – I have given hints to this in the articles – and you will know what timetable you are on.
The ones carrying the 3rd dimensional timeline and the reversed racial DNA from here have to pace themselves: You only have until 2017 to reverse this level in you.
The ones carrying the 4th dimensional timeline and the reversed racial DNA from here have to pace themselves: You only have until 2022 to reverse this level in you, but you also have to reverse the 3rd dimensional layers, i.e. control those as well before 2017.

The ones carrying the 5th dimensional timeline and the reversed racial DNA from here have to pace themselves: You only have until 2033 to reverse this level in you, but you also have to reverse the 3rd and 4thdimensional layers, i.e. control those as well before 2017 and clear out the incarnational geometry before 2022.
Hence we work in different tempi and hold different levels of what needs to be cleansed. 

If you feel the need to hurry and time is an issue – you hold 3rd dimensional DNA which needs to be cleansed etc.

I have been asked to focus on the practical matters of my work instead in the 3rd dimension, of which I will not share in this blog – i.e. my skills in healing and energy work – from now on I will offer this type of work in English as well since I have learned how much I am able to do with remote viewing, looking at pictures and sense energy through the client. I really do not need to be in physical touch with people to do my work. Later on, when I am ready to be both clairvoyant in speech and thought in English, I might offer e.g. the use of Skype and so forth.

My helpers have promised me to assist me in the newsletters, regarding all information of the long pull of 2013-2017 we are about to face before the first major split of the timelines. It is a sort of horizontal help, because we are the ones to do all the vertical work, and whatever I have handed over to you, should get you there, by your own will if you work on it every day, meditate, cleanse your chakras and in doubt re-read the free books and articles; those are the most important tools I have to give to you.

I will thus only offer this to you – for now, perhaps I add energy work or remote healing all depending on the way the timelines work:

1) You can subscribe to the monthly newsletter and get the updates etc. Click on the Subscribe button (5 EUR will be drawn from your account each month) and I will send you the material to your email address, which I receive from Pay Pal.

2) Buy 30 days of coaching or assistance via e-mail (€70 EUR or 95 US Dollars) to help you progress in your inner and outer energy work.

I am able to tune in and receive detailed information regarding the doubts you might have on four levels:
  • Use my ability to see and get in touch with your energy system. From here I am able to offer guidelines regarding your growth towards galactic or the true consciousness. This will only surface when needed.
  • I will use clairvoyant psychotherapy on the levels holding your human consciousness and support you in the personal growth you need to do.
  • I am able to guide you on energy work as well, if you describe the issues you have regarding the bio-vessel and chakras.
  • Send me a picture of your home and garden and I am able to figure out what you need to do with the energy where you live.
I am not handing over all the answers, but I will assist you with hints and information on what you need to work with, to make you stay in the correct - for you - direction.

How to do: 
After you have clicked on the button below and I have received a mail from Pay Pal, I will send you an email letting you know I am ready to assist you in your work.

Then you can send me emails describing and explaining what the questions are, as well as pictures, and what you need help to and I will answer you by email.

The more words you use, the easier it is for me to catch the energy of the level you are working with and give you what you need to progress further. Please attach a resent photo of you to the email for a better result; but if you do not like this, I am able to do without.

Buy a month of coaching or assistance via e-mail €70 EUR


Looking forward to assist you!

By: Randi Green

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