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The Galactic Terra-Polarian Network: Part 3 of the Human Evolution: Working on the template A

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True Earth Associations

True Earth Associations

Part 3 of the Human Evolution: Working on the template A

Before I move on into my attempt to try and create the ”theory of everything” on a spiritual level, to start with mixing the lunar (Keylontic) and solar (Esoteric Teachings) sciences, I have to make two important distinctions first:

1) We have to be very earnest with ourselves. This is so important and most people do not really take this into account when they work spiritually. What do I mean with this? Well. The Keylontic calls this implants and the solar sciences call it glamour. Actually it is a combination of both things. Most of you reading this blog, I guess, are familiar with the Keylontic Sciences, but to explain what an implant is, it is a sort of manasic symbol coding matter, in every sort, into vibrating a special frequency blocking or opening consciousness. It is a very mechanical approach and is not fully correct, because even though KS define matter, the solar approach of understanding matter as living beings is kind of missed in this highly technical way of viewing Earth and the matter the solar system is built of – at least it escaped my mind when reading the material. But I guess at some level this will reappear when we work our way through this series. It is there, but since the Keylontic came at a point in time, where we needed the hard facts and the scientific approach – to mach our present state of mind – they chose to focus on this.

So, the symbol is a living thing, and the matter is a living thing – both are versions of lunar or manasic elementals and have no free will, but can be coded by a higher existence having free will; cf. us or even higher. Using symbols or implants to code matter is a dangerous science, if used in the wrong hands.

Anyway back to being earnest with our selves: No one else but us can test what is going on in our energy system. Only we can detect whether or not we are under the spell of glamour. To really understand this concept, you have to read and understand the solar sciences of glamour and to do this, you must read Glamour- A World Problem and if you want to partake in my exploration in a serious manner, you read what I suggest, because as you will discover, aside my previous strong rejection of being a teacher, I am crossing the line and slowly starting up my own school – if the energy is provided and the means will surface – so these blog articles are my infantile attempts to evolve my kind of teaching and what I want to share with those who feel for it. So read the books I recommend and you will become just as wise as me. If so you will not need me to teach you, you will have it all from inside and my work has been done perfectly.

I am only showing you the way – but you have to do the work to progress; not clinging to me or expecting me to give you all the answers. And please do not think of me, but only think of what I am conveying and stand in your own light and core consciousness when you do so. I am only a messenger and you need to utilize the information and energy of the message – nothing else. Please forget me and remember the content.

Thus you have to be earnest with yourself and detect your own contribution, how prepared are you to go the way? How much effort do you place in studying and learning the higher sciences? How much of your daily time do you spend in meditation and contemplation over the things you read? How hard do you try to understand, and the most important thing of all: What is your motive to do so? Getting powers, longing for home or because it is exciting? None of these driving forces will bring you to anything but glamour.

Glamour is all around us. We create it all the time and the three planes of existence, into which the personal matrix, the personality, is situated is one big pool of glamour and illusion. And into these illusions, of which we create the most ourselves through our way of thinking and feeling, we get vulnerable, because the elementals we consists of can get “spammed” so to speak by implants.

Glamour is also when we dive into one line of spiritual expression and exploration. In my Panergeia Series there is glamour, in the Terra-Gaia Network you find illusions, in this series of articles I fight my own glamour and all the fog that prevent me from really getting continuity of consciousness. But we have to dive into the pools of glamour because only so are we able to cleanse it out of our system. Working with it, while observing what the line of thought does to us, make us become aware of our own glamour and illusions and where we need to work. This is part of the cleansing process; diving in and becoming wiser, and then to let go of what we have learned and seen. Nothing is revealed in full to us and we have to evolve and progress everything we learn into new frames of intuition and thought, and then we have to dissolve them to be able to move on to the next level of information. Dive in, explore, understand, integrate and dissolve. So you have to be earnest with yourself and detect your own illusions, glamour and maya; cf. the three levels of distortion or infection you have in the three lower planes of your existence or the lower triangle.

2) The other part of being earnest is to really understand where you are in your progress. Are you still exploring the Hall of Knowledge, cf. utilizing the elemental energy in the lower triangle or are you ready to enter the Hall of Wisdom, starting to utilize the solar energies, or the higher energies stemming from your core being, as well as the higher life principle (your original source or inner life-giver) trying to express this in the world in a wise and knowledgeable way? Most humans are still expressing the lunar elemental energies and in a very unfortunate way, but this is the result of glamour, implants and lack of self observance, cf. mindfulness and lack of use of the free will to learn, evolve and get rid of the glamour and implants.

I am not trying to teach the ones still learning to control and utilize the energy in the lower triangle, but I am trying to reach the ones starting to get ready to enter the Hall of Wisdom or has already thread the doorsteps into the great path of higher consciousness, combining what has been learned in the lower triangle with the powers of the life-principle in the heart system. Who has to some degree integrated the deepest feeling of not just being an I, but in reality being a we and thus starting to see Earth as a living system, humanity as a part of this and our emplacement in the higher evolutions of which Earth and its humanity is a part. Most of you are also pass the notion of one god and one true god, have left the need for human desires and the craving to become someone or somebody in the world. You are not seeking powers, but seeking to serve and help humanity; not out of misplaced compassion, but out of common sense and a deep-felt need to do so from your heart. This deep-felt understanding leads you to search for the best ways to help Earth and its humanity, because you see all things here as living principles expressing higher realities and types of consciousness.

Thus I will not explain all in detail, but work from the second triangle and all the new things we have to learn here and explore, understand, integrate and dissolve. It is a piece of illusion, but I need to create the thought form to get further in my progress. I might dissolve it later on. Into this thought form you are my passenger, but you are to discern what you recognize and what is not your path, because I am not only talking to the ones connecting to the solar path, but will eventually enter the stellar-galactic path; which is my goal. But for now I have to work with the second triangle, in order to wisely utilize the elemental energies in the lower triangle and transform them into the solar consciousness. My aim is not magic or becoming a wizard, but how to transform those poor elemental beings, letting them go so they can return as small solar beings or becoming a part of this solar system. Helping them to cross the threshold of old and into the new. This is why they are here. Some of you are here to take a certain quantum with you back to your own systems, but this is another teaching, you will get on your own.

So: Back to the etheric template, or the angelic template, in its original form. I know that the Keylontic works with other versions of it, but I will use this, because it is the most fundamental and will do for my exploration of the six lineages we hold in our basic structure. And here things get a bit complicated.

First I will work with this on a specific level and then lift it to a general one, because it all depends on which type of lineages you have integrated into your template. But the basic human template consists of lunar-reptile, Pleiadian-Andromedian (I consciously spell this differently to avoid existing thought forms on what and who the Andromedians are). Into this template of the four basic lineages other lineages are inserted, e.g. the Venusian soul lineages, cf. the solar lineages, or other lineages from this solar system, i.e. from Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Maldak to name a few. Each of the planets denote a certain School of thought and purpose, so to speak, and each and one of them has a special path to evolve in this solar system. This is the solar teaching; so all in all it is so much more than just the deva-human way (devas are the true builders of this solar system); it is actually the deva-interplanetary lineages. Thus the solar lineages consist of all the planets in this solar system and each of the planets have their own type of humanity and templates filled with racial DNA and ancestral light DNA of different versions of that specific planetary humanity or races.

Having expanded the solar lineages, the pentagrams, into a more complex understanding, we might as well expand the four lineages. The Pleiadian lineage is naturally also composed of all of the different types of Pleiadian interstellar lineages this type of humanity stretches across. What type of Pleiadian lineage you have in your template naturally all comes down to what type of light DNA you have received or chosen to integrate. The same goes for the Andromedian lineages, the reptile and the angelic. Therefore when we start to work with the six main lineages of our template, the MerkaBah, we discover that following one branch of our family tree or first bit of that special timeline onto which the racial lineages are connected, we soon end up in a grid pattern of previous lifetimes in different galaxies, interstellar realities and planetary settings foreign to us.

This is where the tools of discernment and the understanding of glamour and the inserted implants becomes important, because all of the lineages are covered with distortion and most of what we experience has a personal angle to it. Nothing has to be taken for being the whole truth, because what we see is:
  1. from our present state of how evolved our brain is to read the timeline correctly,
  2. how much astral fog we put onto what we see and perceive as in the fact that we decode the information through our auric field and if this is clogged or holds implants, we only connect to certain or partial energies and frequencies of the timeline,
  3. how ready we truly are to see the whole truth no matter how hurtful, disgusting, or fearful it might be and
  4. the deeper levels of the science of reading timelines will first appear to us when we enter the Hall of Wisdom, because here we are more or less detached from the elemental forces of the lower triangle, cf. emotions and concepts of value that colors our beliefsystems. A beliefsystem is a mental distortion and when energy is read through a beliefsystem, only bits of the whole picture come through the filter of the beliefsystem. A beliefsystem is this a grid created to understand, but also to prevent us from getting all of the information we need. Intuition is not constructed on the matter of the brain – a set of beliefsystems – but is the full understanding, viewing and sensing at once; totally free of astral and mental energies.

Thus no fear, no lower emotional values or certain concepts of understanding is the first principle to work with timelines and racial lineages. This does not mean that the experience we encounter does not stir up emotions, but they do not make us turn away in fear or sorrow. Using wisdom, we enter the picture, observe, sense the energy (the true use of the astral or nervous system), discern the felt and sensed in our heart and from the heart system we pull out what we need to learn.
Let me give a resent example on this type of work.

Two things needs to be said to really understand this example, without going into full details: 1) I have always struggled with the imagery of Jesus and Christianity, the Bible and how things were understood and used in the human realms from this, because I have always known on a deep level that this was not true and 2) I have always struggled with my resentment towards humanity as a whole.

So when I got the offer to enter the Hall of Wisdom around the time where we could enter the new levels of progress on a planetary level, cf. the articles on the comet ISON etc., I said no because I did not feel ready and I could not enter such a place resenting humanity as a whole. Not much Christ energy there in my heart, so for a period of time I let the anger I felt in my heart run wild (do only do this when you are in full control over your lower triangle; being pass this triangle does not mean that it does not affect you anymore, but that you have control over it and can go in and out of the forces there. Igniting, transforming and utilizing for the purpose of altering, freeing and dissolving old distortions; cf. healing) and for one week I allowed myself to feel the strong force of separation and at the same time I observed where it led me. What did this energetic pattern of anger cover and separate me from?

Well as it turned out it separated me from the incarnation that I am here to work on or the work I initiated here. The most important one so to speak, that is the one where I let go of my inner light and turned away from the life-principle in my heart; my source (turning away from god so to speak, but the planetary logos of Earth is not the true higher life-principle or source in me, so this is why I detach myself from the concept of god). This incarnation took place in one of the most important timelines of Earth. I had been around before but more as a pupil, threading the Hall of Knowledge, and in this incarnation I was starting to really work.

Back then, before this incarnation, e.g. when the Buddha incarnated, there were a sort of respect around holy people, that is human beings in form and holding a higher life-principle which always make such humans sparkle in a certain way for everyone to see or feel. There is really no doubt when you are in the presence of such humans holding their light clear and strong (the life-principle shines forth and gives the whole human body a certain glow, because such people do not suffer from distortion; they are the direct expression of their life-principle) and they have always been honored as holy people, but this time around something totally unforeseen happened.

We had prepared a group of interplanetary representatives incarnating as a field of exactly the correct accretion level and combination of lineages to make the work of the collect nodal point as strong as possible. We had to integrate and activate, that is place the most important implant into the deep and very thick fog of the astral plane, to use this word, we called it something else, but I cannot get a grip of it – the Keylontic terminology is not mine either – and bridging new portals to each of our interplanetary origin to make this level of the earthly energy system penetrable. Reconnecting the portals (stargates) to this timeline would make the upcoming united solar-interplanetary society possible and lay the ground for what I call galactic Terra. One united solar system, holding the sun as its core and all the planets, not on the lower level as they appear now, but in the true appearance as the 5th kingdom of souls, or solar-interplanetary beings as well as an open system towards both stellar and galactic levels: The cosmic systems of higher consciousness.

Our entering the system of Earth focused especially on this level, had taken quite some preparation and we were all confident that the usual respect of such intervention would be granted by both leaders and population and that our work would be respected and honored.

To make a long story short: This was not the case and the shock of the death of the nodal point, the gathering solar-interplanetary principle – the field of interplanetary consciousness were connected to all of our heart systems, thus we could hold the accretion level and the quantum needed to make him the center and radiating principle (the rest of us were more or less in disguise; around 70 of us incarnated with him) – and we were always around him whenever he appeared in public or taught the followers, albeit we were not known to anybody, just being part of the crowds. We sort of had prepared an inner circle and then the outer circle of energy bearers, of which I was one, but my heart system were connected directly to him and standing there watching him teach; when I go into this memory, is amazing. The radiation from him and the love I feel in my heart exceeds any emotion I know from this lifetime. It is as if the magnetic inclusive pull from him lifted my soul out into the open and the largest love of all filled my body. He was in truth something special in that sense.

The Buddha had done the same on a higher level, but that felt different because most of us being there back then had more or less continuity of consciousness and thus connected to him on an intuitive level and the things we worked with were different or on a more cosmic angle. Those portals are still present in the system of Earth and in the next years to come they will reopen into the collective consciousness a long with all the individual connections to those levels and thought forms which will activate the portals into the earthly energysystem. As will the portals of the solar-interplanetary work we did back then.

You know the story. His shameful death came as a chock to all of us and when his energy was cut off, the strings to all of our hearts were cut off as well. My resentment started there. Being hurt energetically on a very high level; that is our life-principle had been distorted by the horrible death of one of our own, the gathering nodal point of magnetic and inclusive energy, the dark deed distorted all of the field making the dark energy run like fire through the whole group and our vertical connections were cut off in the more immature ones of us, such as myself. The elders or the inner circle stood strong, but the outer circle scattered like the wind. The strings of light snapped and we were all thrown into darkness of despair and chock and nobody did anything to prevent this deed. Humanity, as a whole, just accepted it, which in the old days would have been unthinkable. Humanity had lost their ways so deeply that they could not even understand what they had done.

Such feelings experienced in another timeline, as human, naturally arises when we integrate ourselves in previous timelines and whatever happened there will resurface in full and with all the emotions we had back then. Entering timelines and clearing out former lives are not for the weak and is not something you do for fun. Re-experiencing events from the past are always strong, full of violence, full of hurt and is really hard on the heart; the physical heart aches and the pressure of the energy is enormous, because when cleaning out timelines, the higher life-principle starts to re-enter your energysystem with both force and consciousness, so the time after such an entering and healing process you become more sensitive, more empathic and a whole lot wiser. You have to learn the true meaning of forgiveness and the full acceptances of what happened and work with it in a higher light of consciousness. I still resent humanity on some level, but now I understand why and I am starting the process of learning how to deal with the fact that humanity is working on different levels of consciousness and that I cannot help all or transform all into higher consciousness. If there is no will to go all the way, there is no incentive to work and to regain full consciousness and such humans are not ready to work and should be accepted as being part of the Hall of Knowledge, as I once were.

I am still hurting, and am still in the process of accepting this sorrowful event, but I am getting closer to my inner god, or life-principle.

Instead of clinging to the sixfold structure of Pleiadian, Andromedian or whatever level of racial/light DNA we hold, I will generalize and name the six major timelines or lineages stemming from the heart system – as seen on the drawing of the angelic template - as
  1. lunar (angelic humanities of the previous system and as you already know very highly evolved),
  2. reptile (all evolutions holding matter as their primary level of expression, can range from primitive to very technical races),
  3. stellar (all races from the stellar levels of the Multi-verse or created worlds),
  4. galactic (stemming from the cosmic levels of the created worlds),
  5. planetary (stemming from planetary systems from both inside or outside this solar system) and
  6. solar (having this solar system as its origin, that is being connected to the principle of inclusiveness, the Christ or Boddhisatva principle and primarily being a part of the deva evolution; the builders of this system).

And in our karmic work, that is working with our racial DNA (what has been put there from this planetary system as well as intruders), our light DNA (the coding from the higher worlds) and all of the other types of DNA we have evolved as being a part of different systems and races, each bit of DNA is a sort of chip of information and consciousness connected to specific timelines and patterns of energy, we have to zip up these bits, unfold them into our etheric brain and template, activate the correct lines of consciousness (continuity of consciousness) and reintegrate these bits as parts of our true being, our monadic level or consciousness units. The true us.

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