Unfolding the Heart.Potlood op papier©Marthe Verwijst 2010


NOW is the Moment to Concentrate on the Highest Possible Outcome for Every O-ne when, where and what ever it maybe, Radiate our Light of Love…And let IT happen without hangin on to the Outcome…BEing is being NEUTRAL…and Being in the Flow.

This is a Great Initiation…Separating the Chaff from the Wheat.

Giving dates, concentrating on dates for things to happen, or believing things wil happenen on a surtain date…puts you OUTSIDE of the NOW…outside of Being …reduces your Light tremandesly and makes Transformations difficult, painful and SLOW…

Ofcourse it produces much negativity…that we have to Transform again…It also puts people in a WAITING mode and you give your Power away to a date or something or someone else…and while waiting and expecting the Energy/Consiouness for them stops Flowing…Draging them futher and futher down.
Being is a very active State and not what people think doing nothing.

A vicious circle that we HAVE to break…

When I was writing the dutch words “vizieuze cirkel” came to Mind and I had to look it up…The translation was visious circle…

That word gave me the chills…I do know that it means “mean“…But I had to look it up and oh boy…It is telling us right where its coming from


So Here and Now I send out a Calling to all lightworkers, lightwarriors, channelers, wayshowers or what ever label you have given your self J


So it is and so IT wil be!

In loving service,


© Marthe Verwijst 21-01-2013