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The Galactic Terra-Polarian Network: After the Solstice and the beginning of the full divison of APINs

True Earth Associations
Prelude to level three. I did not fully know how to share the information that grew out of the severe division that happened during the solstrice (19-25 March 2014) but here it is: 

Monday, 31 March 2014

After the Solstice and the beginning of the full divison of APINs

My Taran faction – the main force behind my work- has informed me of this: If we belong to one of the three seedings (being an original Taran) under the guidance e of the Priesthood of Mu and Ur – and we want to return to Tara – then we only got until 2025 to take the first initiation; i.e. leaving the dark network by our own free will and gain control over the personality matrix.

If we belong to other factions of the Palaidorians, e.g. the Pleiadian or the Sirian section – as in originate from those systems – the terms will be different. Please notice the difference in action, help and guidance in between the members of the Palaidorians.

The 1-3D Shambhala factions are still present as always in Inner Earth and will be until the day Inner Earth retracts to the living light areas of the Multiverses. Thus the Bailey material is valid to use to take the first initiation. Do only use the books, not anything else – create your own understanding; do not rely on the understanding of others or thought forms on the Internet; not even the schools that has grown out of this material. As soon as the speaker or writer of higher information is no longer present energetically, the thought forms start to decay. Thus we have to recreate the original thought forms in our personal energy work evolving intuition along the Path.

The 4D Priesthood of Mu (the teachers on the Path) will only be working through the network of living light, through the Four Faces of Man APIN. This communication system will release the knowledge we need to have when working our way through the next initiations. The Four Faces of Man indicates the full path of Christ – the four initiations – and releases the energy (manasic light DNA) needed to take the initiations, after we have taken the first one ourselves, even though the teachers themselves do not interact directly before after we have gained full access to the network of light; i.e. taken the first three initiations. The second initiation – releasing the Seal of Palaidor and taking the Solar Heart Activation, i.e. opening the true heart chakra – will connect us to the four faces of Man APIN which is per se “the Path”. The fourth initiation – the transfiguration or full ascension – will not be necessary, but the first three will be, to be able to leave the fourth world and regain access to the receiving stations on Tara (unless we apply to leave as a mind-field, cf. the Panergeia Project).

The 5D Great White Lion APIN is under the Priesthood of Ur and it will provide the information and energy we need to work with the leylines and the energy being infused here during the SAC. The original plan to let the SAC energies run in all of the networks as well as the natural leylines have been abandoned, and the energies of the SAC, which we need to release the Seal of the Palaidor and take the Solar Heart Activation to be able to build the three triangles in the head (regaining the 12 chakra structure), are only flowing in the Great White Lion APIN. We will be guided to the correct spots in our surroundings, when we are ready and from here integrate the energy needed to take the second initiation. This is called “the Way”.
Thus the second initiation connects us to the APINs we need to be connected to in order to evolve further.

Note the difference between the Path and the Way; the first indicating the four initiations we have to take by will and the use of living consciousness and the latter indicating the energy work we have to do by connecting to the living 4-6D cosmic forces in the leylines.

The Great White Lion, along with the Four Faces of Man, have to be used in the correct combination to be able to take the third initiation, working our way through the 4D and 5D of Earth – within the outer layers of the network of light – while we cleanse out the digressed mental energies back into the manasic light DNA of the second and third worlds. The third initiation opens up to the Sirian or 6D level in us.

We are literally working our way back through living energy and living consciousness rebuilding our original structure to be able to regain full citizenship of the Living Light Worlds. For some the path of following the original energy structure will be sufficient, making the last transitions into present day Tara within the receiving areas, and others are already now starting to work with the energies and consciousness from the fifth living light world as we will see in the next generations of children incarnating in human earth form, but are entirely enveloped in network of living light, preparing for the full division of the Earth chain in 2055-2147.

Between 2025 and 2037 we are able to release the Seal of Palaidor and take the Solar Heart Activation, i.e. the second initiation as we please (it is only possible if we have taken the first initiation) and start the process of the third initiation which will lead us to the active network of living light on Earth or the receiving areas on Tara after the transformation of the personality matrix and its matter form, infusing it with living light and consciousness from the spiritual triad. If we progress rapidly, taking all three initiations and starting the fourth, in this lifetime, we will be reborn into the living light fifth world of the Earth chain.

Hereafter the doors to the network of living light will close as the energies of the SAC fades out and the division of the frozen light communities and the network of living light will divide in full.

The original mission as partaking in the remaining cycle of the fourth world of Earth under the stronghold of the frozen light communities will only be as part of the living light network, which means that the helpers are in this world, but they do not intervene or partake actively or energetically. They are here to supervise, the ones still being present in human form, but they are not present as healers, grid-workers or similar missions. This has been given over to the humans taking the first and second initiations as a part of their energy transformation.

I know this information contradicts other information on the Internet, especially the ones indication that all of Earth has become an ascension planet, but this is the information I have got and I rely on this simply because it stems from the original sources I belong to on Tara.

The fifth and sixth world of the Earth chain will take place but within the network of living light. The fusion of the solar system with the Taran system is still going to happen, but only the ones that have taken the three initiations will become a part of this. The ones choosing the frozen light communities will follow their version of the fifth world as the overall division of Earth continues to unfold.
Again this is information for the ones still being present here on Earth stemming from the first three seedings. The rescue missions as orchestrated from the original Palaidorians follow this timetable. If you do not feel in agreement with this, you might belong to other factions and should find their timetables for the events that are bound to take place after the SAC fades out in 2017-2022.

I know of one Pleiadian who is still functioning within the dark network due to a sort of energy sphere around her, making her able to work within the quickly growing frozen light communities. This will protect her even though the energies of the SAC are retracting into the Great White Lion, since she is directly connected to her group, positioned in a secure location, i.e. Inner Earth, through her sphere. The Pleiadians will therefore continue to interact within the frozen light communities and their fifth world scenario; at least until the full division of Earth in 2147.

The lower digressive races are still leaving, i.e. the ones not partaking in the frozen light transformations, and the APINs belonging to those races have been taken over by the 5D and 6D forces of the former dark network – now called the frozen light communities (actually they already have different fancy names, but I will leave it at this).

As I have always said, the new world leaders of the frozen light communities are highly civilized and use highly evolved spiritual technology to fuse the digressive manasic light with crystalline energy; all in all creating eternal frozen light souls (built out of the remaining 4-6D spiritual triad fragments) being able to take on different types of artificial body structures created out of tissue etc. Science will therefore experience some major breakthroughs over the next 20-50 years on how to prolong the life expectancy of the physical body.

This is happening all over the Multiverses and in the future – where I come from – the Multiverses are divided into the free living light worlds and the frozen light worlds. This has not changed since all that is happening now led to this destiny and the timelines to this are still unfolding. The only thing that has changed since the first run through is the many rescue missions getting so many more out, before the division happens.

I know I took a little detour to reconnect with the Bailey material in the 1-4D, and I enjoyed the happiness this gave me talking about light beings and devas, but as mentioned in the second article in the link below, this is just one way of handing over the teachings to us while we work with the personality matrix. The reality is still what it is in 4-6D, or the reality of the spiritual triad, Tara and the HU-2 levels of the Multiverses and the information in this blog article stems from this level.

Read my material supporting this article here…..  The Path of Initiation (2)


Translated version DK->ENG = below:

Is knowledge of what a star human being in general is important to us?

+ Art, balance and integration


The Path of Initiation
This door of initiation is connected with the great problem of what H.P.B. calls the mystery of electricity; the door is itself an electrical phenomenon essentially.

Having said this, even if you do not understand my meaning, you can, however, grasp the possibility that (being electrical in nature) it can easily present an obstructing force, a repelling energy to the approach of the aspirant; this is the correct way to look at it.

It is only when the electrical energy of which the door is constituted and that of which the human is constructed at any particular time synchronize and vibrate in unison that the aspirant can pass through to greater light. This gives you a somewhat new and rather abstruse definition of initiation. Nevertheless, as science arrives at a better understanding of the human being as an electrical unit of power and light, and of her triple mechanism as created of three aspects of electricity, a truer comprehension of the significance of initiation will eventuate. The three fires of which all things are made are electrical in nature and—speaking symbolically—it is only when fire by friction is dominated by solar fire that the first four initiations can be taken, culminating in the fifth initiation in which these two fires are subordinated to electric fire emanating from the monad and giving a new revelation. This monadic process begins at the third initiation.

It might be added that the third initiation (culminating in the Transfiguration) is taken on the three higher levels of the mental plane, and that it is therefore upon the fourth level of the mental plane that the aspirant first of all stands before the door, seeking initiation. That electrical unit or phenomenon of electricity which we call the fourth kingdom in nature, on this fourth subplane of the mental plane esoterically ejects the unit of electricity which is ready to be absorbed by the higher form of electricity. Fire by friction dies out and solar fire takes its place, and the relationship between the two higher forms of electricity becomes established.

It is solar fire which forms and likewise guards the door of initiation for the first four initiations. It is the electrical fire which forms the door of initiation for those initiations which guard the Way to the Higher Evolution.

There are four types of fire by friction which create the obstructing door in unison with solar fire, of which it is essentially created. These are as follows:

1. Electrical energy, composed of two forces of electricity: the innate, inert and latent force of the physical plane atoms of the dense physical vehicle, and the force which we call prana which is an aspect of the energy composing the etheric body. These two blend, combine and form the door through which the spiritual man must pass then he undergoes the first initiation. This provocative energy tests out every part of his physical equipment and—as he passes the test—the door opens, the opposing energies symbolically "die out," and he can pass on to the Path of Initiation, free from that type of obstruction. The physical body no longer rules him, either through its limitations and faults or through the physical disciplines which have been hitherto needed but are no longer required.

2. The electrical energy of the astral or emotional body next confronts him as he prepares to take the second initiation. You can call this energy, if you so choose, the sum total of all the glamours; a glamour is essentially a bewildering, deceiving and illusory energy-form which seeks to sidetrack and mislead the neophyte and which is attracted to him by ancient habit and old controls. He is therefore responsible for the impact of this energy. This type of energy takes form, and the massed forms of these glamours constitute the opposing door and oppose the passing of the aspirant on to the next phase of the Path. With this electrical energy he must deal before he takes the second initiation. These particular energies are not thoughtforms; they are drifting, undefined and exceedingly fluid. Of this type of energy water is the symbol, and this is one reason why this second initiation is called the Baptism initiation, or the initiation of entering the stream.

3. The electrical energy of the mind now creates the door for the third initiation, and the obstruction which confronts the initiate is that of the electrical figments of his own thinking, shining with a light which is all their own (for they are of the highest order and type), but veiling the pure light which shines behind them. They constitute the sumtotal of illusion. This door is formed by the coming together of the three types of energy: fire by friction, solar fire (playing in full force at this third initiation), and electrical fire from the Spiritual Triad, making its first impact on the other two fires, for all three are in full activity at this initiatory crisis. All are localized and concentrated in that symbol of progress, the door of initiation.

It should be becoming increasingly clear to you why the initiate is ever portrayed as one who works with the forces and energies of the planet and the system. To her, there is naught else.

4. The fourth type of fire by friction which confronts the initiate as he stands prepared for that initiation which we call the Great Renunciation is the electric energy of the entire integrated personality. That which is the product of every incarnation—the highly developed, powerful and clear-eyed personality (as it is called)—is the final event and presents the final great obstruction.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Lisa Renee: Disengaging from Battles

~Blog Update~

Disengaging from Battles

The Galactic Center is the Heart of all Universal creation, where birth, death, resurrection and transformation happen at the end of each evolution cycle known as the Ascension. During the In-breath cycle of Creation, the Ascension timeline, our true God parent returns to claim us. The Father God principle, is merging us to align with the Mother’s heart-womb to benevolently force our inner and outer transformation to complete our personal great work, the birth of the inner Christos-Sophia.  This transformation is another push towards congruence between the inner spiritual essence and unique energies of which we are all interconnected and a part. We must learn how to be in harmony with the Universe, in harmony with our true selves, as then we become in harmony with all things. As we live in greater harmony with our real self, the abundant feeling of being ultimately connected to a benevolent and loving Universe is assured. 

The Planetary Transharmonic Pillar (Mother Arc’s 13th gate) which is the direct portal into the Universal Heart and into the Cores of multiple Universes. This pillar moves into the Universal core and connects through the Mother’s Quintessence, the Cosmic Aether. The Quintessence of the Universal Mother God principle is the Cosmic Aether element of which sparks and animates the terrestrial matter of elemental life alchemically. The deep core of this Universal heart space which holds the Holy Mother quintessence is the womb or “Creatrix” field. The Mother’s heart “quintessence” becomes propelled and infused within those beings that naturally recognize and accept to merge with her during this time. The application of heart quintessence to the DNA of physical matter is the potential sacred marriage and alchemical rising of the inner Christos-Sophia. This infers that there will be tangible externalizations as the result of this element being introduced to the planetary energy body, which has not been introduced before. This gradual merge with the Heart of God will bathe Mother’s quintessence to flow into Pillars between the planetary body and the personal body. Some of us will hold, transmit or be the transfer agent of the Cosmic Aether to the planet, as not everyone is ready to embody this frequency. 

The Cosmic Aether is the legendary “philosopher stone” that has been referred to in ancient alchemy practices. Many have tried to replicate it as an elixir of life in order to achieve immortality. However, in truth the Quintessence of Mothers Universal heart cannot be replicated. The ultimate in sacred alchemy and personal enlightenment is the great potential of this upcoming alignment. For those awakening it will be realized as the great milestone at the end of an era, the end of time as we have known it. 

Those who are recognized as in alignment with the Oneness field of Unity architecture will be activated in their personal shields to be a local Transharmonic Pillar in the macrocosm. These personal pillars connect to the 13th circuitry gateways that fully lead out of this Universal system. Some of us will be accessing them to support the human soul transits that will occur during these end times. This is the gateway of the ascending hub networks and ascending future timelines. To merge with the Oneness field is not a mental process; it is a BE-ing process. One cannot think themselves into the Oneness, one must clear their mind and nervous system in order to be relaxed enough to truly just authentically BE. 

BE-ing is the Doorway that opens Consciousness. 

For these reasons, during this time cycle especially, it is important to stop “pushing” from your mental body and learn how to have no agenda, no needs and no fears, just allowing what IS in order to BE. Disengage from any inner and outer mental or emotional battles with any person, place or thing that may be sucking your life force dry. 

Be with these times, feel in the moment to moment, observe and resolve inner negative thoughts, be as present as possible to every activity or non-activity. This is the practice of total “mindfulness”, being aware of thoughts passing through in the now moment. Be willing to allow the shedding of the skin of painful behaviors fueled by negative thoughts and emotions. Pushing battles from the mind will be met with incredible resistance. Do your best to have an accepting attitude towards life changes as being appropriate consciousness evolution steps. Otherwise, they may cause pain and suffering from mental confusion or emotional attachments. 

We are presently entering the end of an extremely dark and dualistic cycle of time on this planet. Currently, the world of forces of which we are all exposed and the polarity extremes of those forces may appear to be much more amplified in physical matter. This amplification of forces creates an extreme pressure on our minds and bodies when we have resonance to their polarity pattern. This pushes personal alchemical and inner transformation that when met with a positive and accepting attitude, can shift the intense internal pressure. Internal pressure felt when polarity forces meet in the body is a part of the alchemical shift that can be utilized positively for consciousness growth. If one is willing to accept personal responsibility and accountability to shift destructive thoughts and their emotional states, internal pressure and the discordant pattern is released. The bar has been raised again significantly and it requires quick and spontaneous adjustments to match rapidly changing, intense frequency patterns. 

The Armageddon Effect 

The challenges humanity has living upon an Ascending planet is that we experience an extreme paradox of amplified duality in our life experience, while we are actually co-existing the closest to the non-duality essence of the source presence. This is due to the phenomena of polarity amplification; the forces of duality amplify considerably when exposed to variations of higher frequencies. When a force intrinsically exists within non-duality and it is presented or exposed to a dual presence, explosions and implosions between these forces are inevitable. The bifurcation of reality timelines is a consequence of this pulling apart of forces during the current frequency split.  Most of these eruptions are the level of schism existing between the dual nature of the thinking mind and the non-dual nature of intelligent consciousness

When there is a schism, this produces an internal and external Armageddon effect between the intelligent spiritual-energetic consciousness and the lower mental principle (ego) in the physical body. 

This experience is at the personal level and global level, where one may sense a “battle” between these amplified extremes and their world of forces are raging, in the body, or in the environment. Some people and groups on the earth are already living in such a Armageddon scenario type of world.  Such are these chaotic times many of us are witnessing as we undergo the Ascension cycle on this transforming planet.

For those reasons, to maintain inner balance and sanity,  we must disengage from any “mental battle” on the inner or outer realms, and learn to refocus ourselves to find the stillness within to contact higher spiritual intelligence of our inner Christos. 

This timeline is very important as the choice to accept personal sovereignty is very real and available. Personal harmony and greater balance is experienced as a tremendous blessing in our lives, when we have made it past mental obsessions or mind control. Conversely, if that choice is not made or upheld, the energetic consequence returns to be enslaved to the forces of mind control that inflicts suffering. This is the time to walk the talk and step into personal responsibility for all emotions and thoughts that have been controlling our actions or directing our lifestyle. 

There will be those people on the descending spiral of mental confusion and inner pain, attempting to control others and the environment through manipulation schemes, emotional entanglement and forms of mind control. This is the opposing forces which are engaging and entangling themselves into mental and emotional battles which will become like a quicksand pit that no one can never get free of.

Therefore, the necessity to create healthy boundaries is everyone’s right to maintain sanity and peace. This is an important time to take care of oneself and to note that this controlling and manipulating phenomena will increase in the environment due to fear, insecurity and confusion in the masses. Many people are having emotional traumas and tantrums as they revert into childlike behavior, pulling them down further into the quicksand of dark forces. The dark forces take advantage of that vulnerability in people whom have not made an effort to understand and clear their negative ego. These people are prime motivation for dark force manipulation. Remember that all levels of spinning into confusion amplifies and feeds the forces of chaos at every level. Finding inner clarity, stillness and developing an accurate assessment of our world in a spiritual context, will equal the amount of inner harmony and peace one experiences. 

(Source: Quintessence: December 2012 Newsletter)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Krystalai: 12D Clearing & Protection Meditation +

Crystalai (2013)
(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse) 

Image by: FutureAgeSage


This meditation should be done at least 2 times a day once when you first get up before you do anything else and right before you go to sleep at night. Do this continuously and you notice things getting better in almost every way.

Here is some background about the elements within the Meditation.

The 12th Dimensional Self is your Christ Self- your true immortal self hood.
You can bring this 12D star into your Consciousness for complete protection from the 3D world. First see the star inside of your head. Feel the Christ Energy in the Star. Ask to feel the Christ Energy in the Star.
Next, take the star down to the center of the Earth and ask it to collect the 13th dimensional energy of the Earth's Core. Bring the Star up to about one foot below the Earth's Crust. This is the place where the Christ Grid and Christ 12D frequencies are in the earth. Feel the star grow under you at this point. Feel this star of Christ energy grow under your feet.

Next, bring the star up over your head, about one foot above the head. See a shield of Christ Energy and protection ENVELOPE your body. Place your body in this seal every morning when you wake up. And do it over and over again until you feel your self locked in this seal completely safe from anything in the 3D world.

This is a gift from Christ. It is your divine right to have this protective seal and to use it. There is no reason to live anywhere except in the Christ Consciousness Energy Seal.

The 6 pointed star is the geometric symbol of the 12th dimension and it carries the frequencies of that dimension (it is in the same shape as the Star of David, but it isn't the Star of David).

White is the color of the 12th dimensional light and white light carries the frequencies of the 12th Dimension. Using this symbol and light in meditation, you bring these frequencies in and it carries the codes to reset your Divine Blueprint of your perfect self that is free of all things that are unlike Source.

The 12th Dimensional frequencies creates a strong and clear energy around you where lower frequencies that come next to these frequencies are transmuted to the higher 12th dimensional frequencies (the Law of Vibration) which gives you a strong, clear and free passage through all of the Spheres.
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A & A Deane, All Rights Reserved;
 Part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series

The 12th Dimension is the dimension of the Christ frequencies. The (your) 12th Chakra is located about 12 inches below your feet. Your 12th Chakra contains the frequencies of the 12th Dimension (Christ Frequencies) and connects you directly to the 12th Dimension. Your 13th Chakra is at the core of the Earth and has 13th Dimensional energy. All of the Chakras work this way and connect you to the specific dimension of the Chakra. This is why the 4th Chakra is now the new base chakra for the 2nd Sphere - the New Earth and all of your chakras of 4 - 21 are wide open. The 1-3 chakras are now becoming like placeholders for all of the good things from them are moving up or have already moved up into the 4th and 5th chakras, and all of the other things from chakras 1-3 need to be demanifested so they are put to rest.
The meditation contains making a flame hologram around you that comes out from the 12th Chakra that is 12 inches below your feet that goes up to Source and that goes down to the core of the Earth.

The key to staying out of the confusing low frequencies of "the world" is to place your body within the flame that holds the frequencies of your Christ Self and to keep yourself emersed in the highest frequencies day and night.

This hologram to place your body in is created by activating eight six pointed stars and infusing them 12th Dimensional frequencies then placing all 8 of the stars together into one star that becomes a sparkly white in color and then bringing that combined star into your Pineal Gland at the 6th Chakra at the center of your head and letting the energies flow through your entire body, bringing that star down to the core of the Earth to absorb the 13th Dimensional frequencies from your 13th Chakra and also absorbing all of the Earth's healing frequencies of love, then to bring it up to your 12th Chakra 12 inches below your feet, and then create a flame around your body that goes all the way up to Source and all the way down to the core of the Earth.

If you find that the energy is a little too much for you using all 8 stars at once, you can make one six-pointed star and infuse it with 12th Dim. energy and do the meditiation. Once comfortable with that, you could keep increasing the amount of stars until 8 stars is comfortable enough to work with.

When you finish this Meditation you will feel your body encased in this flame - this Crystal garment around your body and thoughout your body that locks this frequency into and through you. When you start feeling "out of focus" do the meditation again.

This is the beginning point of activating frequencies. The Real power - the real frequencies that raise us beyond this 3D Form are in the Earth and in the Universes beyond the Earth, which are also contained within you, once known. The Kingdom of Heaven is within.

NOTE: I think of Breath as the Will of Spirit. My breath is what draws or moves divine energy/frequencies. My inhale generally draws energy. My exhale generally moves the energy. So, I generally inhale to draw frequencies and I exhale to move these specific frequencies to other places. Also, in meditation, I breathe in between doing thing and INHALE and EXHALE to move frequencies.

NOTE: If my body starts to tense up when running frequencies, which it sometimes does because consciousness goes way faster than your body - the body is playing catch-up with the hightened frequencies and sometimes it's tendency is to tense up - it's normal. So, if that happens, just say, "My body is relaxed, Now" or/and "My chest is relaxed, Now" or/and "My throat is relaxed, Now." We are gods and are masters.

NOTE: We are gods and we have the power to make things happen as we say, so we can easily say, "12th Dimensional frequencies, Now" and 12th Dimensional frequencies will start running through our body. That's the way it is. So be that.

Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse

Visit Cosmic Dolphin Magic at:
Crystalai @2011  

6 8 12 24 48 Star/Petals can be used.  same as Hu4 Merkaba is not same as a Hu1 Merkaba....
& re Nodes in Template: 10/11 and color see notes/comment

How to build your personal 12D Shield:

Co-Create your body shield, your personal energy field. The 12th dimensional shield is a practice that fortifies & strengthens our Aura by reconnecting us to our 12th Dimensional blue print or Kryst/Krystal Body. As we shield ourselves, we learn energetic boundaries of our Aura. And then we can learn to boundary test our Aura to discordant energies that are uninvited.

The shield also helps us to re-imprint our body to physical energy sustainability, & health achieved by bringing balance to the body. It also allows communication to be restored with our spiritual forces & star family. It also empowers our body, ourselves to re-awaken the wisdom of our true origins which may mean we start to decode light language or start to understand more about the hidden history of our planet & race.

So as we work with the 12D shield, we use the six-pointed star, which is two triangles of Merkabah that is representative of our Merkabah Body. The 12th Dimensional Light Shield is an excellent way to build the integrity of your lightbody while repelling negative or dense energies from sticking to your energetic body/Aura.

(Source: Lisa Renee - Energetic Synthesis)

Oracle Report: Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday, March 24, 2014
Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, realign, responsibility
Moon in Capricorn

Focus, forgiveness, fellowship, and freedom are the themes today. Information, insight, and illumination comes our way to set us straight.


FOCUS - We keep an unwavering focus - the gaze of the wise owl - on matters. Look around at people, places, and things that are wavering. Have tenacity if something is trying to take you out of what you feel is right for you. Issues that developed over the weekend related to boundaries and setting limits gave clues about where we need to be in relation to others. Don't sway from your course. Envision yourself with the deep roots of an oak tree, firmly grounded with Gaia Sophia and let things take their course.

FORGIVENESS - Resolution of matters comes when we surrender the need to control a specific outcome. This action loosens situations so that they begin to move freely once again. It removes great burdens - emotional freight. When we let go, the pieces can come together in a natural way.

FELLOWSHIP - Natural world order (life in line with the principle of freedom - freedom of mind, body, and spirit; freedom of experience) comes about through clear aim that is unchallenged by indecisiveness. All of the good things in the world have come about from this, not through struggle and strife. It may appear that struggle and strife (as in the struggle and strife of the American Revolution) enabled things to happen, but this is not the case. Aim is what makes things happen. To prevent this, an agenda of "divide and conquer" is often set up. We see above and beyond that. Inclusivity is the keyword today. Include everyone you can.

FREEDOM - The mechanics of the stars are timed. If presented with an opportunity, the energy favors it. Changes are underway to bring a happier, more natural way of life. Freeing ourselves from what constricts us is part of this. If something is keeping you "down," look to what you need in the situation.

This is bold energy. Both Uranus and Jupiter will move to new degrees today, beginning energy that will be imprinted at the New Moon this Sunday. It's a transformative kind of day that is complex in what it produces, but simple in nature. It's really about a renewed dedication to spirit.

With the New Moon in Aries, the aim at the Oracle Report will be to provide a daily guide to maintaining focus on the sharpening of natural world order while the dissolution of the new world order - the archontic control matrix - occurs. Wise owls have work to do.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Ascension Whispers: Carbon Based Life

Understanding more of creation and your relationship to it.



Carbon Based Life

A quick reminder that the next time shift date is March 15, 2014 and as the quickening for this shift has approached I have become aware of a few more pieces of the puzzle.

PLEASE NOTE: This information is not intended to treat or diagnose any physical, mental or emotional illness and it is suggested to check with your medical person before adding any supplement to your diet.

This information is simply to bring awareness to thoughts to allow you to research and discover if it applies to you.

The human body has been a “carbon based biology” for a very long time but what does that mean? Carbon in its pure form (atomic element #6) expresses as diamond, graphite and coal. All “known life” on Earth is carbon based.

Follow This Link To Understand Carbon Based

I am now understanding a bit more pieces of what it means that the “recipe” of the “elements” were altered or mixed in a blender when the planets were blown apart and the false solar system was created and then later the planet dropped in 2/3 energy.

When we think of energy from a metaphysical level, we might think of airy fairy type waves of energy and most likely from thoughts we carry about the concepts of ghosts. Energy does exist in such states but energy exists in many states that we are not yet aware of.

This information is so vast within me that I am currently finding it challenging how to put these puzzle pieces together in words for you to consider. It all started with more understanding of the true purpose of the ancient structures such as pyramids and I will share what I know about that in the next video shares but that greater understanding is allowing me to understand more of what it means to be “Energy Beings” expressing on/within an “energy planet” and how the elements that compose the matter body play a role within all of it.
When Eternal Life forms incarnate into a planetary system they literally plug into the energy grids of the planetary system and via the matter body makeup walk the planet. Simply walking the planet creates a compression effect or tapping effect between the planet and the life forms of the planet. The compression effect creates a domino effect within the elements that compose the matter base.

Source does not simply create the “know elements” without reason and purpose. For instance, Source does not create natural metals such as gold, copper and silver within a planetary body so that the life forms will create an economic system upon them which spawns greed and distortion; they do have a purpose within the planetary body. All natural elements have a purpose within a planetary system and it is not to fuse elements together in ways Source did not fuse them together to make “man made matter forms”.

The truth about elements and how they work together to create effects has been hidden from the masses for 26,000 years and prior to that time, the people of Earth held knowledge of many of those truths. At this time, I only have this little bit of awareness to share with you but I feel it is pretty large and is why I am trying to find the words to share it in a post instead of waiting for a video share.

A carbon based biology occurs when the higher energy of Source is not available to allow for the elements to work the way that Source created them to work. At this time, the Eternal Life forms of Earth will remain a carbon based biology but when the Earth is able to shift back into her healed expression, the elemental biological form will “change” into a silica based biology which Earth Science will tell you is not possible in this reality field and they are correct. To understand more about that follow this link.

Follow this link to understand why a silica based biology is not possible at this time.

As you will read within that information for a biological life form to be base silica they would have to exist within a planetary system that would be extremely high in temperature as compared to the Earth system or else the breathing process would simply solidify the silica and turn it to sand. But in a high temperate environment, it would remain a liquid or vapor.

Glass, Sand and “Quartz Crystal” are made of silica. Silica makes up 90% of the Earth’s total mass. What does that mean? It means that we are walking on a planetary mass that is composed of 90% “Quartz Crystal” and that our biology also holds “Silica Quartz Crystal” within its elemental make up. What does that have to do with anything?

Quartz Crystal stores energy and is very easy to “code” via energy thoughts. It does not generate energy and can sometimes play a role as a semiconductor but it stores energy.

Natural metals within a planetary system “conduct energy” or move it along from one point to the next and guess what those natural metal conductors are; gold, silver and copper. Gold being the best resource because it does not corrode.

Electrical current can be created via PiezoElectrict through Quartz Crystal. Watch this video on youtube for a simple explanation of that process.

Because the matter body of the planet and the matter body of the life forms on the planet both hold the element of silica (Quartz Crystal) there is an energy exchange that occurs with every step every life form takes.
Within the crust and upper mantel of the planet there exists an abundance of silica or quartz crystal and the simple pressure of walking on the planet creates the piezoelectric effect which in fact generates energy via the energy stored within the quartz crystals.

Cave of the Crystals 2
Within the crust of the planet there are Huge Crystal Beds and veins of crystals throughout the planetary system that link together much like rivers and streams. No, carbon based biology could survive within that extreme heated environment for any length of time and the scientists that have explored the few that have been discovered experienced extreme difficulties doing so. If you have not heard about the crystal caves, just Google them and you will find more info.

And since I have managed to come this far I can simply state that many of the ancient pyramids and other ancient sites were specifically placed where they were to sit on top of crystal beds and veins; this is how the energy of the planet has been controlled from within the hologram and why key sites are heavily guarded. OK, more about that in a video as it will take to many words. :) Suffice to say at this time that control network is crumbling!

The matter base of this false system became 2/3 denser than it should be because the lack of the energy of Source has allowed the “Metals” to become the dominant matter base, literally making the matter biology of the planet and the Eternal Life forms “heavier” or “denser” than they should be because there has not been enough energy to create the sparks within the silica quartz crystals of the planet and the Eternal Life forms simply by walking the planet. No, jumping up and down will not fix the issue!

What can fix the issue and why does it even matter? The higher energy of Source is the only thing that can fix the issue; as the planetary crystal network runs and holds more of the higher energy of Source and the Eternal Life forms do the same then simply walking is like playing a piano of sparks of energy within the matter base. This is what is in the process of healing and why I am so excited to know more about this that I just could not wait for a video share to share it with you.

Guess what is stored within those quartz crystals in the planet and in your body? “Knowledge” and “Memory”!

Because our body is to higher in metal content and the higher energy of the silica quartz crystal has not been able to spark higher energy, the body has become to dense and guess what? As we age the body creates less and less silica. Imagine that!

The information via this link offers some great understanding of the role silica plays in the body but I am not suggesting that product listed there, that is a personal choice.

As you will read there, when we are young the body has more silica in it which creates collagen and as we age and accumulate more metal in our body and the depletion of the birth quantum of energy occurs, the body starts to wrinkle, the nails get brittle, the hair and skin become dry, bones break and joints ache. This is all a result of the lack of silica in the body.

This link offers info on heavy metals in the body and what the food systems call “normal”.

Silica also plays a role in removing aluminum from the body and after you read the above info you will discover the importance of that.

Imagine a planetary system in which your matter body is lighter than the matter body of the planet. I am not sure at this moment how all of this ties into the effects of gravity but I know that it does. When the body loses silica and the collagen weakens, the force of gravity makes all body parts drop or sag.

This is but a tiny drop of the major distortions that require healing but personally I am more than happy to take healing a drop at a time.

Of course this will not keep the matter body from dying at some point because there are other major factors involved in that process that will require the continued accretion of the higher energy of Source but we are headed in the right direction.

I will talk more about the control system within the planetary grids when the weather allows me to start the process of recording again but thought you might be interested in this information now. It is riding on the wave of higher energy that is opening with this time shift so maybe you can pick up on more of it than I currently am.

Personally, I am ordering this product simply because I have used this company for years and trust them but I have to say again, please check with your medical person before adding supplements to your diet.

Silica Complex

Loving Joy Abounds!


Copyright 2013 Ascension Whispers

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

ÉirePort: Deletion of Anti lines comes quickly and with great force

Deletion of Anti lines comes quickly and with great force

12 Mar
Deletion of Anti lines comes quickly and with great force.

Surging of all elementals proceeds swiftly as a result and continues at full pace.

Formidification of structural components of all elementals is in process.

Sensitives are to be avoided, and those in need of assistance are asked to ask.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ascension Whispers: Extraterrestrial Life Forms

Understanding more of creation and your relationship to it.


It is desired to offer you some things to consider concerning the ET life saga and planet Earth. Many people are still waiting on full disclosure from government powers to admit that the ancient ET phenomena is real and that ETs do exist and have been visiting Earth for thousands of years but it would be wise to stop looking  to corrupt control to reveal truth and become aware of the truth that is all around us.

The controlling powers of planet Earth know the truth about ET involvement with Earth, they know “some” of the ancient drama with such ET forces and even when they do reach the point of being backed into a wall to speak up, they are still not going to tell the truth and everything they know. Why? Because the ET involvement is what has created the control of the masses and to do full disclosure on all that a select few have knowledge of would be to reveal the mass control methods of the planet.

As we consider this information, it is important to remember that it is all a hologram which is being shown forth via conscious energy thoughts which means it is ALL about energy and the factions of control have always been about who is going to control energy. It is important to become aware of the drama from a higher view point instead of simply looking at the drama as it presents itself within the hologram.
The people of Earth have been dis-empowered for so long by controlling factions that for the largest percentage of the population they “think” they cannot know truth unless government, religious or scientific factions tell them something is true when it is these very organizations that continue to hide the truth in order to control.

For the controlling factions it is much easier to allow the people to be swept along within conspiracy theories and take the stance of denial or silence which simply keeps the emotions of the population tied up in knots or creates more false thoughts and ideas while controlling factions simply go about their agendas to control.
It is important to share these things to consider simply to allow such possibilities to become aware to the masses who might not yet be aware of such thoughts and ideas and how this planetary control game can quickly lead into more control while the masses have no clue what is going on.
  • Are ET life forms real? Yes
  • Have they been visiting Earth for thousands of years? Yes, and more like billions of years.
  • Have they been interacting with people of Earth? Yes
  • Have they been instrumental in sculpting the Earth hologram? Yes
  • Are ET factions responsible for the control the masses have been trapped within for thousands of years? Yes
  • Was the human race created by ETs? No
  • Was the Eternal Life forms “mutated” to create the human race? Yes
  • Are alien abductions a plan to enhance the human race DNA and create a superior or enlightened human race? No
  • Do all ET factions hold the same objective or intention in their interaction with Earth? No
  • Are all visiting ET factions distorted life forms? No
  • Are different ET groups feeding information to specific people? Yes
The human form is a mutated from that became mutated over billions of years of Earth history and the mutation began billions of years ago when the planets of the healed system were attacked by and infected with the cosmic virus which blew the planets apart. Over billions of years the planets eventually “regrouped” and over more millions of years they eventually ended up to express as they look today, the way most people think they have always looked and are suppose to be.

In a healed reality system, there are only 4 planets, not 8 and not 12 as some writers have reported there should be. The thoughts and ideas about there being 12 planets stems from the remembered thought of 12 chakras and 12 star gates within a system. People who have reported such things were not able to know the truth that the Vertical Pillar chakras / star gates of 12, 9, 6 & 3 are “NON Polarized” points of energy that do not manifest into a hologram. Therefore, the only way there could exist 12 planets within a hologram is if the 4 planets are blown into 12 pieces and regroup to form some similarity of a planet

Just like a biological life form is composed of 2 sets of polarized frequency bands ( our “Mental Body” sits within the non polarized seat of frequency band 3), so too is a planets’ matter body composed of 2 sets of polarized frequency bands of energy.

The Earth system is a system expressing in Plane 1 of the 4 Planes of reality fields so the planets are composed of the polarized frequency bands of Plane 1 (frequency bands 1 & 2) and we are seeing as our solid manifest reality field the energy held within frequency band 2 but each of the 4 planets holds higher to lower energy giving each of them a different “harmonic” of energy, expressing from higher to lower along a harmonic scale of energy associated with the solar system. This creates a “harmonic solar system” with a specific resonate tone associated with the solar system and all solar systems together create a harmonic universe or time matrix – galaxy.

A healed planet of Plane 1 consists of the energy of 2 frequency bands of polarized energy that exists on the “same” plane field but spin in opposite directions from each other with different levels of energy quanta from each other. This allows for the illusion of space between the frequency bands of energy. It allows for the illusion of space between elements that group together to flesh out the illusion of matter forms. It allows for the illusion of space between internal organs, cells and all of the smaller particles of light that flesh out the mater form.

One frequency band of energy is “base electrical” and the other is “base magnetic” energy with the corresponding vertical pillar seats are non polarized energy which creates the base electrical and base magnetic energy by replication and division of the non polarized energy and the polarized energy stepping down in energy quantum.

Polarized energy is necessary to allow for the illusion of space, time and matter which allows for the illusion of Source experiencing individuated life experiences. When consciousness steps out of the polarized frequency bands there is no space between things, there is no mater form, there is simply conscious thought that thinks and creates by creating thought patterns of energy and the Seat of Consciousness determines how much of creation is available to awareness.

A healed planet also consists of “base electrical” and “base magnetic” energy or 2 frequency bands of energy. When the cosmic virus attacked the “hologram” of the healed expression of the Earth system the planets were blown apart and this changed the entire harmonics of the system which changed the “elements” and the charge of the base electrical and base magnetic energy of the system.

It is at this point that the Eternal Life Expressions of the system were separated into the male and female expression as an Eternal Face of Source is created by Source to express both the base electrical and base magnetic within one mater form and to be a self sustaining, self sovereign life expression who co-creates “new life” simply by thinking and creating that new life as thought forms “within their self”.

It is inorganic for an Eternal Face of Source to require biological parents to join the base electrical and base magnetic energy they carry to create a biological form for the incarnating consciousness to incarnate into. A healed Eternal Face of Source simply co-creates with the elements that compose the reality field to co-create their own adult mater body which they then step into to have the life experience.

This was no longer possible when the male and female expression were separated and the harmonics of the elements were altered and so it became necessary for the process of biological parents to create a mater body to allow consciousness to incarnate into a planetary system.

When the planets reformed to some form that represents a planet and the environments of the planets balanced out to some degree to support biological life forms, life forms began to birth into the planetary systems again but the virus remained within the solar system and continued millions of years of attacking the newly formed planets one by one.

How did life “restart” if it was no longer possible for self sovereign mater body co-creation? It restarted within the ocean of the planet! The human form did not start from pond scum or evolve from fish and of course did not evolve from apes.

The egg and sperm of the male and female expression came together within the ocean in deep abysses that simulated a “womb for the growth of a mater form” and evolved within the ocean. All mater life “springs forth” from “water” as water is a carrier wave of consciousness and is why a growing fetus in the mothers’ womb looks similar to a tad pole when it begins to grow but that does not mean it is a fish or that the human DNA evolved from a fish.

The evolution of the human form occurred within the ocean of the planet and over millions of years developed to become land bearing life forms once the land masses had formed to support biological life. The evolving human form went in and out of the ocean from land to water, developing the necessary organs to become land life forms and eventually simply walked out of the ocean and remained on land. Some did not and yes, that means myths of mermaid people are true.

This is the process by which ALL life forms were “reseeded” on the planets once the planets reformed to support some kind of biological life. Earth science studies things like asteroids to try to discover the origin of life and they have discovered that the elements to create biological life are held within some of those asteroids but that does not mean that ET life forms created life on the planet. The elements for biological life remained within the blown apart planets and the process of those planets reforming carried unto the planets the formula to allow for the creation of biological life “within the oceans” of the planet.

Even though there have been many close extinctions of the human race there have remained enough humans on the planet to continue the race evolution, which has been very challenging amid the imbalanced system with planets continuing to be attacked and blown partially apart since the planets reformed.

The virus attacked the reformed planets starting with the largest of the planets, which held newly formed biological life forms, some of which became completely consumed by the cosmic virus and “mutated” to become the “godlets” of pre-ancient and ancient history.

The biological life forms of a planet are determined by the energy held within the planet, the Source intended encryption and the formula of the elements of the planet. So naturally, larger planets hold life forms that express as what would be compared to us as “giants”.

The dinosaurs were such larger life forms that through mix matched reassembly ended up expressing on Earth. They were not all monsters but some became more mutated than others and ended up expressing as monsters. For larger planets whose life forms would seem to be giants to us the dinosaurs could be thought of the way that we think of cows, horses, birds, etc. To allow some concept of this we might think of an animal that becomes infected with rabies.

Remember, it is all a hologram so the actual point of origin of attack of the virus is within the conscious thoughts of the conscious life forms creating the hologram, lying in that hospital bed while the virus raged forth its attacks on the inner system.

The mutation of the life forms of this solar system are all a result of the cosmic virus and they became so mutated they no longer hold any memory or awareness of their origin, they became the “godlets” and ET life forms that have wrecked havoc within this system ever since with an agenda to survive and the only way they could do that was to latch onto living life forms that could still receive the energy of Source so they have all held a mission of energy consumption.

But this did not just occur within this solar system but within the entire milky way galaxy so the mutated life forms are smaller expressions of a race line of mutated life forms that occurred within the higher holographic reality planes. Remember, it is ALL light shining forth from higher to lower and what occurs along that ray of light in the higher will shine forth in the lower.

When this expression of planet Earth was attacked by mutated life forms during the Atlantian cycle, the result of the attack created a mass surface planetary annihilation of all life forms but it did not create an extinction of the human form as thousands had retreated into underground cities where they had to remain until the high radiation on the surface was gone and they could return to the surface of the planet. The people of ancient cultures referred to these underground cities as Inner Earth and they were assisted to create them by life forms from Mars before Mars was attacked and destroyed by the mutated ETs.

Of course the Atlantian attack created the complete memory wipe and reduced the human population to the status of animals. There was much assistance given by Healed Eternal Faces of Source from off planet but only the energy of Source can allow healing to occur. When the humans were able to return to the surface of the planet, they were terrified of everything as they had no memory of anything; they had not memory of God – Source.
And the mutated giants of the larger planets began their addenda of controlling Earth and waiting for the next Stellar Activation Cycle (which they figured they would have been able to drain the stored energy of the planet to a low enough level by then) when they thought they would be able to make the final kill and consume the entire planet in “their” prophesied end time drama of Dec. 21, 2012. Of course, they were not successful as they had no idea of the strength of the power of Source which the Eternal Faces of Source continued to bring unto the planet via incarnating into the distorted reality field.

Indeed, the “giants” did come down to Earth and took humans as “breeders”, not their wives, in the desire to create a mutated human form that they could incarnate into to allow them to live on planet Earth. Physical breeding would not have been possible between such giants and the Earth human form but laboratory artificial insemination was possible as these distorted life forms still retained much “higher knowledge” than the mutated life forms of Earth did.

The women died giving birth to these mutated life forms as their body would not carry the fetus to full term and the “giants” ripped the fetus from the body when it was able to sustain outside of the womb; this race of distorted life forms are written about within the history books and are called the Leviathan race.

The Leviathan race has been used by many different factions of mutated ET life forms to “seed” their specific race line on the planet and the coding of the Leviathan race has been spread throughout the coding of the Earth population. But the Eternal Life Forms of Earth hold within their genetic makeup the “original Eternal Life blueprint” and is what has allowed the planet and the human race to continue to survive because they have the ability to receive the higher energy of Source.

The healed Earth hologram held the least amount of Source energy simply because of its placement of step down of energy within the time matrix galaxy so it suffered the most from the virus attack and it is the system that has taken the longest for healing to occur within.

The original Leviathan race line was the race line used by the fallen, mutated life forms to create their on planet “puppets” who they assigned to rule over the masses and they are easily controlled against their conscious awareness to play out the sneaky, controlling drama of the distorted ET races.

Such life forms are “finite life forms” and unless their system will allow for healing, they will not be able to heal into the Eternal Life expression so as the energy of Source continues to get higher and higher within the planetary system it will make these life forms sick and they will drop the body and follow a path of finite life form expression.

A virus cannot create new life, a virus can only “mutate existing life” via infection and consuming. It is important to understand where these ET life forms originated from to understand that the information they are feeding into the planet is NOT to assist the Eternal Life Forms of Earth to heal into higher consciousness or to heal the mutated DNA.

There is a process occurring within the hologram called the “harvest” and it is a process of the distorted ET life forms “reclaiming” their own. The process of the harvest has been spoken of in recorded history and called the “144,000 chosen ones”. Source choose ALL, Source does not only choose an elite group of life forms! Source does not create elite groups of beings, distorted life forms do such things to control and consume.

Eternal Life Expressions DO NOT do things such as alien abductions or genetic manipulation, such things are a violation of free will. Eternal Life Expressions DO NOT interfere with free will at any time and in any way!

If it were simply of matter of being taken into a lab to heal the distortions of the planet then such things could have been healed a long time ago.

It is quite possible that the scientific community will be used to present “newly discovered” information that speaks that the human race was created by ET life forms form elsewhere and IF that occurs, it would allow the powers that are controlling the planet an open doorway to bring accepted awareness of ET life forms into mass awareness. This is why it is important that this information be shared so you can at least consider it and have the opportunity to make better choices for what you choose to believe.
Here are some questions to ask to assist with your discernment:
  • Does the information desire you to be Self Sovereign or does it require you to follow someone?
  • How will the information empower you to become Self Sovereign?
  • Does the information create fear within to lead you to follow and external savior?
  • Where are you being asked to place your energy? If it is outside of yourself, you are giving your energy away.
  • Does the information lead you to the One and Only Eternal Source of creation or to a godlet who desires you to think they created you?
  • Are you being asked to pray to or see rewards from anything outside of yourself other than your personal inner connection with Source?
  • What do you have to gain from the information and will the information allow you to understand your personal power?
There is nothing at all to fear as healing continues for the Eternal Faces of Source but the controlling factions will desire you to fear because if you can be held in a state of fear it is easier to be controlled.

Through daily focus on Source any and all fears can be healed and dissolved as the higher energy of Source fills you to over flowing but focusing on the control drama can very quickly send one into a pool of fear and control.

Healing into higher conscious awareness is not a process of being controlled by fed information it is a process of becoming aware of higher truth and higher thoughts to consider and allow for sparks to occur within which ignite flames and allow for “inner awareness” to open to become aware of.

Simply by focusing on Source, communing with Source and allowing the Love of Source to fill you will allow it to be much easier to simply allow others to choose as they desire.

We are currently paused within the videos offered on the AW youtube channel to discover more about how a hologram is created and unfortunately this harsh winter and the need to have a noisy space heater at my desk has paused the creation of video shares but I am holding the vision and intention of sunshine and spring and hopefully it will not be much longer before the weather agrees with me.

But, when I am able to create the next video share we will still be paused for a bit on exploration of a hologram as it is necessary to now present the Embodied Eternal Life Grid and talk about information that pertains to that so that I can share with you an important “reconnection” that occurred within the Eternal Life Grid during the last time shift of Feb. 12, 2014. Understanding that will require understanding the Embodied Eternal Life Grid. So, that is what we have to look forward to in the next video share.

Loving Joy, AW

Krysalai: Manifesting Through The Mind Of God--The Highest Frequency P1/2/3/4/5

Crystalai (2013)
(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse) 

Image by: FutureAgeSage

If you believe you need to create energy in order to have an experience, the experience will never happen. Experience doesn’t come from mass to mass. It only comes from God, who directly knows how it is going to happen and the flow of that information to you . As you observe the experience in the film of the Omni particles or God’s movie screen around you becoming developed through the activity of Divine Love. When you do this you are learning how to co-create through the mind of God. Now you are learning how humble one must be to conceive a concept that is out of the boundaries of ones ability to do it. And you can see God manifest it.

 The creation of the manifestation is always done in the outer band. The outer band of the music of the spheres is the sphere of the infinite unknown or God’s mind. When this frequency of Source Consciousness is woven into oneness with all of the other five spheres of dimensional consciousness energy, the manifestation is developed into the film of that Omni particle energy which is sub atomic etheric stardust particles. It is the etheric foundation that the manifest reality is painted upon. The frequencies that are recorded on the Ascension Kits and on the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM utilize the frequencies and codes of manifestation in the five spheres and place these codes within and through the body. The Individual ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM (can be purchased at
  actually activates these frequencies into the Oneness of God’s mind manifest as You. These frequencies make these Omni particles that you may begin to create your new reality from. The more you feel, inhale and exhale these frequencies, the higher your body and consciousness will rise above and beyond the old third dimensional illusions into the infinite unknown that you may now manifest as your new reality. The fundamental light bands that weave into Source Consciousness are included in all Frequency Recordings sold on

Image  for Educational/Non profit  Usage. FAIR USE!
A & A Deane, All Rights Reserved; 
 Part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series

The old reality has been programmed into the cerebellum of the brain. The amygdala gland has been recording and replaying movies of fear, control, lust, sex, violence. These old movies will continue to play until they are wrapped inside the sphere of crystal light energy. First wrap the fear ideas in a sphere of white light and then ultra violet blue light and then golden light and then melt the ideas into golden liquid light energy. When you do this you are allowing the old bands of lower frequencies in the third dimension to flip up into the mind of God or the infinite unknown frequencies. This transmutation process must be completed through out all parts of the cerebellum as well. These are all old worn out third dimensional movies. We don’t need them any more. We are dissolving these old three dimensional control channels.

The frequencies in the immortality Cd are to pour into the old brain and allow the MID BRAIN to become activated. The Mid Brain - pineal gland and pituitary gland are Frequency Specific. They think, move and create through FREQUENCIES. The Mid Brain is able to see infra red, ultra violet blue and even gamma waves. The Immortality Cd is allowing you to feel these frequency waves in order to prepare your mid brain to see these frequency bands.

The next step needed to activate your mid brain is cross your legs in the lotus position with back straight and focus on the center of a flame from a candle for at least one hour per day while listening to your immortality CD. Try to eventually work up to two or three hours. The longer you focus, the closer you become to the full utilization of your mid brain which will allow you to see all dimensional realities.

Next, after a week or two of practicing this level of focus you will be able to stare at a card and learn to see both sides of the card. In the reality of infra red frequency, the mind can see in a 360 degree angle. You can train your mind to see both sides if the card. Your mid brain already knows how to do this. When the other old brains are completely turned off and the mid brain is completely turned on, you will first gain infra red sight which will allow you to see orbs, space ships and to read a deck of cards. This will come in handy if you ever want to go pick up an extra few hundred thousand dollars at the casino.

Image  for Educational/Non profit  Usage. FAIR USE!
A & A Deane, All Rights Reserved; 
 Part of the MCEO Freedom Teachings® Series 
(Sliders 10)

The frequencies will continue to raise the foundation of the entire body. The subconscious will become activated into the blue realm. The medulla oblongata which sits right at the top of the spine is where the subconscious sits. When you raise your frequencies into the blue frequency the sub consciousness acts as a primary healer of the body. Activate this area of the body before going to sleep and ask the god of your being to raise you into the blue body for complete healing while you sleep.

Listen to your INDIVIDUALIZED ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM while you sleep. Practice breathing in a fashion that oscillates the frequencies from the higher rings into the lower rings or frequency bands. Focus on breathing at the speed of light -- do this in your mind. Feel the body become lighter and lighter until it rises above your bed. The frequencies of your body will lighten the body into the etheric Omni particle of God consciousness.

Now, that your yellow brain- your cerebellum and amygdala glands are dissolved into the higher frequencies and your mid brain is activated and your sub conscious is aligned into the blue body, write a list of all of the things that you would like to appear in your new world. This is the world that you will be creating with the mind of God. Write the list and call on the God of your being. Ask to have the items on your list manifest through the mind of God. God only knows the infinite unknown. He doesn’t create old out dated ideas. You must be willing to have God create your hearts desire in the way that he knows is the best for you. You must become humble enough to conceive a concept that is out of the boundaries of your own ability to do it, and become willing to see God manifest it.

The Individual ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM (can be purchased at
  actually activates these frequencies into the Oneness


In order to manifest a new idea, we must go beyond the boundaries of everything that we already know exists. The mind of God will allow anything to become instantly manifest in our reality field when we ask to create something that exists outside of the reality field of the world that only exists within our personality.

 When we choose to create a new idea, it must come from infinite unknown - the All Seeing, All Knowing, Omnipotent Mind of the One Eternal God. If the idea being created doesn't originate from this one Divine Source, it isn't a new idea. If it isn't a new idea, it has already been created. It is already in the world of concepts. It is already being recycled over and over again. God doesn't create from recycled energy. God creates from Brand new energy that comes from the Brand new Idea of Infinite Imagination.

The new ideas first exist in the subatomic structures. These invisible, quantum ideas must be created in the highest realm and then they can exist as atomic structures that form into visible light and take form in the hertzian and infra red levels of manifestation.

All creation begins at the ultra fine zero point frequency level of the Divine Source breathing the idea into the Cosmic realm. This ultra fine omni particle shimmers and sparks into a frequency that becomes a plasma cloud. This cloud shifts into the field of all potentials. The potential of the idea remains in the fabric of the mind of God. That fabric is woven into the idea that becomes manifest at all levels of light and sound.

That idea becomes the negative of the film that will become processed in the mind of God. So each thought that manifests is created exactly like a film that is processed into a picture album or a movie. When we co-create through the mind of God, we are making God's movie. That is what we will begin to experience in the next few years.

 The world that we have known will end. That movie called the world was not God's movie. That movie was made by liars that kept us from seeing the reality of God's movie. We have just been watching other people's movies. The movie made by God comes from the co-creative activity of our own mind of God within us. Our Souls and our Mid Brain hold the technology that will create the movie made from the mind of God. That is how the world will end. We will soon discover that all of the lies we see being reproduced by the film of the world has been an out right lie. We have not yet seen reality.

We must become humble enough to allow something to come forth that we do not know anything about. We must be willing to allow a brand new reality to appear. We cannot create a NEW WORLD until we completely dissolve the old one. The World must End. It must become transmuted into a higher frequency. We must be relocated into a new time, a new reality. We must be relocated to the time in which all that has come before all that is and all that will come after was created in the mind of God. All that exists is the divine blue print of the film from God's Movie --not the man made movie of the world.

The film that carries the new movie must be processed in the mind of God which is the infinite unknown, omnipresent, omnipotent, omni knowing, Consciousness which fills infinity. This infinite all knowing lies outside of the boundaries of our present knowing. We have not yet allowed for it to manifest in our lives.

When the idea is given to God to manifest from the unlimited knowingness of all that can be, the idea will bloom forth in a form so glorious, so unimaginable, so wonderful, that you will know that it came from the mind of God. If the manifestation is not so glorious that you know that maybe it was not an original idea from God, it is simply an idea that you are recycling out of old ideas that you once heard of before.

The ideas that are now manifest must come from a stream of consciousness so brand new that the idea has always existed from before the world began, before the cosmos began, before time began. The idea must come from ALWAYS WAS, ALWAYS IS and ALWAYS WILL BE. This idea must be an ETERNAL IDEA.


Our world will end as we are transformed forever through one inhale from the mind of God. This mind of God includes all of the realities and wisdoms and creations and dominions that have existed before us and after us. We can now access all of that reality as it is transformed into a brand new wisdom, a brand new reality that has never existed before. It has never existed before, because we have never co-created with the mind of God before. We will exist within an incredible wonder, a magical imagination, an infinite participation within the nature of God.

We will be invited to play in the outer band- the realms beyond the 15th sphere, where only god's are invited to play and create within the infinite unknown playground of creation. The outer band of creation is infinite in its possibilities. It allows each individual to create within individual freedom all that is individually known within his own realm. This individual creation does not need to be woven from the dreams of others. There is enough room in infinity to fill rooms with mansions of realities that contain more rooms with mansions of realities that are so vast with new ideas that there is no reason to search outside of oneself for fulfillment, entertainment, interaction or competition. Each moment will be completely filled with instantly manifesting a new idea.

When we begin this co-creation we do not need to see the ideas as pictures, we only need to train our brain to utilize frequencies. When we can stretch our consciousness into the Frequency of the Mind of God, it is that frequency that holds the infinity of ideas that can manifest within our perceptual realm. Our perception changes in frequency when we shift into our mid brain which is frequency specific. All manifestations are a result of the frequencies held in the mid brain. We know that mind of god is flowing through us and in us and around us and it is flowing through the lower cerebellum and into the mid brain and it is being activated as entire prisms of frequencies weaving together into pictures that manifest in front of us. This magical transformation happens when the outer band of the infinite Source flips into the inner band of the fifteenth dimension, the Cosmic realm flips into the inner band of the Christic Sphere and the Outer realm of the Christic flips into the Fifth Sphere. We will become sixth dimensional man walking within the realms of the 12th dimensional Rishi or Christic selfhood. We become living, walking Christ’s who carry the mind of God. All we need is a brain that can utilize the Highest Frequency of the Mind of God.

The outer band is the 14th band --helium arching into the white light suns KA HA  of the 15th band and breathing the first spark of the idea into the Aqualene Sun - RA. We breathe until we ignite this new idea from the Plasma - the Crystal Ships of our creation- Our Cosmic Creators create the brand new idea through us into this density-- ALWAYS FROM the Mind of God- the Outer Band beyond the 15th sphere - the Infinite Unknown All Knowing, All Seeing , Infinite Omnipresent Mind of God.

We see ourselves sitting in the Buddha position inside the Blue Lotus Blossom in the 16th sphere. That is the Mind of God co creating the brand new idea. We use the principle of Oneness -- Theory of Relativity- All that is in any place is also right here and right now.

All that is manifest from the mind of God in the OUTER BAND must FLIP into the INNER BANDS. The Inner Bands carry the light and sound of the new reality. We exhale the new reality into this density- this hertzian reality from the invisible light into the visible light.

The chemical reaction of the Helium-- the heliotalic, pastel rainbow light frequency from the 14th sphere arches over into the Plasma--white light and Aqualene light blending through the rainbows of the Suns- Ka Ha Ra Sa Ta Hya La--- centered on RA - the Aqualene Sun of our original creation. All ideas begin in the outer band of Source and manifest in the Inner Band of Ra and then instantly appear at all levels of density. We connect with all of the fifteen bands of light and sound in order to instantly manifest the idea that we have created. This is done by breathing into the Oneness of the Highest Frequency of the Mind of God.

 I inhale that frequency as I imagine the infinite unknown possibilities that exist in the Mind of God. I ask to known and see and exhale this fabulous idea that has never been seen or known on Earth before. I hold that idea in my crystal heart - my Soul- the ganglia of cells that sit directly below the heart hold this holographic memory of all that is known in the Mind of God. I connect into the all knowing of my Soul and inhale into my FREQUENCY SPECIFIC MID BRAIN - Pineal Gland area. I'm connecting into the Oneness of the Frequency of the Mind of God and Inhaling this infinite Source of Creation into my personal Mind of God - my Mid Brain working together with my Soul - my Rishi Self- Christ Consciousness and my Rasha EirA - my Cosmic Light Consciousness. This self projects itself to me as a Blue Sphere. I see my image in this Blue Sphere. I see the blue violet sphere in my third eye or mid brain area with eyes closed and I see the blue sphere or blue violet sphere in front of me when I open my eyes. I can see a blue hologram of my self if I look in a mirror. It is that Blue Body self who holds the mind of God inside of me. When I have raised my frequencies high enough to cause the outer band to flip into the inner bands or spheres.

We must reconnect to the neuronet in the lower cerebellum where there are pathways connecting through frequencies into the mind of God in which we find knowingness. If we attempt to pave these pathways from the upper cerebellum we only connect to the dirt roads of the world that have dead ends and loop in circles. The upper cerebellum will never allow anything new to enter in. It is the world that must end.

The mortal mind- the upper cerebellum that just recycles information given to it from the world -- the man made world filled with lies that are filtered into our consciousness from sonic pulses in inter dimensional planes that carry brain washing technology of the fallen angelic races that is used to control our minds and fill them with the error that blocks us from the Mind of the One True Source.
This mortal mind must dissolve away as we become willing to bring in the highest frequencies of Source to transmute the world and all that is in it. The world must end. The world of beliefs and illusions are not the reality of Source. We have only been allowed to see the ideas placed within the veil that was created by fallen angelic races who need to use the human angelic energy for their own survival.

That is the world that will end on December 21, 2012. The veil that has been allowing the error to attach to our consciousness will be removed forever. The veil that is blocking the Christ Consciousness and Cosmic Consciousness to freely flow through us will be removed forever. The alignment of our Consciousness into the Mind of God will be restored forever.

In order for this grand event to take place, our Ancestors, our Guardians, our Starry Families at very high levels of Cosmic Consciousness have been working on this project of realignment for about five million years. They have had tiny chances of alignment every 26,000 years. Each time this possibility appeared, the fallen angelics have made a counter strategy to block the project's success. One of the main obstacles that needed to be removed was the lack of frequencies on the Earth. If the alignment had taken place before the frequencies were high enough on Earth, the Earth would implode.

There will be enough frequencies on Earth aligned into the Divine Blue Print to allow the new picture of the Divine Man made in the image and likeness of God to become developed through the horizontal flow of light and the vertical flow of sound. This imaging of the Divine Blue Print will take place from the outer band of the 15th dimensional sphere flipping into the Helium of the 14th sphere. That Heliotalic frequency will create the Neutron within the human angelic cells that will cause new nano particle to create a new Omni particle that will create a new chemical of H20HE3 called Hydrolaise. Our atmosphere must become Hydrolaise as we exhale the new frequency of our new creation. As we transpose into the new hydrolaise, our structure of carbon will melt away and become replaced with the organic, eternal life chemical structure that is based on hydrolaise.

This hydrolaise is the gift of the Aquafarians. The water based substance that brings eternal life to water and all that is created from water. We will learn to breathe this water filled with helium. This hydrolaise will allow us to float in it or walk on it. It will remove the gravitational forces that bind us. Once we regain this substance, we will begin to partake in activities such as levitation, turning into light, walking through walls, instant manifestation, etc.


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<photo id="2" />

message from  Crystalai

Mother Earth would like to welcome you to ride inside of your merkaba down inside of her Crystal Heart. Enter in through the Earths Core, through the liquid light chambers of the 13th dimension into the hydrolaise and  then into inner Earth's Sun's heliotalic chambers of the 14th dimension and into the Crystal Caves of the 15th dimension. Sit inside of the Crystal Caves of Mother Earth's Heart and soak up these frequencies. These are the frequencies of this Cosmic Crystal Heart. Connect the spark of your Crystal Heart into Oneness with the spark of Mother Earth's Crystal Heart. Feel the Golden Star Dust Star Gate Connecting you into Oneness with all of the Hearts of our Starry Brothers in the Inner Domains of pure Krystic reality.

Please spend as much time in Mother Earth's Heart aligning into this Frequency of Oneness.


You may listen to each one of the songs from this ablum at the sample booth.

The Crystal Heart of Mother Earth is the 13.5 dimension where Earth connects into Urtha's 14 dimensional heliotalic frequency. This is the frequency required for ascension into Urtha.

This frequency is also found in the Neutron and Sun Alcyone recording.
The Aurora Field Stardust frequency is in the Angel Dust mp3.

All Frequencies are combined in the Parallel Universe mp3's and the Dolphin Baby mp3's and now with the addition of the Cetacean Nation in the Magic Dolphin Therapy Kit.

 High Frequency  sound file  that is important to listen to. This is one of the most important times in the history of our galaxy for uniting each of our crystal hearts into oneness with Mother Earth's crystal heart. This music is the frequency of Oneness with Mother Earth's Heart.


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Those of us who have studied METAPHYSICAL Teachings, that were, in fact, the DIVINE COMFORTER, that held our Consciousness in a place of Knowing until the complete Ascension Teachings were returned to Earth, are familiar with statements of Divine Inspiration.
Joel Goldsmith, the writer of the Infinite Way Newsletters and Books, used these words:
"You are one with God only when Love is the animating principle of your existence."
"You can be in tune with the Infinite."
"When you are attuned to your self, you are at one with the spiritual identity of Everyone on Earth."

Those inspirational teachings did provide Divine Comfort for me for the first fifty years of my life.

After my first fifty years of life I learned that Love is the Frequency that spins ten thousand times the speed of light and holds all in perfect balance and harmony within the Mind of God. It is the animating principle of the Merkaba. When the Merkaba is spun in perfect balance and harmony at the correct speed in the Divine Formulas of Star Language, it places our body- physical and spiriutal body into at one ment with each other and in attunement with the Mind of God.

We must always go into the Frequency of the Mind of God in order to Manifest. So, when we learn to use the Merkaba as this Crystal Star Vehicle that spins us into At One Ment with all that is, and takes us beyond all space and time, we gain the ultimate Freedom and Joy of Love.

I knew that some day, I would learn how it was that God was music. But, until that time, I just knew that God was music.

Now, I know that At One Ment or Attunement with God is done through the animating principle of Love.

Love is a Divine Entity who spins the Frequencies of Source into At One Ment with Each one of our Individual Divine Self Templates through the Attunement process of bringing all frequencies from Source into and through every single omnion within every dimensonal field of consciousness that exists in the Five Spheres of Planetary, Solar, Galactic, Universal and Cosmic Consciousness.

I always felt that I had to reach way up high into the Heavens to feel the Infinity of God, and I also knew that God was here within me and with me always.

However, I did not have the exact science that is available on Earth today.

We were given Divine Tools by great Alchemists in the Sky and our Guardian and Creator Racelines from the Cosmic Realms. We were given this tool called the Merkaba. Basically speaking, the merkaba is one triangle pointing up that is called the Male Electro that spins Clock wise, and there is a Female Magnetic that spins counter clockwise that sits within the Male pyramid or triangle. There is another set of the Electro Magnetic to contain a total of 12 points. These 12 points balance like the Music of the Spheres into the complete perfect harmonious alignment within the Mind of God.

The two spin in opposite directions at a speed of male 33 1/3 and female 11 2/3. This is a very basic description of the merkaba. There are many other aspects including there are merkabas within merkabas within merkabas at every single dimensional level, the merkaba actually connects the body into a point within the most etheric level of the Cosmic realms and spins all frequencies of consciosness through this frequency of Love. Love is the ANIMATING PRINCIPLE that spins us into At One Ment with all that Source is.

This is the aspect of the Merkaba that needs to be understood and used in order to have our Consciousness Tuned in to the Mind of God.

The Merkaba would seem to have only six points with two sets of triangles, but, in reality there is one set upon another set of Merkabas. One set is White Light -12th dimensional frequency and one is Black Light -11 th dimensional Frequency. Together they spin to transmute all that is blocking the Christ Consciousness from at one ment with Souce.

The Merkaba Vehicle is what we see when we think we see a space ship. All entities who were born into Normal Space Time Realities of five dimensions or more know how to Create a Merkaba Vehicle for their bodies to ride in. There is a mini me of our selves in our Crystal Heart or Seed Atom area. We can place that mini me within a Merkaba and create a sphere around it.
The sphere represents what the Merkaba is always spinning to form-- a sphere - a dimensional sphere. Each time the Merkaba spins a little faster it spins the body into a higher dimension.

So, we can create a Merkaba and place our mini me self in it and make sure there is a sphere around the Merkaba. We make it into a Vehicle of Light Speed transportation. This actually means, that within the Activity of Love, all time and space is removed. We can simply project our consciousness to the place we want to go, and tell the merkaba to travel at the speed of Love and it will take us there.

The Merkaba is an essential ingredient to the MANIFESTATION PROCESS because in order to manifest we must be in the highest frequenciy of the Divine Mind of God. The only way to get in tune with that Mind is by spinning the Merkaba.

What the Merkaba does is spin the outer band - the one that spins clockwise into the Frequencies of Source Consciousness. That turns on the Mind of God in your Mid Brain and all through your cellular memory structure.

When an idea is created, while in this spinning frequency of Love in the Merkaba, all possible multi dimensional realities are brought to our doorstep. We remove time and space because we have tuned in to the Sound and Light Frequencies of the Entire Music of the Spheres. That is how we get Attunement. That is the attunement that was written about in Metaphysical teachings.

So, now we are spinning in the Mind of God, and we feel a lightness, a feeling of bliss, joy, and then we feel like we disappeared. It is this feeling of disappearing or going into a trance state that actually proves that we have risen in frequency.

The next step in manifestation is the most difficult.

We must be in an in between state of consciousness. We must be aware of our merkaba spinning until it makes us feel invisible, we must create the visual sketch of the reality that we want to manifest and we must allow that idea to be taken into the Mind of God to be turned into a Negative of the picture that will be manifest.

The picture is seen in the dream state. The dream state is the Negative of the Reality that will appear.

Those who have had bad dreams, have not learned how to create their reality. They are dreaming about old cellular memories that someone else put in their memory. We must create our dreams.

Our Higher Self, or Mind of God does the Creating. We are just down here to enjoy the show.

We can't begin the co-creation process with the Higher Self, until we have trained our mind to stay in this highest frequency band while being asleep, but awake enough to remember seeing the dream. When we can clearly see the Winning Lotto Numbers in our dream state-- the Lotto numbers will appear.

It is better to choose your own lotto numbers and send them into the mind of God, allow the negative to be produced and then dream those numbers that you have already chosen.

Now, when will you win the Lotto? It depends on how focused you stay in that Sphere that holds you in the Mind of God. You must focus on the manifest reality at least fifteen minutes a day.

It is best to buy the Lotto numbers five draws at a time, so that you will have some time for the manifestation to happen.
It sometimes happens the same day, but usually more like three weeks later.