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The Galactic Terra-Polarian Network: One race, one planet, one expression of the greatest experiment of all. Part1

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True Earth Associations

True Earth Associations

One race, one planet, one expression of the greatest experiment of all.

Well. I simply have to return to the international sphere of energy after being working with the Danish realm of energy and trying to build a bridge into the ruling thought form of esoteric knowledge, cf. the material of the planetary HierarchyAnd now I must return to the greater sphere of thought, albeit I have enjoyed reading the material, using the language and understanding this point of view, the same way as I did with the Keylontic material and my opinion on the misuse of it, cf. the Terra-Gaia Network.

I crave to use the higher levels of thought and think in a more scientific way. I feel like the patient old dog, trying to convey thoughts and ideas to the litter, and I know this is not a full accurate description, but I am an old dog, when it comes to being here on Earth. This article is from the old dog’s point of view and not as being better or higher, just a bit wiser.

Again, we have to remember that the goal for Earth is not the transform the outer sphere of reality, but to transform the inner levels of lower and higher consciousness – this is the cross interplanetary goal for all consciousness units on Earth – no matter where we come from. When we change the inner levels of fivefold energy structure, no matter what terminology we use, then the outer will transform as well. Thus; all changes start with the individual human being and the inner struggle to transform the energy structure of the body. It is not something “the others do”; it is something we have to take on our own shoulders, bear our own cross of matter (note the cross as four arms), so to speak.

It does not matter what type of teaching we use; each and one of them belongs to the common goal of humanity in spite of their somewhat twisted history of reception, as it is called; i.e. the way the interpreters have tried to understand what the world teachers have given to us over time, from Zarathustra, to Buddha to Jesus etc. In time when you connect to your intuition, you will see the light within the teachings and you can easily understand what is correct and what is not. None of the teachings are all true and none of them are all distorted.

We also have to remember that in the awakening process the different factions – both benevolent, cf. progressive and malevolent, cf. regressive – are trying to build their own levels of continuity of consciousness connecting to their inner groups of helpers and their original systems. This is also something we have in common and the way back home – that is connecting to our original system of consciousness – is not to let go of the human way of living, but to learn to live here on Earth as a consciousness units “being in the world, but not a part of it”.

The more we indentify ourselves with the system, we have integrated our consciousness into, the more we become the type of lifeform that rules in that place, and the time has come to learn to be in this world, but not to hate it, despise it, reject it, fight it or get lost in it.

We are here to work and to become what we are, internally and in connection to the greater being we stem from. All planets and stars have a great consciousness, a sort of summative essence, which each and one of us stem from. The connection to our original summative essence (the “God” of our system, or logos to use a less tainted word) is in our hearts, and thus the heart system has to be awakened to really connect to home, no matter where we come from. Working our way through the timelines and the karma connected hereto is the way to cleanse the heart system, and the path to this is the path through the astral plane, the emotional or subconscious plane of our psyche and all the illusions here, ranging from archetypes to personal distorted perception of reality, previous lifetimes and all the negative energy we have built into our energy system, cf. the blueprint, the etheric level, the template or the light pattern of our being.

I use all the different terminology to build a bridge or cross the first barrier of common understanding – the language works as the connector or the separator of consciousness, and we are the ones to find the common ground; learn to translate the different terminology into energy signature and from here telepathically understanding that even though the consciousness unit in front of us has different, seemingly, ancestral lineage, and a different type of light DNA, this does not mean that we are strangers; we simply have to learn to use our intuition instead of our brain when we talk to other people. When we do this, we see the light in their hearts and where they stem from, and we acknowledge with respect “what is in our brother’s heart and mind”, as being a part of the great collective system we all belong to.

If we can accept this, then we can see that the fight over which God is the true god is nonsense and we can see that in the end, the uppermost or highest summative essence entails all the minor gods of the planets, galaxies and stellar worlds and thus we are all one. On the highest level we are all brothers and sisters. Not in the sense of being part of the earthly logos (what most convey as “God” of the Bible; the Jahve-Elohim), but the Source of highest summative consciousness and in the end the collective systems of gods and their consciousness units.

We are the flames of light belonging to such large beings, and we spring from the mind of the logos we belong to as small consciousness units. In my infantile attempt to understand the builders of our present system, read the the Panergeia Project series, or see the video on the Saga of Galactic HumanitiesI mentioned how those great beings, the highest level of us, projected their consciousness into the created worlds and that this created the consciousness units which is essence in us, cf. the consciousness in form or created substance. Thus the true worlds are the worlds of the higher prime beings and the world we are in now is the created world, where each and one of us is a combination of consciousness units unfolding the combination of the true and created worlds into individual consciousness, for now, and later on into functioning as a group of beings, all connected to our own original system, but still a part of created worlds, bridging the true and created worlds together.

To return to Earth, so to speak, my aim of this article is to build a new bridge between the different conceptions of human ancestry, which is important in our work with the karma of the ancestors or the ancestral karma and in activating our light DNA.

First I have to stress that humanity as a whole are in the process of awakening, i.e. creating continuity of consciousness, and in this process many human errors of interpretation occurs, due to the fact that the memories arise through the astral level, or the level of illusion, fog, veil of deception. This plane is similar to the holographic world, the Hindu conception of Maya, the world of archetypes, the shamanistic levels of the underworld, etc. To get a really fine understanding readthe book on Glamour from the Planetary Hierarchy. I know some of you resent this material, I will return to this later in this article, but for now I will appeal to your common sense and understanding of, that if you wish to become a member of the cosmic UN, you have to read the statements from all the countries being a part of this gathering. The same goes for the Planetary Hierarchy; they are one of the major factions being here to help their own integrated “souls”.

Being biased, that is being against or pro something, is a clean cut expression of the dualistic astral plane and thus of holographic imprints or glamour.

Ok. Touching the Planetary Hierarchy I might as well continue here: The Hierarchy of white brothers, the Great White Brotherhood (and sisterhood), are one of the human-deva lineages from Venus present here on Earth, just like the angelic-reptilian faction under the Sirian Guardians are present here as well. We also have the minor tribes of Orion (most of Orion has fallen into the degressive or regressive powers, but a small faction are positioned here on Earth to continue their line of consciousness) and the contributing human seeders of the other half of the human light DNA, i.e. the Pleiadian-Andromedian factions. 

The Andromedian scientific lineages are here as well, including the future humanities stemming from the next system which Earth eventually will partake in as galactic Terra; i.e. the division of individual planets in our solar system will be summarized into one main system of consciousness and become galactic Terra in which the solar logos (the consciousness of this system) of our solar system will become the main summative essence. The higher mind of the solar logos is the Sirian and Andromedian Councils, which again are a collective or portal into much higher energetic worlds of cosmic consciousness, as our galaxy are integrated into the Andromedian galaxy and this summative essence present here.

Thus the highest level of summative essence continuously contracts and expands into minor systems and summarizes into larger summative essences. This is the rule of both the true and created worlds.

When we work within the network of light, we are all brothers and sisters, no matter where we stem from, and one of the teachers I am in contact with right now, stems from the angelic-reptilian lineage. I will not try to discern whether or not he belongs to the seraphim, the oraphim or the nephilim etc. of the Keylontic Dictionary, because my own level of consciousness is not fully developed into this ancestry, thus I can only scratch the surface for now, but I can say he is very old and wise and only uses impression as the means of communication. That is; he ignites my own memory and DNA sequences connected to the timelines in question to make me understand what he wishes to convey to me. It is like an energy transfer that will stay with me and evolve me in a positive inclusive direction. He is definitely a “cosmic UN” representative or one of the Advisors.

It is time to try to correct some of the misunderstandings created from the first steps of the awakening cosmic consciousness and we have a long way to go. Much material on the Internet is information arisen from the very infantile connections of higher consciousness, and thus are biased through the dualistic astral glamour which in the world of human-deva terminology is described as glamour; a sort of elemental energy with its own consciousness stemming from the lower realms of the moon chain and thus basically from the previous system, of which the elementals stem (lower created radiating entities without no will or core of their own), and thus it is our responsibility to transform them into the goal of this present solar system.

Another way of understanding this type of energy is as the angelic-reptilian factions describe it, e.g. the material into which the Kathara grid is inserted on the three levels I refer to as the etheric, astral and mental as well as the connection to the higher levels (the deva-human terminology); the etheric pattern is the light grid of the body. On one level of understanding the etheric, astral and mental substance are lunar elemental energy and on another it is atomic, or quantum energy as we also know it from our scientific perception of the atom, subatomic and quantum sciences. The Keylontic teachers have their own dictionary to describe their terminology rooted into their light language and the way they work with the substances of the created worlds, as well as the present collective human consciousness has its science and terminology. When we understand things through the brain and its present state of coding all seems divided, but actually as you will see, it is all useful to us in our progression, on the right levels of course; it all depends on what lineage of ancestry you are working with.

The Keylontic Science (the co-working faction) is thus one step ahead of the human-deva understanding, because the angelic-reptilian races have evolved the human energy structure a step further and learned to manipulate the elemental energy in ways the deva-human factions are not interested in; their goal is somewhat different, but this is not the same as if one is better than the other. In the end it is a choice based upon the prime lineage of our consciousness, we have to make when we know the effects of the different teachings.

The Kathara grid is a sort of manasic science in which the elemental energy is directed through impulses formed by the Kathara implants. The implants can be both individual (coded by a singular consciousness) and collective, thus in the negative reptilian races this technology became the basis of the mass-consciousness and how they manipulated the chips, as we could call the implants of the Kathara grid, into warriors or the draco races with no mind of their own.

The science can also be used in a beneficial way as we will see in the future when we learn to take the best of the different sciences to evolve our light DNA, but for now the Keylontic Science is still very premature and one-sided, because the human mind is primitive and one-sided, and unfortunately much of it has been misunderstood and misused by the degressive factions to their advantage. I will look forward to the higher beneficial ways of using this science and not the main purpose this has been used into the crystalline worlds, where the laws of the previous system rules and are honored. The idea is not to “freeze” the lunar energies and crystallize them, but to transform them and the Keylontic manasic light language can do this very effectively as we will see in the years to come.

When you take a Keylontic symbol and place it in the core of the elemental bit (the level beyond the quantum layers) like an imprint, you can ignite the structure from within. The symbol has to sink into the elemental substance, create a sort of fusion and when used properly, reset the coding of the elemental energy into vibrating and return to its progressive state of being. The same symbol, if used in another way, will crystallize the elemental and isolate the digressed material in it. So the symbol can be used in both ways and only when you are connected to your core consciousness are you in position to know the difference. The Keylontic Science has been given as have the science of nuclear powers and both can be used and misused in the wrong and right hands.

Thus this technology can be utilized in a very constructive and beneficial ways too, as we see in the angelic-reptilian races present in the higher councils. The approach towards transforming the elementals or the residual from the lunar chain (where the infection started in the main crystals or grid of consciousness) has both advantages and pitfalls, all depending on who is using the technology.

The deva-human and the angelic-reptilian races, as two different ways of transforming digressive energy, started a long time ago here on Earth. We must remember that the two different lineages originally came from one main source; the original logos of Earth, cf. the Jahve-Elohim. Despite this rather primitive logos, or planetary ruler, Jahve-Elohim (God of the Old Testament) created the first true humans on Earth from the material of the previous system. Jahve-Elohim is a reptilian or an Annunaki and no; I will not go into all of this distorted information based upon astral perception. We have to see things in a grander perspective as we go deeper into the plan for Earth and its humanities.

The early versions of Earth and the first humanities, where not “human” as we understand them now, but more like the bodies of animals and we have found the bones from those creatures; science only interprets them as the first creatures to rise from the ocean. It all comes down to cranial nerves and the way the etheric body is constructed, cf. how much energy the light grid can infuse into the atomic structure, and from here how much both higher or lower energy the cells can utilize and transfer to the brain through the nervous system.

The nervous system and the brain (the outer utilizer of mental energy and later on of cosmic energy) create the bridge between the inner and outer realities and thus the area to work on when you want to transform the astral levels in you. The energies which are utilized in the nervous system and the brain becomes the astral energy and is thus an energetic residual of human thought and wrongful interpreted sensations. The wrong way of using the nervous system and the mind. When used correctly the nervous system becomes the transmitter of cosmic and solar energies; i.e. creating higher consciousness and perception in the brain.

Jahve-Elohim stems from the blue lineage of the higher races of reptilians, and into his paradise (Earth was really beautiful) foreign races from Sirius and Orion came to visit his planet and the created carriers of his conscious units; his humanity. Jahve-Elohim is the creator of the male and female energy form; he kind of spliced the original Annunaki consciousness into two separate forms; which was to come at some point in the overall evolution, but were premature and thus very unfortunately because the result became the “sexual energy” or the energetic pull in all creatures on Earth to reconnect and become one again; cf. back into its original state of being on an etheric-manasic level. Before this the energetic pull had only been between the consciousness units and their prime being, i.e. vertical, but now the pull became horizontal and between same levels of energy.

Subatomic interference and the law of the least resistance arose, pulling the energy even further downwards and away from the prime source of consciousness (and adding the infection it later on became the total disaster of Earth). It is important to understand this, because the cross we bear is both the four lineages (see later on) but also the four directions our consciousness is pulled and we have to take control over this pull and utilize the four directions correctly to master “space and time”.

Naturally they came as supervisors and mentors, because for some reason Jahve-Elohim had chosen this part of the created worlds under the supervision of the Sirian system and thus the main consciousness of our solar logos, to build his paradise.

Jahve-Elohim agreed to integrate lunar material from the moon chain (the “earth” system of the previous system), and from this crossbreeding the first angelic-reptilian lineage arose. Now the angelic races of the moon chain were not all fallen or “evil”. They were the humanities of the moon chain (each planet in a system is a planetary chain, thus Earth actually belongs to the earth chain, of which the present Earth is the fourth planet – as the planets change in energy structure and consciousness they change and reappears in new forms with new humanities on it. When the humanity of Earth – no matter where we come from - changes into the 5. dimensional version Earth will rise as the 5th planet in the earth chain on which different types of humanities and lineages will take their turn of evolution as a part of galactic Terra).

Anyway the angelic races are not humans with wings. Nor are they aliens. Energetically they belong to the logos of the lunar chain. This chain is still under progress but the planet that is left in our solar system, the Moon, is a residual. The lunar logos simply left his structure due to the high level of infection on it. The overall consciousness had become too distorted and inverted into itself to progress further.

The original angelic lineage from the moon chain are pale-white in it, have a sort of erect form, which we could interpret as “human” in form, but the first lineages were transparent and had no outer body as we understand it. They were as pale as the moonlight, but just as bright as the sun in their own way. The non-fallen lunar lineages interbred with the reptilian lineages on Earth and the first humanoids arose; the erect lizards; the blue races and golden ones of them. Some of the angelic beings, cf. the original lunar humanity, did not want to take on the earthly form and instead they became part of the planetary mind, the outpost of the logos. Some of those angels have later on fused with solar energies and moved on, and others have stayed behind helping the planetary logos as archangels; the first higher beings of Earth.

The “human daughters” in the Old Testament is the reptilian races, into which the “sons of god” (denoted this due to the fact that many of the highest forms of the lunar humanity stayed as part of the mind of planetary logos and is not really form anymore); the angelic races from the moon chain interbred with the earthly humanity. Now this is a turn of information. The usual way of interpreting this story is that the bad reptilians came and begot with the human daughters (here we normally see those as primitive humanoids), but it is not that simple. The narrative in the Old Testament is not “the historic truth”; it is how this time understood some very old myths and connected on some level with the intuitive information within them. When it comes down to our ancestral history we simply cannot take any story from the old days as literally truth or exact information of what happened.

From here on the experimentation continued and the Pleiadian-Andromedian races came to help in the construction of a form that could contain the crossing of angelic and reptilian light DNA. I call it light DNA, because the physical idea of genetic coding is correct, but the light DNA is not the bio-chemical DNA; the four letter sequence, albeit they are connected. The most correct way to interpret the light DNA, in my opinion, is to understand it as the coding bits of the etheric body, when we talk about the deva-human races or the coding imprints of the Kathara grid of the angelic-reptilian races.

The Pleiadian-Andromedian races (the faction that works under the Sirian Council) are the actual breeders of the human form as we know it. The first results were the hominoids, as we know them and they contained light DNA from the angelic-reptilian lineages and the Pleiadian-Andromedian races. This human form is the prototype of what we understand as humans today; a crossbreed between four races.

As the planets in our system in reality is the outer expression of a whole chain, so is the actual DNA sequence, the A, T, G, and C each the outer expression of the lineage this part of the human DNA stems from. Behind the A, on an etheric level, lays all the subatomic coding or consciousness structure of the Pleiadian, cf. the light language of creation. Behind the T lies the consciousness and light language of the Andromedian lineages. Behind the G lies the angelic and the C contains the reptilian light language. Thus the human etheric body consists of stellar-galactic light language as well as lunar-earth chain light language and it is from this crossbred human form, the light grid or etheric body, is constructed, which, btw. connects to the planetary logos and all the other systems involved in the solar system and thus is able to utilize consciousness from all the systems the light language connects to, when activated.

Into this crossbred etheric form the solar races, from this solar system and beyond, integrated themselves and a new lineage arose; the human (i.e. the four-species form) and deva (or the type of consciousness this solar system utilize) lineages, mostly from the Venus system, cf. the planetary Hierarchy, which were the first solar beings to start this experiment of integrating themselves into the four-species human form – others have followed later on because the idea is brilliant. The Venusians brought the light coding of the “soul” or the compassionate string of consciousness. As the first to start up this way of altering consciousness from within, cf. from a specific type of light language or light DNA and into a whole new form, they are the elder or the oldest councils present on Earth of the systemic “walk-ins” and they take good care of their own as well as willingly teach other solar races in how they work. They are the pentagrams in its upright position.

Thus there is a difference between the angelic and deva races; one is lunar in origin and the other is solar, but humans have both lineages; one as the basic structure and the other as the bridge into this present solar system of consciousness. If one wishes to utilize the angelic-reptilian lineages (primarily Earth consciousness) within they are more drawn to this teaching as well as the more deva-human oriented light bodies, etheric structure, are prone to go this way of transforming the body they have integrated themselves into. Thus an earthling is a four-species mix of stellar, planetary and galactic consciousness and a deva-human has in addition to this the consciousness units of this or other solar systems too.

As a little remark: In the dark network the same information is given but with other implications and intentions and all of the races involved, incl. the Venusians, have their dual dark counterpart; some of which is glamour or maya (creations of the human mind) and others are real beings opposing the experiment and working against the anticipated success of it.

The main point of this is; When we are biased and battle the factions as the consciousness is ignited in us, make other factions the bad guys, in truth we are battling our own inner energetic structure. We distort our own light language, by forming the abuse into words of hate and separation. We fragment the connecting dots of the sequences, when we hold beliefsystems of fear and anger in our minds and we disconnect to the deepest levels in us, when we speak the language of my god or my path. It is our path, our gods and our collective goal to prosper and evolve. We are a crossbred race of six lineages (Orion-Earth, Pleiadian-Andromedian, Lunar-Solar); cf. the star of Solomon, the star of wisdom. We are all of this, as are all the other races in the Universe, and when we fight each other, we literally are fragmenting our basic structure, because on a deep level all humans are connected and arise from the same genetic Tree of Life.

When we cut the branches of the tree, we clip our own light DNA into pieces. It is not the bad Annunaki or the bad greys, or the dark brotherhoods, that are the most hurtful and dangerous races to humanity and its evolution; it is humanity itself and the internal split we create within ourselves every day with our biased emotional expressions, our dualistic approach towards everything and our fearbased mental belief systems.

The races that led us astray are not many or use a lot of force; they simply administer the dark projections and negative thought forms we create and so many humans cling to and utilize on a daily basis. We are not prisoners of the aliens, but of our own hate and despair. It is so easy to project our own darkness into alien suppressors, but in reality we are the suppressors; we are the prison keepers and we are the prisoners; the dark forces and brotherhoods have very little control over us, if we cleanse our energy structure, awaken and start to integrate our heritage. No one is able to control us, if we take responsibility and start the path of harmlessness, mindfulness, the path of the boddhisatva or the path of Christ: All in all the solar path of compassionate inclusive mind transforming into higher consciousness, where we understand that we are all of this and so much more.

All of us are reptilian in our basic structure, but we are also stellar, galactic, planetary and cosmic consciousness and if we only activate one of the strands, and let the others wither, we become unbalanced and biased in structure of mind and perception, but the most important thing is that all of the four letters have to connect to the compassion of this system, the solar inclusive consciousness, the deva lineages, and when we do this, the human race will become a torch of this system, and a proof of how the old and the new can be combined into a great wholeness (holiness). We are thus also solar and lunar, deva and angelic, and we are the humans on Earth.

One race, one planet, one expression of the greatest experiment of all.

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