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The Galactic Terra-Polarian Network: Part 2 of Human Evolution – the Etheric Template

True Earth Associations

True Earth Associations

Part 2 of Human Evolution – the Etheric Template

As understood in part 1 of this series, we are all one on the highest levels of evolution and we all stem from the true worlds of Tara, Gaia and Aramatena, unfolding the consciousness units of the prime beings, which is connected to us in our heart centre through the consciousness units connecting to us through the chakras in the head. But as I also suggested, the human form has divided into two main evolutions, based upon the original human crossbreed form consisting of angelic-reptile (mostly previous system) and Pleiadian-Andromedian (this system, but from the stellar-galactic worlds) light DNA.

Into this form the devas of the solar evolution (this solar system or the Christ, Bodhisattva, compassion or inclusive consciousness) have integrated themselves, mostly from Venus (the 5th planet of the Venusian chain and thus housing the kingdom of souls, or the ones that have transformed the material from the previous system into this solar system or are built of pure solar material, cf. the goal of this solar system) but also from other planets evolving the same type of consciousness. The stellar-galactic races have followed later – again I will go into this later on. For now we have to start from basis and this with the etheric field or the angelic template.

Now, when I start to bridge the Keylontic and the esoteric teachings of the Hierarchy (under supervision of the Advisor) you have to make an important discernment: It is like working with classic and quantum physics; they both have the same level as their origin and then they move into two totally different directions. One is working on the atomic level and the other on the subatomic level.

In the esoteric teachings the etheric field is the basis, the light structure that entails all the other energies of the body, connecting the consciousness units to the planetary grid. The etheric body isconnected to the etheric level of the planet, the solar system, the galaxy and cosmos. This grid of light unfolds all through the created worlds and is thus the level to encode and manipulate when we talk about what kind of energy we want to evolve when attaching the consciousness units from our prime being into some kind of form. In other words this is the template from which all living beings are created, but how the material unfolds into the different systems, planets and worlds of energy is all related to the consciousness units connected to this grid, the etheric field or template.

Thus the principle of life stems from the consciousness units and their attachment to the heart system. I will look deeper into this later on, but just to make a sharp discernment: The etheric substance of light is not the life principle; it is the grid upon which the life principle can express itself and the goal of this expression.

On Earth, due to the choice of Jahve-Elohim and the Sirian Council etc., the etheric field is based upon the angelic version of it and here is where the Keylontic and the esoteric teaching meet and divide.

The esoteric teachings
The etheric field consists of the chakra system, the basic chakras, and holds 12 chakras. The ones reading the esoteric teachings superficially only read about the 7 chakras. This is a misunderstanding of the etheric field, because there actually are five chakras connected to the body and 7 in the head; all in all 12 chakras. 
Below is my interpretation of the information given in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire and for those of you who choose to go the human-deva way integrating the energies of this solar system, this is the book you have to read and understand on an intuitive level. Not with your human mind, but intuitively so you can relate to it on its correct level. If you do not want to evolve and progress through the solar evolution, but consider the stellar-galactic path instead, you have to add other teachings, but those are not really available yet, so I can only recommend reading this book until the next level of teaching arise. If you are stellar-galactic oriented then you can combine the book on Cosmic Fire with the book on Esoteric Astrology and you can start working on the new teachings yourself.
If you are more focused on the angelic-reptile level of your being (the actual first humanity), work with the Keylontic information, but not the levels after 2009; and especially not the information given after may 2012. Try to read the original material and combine it with the new versions available on the Internet, but be careful; we have a long way to go to weed out the regressive 5 dimensional teachings. The same goes if you choose to work with the Kabbalah and the angelic realities this very old system conveys. Both systems are oriented towards the moon chain and the previous system, but factions from this system is present in the councils and the remaining humanities from the moon chain are working their way back into the cosmic evolution of higher systems, where we all start to meet again. 

In the end of this article is a picture from the Keylontic teachings for now, just to point in some direction to begin, but we have to do the weeding out ourselves. Some of us (such as myself) intend to evolve the full human sixfold template in all directions, thus this huge work I am performing in understanding (and my errors in the process) all the paths of human evolution.
Let us start with the 5 chakras of the body:
1) The root chakra where all physical matter is connected to the etheric field and this chakra contains the hidden fire of the physical matter; the Kundalini fire. Matter as we know it on Earth is from the previous system and this is what we are to transform, regardless of race or origin, but we cannot transform this level until we have transformed all the other parts of the chakra system. Matter holds the green-golden fire of the previous system (symbol the spinning swastika) and until we have integrated the other chakras of the etheric field, all the fire of the physical body lies dormant and hidden within the root chakra.

We utilize small amounts of this fire on a daily basis, through the lifeforce, the use of energy from the astral and mental planes, but as a whole the fire lies dormant. The esoteric teachings teach us that when we have transformed the other chakras (changed the lunar fire into solar consciousness; symbol the swastika with 9 concentric circles of blue fire) in the body and ignited the 7 solar chakras of the head, all levels of the fire of matter will rise up following the Sushumna and blend with the consciousness of the monad, through the Sutratma or the string of consciousness from the monad to the mind and the etheric brain (the true brain or generator of higher energies). When this happens; we are freed from the wheel of incarnation on this planet and stand in full conscious connection with our monad (the consciousness units from the prime beings, which we unfold and evolve).

Excurse: The spleen chakra.
This chakra is not as such a chakra, but it fuels the etheric body through the spleen on an etheric level. The energy or the light grid of the planet automatically runs through the spleen chakra and from here into all the other chakras and the rest of the etheric field and thus to the nervous system. It is on this level that we utilize the energy of the planet and when the magnetic field (the outer expression of the etheric grid) changes due to incoming CME or cosmic energy, we are able to connect to the elevated levels of energy in the planetary grid structure, fuelling our field and thus kicking off our chakras into utilizing higher levels of consciousness. Unless of course, our chakras are not too clogged and full of astral sludge (which most humans are). Thus a prerequisite to start to activate the deeper levels of the etheric body, the light DNA, is to cleanse the chakras so they can utilize the energies from the planet itself and the cosmic incoming levels of higher energy hitting the planetary grid. 
The outer bodies of humans are thus very perceptible to the energy changes in the magnetic field and into this the pollution of the atmosphere has to be taken into consideration as well as the use of chemical compounds to alter the incoming energies from cosmos and the sun. The use of chemical technology, such as sun radiation management, to stop the incoming radiation from the sun and cosmos (the help from the cosmic planes to assist the human evolution on a broader scale) will prevent the common human body from being elevated. It is not to pollute or exterminate the human population, but to prevent the standard human being, belonging to the mass consciousness, from being awakened. When the lower chakra of the etheric field is kept in a polluted state of being, the chakra system will stay dormant and only utilize the lower frequencies of the planetary energy system – the forces of the previous system. The regressive forces are able to delay the human evolution, but they are not able to stop it, because if each and one of us start to work internally and change our use of astral and mental energies, into their higher version, then we will add another chakra and energy provider to our etheric body: The higher etheric chakra.

Between the shoulders is a higher version of the etheric chakra. This is connected to the spleen chakra but lies dormant in most humans. When the heart system is activated this sister-chakra awakens and the etheric body is fuelled with energy directly from the sun, but not just radiation, because this energy is threefold (the energy of the physical sun, the energy from the heart of the sun and the central sun, expressing the threefold structure of the consciousness behind our physical sun; the solar logos). The atomic radiation from the sun is fuelling the spleen and the planetary grid, but the energy from the heart of the sun will fuel the prana chakra between the shoulders when the heart system is activated. The heart system is thus a sort of higher energy triangle consisting of the higher version of the etheric field, fuelled by the prana from the heart of the sun (the buddhic energy of the solar system), the life principle (the incoming energy from the prime being) in the thymus chakra and the crown chakra, unto which the consciousness of our consciousness units are attached. When this inner higher triangle is activated we are able to connect to the soul, or the helping deva of this system, connected to our etheric field through the heart system and placed there to help us transit into the solar fields of consciousness. When you connect to this triangle, you connect to the network of light, therefore no matter what direction we take after this, this level is common for all of us. Only through the network of light are we able to meet the suitable teachers to direct us in the correct direction and evolutionary path from Earth.

As mentioned in the first article the nervous system is the outer expression of the etheric field, but what radiates from the nervous system (human kinetic energy are the outer expression of the use of astral or emotional field fused with the small segments of the internal fire which matter holds, e.g. heat) all depends on the type of energy that is utilized in the nadis or channels of etheric energy. The same goes for the planetary grid. The mass consciousness of humanity and the wrong use of force, see below, we are utilizing are infecting the planet and the etheric field is radiating with lower astral-mental energy; cf. the magnetic field. This field is the outer expression of the astral-mental planes and not until we have cleansed our chakras on a collective level, will the dense energies of the planet disappear. Each and one of us are responsible for the condition the planet is in and its constant use of lower energy forms.

2) The solar plexus chakra is the main provider and connector to the astral plane. As described in the first article the astral plane is actually not a “real” plane but it came to be back in the days of Atlantic when the use of sexual energy (the pull to connect with other energy systems on a horizontal level), mind (creational energy) and the etheric field started to distort. A long history, but the essence is that when the etheric field, the sexual energies and the mental field connect, using the sexual energies and directing the creational energy in a horizontal direction outwards, the centre of the sexual organs or the hara centre is created. The hara centre is not a “true chakra” but one attached to the solar plexus centre and arises through the misplaced use of creational force from the mental field.

The attentive reader is then able to discern that the solar plexus chakra and the attached hara centre, as well as the use of the generator of fire from the root chakra, are being fuelled by the planetary etheric (spleen) chakra creating the lower triangle of lunar energy. To really work with this triangle, you have to read A Treatise on White Magic. You can combine it with material from the Keylontic Sciences as well (density 1-3), but again you have to really be careful with the symbols and the energy work. The esoteric teachings are written in a sort of intuitive language directed towards the solar-deva consciousness, whereas the Keylontic is directed towards the lunar-angelic consciousness. This terminology has connection to the three general evolutions of the true worlds, and the lunar lineages of the true world are the prime beings behind the lunar-angelic evolution in the created worlds, as well as the solar lineages of the true worlds are the prime beings of the solar-deva evolution of the created worlds. The same goes for the stellar evolution. So for the very eager mind, such as my own seeking to understand the three major paths (six in our part of the created worlds) the combination of the Keylonticand the esoteric teachings will add quite a lot to the basic level of higher information.

3) The thymus chakra. As mentioned before this is not just one chakra but a part of the middle triangle, the soul or heart system. To really evolve this part of our anatomy we have to work with the esoteric teachings on a very deep level, if we want to go the solar-deva way, or the Keylontic, if we proceed into the lunar-angelic way of evolution. If you prefer the latter, you have to connect to the prime being behind the lunar evolution. This is not Jahve-Elohim or “God”, but for now expressed as “God-Source” and can only be truly known by the angelic evolution themselves. They know their prime being in their heart and how this source of love and consciousness feels. The solar-deva worlds know the highest beings as feminine, and the lunar evolution has their feminine counterpart on the higher levels as well, but on the first levels this God-Source, is my guess, appears as masculine because it still evolves the consciousness of the previous system. Perhaps the density 4-6 involves their version of Christ as the Kryst? This recommendation goes for the lunar races working with the present system.

Therefore the 3rd chakra (the 4th if you include the hara chakra, but in the true etheric field the 3rd) is the level, where the paths divide and go their separate way, including the stellar-galactic path. Whatever life principle that is fuelling our etheric grid on the higher levels, aside from the common planetary lower triangle of the personality (the human expression of the planetary logos) is the pull that takes us in our true direction and the evolution we are to follow. The life principle of our prime being is what makes our heart system tick and we are the outer expression of this life principle.

4) The throat chakra, the potal to the true manasic level in us, where the consciousness units connect to the etheric brain, and thus generate true manasic or creational energy, are ignited here. Until the heart system is working the throat chakra is not really working as it should. The creational forces are utilized in the lower triangle as mental energy – the rational mind and the earthly version of the reptile brain, cf. the lower parts of the brain or the 10 percent we are using today. The heart system cannot really work until the hara chakra and the lower triangle has been directed upwards and the energy of the hara is lifted into the throat chakra – back into its correct vertical pull – and the solar plexus chakra is reintegrated into the thymus chakra as buddhic, Christ, Kryst, Bodhisattva energy, cf. the correct tone of the prime being or life principle we express in this system. 

You see human love and sex are expressions of the lower triangle and the misuse of the original creational energy and the inclusive energy of the solar system.

I know many of the stellar-galactic races do not take this part of their energy system to be a problem, but over time, if you continually and frequently use the lower triangle, your naturally pre-activated heart system will “fall” into the lower triangle in spite of the huge work being done on the planetary grid and magnetic field. In the old days this happened very quickly, today the “fall” happens more slowly, especially if you long for love and confuse this with human horizontal love.

Regarding sexuality for the ones who really want to connect and find their true evolution, I would suggest the return of the rhythmic use of the lower triangle; that is learning the cycles of when to use the lower triangle and when to use the upper triangles. E.g. when you wish to create children only have sex when the female body is ready to procreate, just like the animals. We have an animalistic body and as such the cycles of procreation are actually still present in us on an instinctual level. The common astral-mental misuse of sexual energy is to continue the old ways of the Atlantic consciousness which in the end put us in this mess we are today. 

Creating life is a sacred act and should not be misused as desire, satisfaction, entertainment, or as a personal kick of energy (for some even to gain power). I am very strong-minded on this, but it all depends on the level of your progress and in the beginning you have to choose to silence the lower triangle, making sacrifices and let go of the old ways for a period of some time, if you want to reach the higher ways of life (all teachings no matter culture suggest a sort of sanctuary, spiritual journey, inner search and turning away from the outer noise of the world) and when you are firmly situated in the heart system, you naturally let go of the lower triangle and only use the energy here when needed to perform what you need to do on a planetary level and within the collective consciousness, or mass-consciousness of humanity.

The love we all long for is to our source; cf. the vertical pull, not other human beings as the other half of us  - to make us whole - we realize this when the heart is re-opened.

We are to love our next, and each other as one race and one people with many different expressions. “Love thy neighbor as you love yourself”, but this is not the personal lower triangle type of consciousness and force, but the activated heartsystem, where the heart burns with the inclusive love of thy prime being, because we are connected to our prime being and the lifeforce that flows into our heart system, as well as the buddhic energy from the heart of the sun, making us all inclusive and caring. And adding the knowledge from our consciousness units, attached to the etheric brain through the chakra in the head, the throat chakra will generate wisdom or creational energy. We will then create inclusive thought forms, fuel it with the love or inclusive buddhic energy of the heart system and express this in the world as grace, charity, Christ consciousness or the bodhisattva consciousness. From this point on we start to think in terms of the group, the next move to help the planet and humanity itself, and the approach of me and youbecomes a we. It is from this level we must unite, not sexually.

5) The two major chakras of the head. The ajna chakra and crown chakra are considered to be one chakra, because they actually are a system as well and are being fuelled by the consciousness units. The crown-ajna system unfolds the knowledge of the specific path we have chosen, generating full continuity of consciousness, and thus is impossible to describe, but through this system the monad or consciousness units, working through the chakras, are expressing the full monadic consciousness in the world and can by will dissolve the body, or appear by will into form. The kundalini fire is then under the full control of the monad. When the ajna-crown system is fully activated the avatar level of the old schools is reached.

The major chakra of the head, the ajna and crown, will be extended, so to speak, as the integration of the monadic consciousness progresses and from here the 7 chakras (5 additional to the two major) of the head will appear, of which the alta major chakra is one. You can read further in A Treatise on Cosmic Fire to understand how this works.
In comparison to this more simple etheric structure, the angelic template is quite advanced, because the information revealed by the esoteric teachings only focus on what is needed to be transformed to be able to progress into the solar-human evolution, whereas the angelic template is deeply connected into the way the angelic realities work, or the moon chain and the sciences evolved there. 

So you see the angels are quite a high tech bunch and we should be thankful for the quantum level of classic esoteric teaching, but again, only use this technology and adapt it to your path of evolution. When you work entirely with the angelic-etheric level - the original template - this technology can be very useful, but unless it holds the directions from the solar evolution, or your stellar-galactic evolutionary path, then this teaching can - I am not saying will - but can very easily take you to the crystalline worlds and for me this is not an option, because they are a step back in my opinion. But the techniques are available on the Azurite Press MCEO.

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