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The Galactic Terra-Polarian Network: Part 4 Reflection on Human Evolution – so far

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True Earth Associations

True Earth Associations

- Part 3

For now I have focused entirely on the angelic (lunar) and devic (solar) evolution. I have done this by using the material from Alice A. Bailey, cf. the Planetary Hierarchy and the Keylontic Sciences, cf. the Voyagers books by A. Deane. If you feel like it, you can add the first information from the Hierarchy that is the Secret Doctrineby Mdm. Blavatsky albeit I find this very premature and to obscure to really take into account. But it is the basis of the second turn around, the Bailey material. Link to the secret vol. V of Blavatsky here.

What are we dealing with, when we read such accounts from either faction? What is being hidden from us and why?
This article is my reflections on this theme as well as the different material. Those of you who have followed my progress and back falls in understanding this, know that I at times am pro and at other times am against, but all in all, as you will understand by the end of this article I am only calling for caution and clarity of thought when reading both materials. The solar or Planetary Hierarchy (PH) is not full in account and a lot is hidden within the text, where as the Voyagers seemingly hand us the whole truth and nothing but the truth – nah, not! Both have an agenda and a reason to twist or omit certain truths of our history. 

But let us start with the Planetary Hierarchy; who and what are they?
To be frank: They are and have been our planetary prison keepers or teachers; you decide what term you feel like. If you have a lot of the angelic DNA in your template you will view them as the first and if you hold more solar material, you see them as the beneficial teachers from Venus; the planetary system we are connected to and as such are the providers of the aid we need to evolve into this solar system. They were the first to transform the lunar material into the solar, so they know what they are doing, and the best way to progress slowly for the monads of the previous system.

Here is another hint, which the teachers of the PH willingly give to us. They talk about the previous system and this present solar system and what does that mean?
Well. This has to be taken literally. You know from the Keylontic and the PH material, if you are able to read between the lines, that systems, planet etc. change when the accretion levels change. This literally means that when the energetic collective level of either consciousness or energy reach a certain level the whole system change or wobble into another form. It is not “god” that creates worlds, it kind of happens automatically according the level of energy and consciousness of the system. Very technical information is behind to really understanding this and fortunately – or unfortunately – we have the material from the Voyagers. I say this because it is and will be material from the survivors of the angelic or moon chain, the masters of the previous solar system, which in more correct terms should be called the moon system, because back then the dead moon we see on the sky, where the light bearer as the sun is for us now.

The moon of the moon system was then a sun and connected to the worlds of Tara, Gaia and Aramatena. Our sun connects there as well, but not into the old versions of those three systems – they are long gone – and the remaining masters of the previous system are divided into two major groups; the pro this solar system and the against this solar system. The ones against this system left a long time ago and colonized other parts of the created worlds or the Multiverse, when the old system fell or were destroyed, where they joined other evolutions just like the humanity on Earth bears the angelic template. Some of them returned and became the dark brothers or the regressive factions in company with the foreign races they had integrated themselves into.

The beneficial brothers (and sisters; there really is no gender as we know it) started up from scratch and created this solar system and along the way they called for assistance from the Venusian brothers to help Earth and the planetary logos.

The flamelords or the Venusian living flames with Sanat Kumara as their leader came around 18 million years ago and they originate from outside our solar system. They had succeed in turning the planetary chain of Venus into a full flowering part of this solar system and the type of consciousness the old angelic brothers wished to evolve here, due to the experiences and understanding the first moon system gave to all of us. Just read the Voyagers and you will see that the moon system was a violent system, full of service to self, separatism, greed etc. In spite of the highly evolved minds and the high technology the moon chain digressed and ended in the lowest state of mind, along with all what follows.

My accounts of the events in the Panergeia Series match this and if you supply with the Voyagers, you should get a fairly correct picture of how we behaved the last time around. Yes there were invasions, and wars from other places in the created worlds, and yes the humanities of both Tara and Gaia experienced the unfortunate destinies as accounted for, but this was in the previous system – not this solar system and this is where the agenda of the lunar masters shine forth: They wish to awaken the past as if it belongs to this system, because if they had succeeded then the accretion level of the earth chain would wobble back into the previous system. The parallel system. They kind of turn things up side down and all the so-called attacks from the grim intruders or aliens where a sort of attempt to bring the past into the present, based upon the collective memory hidden within our DNA. Fortunately they did not succeed and then the second agenda arose; the transhuman agenda with the crystallization. This will still play out, because they are granted this type of world with the ones that has transformed into this type of lunar frozen consciousness. In time all crystallized material will scatter and the monads, or consciousness units, captured there – by free will or the opposite – will return to the pool of the highest source of consciousness; the most high powers of all beyond both the created and true worlds.

The PH material state that humanity on Earth, when the Venusian masters came, belonged to the animal kingdom. What does that mean? 
Well, if you read the Voyagers you will see that the angelic lineages consist of feline, birds etc type of beings. Not as in primitive, but as in taking all sorts of animal forms. The Tibetan of the PH material is a crossbreed from the previous system and in the period when working with both Blavatsky and Bailey he used the astral plane to create a human version, as well as all the masters of the Hierarchy appear in folklore and the collective consciousness as Jesus like figures. Some of them are human of origin, but the elders are not. They come from the previous system, and when you tap into the network of the dark brothers, they portrait them as the over runners, the elopers and the traitors. Thus when you try to tap into the history of humanity, being positioned in the dark network, you get one side of the story – the Voyagers angle – and when you stand in the Venusian network of light, you get the other version. None of them are fully correct or true – only your own version is the true one.

It like reading the accounts of the 2WW from either the Americans or the Germans. The 2WW were actually one of the times when the dark network succeeded in placing one of their brothers in charge, but the point being; if you were a citizen of the US or Germany, or of e.g. Denmark, France etc. your account will differ according to what position you had, what you experienced and what level of awareness you had at the time. Thus the true story will always be the one you experienced and when in touch with the memories, you can add the information from either the PH or the Voyagers to obtain the greater or general picture. Not the other way around.

None of the accounts are fully correct, e.g. the PH-Bailey material is written less than 100 years ago (and in serious need of being upgraded, but they kind of know that when you get to the point where this information becomes important, you will access it by yourself and then we all will add to our history of humanity and what needs to be done to progress further) and the Voyagers are manipulated into the dark network and their agenda, but this does not make either false or not to use at this point of progress. Both hold parts of the truth and both hold vital information on how we can obtain our true consciousness and real humanity and yes the Indigos are real, but some of them stem from the parts of the moon chain that positioned themselves in other evolutions – of which some are very benevolent - and some of them belong to the dark brotherhoods, so they are a mixed bunch.

Thus when the Venusians came 18 million years ago and integrated their spark of consciousness, some as walk ins others as just parts of the consciousness of this solar system, they did so as an experiment and the original planetary logos, Jahve-Elohim, was “degraded” into what the PH teachings call the planetary spirit, holding and working with the three lower levels of matter; cf. what is contained in the personal matrix. The Keylontic and the PH versions of the matter forms and energies in the personal matrix are pretty consistent and can be used as you please. The split appears in the middle triangle or on the 4-6 density because here the information from the Keylontic focus on the previous system, their terminology and purpose of the humanities of the old Tara, whereas the humanities on Tara as they are now, are a bit different; since the fall and the wobble of the previous system both the true and created worlds, in this part of the Multiverse, changed.

The planetary logos then became Sanat Kumara and his solar brothers from Venus and they situated the Planetary Hierarchy as the sum of lunar and solar masters, so they are not our enemies as such, but many see them in this light. Just like when you are a brat in preschool and do not want to fit in, the teachers become the bad guys. And true; the PH are the planetary guardians and they do keep the monads from the previous system, that does not want to evolve into the new system, contained in the dark network until the participants of this get tired of using the old forces and lunar substances. Then the path into the network of light opens and the cleansing process is able to start.

We cannot force the monads in “detention” so to speak to accept the new system, but we can hope that they at some point will turn away from the despair and harm which controls the dark network as well as all the connections to old portals and dead-end planetary systems of the moon chain. Remember the parallel system I found myself in, in one of the Panergeia books? This was from the dying moon chain, the lunar system, and not of this system.

What to do with this knowledge then?
Well. As when we work with our present personal matrix and remember things from our childhood, we have to get the memories into their correct context. When we do so, and transform them into holding the light of this system, the DNA will heal in us and as the PH teachings state all along, when you have evolved through the Halls of Knowledge, you will get in touch with your inner teacher. The Halls of Knowledge is; simply put: Learning to behave and act according to the primary goal of the inclusive solar-interplanetary consciousness and when you have achieved this, you are free to take what you can use from the previous system. But then you have evolved into the true understanding of the purpose of this system, the goal of the present and the masters of the past, the lunar monads that carried their knowledge from the last system and into this one, determined to do better and in a more prosperous way. No more wars and despair, no more ego and greed, so they decided to create a solar system that was build on inclusiveness, the gathering principle of being one and all working in the same direction into the higher worlds of the created worlds.

You know the creation myth in the Bible and to put this into context we have to understand what the Hebrew text actually says. It says: In the beginning of the creation of the gods (the Elohim means the highest powers) of the heavens and the earth, the world was chaotic and bare. Darkness (the residual from the last system) was over the surface of Tehom and the spirit of the Elohim swept over the waters. Then the Elohim said: “Let there be light and light came to be.”

And I could continue
And the solar system was in play and into this solar system the monads of the previous system were taken in, on different planets all according to level of high vibrant consciousness and energy, cf. the higher dimensional planets such as Neptune, Uranus etc, and the fragments of Tara became the principle of consciousness on Earth in the three lower kingdoms of minerals, plants and the animals, all expressing the state of distortion they were in. The mineral kingdom became the densest, with the least portion of light and no free will as the elementals, the plant as the less dense with the notion of being able to sense and the animals came to hold the scattered monads of Tara. And the monads holding the least dense matter or infection of Tara came to take on human forms; cf. the etheric forms or the first earth angelic races only consisting of highest form of lunar matter, but without the infection. Into this first creation Jahve-Elohim came and the rest is history, cf. the second myth of creation in the Bible. The etheric moon humanity and the reptile consciousness as well as the Pleiadian-Andromedian humanity arose; cf. the Lemurians and into this primitive hominid the Venusians integrated themselves and the Human Evolution in this solar system began.

The PH teachings state that the animal kingdom holds great karma and thus the reason for us to eat them. In some part they state that the animals ate the earliest humanities, and this is a part of it, but I actually think that the greater picture is that those fragments are the most infected remnants holding free will and thus has to live in forms that holds no potentials to evolve by own means, but is dependent on other higher lifeforms, as humans are dependent on the PH. This does not mean we have to add to their suffering, and when you are positioned in the middle triangle, the mere thought of meat becomes disgusting. As also stated in the PH material, at some point, when you enter the network of light, you are bound to become a vegetarian.

When you hold the account in mind of the previous system ending in a huge bang and all of the previous earth or Tiamat, the tehom or abyss of the remnant matter from the blast (the big bang of our part of the universe), you understand that nothing ends or begins from scratch, but progress into new forms and new systems and the monads, as being the expression of the highest living consciousness of all, are eternal and as I have stated all along, the prime beings are part of this highest level of being and so are we. The life principle in us are connected to the prime being or Elohim/Elohei that started the network of light, in the midst of all the debris and darkness of the previous system:

Elohei-Elohim (Also called the Anuhazi)
One of the first 3  “Founder Races” (created by the Breneau Collectives of Density-5, dimensions 13,14 and 15 ) manifested in the Pre-matter Cristos Light Field” of dimension 12, the entry point into densification of matter. Long before creation of the Human genetic line in our Time Matrix.

The Emerald Order  Elohei-elohim (sometimes referred as the Emerald Order Mu'a) Maji DNA Template embodies the full spectrum of the Eckatic Codes, the electrotonal-patterns, of DNA Fire Letters, corresponding to the first level of individualization from Source, the Eckatic Level of the Energy Matrix.
They are legitimately considered Level-1 Ascended Masters.

Eckatic DNA Coding allows an embodied being to run the Full Blue-gold-violet "Flame-tones" of the Khundaray Primal Sound Currents and all Primal Creation Currents below, through the physical body, when the Eckatic DNA Codes are activated.
(Voyagers II – Page 272)

Please note that I have removed the words: Hydroplasmic and liquid from the quote from the Voyagers, the plasma light is the crystalline version of the living inclusive light. The inclusive light is not plasma or liquid, but pure vibration.

Thus at some point it is time to re-read the Voyagers material, but with the critical state of mind, figuring out what we can use to evolve further into this solar system, being guided by all the cosmic help, such as the Sirian races, which are the overseers of this solar system, and the PH as in listening to the pre-school masters and then when we have learned the fundamentals of this system, we can start to connect to the previous and the memories positioned there all in all to be able to progress into the galactic and stellar worlds.

Thus the path goes through the transformation of the angelic part of us, into integrating the basic consciousness of the network of light; the inclusive solar interplanetary consciousness (the Cristos Light Field or the inclusive solar-interplanetary consciousness) that ignited the Tehom. “Let there be light”. Only when we ignite this light within ourselves are we free to evolve pass the prison keepers, the PH and the Guardians.

On the next level of the Human Evolution I will try to work with the Keylontic material, but only the parts I find useful according to intuition and what is shown to me by the Advisors.

Btw. if you do not feel at ease with this path of combining the two paths and at the same time figuring out what is working and what is distorted, then do not go along but stay in your own light and truth. As always this is my path and my dharma; not yours.

Better to find your own dharma, than to take on others; in the end it will not suit you and you will become miserable. So follow your inner light and let this shine forth on your path; your dharma of life.

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