Thursday, September 9, 2010

~ Arcturian Circle ~ Using Your Vibration and Thoughts to Create Flow Plus Q&A

Using Your Vibration and Thoughts to Create Flow Plus Q&A

September 9th, 2010


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We would like to begin with some information that we hope will provide you with greater clarity as the days move forward. As we have explained to you in the past, there is absolutely nothing to fear. There is nothing for you to do but enjoy your lives and connect to your higher purpose, connect to each other, connect to the planet and move forward in love. But at the same time we know that you are physical beings, and you have much experience in physical form that you do not remember from times past. However, many of you are beginning to remember many things. We are here to shake that up a little bit and  help you connect to who you truly are. There are two lines of energy or two lines of information that we’d really like to talk to you about and they are very connected. We are going to talk about vibration and thought. We also want to talk to you about why so many of you have been experiencing things that feel so difficult, so tough, and just plain hard to deal with these days.

But let us start with the aforementioned which is vibration and thought. Although we know that you know this, we are just going to talk a little bit about it so we can hopefully help you fine tune yourselves and help you recognize that there are some very subtle things that you can do to help to make your days and minutes and seconds easier. So let us start with thoughts and vibrations. You know we’ve talked to you so much about the power of your vibration, the power of your thoughts, how thoughts are energy, and how thoughts help you attract things. Well, let us shift that focus to your vibration because you’ve reached a point in your lives that you must realize that vibration is what really attracts the things that you want and the things that you do not want. Thought does not come before vibration. Thought is a factor that happens because of your vibration. How you are vibrating is what you attract. So that’s why when you feel very, very happy and you are feeling very, very good things seems to come to you very easily. When you are having days that aren’t quite as good and you are not feeling as happy, things do not come to you as easily. We know that we’ve talked much about how thought can provide you with the things that you want, but what we want to explain to you is that what really brings things to you is your vibration. Your thought really cannot change your vibration or your thoughts can’t change your vibration. Let us say that again. Your thoughts are not what changes your vibration. Your thoughts come from what you are vibrating.

So let us give you a for instance. You are having a day where things just aren’t going your way. You’re frustrated, your aggravated, you don’t feel so good; you have a headache, your stomach hurts and everything that you are doing seems to be going in the opposite direction from what you want. You are not feeling good, you are frustrated and every single time something happens you think to yourself, “If I could just change the way that I’m thinking, I could make this better.” Then you start thinking more about changing your thoughts, and you realize you don’t know how to get out of the place you are in. “I don’t feel good, my head hurts, my stomach hurts and I just want to feel better, but I don’t know how to do it.” And then you get more aggravated with yourself because you can’t change the way that you are feeling. So you think “Let me do some affirmations” and “if I just think enough positive thoughts, I know I can make myself feel better.” What we say to you is that trying to change the way you are thinking when you are not feeling good or when you are feeling bad is a bit like trying to get all the way across the United States, from the East coast to the West coast, very quickly. We would suggest that it is much easier to get from the bottom of the East coast to the top of the East coast than it is to go clear across the United States. So what we mean by that is, just try to find something that feels better. Your feelings and your emotions are key indicators of how you are vibrating. If you are feeling sad, your vibration is equal to that. If you are upset and angry, if you are fearful, that is what you are vibrating. If you are thinking that all you are going to do is think positive thoughts and that’s going to change your vibration (I’m sitting in a place of worry, I’m sitting in a place of sadness, I’m sitting in a place of fear and I’m thinking those thoughts; I want to change this thing in my life, I want my health to be better) you are simply going to ramp up or increase the vibrations that you already have. When you are sitting in a place of fear or you are sitting in a place of sadness, what you can do to move yourself out of that place is to find a way to feel better. Whatever it is. It can be a teeny, tiny little thing. We say don’t spend your time trying to change your thoughts or think yourself out of the way you are feeling; try to find a way to feel better, whether that’s taking a walk, taking a nap, taking a bubble bath. Whatever you do, find a way to feel better. You can not think yourself into a better feeling. You must change your vibration in order to feel better. The reason we want to tell you this is because we have talked so much about how powerful your thoughts are and how powerful you are as a manifestor. You are, but the key to manifesting is your vibration. We will tell you that when you are in the flow, you are in a state of allowance, you are feeling wonderful and you are feeling happy. That is the time to say your affirmations. That is the time to think how you want things to go. When you are not in the flow and you are not feeling well, your thoughts will only amplify what you are feeling. So when you are not in the flow, find a way to feel better. Use your feeling and your emotions to navigate yourself out of that place.

Now we would also like to talk to you about why things seem so dramatic lately. Many of you have been experiencing things where it is very difficult for you to be in the 3D world, the old reality, the old Earth, the old paradigms, the old states. Many of you are feeling them grow more dramatic. You are seeing them more often. It feels as though they are encroaching on where you are and where you live. The good news is that when you have raised your vibration and are going through a shift, you are more in the flow than you have been in the past. Things of contrast will seem bigger because you are growing and you are further away from where you were before. Things that didn’t bother you in the past may all of a sudden start bothering you, such as noise or some music or just people talking or being in a public place, a grocery store, the energies that seemed okay last week or the week before or the month before. When you have gone through an energetic shift, your vibration has changed and you are in a different place than you used to be, and the things that used to feel so right before may not feel so right now. When you have moved to this place, the things that were opposite to you before may be even more opposite now. We simply say to you, see them, observe them, but you do not have to be in them. It is simply a choice.

The other thing that will happen when you are going through a shift is that all of a sudden it will seem like the clock has slowed down dramatically. An hour is taking what seems like four hours. A minute is taking a long time. A day is taking a long time, even a half-day. When time seems like it is dragging and just going very, very slowly, we can assure you this is a key to knowing that you are going through a very large energetic shift. As your vibration speeds up, time slows down. At some point it will feel like the clock goes back to normal time, whatever normal time is right now, but that’s another key indicator that your vibration is shifting.

Would anyone like to ask a question now?

Question: Why do we feel right now that there is less time in a day than there was before?

Answer: Time is changing. Time is compressing. In a 24 hour period now, you are able to get less done than you did a year ago or two years ago. It seems as though many more things are happening, and time is absolutely compressing because we are moving into the space and time of the now moment. As we get closer to existing in the fourth dimensional time which is more in the now, as we move into the fifth dimension, it is being in present time where all dimensions exist at the same time. It does feel that way, and it will continue to feel that way as if there is less time in each day. That is just happening all around us, and many people are feeling it. The segment we talked about earlier where time feels like it has slowed down substantially is when you are going through a vibrational shift. The other thing that may happen when you are shifting vibrationally is you may experience the need to sleep for a long period of time. You get up, you have breakfast, you have your cup of coffee and you think to yourself, “Oh my goodness I’m still tired, I’m going back to bed,” and then you sleep the whole day. Many people sleep through it, and many people feel the time slowing down. We wanted to let you know this information because it will help you know and identify when you are going through a vibrational shift. When you are going through a vibrational shift, things seem more dramatic. The outside world will seem a little bit louder, you may feel more emotional. There are lots of things that happen to you when you are going through a vibrational shift, but those are two key indicators that you are at the tail end of a vibrational shift.

Question: Is multitasking good for us?

Answer: Probably not. Multitasking is trying to do multiple things at the same time. It takes you away from experiencing the present or the now moment. If you are multitasking and you feel happy, then we say multitasking is fine. We say that multitasking can cause you to feel scattered and prohibits you from enjoying the thing that you want to enjoy. So it is taking away your joy. If it takes away your joy, then it is probably not good for you.

Thank you for inviting us in tonight. We respect and honor you.

With much love,
The Arcturian Circle