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The Terra-Gaia Network: My Work in Denmark, the Plan for Earth and Soul Regenesis

The Terra-Gaia Network

My Work in Denmark, the Plan for Earth and Soul Regenesis

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My Work in Denmark, the Plan for Earth and Soul Regenesis

To my readers having followed the Terra-Gaia Network blog
If you fear my co-working with the Internal Kingdom or Hierarchy (the overall controlling forces behind the evolution of Earth - very strongly represented in Denmark) as well as the Interplanetary Councils, I have been working with them all along, but I do not belong to them as such. I stem from the deva-stellar races and not the primary human monads behind the Great White Brotherhood co-working with the feminine deva-angelic evolution of this system to re-integrate the many fallen human monads present on Earth as well as other places in the created worlds. 

I do most certainly not co-work with the Galactic Federation or the Asthar Command, albeit some of the Pleiadian descendents of the original Maldakians that got away and rebuilt their evolution in the light world, are co-working with those factions. 

I also worked with them when I worked my way through the negative 3D/5D material of the Crystalline agenda and the digressive priestly races of the 4th dimension of galactic Terra. I had to understand this level of development to be able to work correctly in Denmark and the Polarian Network.

I have started a historical review of the higher energies in Denmark and how I integrate the knowledge I have with me here in this life the best way.
As I have described on my Danish website I am working with the Internal Governing of Earth but without being woven into their way of seeing things. I take what, they tell me - their terminology and materials - and convert it to what I know and the way I work on deva-interstellar evolution.
This means that with my knowledge and what I have with me from my path of development, house details which the Hierarchy has not produced in their old material and as for today, I think that they work through many people as part of the Avatar of Synthesis (as they call this cosmic impulse of higher mental energy) and thus each one of us retrieves our part into which fits our angle, following the origin of the stellar, angel or deva monad we stem from. These determine how the information is put into knowledge. But that does not mean we should ignore the old material from the Tibetan such as the books in the miniseries of A Treatise on the Seven Rays. Here examples from Esoteric Psychology I and Esoteric Astrology. You can find all of her work here…..
Other works as A Treatise on Cosmic Fire is to obscure and difficult to relate to and is put into a form we cannot use today except the chapters of the deva evolution and how it expresses itself here on Earth. All material here is evolved to the reluctant human monads and their revolution back into the higher light worlds of deva and angelic consciousness. It is old, but the first material to be put into writing – naturally we have the works of Madame Blavatsky, but this is really too obscure and cannot be used at all today.
We are many who are here to help and we do not work in outer groups as such, but individually and with direct connection to our inner groups (ranging from Light ships to interdimensional cities of Light in the higher dimensions of galactic Terra from the future or other deva-stellar worlds) and according to the plan which is outlined for Earth. We do not all agree fully and some of us have details of the future, and what happened in the first run through of Earth, and what future this lead to in the galactic worlds. And we have returned to adjust those timelines, that were not transformed the last time around to make sure that evolution on Earth continues according to how the living consciousness wish to express itself in this system.
We thus use our knowledge to adjust parts of what happened in the first place by going into the timelines that were not transformed and therefore created access to certain interstellar races that ultimately failed to restore Earth vibration back into the living worlds.
It is not the first time Earth tried this regenesis into the higher mental world that is the created worlds of manasic consciousness linked to the higher galactic worlds. This is why people like I travelled back from the future - the result of the previous run through - and have integrated ourselves into different timelines in the past (our present time and existence experience) to adjust what will happen. 

A minor correction so to speak. The main event will still happen, but the creation of deva-stellar secondary and tertiary pathways (as the Panergeia Project) for those who want to transform their elemental bodies (astral and lower mental energies) other than the overall management of some of the dark brotherhoods and their human monads who have not wanted or managed to go the hard way with the soul regenesis and therefore cooperates with highly specialized 3D/5D negative galactic races for the transformation of humanity through a biological regenesis.
The many who work individually to retrieve the living wisdom into their higher mental bodies, where the galactic and cosmic level are (see the image of Ajna system), which will only be available when the triangle in the head is enabled and actively working through the alta major center, the vagus nerve and into the body through the converted PNS and the activated heart system. How this unfolds is all according to what monad you have.

Only then you are able to set up a direct connection to the Sirian Councils, the Hierarchy (the main forces behind the transformation of the human and angelic digressive monads, as well as the higher true forces in Sirius where the Interplanetary Councils and the Andromedan Councils also are positioned) instead of the way it used to be in the old days, where you had to be attached to an ashram and serve under a guru.This remains for those who feel this kind of cooperation, but as I see it, the era of the guru have come to an end as primary energy-carriers and light towers.

There are currently no energy-carriers in Denmark such as Ananda Shan Tara who worked in Denmark in the 1980´ties. I know it is in Danish but just feel how the energy bursts out of her voice in video.


It is always good to hear former employees speak out about their inner experiences and their ideas, and see what they have received from the Hierarchy, so we can get a stronger idea - with the individual approach to working -  of ​​how it feels to integrate the higher mental energies from the Hierarchy and their many helpers, to develop a radiating energy field from the heart and how it can be integrated alongside our own evolution and integration of the ever growing influx of projected living consciousness from the central sun - as it is called in the created worlds – or the inclusive core consciousness from Tara, i.e. my part of the true or highest spiritual worlds, where human, stellar and solar monads evolve together. Serapheyia, my first acquaintance with a direct incarnated deva came from Ameru and her world was a world of pure light created by deva monads. 
To seek the past material also provides an idea of ​​how fast or slow the Earth's transformation happens and it puts our work in a context, we need to have to work realistically. 
As it appears in video, Denmark has certain special tasks in relation to other parts of the world. I had got this information as well, and I was pleased to have it confirmed. Each area has a "national soul", i.e. is based on awareness of different galactic races and their spiritual composition, why Earth itself does not develop uniformly. On the contrary, the next 100 years will clearly show different forms of expressions of the projected and living consciousness in the many races present here in touch with the inner light worlds (created worlds). As I have shown in my Terra-Gaia Network Blog, the negative galactic races will slowly leave Earth in different rates, subject to change (nothing is chiseled in stone yet). 
In 2017 the lowest vibrating 3D galactic races (many residing in the United States, England, some parts of Europe, China and North Korea) pull out of the human bodies and leave the 3D level of our original Earth; the galactic Terra (which we cannot perceive that we are part of the due to our densified astral and mental fields), as the inflow from the central sun elevate into 4th dimensional energies of galactic Terra. Only then will we begin to work energetically and create powerful light nodal points, or foci, in our physical reality. 
But we need to practice and experiment now, which is why the daily work with the energies of our homes and the land we live on and in, is of great importance and of course the internal transformation work of the elemental astral and mental energies. 
In 2022 the lowest vibrating 4D galactic races (many residing in the Middle East, Australia - not the native Australians - and South America) pull out of the earthly bodies, as well as leaving galactic Terra, after which many of our deva helpers are able to come through much more clearly and help those who wish to undergo true spiritual and soul regenesis. By that time, many of the old learning and development systems should be changed, and many well-known expressions of the Hierarchy and co-operating progressive priestly races, will be converted into their equivalent higher mental teachings dressed in deva and angelic vibration (buddhic level). 

For now, the expressions and teachings are directed to the astral field and lower mental fields of the digressed human and angelic monads, which need to be transformed through love and higher empathic emotions (the astral and mental fields are not a bodies, but fields of regressive forces from Atlantis) and the many expressions the mystery schools created in their time will vanish as well. These will undergo an upgrade, and in the transformation process, it is important to have an open mind (a flexible ego) and a permeable mental field that can integrate the higher mental planes through the Ajna system and not through the elemental fields’ which many humans hold today.
In 2033 the lowest vibrating 5D galactic races pull away from galactic Terra and here the people who have developed an awareness of it, will begin to see our true Earth and the work we must perform to remove the last remnants of the veil or hologram, as I call it, in order to be directly part of the galactic worlds with their light worlds, light ships and various fields of higher consciousness: The true Gaian Network, Terra is a part of. 
The first run through ended with the building of glass dome cities where factions controlled by the dark brotherhoods along with 5D negative galactic races had built communities where most humans had undergone biological regenesis (bio-regenesis), transformed the elemental astral and mental energies into crystallized light bodies after which they got the solar vibrations and projected consciousness units frozen together within the elemental bodies. In these worlds, the crystallized light bodies remove the body without dying because the body is artificially made of upgraded elemental material created and expanded from the Moon system (the moon is masculine in energy structure, since it has been used by grudgingly human monads from the previous system after the explosion of original Maldak, or the 5th dimensional band of original Terra). 
This future must not happen, which is why the Interplanetary and Andromedan Councils in cooperation with the Hierarchy (the overseers of the reluctant human monads from the previous system and the fragments from the exploded Maldak and later on from Atlantis) have given many higher light world stellar races, both deva and human monads, access to Earth from many places in the created worlds. We all work on the regenesis of the soul and the transformation of it back into the light worlds – the created worlds of manasic consciousness. Those who do not want this will have plenty of other opportunities to expand and evolve into, within two other spheres where physical bodies, as here on Earth, are still in development and transformation of digressive material.
Denmark has, as Shan says, access to many higher energetic network, including the Gaian or Polarian Network (also called BIFROST in Norse mythology) and the original 5D galactic races (known as the Norse gods) who left Maldak before this started to fall (the dark masters and brotherhoods were seeded here in our parts of the created worlds and expanded into our system from created Terra – the higher manasic world, of which the 4thand 5th dimensional band got infected. The explosion of Maldak created galactic Terra/our solar system and affected the 5thdensity of Tara). 

In cooperation with those light worlds, we have good opportunities to achieve a deva-interstellar cooperation with both the interplanetary Council and the Hierarchy in creating the forerunners of an alternative society ruled by deva-interstellar consciousness and science (not the highly technical transhuman actions we see in the U.S. and China). It is therefore important that those who can, start to cooperate with the efforts to integrate the new information, transform it into new knowledge and adjust old ideas about the plan, the Godsource and why we are here. 
I consider my work to be part of this project, like many of the incoming souls from the light worlds which incarnate in Denmark, in order to manifest a different reality as a counterweight to the transhuman society that will flourish in the future (all based on peace and prosperity, but they do not work for the big plan of this creation). We should therefore not directly internalize channeling and material from other parts of the world, but learn to listen inwardly for the purposes of Denmark (or your specific country), the collective energy and awareness, and learn how to nourish and help the new souls who come where you live - sensitive deva-stellar beings - with completely different vibrations.
The same light foci will be formed in the Mediterranean regions, as the lower 3D and 4D races leave the areas (there will be much fewer people on Earth in the future), especially wherever reminiscences of female deities still have their grip on the public spirit – the collective consciousness - and is a part of the many lines of light in both animal- and mineral kingdoms.
The goal of Earth is not biologically regenesis, as it is proclaimed, but spiritual rebirth and it is from these reborn souls that new elements will automatically unfold as the basic materials of Earth's is transformed from the inside via the connection to the central sun; the core of galactic Terra and the relation to the solar core in the highest worlds – the deva and angelic realms - which are built out of feminine consciousness, as the living consciousness expresses itself as in this evolution.
This evolution therefore expresses itself through inclusive consciousness or "love" rather than the previous system of masculine and radiating power, and the goal is to recreate the original interior plans of living geometry ("the Holy Spirit" aspect) living sound ("the aspect of the Son) and the living light ("God the Father and Mother" – that is creative science in the forms of higher mental and spiritual awareness in full synthesis). 
The inflow of the feminine living consciousness from the true worlds happens via our sun, and since this system is predominantly feminine (based on deva and angelic monads), the purpose of the soul regenesis is to transfer the male human monads from the previous system and connect them to the inclusive feminine consciousness, based on an entirely different purpose than the radiating and expanding consciousness, we work through the last time around where the living consciousness expressed itself as mainly masculine consciousness.
It is this transformation the regressive and fallen human and angelic monads, i.e. those who opposed the present feminine system's master plan, need to review again and undergo a soul regenesis to be able to become a part of the light worlds; the created worlds, in close association with the feminine true worlds. 
The transformation of the reluctant human monads is called "the path of Christ" and "the path of Maria" for the fallen angelic monads from the previous system that are working to transform their digressive bodies and darkened soul aspect as well as those who have worked towards or who have voluntarily chosen to work through such a body, as a way to help the reluctant human and angelic monads from the previous system residing on Earth. This expression; the work of Christ or the path, are the path of soul regenesis, but all teachings strongly have to be adjusted, upgraded and weeded through from the many different false teachings connected to this concept. Therefore I will not use this term, and I do not work with on this path either. I work on the path that will lead the way out of Earth - and galactic Terra on the levels connected hereto - and back into the light worlds, where I wish to continue my work on soul regenesis.
In essence it is the grudging monads that have ruled over Earth and thus opposed the original plan of Earth. Earth (and two other manifestations fields) has always been a hotbed of spiritual regenesis – it is created for this purpose - for the fallen and reluctant monads and the wise can quickly deduce there is a reason why these fields are based upon a mineral evolution, turning into an animal kingdom and thus should end up in a human kingdom based upon buddhic feminine deva energy and wisdom. Not the masculine radiating force that only in this system is the balance to the true worlds and created for this purpose of supplementing the feminine divine living consciousness. 
Godsource in this evolution round is thus feminine, and it is the grudgingly monads, and their vigorous maintenance of the previous system, which has laid the foundation of the misunderstanding of God as being masculine alone. This system is centered in the true or spiritual worlds where the living consciousness arises and is a continuation of the previous system of masculine living consciousness. "God" or the ever-circulating living consciousness, which is all there is, is therefore always present in different expressions in the form of an exhale - as masculine expanding forces - and as an inhale - as including feminine forces. And the plan is for all of us to transform our monads or further develop the inclusive feminine power, whether we are male human monads, grudgingly or newly formed in this system (new, inclusive human monads are also part of this system) or deva- and angels monads from this or the previous system. 
The true archangels are angel monads from the previous system and therefore their masculine force is strong, but they cooperate with the true feminine living consciousness. Only the fallen archangels (and reluctant human monads) from the previous system want to maintain the illusion of God as Father alone, in contradiction to the fact that Godsource is feminine in this evolution, and just by mentioning this is enough to put the darkened vibration in these reluctantly powers of Earth into counterproductive oscillation. 
In the transformational work of the Hierarchy they have therefore started with the feminine consciousness in the form of the Holy Spirit or the energy of Mary which is actually the lower expression on Earth of the spiritual feminine higher deva consciousness as a counterweight to the lower masculine elementals from the Moon, and later when the deva consciousness and vibration is more integrated into our bodies and mind, we can work with the Great White Tara (buddhi consciousness) and from here progress into the true feminine living consciousness, but as I see it, we have to have a completely new understanding of the divine, and to turn our mind's eye to an understanding of the dual divine expression, in the form of a feminine spiritual highest world where the feminine divine will is known, and a balancing created masculine manasic world where the inclusive love consciousness unfolds as the creation of new worlds, new consciousness expressions and new unfolding areas of the human monads and their brothers and sisters in deva and angelic realms. If we have to term God as anything, it would be as Mother-Father God (remember the saying; and the Elohim created man in their likeness - as male and female they created them).
Therefore, we are not to aspire after biological regenesis, but regenesis of the soul. We must transform the lunar elementals - the three lower bodies - (forces from the Moon after integration of the digressed and infected Maldakian fragments the reluctant human monads created a fallen 4D/3D civilization on the Moon and as this digressed further the collected fallen monads ended here on Earth – as well as the digressed 4D humanity from Mars) and liberate the true soul and integrate our deva-stellar consciousness to work in concordance with the plan for this system.
Deva monads and the feminine divine system do not know God as the Father, but God as the Mother, and many of us have consciously integrated us into bodies as a way to restore the deeper understanding of the plan for Earth, its return to the created worlds (initially through the galactic manasic evolution) and the synthesis of everything that we have learned, both in this and the previous system of monads, will create the foundation for the next masculine expression of the living consciousness until it again turns and becomes feminine - or as some think, the androgyny synthesis of both systems.

by: Randi Green

This is the English version of my Danish post on To Veje Terapi Blog.

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