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Dear Ones,
We, the Arcturians, welcome you again to our Corridor. We see that you are making progress in being fifth dimensional. It is glorious, indeed, to see your consciousness expand in such a manner that you are releasing your old bondage to third dimensional illusions and limitations.


We perceive your confusion, as your collective minds ask, “What reality are we in now? Are we actually fifth dimensional, or are we only fifth dimensional in our consciousness.” Our response to that question is that “only in your consciousness” is REAL, for ALL reality is a state of consciousness.”  We understand that inter-dimensional travel can be very tricky. One minute you may be happily experiencing a lovely fifth dimensional day. Then, in the next moment you are stuck in traffic in a third-dimensional city. However, one thing you have learned is that being somewhat out-of-control in your inter-dimensional travel is much better than being trapped in the limitations of your physical world.

Fortunately, the third dimension is becoming more comfortable, as you have learned the laws of attraction and gained more mastery over your thoughts and emotions. Hence, you are gaining more control over your physical life and are no longer choosing to be victimized by the lies of the dark forces. You know that there will be many changes, but you are not exactly sure what will change or how. Nevertheless, you are increasingly ready to move onto the next level of your 3D Virtual Realty Game in which you return to your higher dimensional realities.

Despite the many ensuing changes, you KNOW that you are ONE with that which you love. The forces of Darkness in this 3D Game of polarity have made love so scarce and surrounded by fear that you have learned to unconditionally cherish what you love. In fact, you feel confident that the people, places, activities and even things that you love are staying with you throughout your transition into the “unknown” of your planetary ascension. Furthermore, you realize that on the fifth dimension you can easily manifest any “thing” that you have loved in your sojourn into the physical world.

The instant manifestation of the fifth dimension, which you are beginning to experience, may seem like a roller coaster ride to you. You think of what you want, then—instantly— it manifests. On the other hand, one second of doubt, fear and anger and—instantly— your manifestation disappears. Fortunately, you are realizing that it is all about your state of consciousness, especially raising your resonant frequency.

If your resonant frequency is third dimensional, then even fourth dimensional consciousness can be difficult to maintain, and fifth dimensional consciousness is out of the question. Of course, Earth has largely been fourth dimensional since the turn of the millennium.

The problem has been that whenever you, person and planet, enter the fourth dimension you, have to create your “tunnel of Light” through its Lower Astral Plane of the fourth dimension. The fact that the Darkness is losing most of its power over others now, indicates that you, people and planet, are putting the final touches on your tunnels of light. And you are just in time, for now you can use that Light to reveal the Truth that has been hiding behind all the third dimensional illusions. One of those truths is that darkness cannot attack light; it can only expand your own inner darkness. Hence, once you rise beyond your own darkness, which is some form of fear, you are beyond the reach of external darkness.


The main illusion that you are releasing is the illusion of separation.  You now realize you are NOT separate Beings. You are all ONE, no matter how you look, what you do and how, or where, you live. Most importantly, your cooperative effort with others, or with Gaia, to create your tunnels of light has changed your Consciousness from Personal to Collective to Planetary. As you become increasingly fifth dimensional, your consciousness will easily expand into Galactic Consciousness. Then, when we enter the sixth dimension, your consciousness will expand into Cosmic Consciousness.

On the other hand, your expanding consciousness also contributes to your confusion about “What reality is this?” The best way to determine your reality is by trusting your emotions. In the third and lower fourth dimensions, you need to be separate as a means to protect yourself from all the darkness and fear that you suffered—and have BEEN—in your many physical incarnations. However, when you get a taste of fifth dimensional reality, you feel such peace, calm and unconditional love that you have NO desire to be separate. You want to merge with the love, peace and calm, as well as with the people, plants, animals, places and things that emanate these fifth dimensional qualities.

You are discovering that certain objects, which you have formerly labeled as “things,” serve as capacitors to hold fifth dimensional energy. These objects have become enlivened by your creation or use of these objects during your strongest creative and healing moments of unconditional love. Therefore, crystals, art objects, homes, bridges, chairs seem to take on a life of their own. You have also found that if you diminish your intention and attention towards these objects, they return to being “just things” or they get “lost.”

Actually, these things are not getting lost. Instead, they are returning to a lower resonance/dimension , which matches the frequency of that matter. In other words, they become matter without consciousness.  It is helpful to know this fact about objects, for it also holds true for your earth vessel. When you hold the intention of peace, calm and unconditional love, the resonance of your earth vessel rises into the fifth dimension to match the frequency of your consciousness.

What will happen next remains to be seen, for your ascension process is a “create as you go” endeavor. Eventually, you will transmute into Lightbody. You have all read many physiological, scientific and metaphysical version of how this transmutation will take place. However, this Planetary Ascension is YOUR creation. Earth has always been a planet of myriad forms of life and people. Hence, owners of different earth vessels may become Lightbody in different manners.  Likely, the first ones for each form of transmutation will assist others who are drawn to make their transition in the same fashion.

Either way, you, people and planet, have myriad adventures ahead as you move into your year of 2010. We, the Arcturians, as well as the many members of your Galactic Family, lovingly observe you and are eager to assist whenever you call. In fact, it is now time to heed your call to be taken into the sixth dimension.


The sixth dimension holds the Divine Matrix, which is projected into the lower worlds of third/fourth dimensional realities. It is in the sixth dimension that you can write, or re-write, the blueprints for your third and fourth dimensional holograms. The fifth dimension is not a hologram. Holographic realities are places for learning, schoolrooms, in the lower worlds of the third and fourth dimensions. Conversely, the fifth dimension is a reality where you integrate all that you learned in these lower worlds, as well as a format from which your SELF can assist your grounded, earth vessels.

Once you allow your Kundalini to rise into your Crown Chakra and download and integrate your Multidimensional SELF into your grounded earth vessel, your Personal Consciousness regains its expanded perceptions. As you experience reality through the multidimensional perception of your Soul/SELF, your “family” expands beyond the third dimension and into the fourth and fifth dimensions, to include your Galactic Family.

We are now accelerating our Corridor to the resonance the sixth dimension, so that you may merge with your sixth dimensional SELF. Yes, YOU have a component of your SELF on every dimension, but in the sixth dimension you will only contain your consciousness in a form for certain purposes. In the sixth dimension, you may choose to “put on your form,” as you would “put on a jacket” in your material world.


When Gaia first enters the fifth dimension, you will likely wear your form/body at all times as a means of comfort. Comfort often comes from what is familiar, such as wearing a form. In fact, you will likely choose to wear a form of gender, as that is also familiar. However, you will remain on the fifth dimensional threshold until you have recognized and united with your Divine Complement. Your Divine Complement, also known as your Twin Flame, is the completion of your SELF that split into a gender when you first took form in the third and fourth dimensions.

Since you are united with all life on the fifth dimension, there will be no effort in connecting with your Complement. Because there is no time or space in the fifth dimension, all you will need to “do” is to put out the call for your Twin Flame, and instantly, you will be united. You will know that this union has occurred because you will feel complete bliss and total unity. Many of you are already in contact with your Twin Flame/Divine Complement in your grounded reality, but you may not know it, as your Complement may be a child, a best friend, or a parent.

In fact, throughout your many third dimensional incarnations, you and your Complement have met in many differing forms of relationships. (see Reconstructing Reality by Suzan Caroll) Fortunately, the instant manifestation of your thoughts in the fifth dimension will allow you to instantly perceive your Complement. On the other hand, if your thoughts and emotions become fearful, your resulting lowered consciousness will immediately return you to the lower dimensional realities.

This return to the lower realities is in no way a punishment. It is simply a matter of resonance. Your reality is a result of your state of consciousness. In order to maintain a state of consciousness that resonates to the fifth dimension, your thoughts and emotions must be based on unconditional love, unconditional acceptance and unconditional forgiveness. We know that your grounded self may find unconditional love to be impossible to maintain. However, once in the fifth dimension, unconditional love fills the ethers, and you feel totally safe and united with all life. With more frequent experiences of the fifth dimension, it will become easier to maintain that state of consciousness.

Your Multidimensional SELF is preparing you now for this shift by showing you how quickly your thoughts and emotions create your reality. You are also being shown any remnants of your ego attachment and service to self. You are brave spiritual warriors to confront your ego and fears again and again, so that you may regain your full Mastery of Energy (thoughts and emotions). It is because you are becoming a Master of Energy that you are able to navigate from one reality to another.


The “fuel” for your inter-dimensional travel is unconditional love. Unconditional love raises the frequency of all it touches and is the force that will expand the Corridor to encompass the sixth dimension and beyond. As the force of your collective, unconditional love touches the perimeters of the Corridor, its resonance will escalate the frequency of the Corridor into the next dimension. In this case, it will extend the resonance of the Corridor into the sixth dimension. Do you see how we are having you participate in your journey now?  We no longer need to guide you, for you are fully awakening. Hence, we now give you the tools and allow you to experiment with your expanding perceptions and powers.

Remember that the fifth dimension and beyond is free of time and space. Therefore, it takes no time, nor do you travel across space to enter the sixth dimension. Instead, as the frequency of the Corridor oscillates, it raises its inhabitants into a higher dimension. Because of the tremendous force of unconditional love emanating from the many different ones who are now united in this Corridor, we can easily make our transition into the sixth dimension. Remember, since there is no time or space in the Corridor, it does not matter “when” people tune into this experience or “where” they are located.

The force of unconditional love oscillates us up and down the different frequencies/ densities via the “elevator” of vertical reality, where we can open the “elevator door” to enter the “floor” of the horizontal realities on each density. The constant oscillation of Flow of unconditional love up and down the different dimensions greatly increases its power. Therefore, we ask you to oscillate your energy/consciousnes s from the third dimension to the fourth dimension and back to the third dimension.

Then, oscillate your consciousness from the fourth dimension into the fifth dimension, then back to the fourth. In this manner, you will gather momentum to expand your resonance/conscious ness from the fifth dimension into the sixth. After you have practiced moving your consciousness up and down the vertical realities, “fuel up your consciousness” with unconditional love. Now, again oscillate your consciousness up and down the vertical reality, but FEEL how unconditional love is the force that drives you. You are creating a huge engine of unconditional love, which is the Cosmic Force needed to promote a higher state of consciousness, thinking, expectation, and perception.

Every possible reality is always with you in its own resonant frequency. In order to experience each reality, you must raise your consciousness up the vertical realities to match your resonant frequency to that horizontal reality. You will remain in that reality as long as you can maintain that resonance. Since there is no separation in the fifth dimension and beyond, you are always in all the realities all the time. However, the remaining attachments you have to the third and fourth dimensions make it difficult for you to experience more than one reality at a “time.”

Your multidimensional SELF is able to connect with and experience all your realities in the NOW of the ONE. When you are perfectly aligned with your Multidimensional SELF, you, too, can have this experience. However, you will need to release your attachments to your physical body, as well as your ego’s beliefs, illusions and expectations. Most important, you will need to release your attachment to fear.  You may think that releasing fear would be easy, but it has been your companion for many third and lower fourth dimensional lives.

As you progress into the sixth dimension and beyond, you will repeatedly return to the fifth dimension to ground your primary consciousness, not in the third dimension, but in fifth dimensional Earth. Fifth dimensional Earth shall be your Space Station (Home) for all your inter-dimensional travels. It is the frequency of unconditional love that will allow you to remain HOME in the fifth dimension.

You may ask, “How is unconditional love a frequency?” To answer your question we remind you that All That Is vibrates to a frequency. As a famous earth scientist, Albert Einstein, said, “Even matter is a frequency, but it is vibrating at a very slow rate.” Conversely, unconditional love is vibrating at what you would call an “infinite frequency,” for it is a frequency beyond measure. How can you calculate something that is beyond time and space? Unconditional love is assessed like all love, according to its manifestations. Since unconditional love manifests virtually everything, it is certainly “beyond measure.”

Not only does unconditional love create all life, it transmutes all life.  Of course, since everything already exists, creation IS transmutation.  For example, a great art piece transmutes light placed onto a canvas with paints into an art form and music transmutes sounds into music via breath and or manipulation of instruments. However, the art was not created. Instead, elements of a lower frequency were blended together along with the unconditionally loving intention of the artist to transmute these elements into a higher resonance.

Yes, everything always IS in some frequency. In the same manner, you are not creating the sixth dimensional portal of the Corridor. You are using the great force of your unconditional love to transmute the Corridor into its sixth dimensional expression. Actually, we, Arcturians and humans, are using unconditional love to call forth that which has always existed in a higher frequency.

When unconditional love is used to heal, it calls forth the perfect health that already exists in a higher frequency.  Since your thoughts and emotions create your reality, negative thoughts and fear call forth/create illness and discord. However, when unconditional love governs your body, you bring down the energy pattern of your perfected body that already exists in the Divine Matrix of the sixth dimension.

In the same manner, you will use the power of unconditional love to call your Lightbody into manifestation. Of course, since your Lightbody resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond, the Lightbody, which you call down to your frequency, will simultaneously lift you up into the fifth dimension, which is the resonant frequency of your Lightbody.

When we say, “lift you up,” we do not mean the YOU of your earth vessel.  We mean the YOU of your multidimensional consciousness that already exists in every dimension. In other words, much like you now decide to “change your clothes,” you will decide to “change your form/body.” Your clothes cover and protect your body, whereas your body covers and protects your consciousness.  With the proper clothes you can go out into a hostile environment and survive. In the same manner, with a proper body you can go into the hostile environment of the third dimension with a better ability to survive.

Just as you call down your Lightbody to take you Home into the fifth dimension, you will call down the sixth dimensional Corridor, and it will lift you up into the sixth dimension. Remember, dear ones that up and down are third dimensional space terms. In our multidimensional reality, “down” means a lower frequency dimension and “up” means a higher frequency dimension. Ever since our journey has taken us into the fifth dimension, we have been beyond time and space, and ALL is HERE NOW.  Hence, we don’t go “up” to create; instead, we transmute form into a different resonance.


Unconditional love is the creative force of all life. All life is light, and all light is consciousness. Unconditional love is the Light Language that is innately within your multidimensional consciousness. Third dimensional light is polarized into light and dark, whereas third dimensional love is conditional and programmed to adapt to a polarized, light and dark reality. On the other hand, unconditional love is a zero point energy field and designed for the none-polarized fifth dimensional light. Unconditional love is a great force that serves as your “fuel” for inter-dimensional travel, whereas Light Language is your “steering system.”

While in the sixth dimensional Divine Matrix, your force of unconditional love will assist you to use your Light Language to program the release of all your perceptions of illusions of separation, limitation and polarity. Without these illusions, your ability to perceive the fifth dimensional reality in which you already exist will be greatly enhanced. All around you are moments, feelings and visions that resonate to the frequency of the fifth dimension, but you cannot see them through the veil of illusion. Once that veil is gone, you will be able to see the many ways that you are already fifth dimensional.

Take a moment now to merge with your Multidimensional SELF…

Using your innate Light Language, commune with and communicate with your SELF to feel the unconditional love that forever emanates from that expression of your SELF…

As you commune with your SELF, you receive the Light Language symbol of Unconditional Love…

Place this symbol in your Third Eye and High Heart and extend that force of Unconditional Love out from your Third Eye and High Heart to meet in an arch over your Throat Chakra…

Breathe the Light Symbols of unconditional love into your High Heart to “start the engine” of your Merkaba…

FEEL how your Merkaba amplifies your energy and extends your unconditional love into our Corridor to escalate its resonance into the sixth dimension…

Share your unconditional love with every consciousness in the Corridor to raise the resonant frequency of the Corridor…

Extend this Collective Consciousness down to third dimensional Gaia, so that She may ground and participate in your journey…

Feel your consciousness expand to Planetary Consciousness, as Gaia joins you in the Corridor…

Focus your Personal, Collective and Planetary Consciousness to expect to perceive the sixth dimension…

Gradually, you begin to perceive the sixth dimensional quality of the Corridor…

Light Ribbons of Possibility dance about the Corridor and beckon you to follow them.
See the Light of each Ribbon moving into and through the Corridor. Hear the Cosmic Choir emanating from each Ribbon of Light.
Touch them, as gently as you would touch a butterfly’s wing.

Take long breaths to expand your consciousness to embrace both the highest frequency of your Multidimensional SELF, as well as the smallest particles of your quantum reality…

Allow the sixth dimensional light and unconditional love to enter into every cell and atom of your being. Planetary ascension begins with the complete and total infusion of Spirit-into- Matter, Light-into-darkness , on every atomic, cellular, etheric and spiritual level.

FEEL the Ribbons of Possibility enter your form, which no longer appears to be human. The vessel that houses your consciousness has become a body of light with light projections of unconditional love emanating from the back of your heart that appear almost like wings. Above your heart is your Third Eye encased in a force field of pure intention.

Your arms are also projections of light emanating from your heart that change form depending on their purpose. From below your heart, your body flows down into two trails of light like the trains on a wedding gown.  You have no feet at this point, as you do not need to walk. Instead, you float or you are simply “there.”  If for some reason you desire to walk, emanations of light will appears to be legs and feet.

As you look at you hands, you see that your fingers also appear to be offshoots of light. There are no joints or fingernails. Your body is liquid light, and it can morph into any shape that you desire.  Upon discovering this phenomenon, you experiment with this form.

First, you so expand your form that you become the Corridor. Then you compress your form into a spec of light so minute that you are pure consciousness.  Finally, you become pure unconditional love.  You have no head and no limbs.  You are a pulsing portal of light. You ARE the Arcturian Corridor! Simultaneously, you are Earth.


The Corridor has opened to the sixth dimension. You are now ready to experience the threshold into the sixth dimension. Feel the Corridor around you, opening into a strange, new world. As you set your intention to stand upon this threshold, you again see myriad Ribbons of Light. Each Ribbon represents a different parallel reality that YOU created. When you stand upon this threshold, every thought and feeling that lingers in your consciousness will dictate the reality to which you will be attached.

You see that there are, in fact, millions of realities, as well as billions of possible realities. Your resonance will attract the reality that you enter, at the same time that it simultaneously creates it. It may be difficult to project this concept into your third dimensional brain, but spiritual growth is based on experience first and understanding second. It is the experience that allows you the wisdom of understanding. Experience is precisely why you decided to live in the third and fourth dimensional realities.

Feel the unconditional love of the Corridor push your towards the very edge of the sixth dimensional threshold. But, wait. Hold back a moment, and allow your resistance to build the oscillating force of unconditional love as it pulls your back into the Corridor, then pushes you out onto the threshold…

Again and again, you move back and forth, as your momentum grows stronger and stronger…
Feel yourself becoming the Corridor, becoming the threshold, becoming a new dimension, a new reality…

Now let go.
Let go!

Yes, you are there now. You are a being of pure light floating in a reality that looks somewhat like a lightning storm, only without the rain or thunder. Through the flashes of light, you see worlds, planets, stars and galaxies.

Suddenly, you are pulled into one of these flashes of light.  Feel yourself traveling through a long corridor that is more like a glass matrix. You can see each “possible reality” as it extends off from your tunnel, but you stay on a steady course.

Over, under, around and through you, realities co-exist in harmony and peace. However, you do not stop. You have set your intention for the reality in which your consciousness is currently grounded on third dimensional, ascending Earth.

You will choose any given reality with the power of your attention and intention. Hence, you view your many alternative worlds with detached compassion to remind you that no distraction will interfere with your journey.

Ah, here you are. You have arrived at the “programming station” for your current grounded reality. This life is very important, as it is the one in which you chose to participate in the planetary ascension.  You realize that many of the lives that you have passed on your journey to this “station” have been preparations for this planetary ascension life.

Feel yourself now without form. When you entered the sixth dimension, you become pure consciousness, and pure light. Send your Great Light and Love into the matrix of light of this reality so that you may login to your sixth dimensional SELF.

Within this matrix you feel your awareness flowing through many shapes and channels. You realize that there is a hub, or a heart, but you start at the periphery and flow inwards following the lay lines, the spiritual, electrical circuit board of the matrix for this reality.

You have entered a huge puzzle of light, traveling from all directions inward towards your center. Your pure Light and Love, the essence of your Creator SELF, is gradually merging inwards until it has filled each lay line of the Divine Matrix.

NOW, you have entered the Great Central Hub,
the heart, the core, the center, the ONE!
The All in ALL!

All the worlds, planets, stars, and galaxies, which you passed on your journey greet you in the NOW.  Once you are in the NOW, you are EVERY-WHERE and EVERY-WHEN.


You ARE the Universe that you observe
You ARE the Galaxy that you observe
You ARE the Planet that you observe
You ARE the Person that you observe

You ARE your SELF, silently observing your self!

Thank you for joining in the Arcturian Corridor.
If you are new to our journey please find the previous steps as a free download at http://www.multidim TheVision/ books.html

Step 14 on are in the archived newsletters, starting with July 2009 at: http://www.multidim TheVision/ integration_ newsletters. html

Multidimensional News by Suzan Caroll

Monday, January 17, 2011

~ The Arcturian Group ~ Archives 2011 - Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr


~ The Arcturian Group ~ Archives 2011 - Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr


APRIL   17 2011

We are here and we welcome those  reading this message to an energy of the new age for this is indeed the new age.

However, we see you often trying very hard to remain in the old age; that which is finished and done with.  Many of you resist change, and this is holding you back in your journey into the new.  Let go! Let go!  This is our message today.  So many try desperately to hold on to that which is finished.  The financial structure as you have known it is finished.  New and better is coming- emerging out of the chaos. It is only those who benefit from the status quo and those who in their ignorance hold great fear,  that urge you to hold on to what has been the past.

Examine your selves dear ones; examine closely your intentions and your desires, and your beliefs.  Examine everything that you hold as truth and ask yourselves;  "In the light of all that  I am beginning to understand, do I need to continue to hold  this belief as truth?"  This is an exercise that each must do.  It is time for the letting go of all that is outside of yourselves for at least a few moments each day in order  to go within and examine your belief system.  It is time to unplug the ear phones,  turn off the electronics; to stop looking to be entertained and taught from outside of yourselves every moment and go within to where the real resides. We cannot emphasize enough that IT IS TIME.

You are the source, you are the answers, and you are the place wherein the Secret of Life is hidden.  Let go of everything  that would have you search and seek without.  You are past the time of seeking your good from others; from society, from government, from doctrines, from everything and anything that would have you believe that only  they have  the answers.  This looking outside of yourselves is holding you back in the old energy, dear ones.

Examine your day and count how many times you think, say, or search outside of yourself for an answer.  We are not saying that others cannot help you, but we are saying that your first step must become a going within and examining all issues of the situation from a place of truth.  That is, real truth, not what you have been taught is truth. Real truth is; I am that I am--Profound, mystical, and real. This has been taught by mystics of all ages, and you are now ready to come aboard. You are the manifestation of Source, what does that mean? What are the qualities of Source?

It is time to start claiming and acknowledging your Divine sonship; learning what it means to be Divine.  Yes, in your real self you are Divine.  Churches have taught you for a long long time  that you are worms in the dust, that you need to be saved, and that you are less than the lowest and are born tainted.  BUNK, dear ones.  This is pure unadulterated bunk.  You are the manifestation of Source, here on earth to awaken to  that very truth through and in spite of the dense energy of duality and separation present on earth.  You are doing it.  Pat yourselves on the back.  You are awakening from the dream.

Many are now beginning to see through all the false words, and the false appearances that confront  from all sides,  Many are beginning to understand experiences much as watching a film of earth life; a movie.  The bullets that fly on the screen never hit you do they?  But it all seems very real.   HYPNOTISM  Even when you leave the planet in what is termed  death, you soon find that you are back home, with friends saying to you; "Oh, back so soon"?

You see dear ones,  all you see on earth is a material concept of the Divine reality.  That is, everything  is real, but is being seen and interpreted through a universal mind (there is only one which is why all see the same thing) that is conditioned with  beliefs of duality, two powers, good and evil-- third dimensional energy.  You are here on earth by choice to awaken even while in the midst of these pictures.  The earth and all of creation is not  illusion, it is how you perceive it based on your state of consciousness, that is the illusion.  As your consciousness (not just intellectual knowledge) embodies more and more truth, and less and less false, the outer scene changes.  The outer is the inner and that is what is happening right now.  The Light of so many of you awakening, is pushing the old to the surface to be released, which you are seeing as chaos.

We urge you again to consciously release all the old beliefs and concepts that still  hold you in bondage to all unreal and finished.  That is our message today, dear ones.

Examine, and let go. Do not dwell in the past with regret or guilt.  Let it go once and for all. This must be done in order to allow in that which is new,  real, and which carries the  Light of the Divine--that which you are.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                  4/17/11

                                                      APRIL 3, 2011

My dear ones, you who are experiencing so much at this time.  We are here with you, we see your struggles and we ask you to be patient for all is proceeding according to plan.  It seems often that there is no plan, however there must be the clearing of the old before the new can come in.  The two frequencies cannot continue to coexist in a shifting planet of the new.  That is the problem, there are the two and they are so different, and so contradictory that it causes you confusion.  Your job is to rest within; rest in the realization that all is and always has been perfect.  This sounds silly to the three dimensional mind in the light of so many struggles on the planet, but the reality is that each of you are the manifestation of Source.  Therefore, nothing--no experience, no adventure, no person, no thing can ever change that.  Even in death, you are still the manifestation of Source embodying everything  that is within the Divine Consciousness and therefore cannot ever really die.  That is the journey dear ones, the awakening to, and then  the consciousness of, this truth.

We would speak to you of discernment, dear ones.  Discernment is especially important at this time for there are many mixed messages being given to those reaching out  and  grasping for wherever appears to be help.  It is also a time when many would gain ego satisfaction from spreading negative information.  All of you have a place within that speaks to you silently, it is your intuition.  Begin to trust and use it  when reading or seeing the news, or predictions of any sort. Predictions are based on the energy in place at the moment of the prediction which can easily change in the next moment.  You, the people of earth are creating the changes; you are the power behind the energy shift.  We are watching and helping as we can, but it is you who are doing the heavy lifting.

Taking back your power means being able to see the world through eyes of truth regardless of whatever words and pictures are being presented to you.  It means having the strength to say; " I am not giving my energy to this." for it is energy that keeps things alive.  Starve  false concepts and beliefs when they present themselves to you and you will be doing the work and staying in your center, that center which is I AM.

This does not mean sticking your heads in the sand, but it does mean  choosing not to be glued to every news cast and every prediction of doom and gloom that is presented, taking it all in and adding  energy to it.  We also say that you must use discernment when reading channeled messages for channels are not always "clean".  A channeled message is presented through the consciousness of the channeler, and if the one giving the channel is not clear, it can color the message;  reflecting the channel's  own fears and state of consciousness.  It is good to understand that Beings of Light, resonating at high levels, are incapable of presenting a message lower than their own resonance. They can and will comment on what they see as it will help you, but they can never present a message that is of a fear energy.

For those of you who would like to channel, it is imperative that you declare yourselves open only to the Light and only to Beings of Light, for in this time of thinning veils many are starting to channel and yet do not understand that there are those of a lower resonance who would love to channel through them. This is not about fear dear ones, it is about  the taking back of your God given power.

It will not be long before you will see the ships of those who would help you.   Many of you see them now, but there are still those who live in denial and fear for such an idea as extraterrestrial beings.  Many still believe everything they are told, and will need you to gently educate them as you see them become open to it.  It is going to happen dear ones, so be ready for it and do not go into fear and trepidation or fall back into the old beliefs about such things.

Times are quickly shifting for all on the planet earth.  There will be more earth changes, but the Light is keeping things as gentle as possible.  We say that the earthquake in Japan was necessary and  permitted by all involved.  You say, how could they permit this?  It is done on other levels, dear ones.  The event in Japan is accomplishing many things.  For one it is helping to crumble a very rigid structure within the consciousness of the Japanese culture.  A structure that even required a person to take their own life if they happened to fail.  Many beliefs of this culture are so old and so ego driven in dimensional energy that this is  all a necessary part of their growth into the new energy.  It is also serving to awaken the world to the dangers of using nuclear power for anything.  There are those who disagree, but it is not something that is to be a part of the new clean and awakened consciousness.  We, (members of the Galactic Federation) are dismantling as quickly as we can with permission of the Higher Sources, all nuclear weapons and some other nuclear issues as permitted, for this  does not only affect the earth, but all planets.  It is not a safe method of attaining energy as you are learning from the Japanese event. It, along with most of what you are using now, is old and obsolete as you will discover soon.

In closing we wish to remind you  that all is proceeding according to plan.  Light is increasing on earth in such a way as to allow the openings of many new portals and energy centers.  Many are experiencing  the energy changes within themselves as exhaustion, buzzing in the head, and feeling nauseous. Some are preparing to leave, choosing to come back into the new energy.

This is huge dear ones. You are experiencing a massive shift in the energies around you with changes heretofore not dreamed of in third dimensional energy.  Do not immediately think that something is  wrong with you, but instead understand that your physical, emotional, and mental bodies are in the process of experiencing these massive energy changes right now.  This clearing out the old and  integrating the new is resulting in symptoms that are often confused for disease.  Pamper yourselves, rest more, relax, and trust.  Have fun, do those things that make your heart sing. Put your intentions out to the Universe, then stand back and watch the show while being open to any and all change and always holding the realization of your oneness with all living things.

We love you and are with you.

Your brothers and sisters of the Arcturian Group.                                  4/3/11

                                                        MARCH 19, 2011

Greetings dear ones, we come again to talk with you about the many things you are experiencing and are about to experience.  We are see you moving quickly into the higher energies and because of this, you are going to be seeing many more changes upon your dear planet earth.  You are now witnessing  energies of change within your financial systems; a system  which is riddled with inequalities and false promises made by those who would keep you struggling in the dark.  We see you beginning to understand that there is more to life than what you have been led to believe.  We see you beginning to realize that you are all One-one Life manifesting as individual life; an awareness that is bringing the changes needed upon your earth to shift you and her into the new energy.  We see you awakening to ideas of truth; ideas that  allow you  to honor yourselves as well as others in a way that has not been present on earth before.  What you are witnessing as much chaos is the releasing of old and negative energies.  Please try not to go into and energy of fear, all that are a part of this have chosen to do so.

Be prepared to welcome your brothers and sisters from inner earth and other planets for they are awaiting your welcome and cannot be of much assistance until you accept them as real, and ask.  You must understand that because you are free will beings, no one, not even those highly evolved beings trying to assist earth, can simply step in and change your world (this is your job) even though they can easily see what is needed.  Those of you who cry out for help, must first begin to take a stand within yourselves.  This is a movement that is awakening you to your own power dear ones, an awakening into the  realization that since you are also of the Divine, you also can  access  guidance from within your own consciousness. It is a time to take a stand for that which you now know to be the truth, and to speak up for yourselves as needed.

We see much change coming within this year, and yet understand that all change is the effect of the energy in place at the time.  Therefore predictions may often seem to be erroneous simply because the energy has changed since the prediction was made.  You see, you are creating your world moment by moment.  You are making the changes happen and it is you the people of earth, who are moving Gaia closer to her and your ascension.  All is proceeding according to plan, in fact even more quickly than previously believed, for many have now awakened and many are now filling the world with the light of awareness.

Events of the past month, will continue to unfold, for it is only through the dissolving of old energy structures, that the new can be built.  We see more experiences of earth chaos for awhile  because these events bring forth much needed change in individuals, groups, cultures, rigid belief structures, and Gaia.  Gaia is trying to align herself with in a way that enables her to  manifest the energy of the new dimension. She is trying make these adjustments in the easiest way possible, but at times there simply is no other way to do it.  That which seems to be chaos is change.

We see your world shining with the light of transformation, a light reflecting energy change, and a light reflecting truth.  This has upset those who keep the status quo-that is you staying in the dark so to speak, because they are now losing their hold on you.  Once you have awakened to your own power, you no longer need organized religions, churches,  governments, and  so called experts to tell you what to do.  This suggestion  often offends those who wave their flags and shout, "rah rah, my country right or wrong", however the world cannot play this game much longer for it is now the time for taking back your power.  Government yes, but a government for the people and by the people, not one of "for us through your hard work".  Churches yes, but churches that teach you to go within yourselves and do not preach that only their leaders  have  answers so therefor you must go to them, and preferably bringing along a large donation.

Many secret meetings are taking place at this time reflecting an element of your world that struggles to hold the old "houses of cards" in place either through their ignorance or selfish intentions.  However, what  they do not realize is that the energy that holds all  "houses of cards" in place, is rapidly leaving- shifting and changing to a new and higher energy which in turn will manifest in new and higher ways, and which support the Divine individuality of all creation.

Hold on to your hats, dear ones, for the ride is only beginning but always know that all is proceeding according to a Divine plan of enlightenment.  Do not fear the leaving behind of all your old concepts and beliefs, for that which is real can never be lost, it is only  that which  is old and untrue that is finished.  Your founders in the USA wrote the constitution from a deep level of  consciousness. These were awakened beings and were guided by the Light.  This Divinely inspired constitution has often been perverted to serve the desires of those who although intelligent, were not as enlightened as the founders, resulting in their choosing to manipulate words and meanings to serve their own interests.  However, not all your leaders  are of this energy; there are some statesmen among the politicians, and these are the ones to support and listen to.  They too are struggling to find answers within all that is happening at this time.

Your president is an evolved being, but he is not being allowed to bring through many of his enlightened ideas at this time, but he will.  Send him Light dear ones, for he  is now  facing  so many obstacles to his way of seeing and doing.

It is actually a time for rejoicing, for you are beginning to see change unfolding.  Hold tightly to truth in spite of world events and the reports of your news media. Be open to new realizations, and tell your Higher Self that you are ready to ascend, and then hold on dear ones, for all you have held dear that is in and of the old energy is going to change.  Without resistance, allow the release of all that  is finished in your world, letting go of any and all concepts based in duality and separation in order to  ride on a beam of Light and awareness, filled with joy and abundance of every sort.

You are whole, complete, unconditioned  love, now and forever- always have been and always will be regardless of what present circumstances or appearances may be.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                                              3/19/11

                                                              MARCH 4, 2011

Greetings dear ones, we come again to wish you a very happy time on your journey into enlightenment.  We wish to tell you that all is proceeding according to plan, and  earth is well on her way each moment toward moving into more light.  Every day that passes  brings more light to the earth through your awakening, although it does not look that way if the news is your window.  Many souls have awakened and grow weary and impatient with never ending wars and the profitable  businesses of war which continue to fill the coffers of those who promote it.  You are quickly arriving at a place within yourselves that no longer  accepts an energy that separates and divides but instead, are choosing that which allows you to see the Divinity of all- not just those who look, think, act, or believe the same as you do.  All are one with Source, all are here to learn and evolve, and all are a part of the profound experience going on at this time.

We would like to tell you that there will be some upheavals upon your earth in the near future, upheavals that are a necessary part of the energy shifts and clearings taking place.  Be advised that all who partake of these events do so having given their permission  before  entering in to this lifetime.  It was their pre-birth choice  to serve in whatever way they could,  to be of service during these evolutionary times so to speak, and nothing is random or without  purpose and intention.  Occasionally these kinds of choices are made to complete some karmic debt, which is then finished for the individual. We can assure you that there are no accidental deaths during these times in any of the events now being witnessed.  You are seeing the  willing sacrifices of those who have freely chosen to  help lift Gaia out of  third dimensional energy and into the fifth and they lovingly give their lives for the cause of enlightenment although most are not consciously aware of pre-birth decisions. We understand that it does not appear this way to you; you see the many lives lost, and feel  pain as you witness the destruction and suffering. Yet you must understand that there is a much grander plan unfolding here, and there is in reality, no death.  Death is the grandest  illusion of all.

Enlightenment is beginning to manifest as the desire for freedom and choice.  Those who have held  positions  of power by force will no longer be enabled to do it because the new energy does not support the domination by the few over fellow beings. These actions are  the activity of the old energy  dear ones, that which perfectly represents  duality and separation and has been used this way for  centuries.  Dictatorships and self serving power struggles of all kinds  are quickly becoming  unsustainable  because the energy  that held them in place has changed and will continue to change.  What is coming in now is an energy of Light, unconditional love, and oneness.

Just as is happening with the banking industry, the energy that has been held old ideas in place is leaving and so all houses of cards must fall, don't you see?  Everything is energy and  everything is a manifestation of consciousness.  As  more and more are awakening, the  energy is  becoming higher and higher and the outer changes are begining  to reflect that.  Consciousness manifests in the outer as...which is what you are observing across  the world as a desire and struggle for freedom.

Enlightenment of the many is taking place and it grows larger with each day.  This  momentous event is the reason so  many beings from other planets and galaxies are observing your progress from their ships.   They are helping as they can and are encouraging you in more ways than you know, for you, the people of earth are accomplishing  a grand feat,  even though it may not seem  that way.  Be strong dear ones, be strong and push forward into what you are learning to be the truth.  Light is dissolving the shadows even as we speak.  Some shadows do not with to be dissolved, but that is  of no concern, for it is happening and nothing can stop it at this point.

We also wish to talk about the energy of change coming to your businesses and services.  Soon you will see new and positive unfoldment within the businesses of health, banking, education, culture  and all  other facets of living.  As the people of earth become enlightened, their ways of doing things will shift to a higher level.  Everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell is actually a Divine idea which is being interpreted and manifested according to the consciousness of individuals.  A world consciousness of duality and separation has up to this point, interpreted health, business, arts etc.  as you have known them-sometimes good, and sometimes not so good.  As mankind moves into a higher and more enlightened state of consciousness, these same ideas will begin to manifest in higher, more enlightened, and better forms.

All facets of life will be refined, manifesting on much higher levels and reflecting  this more enlightened world consciousness.  This gives you an idea of the future, and how it will not be the loss of all you know and love, but will instead be all that you know and love on a higher and better level.   Many live in a fear born of ignorance regarding  these times, believing them to be the end of all things.  It is only the end of the lower resonating interpretations of life, those ways of living that you have accepted for so long.  You will rejoice in the new dear ones, for it will be all you know and love and more,  but now lived and experienced on a higher and more enlightened level.

We are the Arcturian Group                                                     3/4/11

                                                          FEBRUARY 18, 2011

We of the Arcturian Group come today to talk to you of the many changes taking place in the energy of mankind and in the world.  You are  seeing the outpicturing of  higher frequencies now on the planet as a result of your years of hard work devoted to the  awakening process.  You are seeing the outer manifestations of a deep desire for freedom and the reclaiming of personal  power;  that which was freely given at the time of creation but within the ignorance of evolution through an energy of duality and separation, you have given away.

You are seeing  many outer manifestations of love in action because  love, is the relationship between all living things-there is only  One.  You see, love is simply the connection of  the One-manifest in infinite form and variety.  You have just celebrated your Valentine's Day.  This represents only one concept of love.  There are as many concepts of love as there are individuals but in truth, love is the activity of ONE SELF.  You see the  manifestation of love in  many forms or concepts, all dependent upon individual states of consciousness.  Do not become too hypnotized by  popular concepts of love,  but instead begin to question them within your individual belief systems and understand that all of  concepts  flow from a deeper reality  into  manifestation.  Mankind will experience increasing unity as more and more individuals awaken to  the truth  that all life is connected, even though it doesn't seem that way.

We say to you that your sense of romantic relationships although in reality  based in  interconnectedness,  seem outwardly  to be an  interaction between two separate individuals.   Because of concepts evolved from the beliefs of duality and separation (third dimensional energy),  men and women have come to see their relationships as two very separate people, each half of a whole and eacneeding the other.   An unenlightened society keeps steadily presenting the concepts;  "I need you, I will die without you..."  songs, movies, magazines...The male needing the feminine and the female needing the masculine,  ignorant of the fact that every individual is  whole already.  Source could not manifest half of Itself as...    When  you spiritually awaken and  begin to embrace the power of enlightenment, you come to accept this completeness, that you already embody both the masculine (active, be-er, do-er) and feminine (receptive, intuitive)  regardless of your present body form.  Relationships then become better, higher, and more fulfilling because both parties understand that they are not half of a couple, but are whole and complete. There is no longer that painful belief that you "need" someone or something outside of yourself in order to be  happy, in spite of the best efforts of a third dimensional society  to push this belief.  Relationships, no longer  based in want, need, or simply sexual desire, become  two empowered and self realized individuals standing together by choice (because it is a choice, not a need),  looking in the same direction.  In this new sense of relationship, there is not less of the  fun and enjoyment that comes with the companionship of a right partner, but there is instead  more, for now  relationships are  without  the pressure and struggles of trying to  be someone or something one is not, simply to please another.  Each has stopped seeking validation outside of themselves.  This is true for homosexual as well as heterosexual  relationships.

We wish to tell you that many more events will be  occurring.  Try not to  live out from an energy of fear or trepidation such as is so often  pushed to you by those who would prefer you stay un-awakened.  The changes we speak of are clearings, earth clearings.  They are clearings of old energy from many sites on the earth still heavy with old, and outdated energy.   Egypt is one such place.  The energy of an awakening mass consciousness  is now clearing this area  and allowing in the new, although this will take some time yet.  The awareness of mankind's' innate right to freedom is spreading in spite of  negative reactions by those governments who see these changes simply as a loss of their control and power.  It is now time for  the end of regimes who use their often ill gotten positions simply as a way to accumulate more money and power with little if any, real concern for the people.

Clearings of all that is old is necessary in order for the world to move into a new and more enlightened energy.  Be not afraid as you observe the outer manifestations of surges toward  freedom, and do not judge or pity those who are taking  part in it, for they have come into this lifetime in order to do  this service for the evolution of mankind.   It is their chosen work and they are willing  (not always on a conscious level)  to lose their lives in the process.

No longer be satisfied with the status quo  for  that is what has held mankind in bondage;  the belief that "this is the way things are, and cannot be changed".  You are learning to  take back your power.  You are learning to say "no", and are coming to understand  that you are not helpless humans as you once believed,  but are in reality Divine Beings with  all the qualities  of Source.  Know  that we are not saying that a human being fully enmeshed in all the third dimensional beliefs is divine, but that that which is true- the soul, the spiritual essence, all that each was created as and always will be, (but which  has been forgotten);  is Divine.  Spiritual evolution is simply  the process of moving into the realization of this truth.

"To pretend a state of consciousness not yet attained, is human."  Joel S. Goldsmith.

In the true sense of Love, we are The Arcturian Group                              2/18/11

                                                      FEBRUARY 5, 2011

We are here in this new day to tell you of the changes about to transpire on your planet.  You are in the beginning stages of many changes that will take place throughout the world.  It is a time of what appears to be rebellion, but what  is actually  the awakening of the masses  to their entitled freedom.  Now is the  time when unknown to themselves, people are feeling an opening to their higher energies which is causing them to feel the need and desire for the experience of  freedom.  That is;  freedom from the tyranny of those who would dictate,  freedom of those who would have you believe that you need them, and freedom from those who would condemn you for not believing as they do.  It is a powerful energy dear ones, that is now awakening many  to the realization that they have been kept in bondage by the few.

Be aware of false prophets.   We speak of  those who would speak to you in tongues gentle with what seems to be truth, and yet is simply another way of keeping you in bondage.  Please always trust your intuition and do not be fooled, for the false prophets are "coming out of the woodwork" so to speak at this time on earth.  Many spread fear with revelations of what is about  to take place, and would guide you with tongues of silk while pushing you into fear regarding nuclear war (which will not come as has been decreed by the higher energies) and  earth catastrophes (which are a part of the earth cleansing but which will be done by Gaia as carefully as she can).  Be alert to this by staying centered within yourselves and asking for guidance to know which information is coming from a place of truth and which is not. It is important to be informed, however do not let the awareness move into fear which then feeds the whole picture.  You see, you are creators.  Do not put your energy into those seeming negative events which in turn gives them more power.

Even those who would channel, unless they keep themselves pure and filled with light, will bring forth a false message even though they believe they are bringing a true message. Channeled messages come through a channel and carrying  the energy of the channel.  Many still confuse psychic with spiritual and they are not the same thing.  There are many of a lower resonance   waiting for the opportunity to speak through someone.  With the higher  energies on the planet at this time, many are becoming aware of an ability to hear and see other frequencies and are beginning to channel.  If you choose to channel  ALWAYS KEEP YOUR ENERGY FIELD IN THE LIGHT AND STATE THAT YOU ARE OPEN ONLY TO BEINGSOF LIGHT.  This is very important. There are those who through ignorance  or ego are  opening themselves in  careless ways that are not for their own good or those to whom they give their messages.   The messages of Light Beings  always carry an energy  of love and hope, never  fear or negativity; and always carry an energy  that will help you move into the higher frequencies of truth.  Let that be your yard stick, dear ones.  Be aware of false prophets.

This message is not to trouble you, but to instill in you the need to  take back your power of discernment, for you have been taught and accepted that you needed  others to tell you what was best for you.  This is a big step, but a necessary one in your evolution.  You never need anyone to tell you what to do, let information and guidance  be a free will choice coming from a place of being centered within.   It is fine to ask those who may have more insight on certain issues, certainly that is their gift to the world, but always ask yourself;  "How does this feel within?"  If it does not resonate with you, then do not feel obligated to accept it even though the one you have asked may be considered an expert.

There is much energy pouring forth at this time from your sun.  Many new frequencies that the earth has not experienced before.  This is making changes in your thinking and in your way of doing things. Do not believe that you are going crazy dear ones, as some have believed.  You are simply adjusting to new and higher frequencies of light.  Many of you are experiencing  new aches and pains and rush to see your doctor who tells you he seeing nothing wrong.  Often these aches and pains are the clearing of old energies; old beliefs about disease, deterioration, and  cellular inheritance- energies from past lives as well as this one.  It is the clearing of the energy meridians and the opening of energy portals within your physical bodies.  It is also the clearing of your chakras and the opening of new and higher chakras never utilized before.

Many of you are having problems sleeping.  This too is a part of  energy integration.  Many integrations must take place as you are at rest, but still within the body.  Since most people  are busy all day, night is the only  time  when you can be at rest but still  in the body if not sleeping.  This is actually  a good thing dear ones, not a problem.  You are used to believing that you must sleep a full night or you will be tired the next day.  This is a belief,  things are changing.

Let go of all that is old and open to asking yourselves;  "Is this really true?"  Experts work from the third dimensional energy of what is already known.  Much of what you are experiencing now is not known.  New ideas are coming to many of your more  enlightened scientists, but they are keeping quiet about it for now, pondering these things within themselves.   Let go of your  dependence upon  the so called experts, for this dependence is what  has gotten you into many of the predicaments you find yourselves in now.  This is not a judgement, but an explanation of how the old energy has dictated your lives because you believed you needed something outside yourselves to tell you how to live.

You are beings of light in your true essence.  It is time now to claim your true selves.  In order to do that, you must not be afraid to release from your belief system all that no longer resonates with you.  Experts are simply people  that have devoted themselves to a certain topic.  If that topic has been totally studied in the third dimensional energy of duality and separation, then it is not of the highest level that could be known.  Correct ?  Please ponder this dear ones.

In love we say we are the Arcturian Group.                                                        2/5/11


                                      JANUARY 23, 2011

We of the Arcturian Group are here today to say to you beloved sisters and brothers, that you are very close to seeing many changes  within your world.  Energies are quickly shifting to a higher and deeper resonance, and  old  conceptual beliefs are quickly dissolving into nothingness because of their dependence upon belief to survive.

You will see many changes within world governments.  Many are rebelling against those governments of tyranny and oppression.  The souls of the world are crying out to experience those Divine Freedoms that are their natural birthright which is freedom for all, and not just for those who have the most money or power.  It is fast becoming a time when world  energy will not tolerate the indiscretions of those who purport to be your leaders, and you in your awakening are beginning to see through the charades that proclaims  to be right in all things.

In that charade we include those religions of the world so steeped in dogma and tradition that there is no room for any real love.  Religions and members who purport to be Christian and yet live and dictate from the old testament of "an eye for an eye... ". Please awaken dear ones.  You do not need any one to tell you  how to be spiritual.  You cannot be otherwise!  You are the manifestation of Source. Begin to ponder what it means to be the manifestation of Divine Source.  In reality, you are complete and whole now; not after someone says you are saved, or you fulfill some dogmatic rule.

Begin to let all that holds you in bondage to separation and duality go, dear ones.  It is a time of coming into your Divine sonship and all that it means.  You are not expected to suddenly become fully illumined, for that is the journey of enlightenment.  We too are making this same journey and are simply a little further ahead.  This is evolution and this is what being is all about.  However we do hope to guide you to a place of at least beginning to see that you are not the miserable human beings you have been taught that you are,.  Many who teach these things mean well, but  are also hypnotized and  need to awaken.  Sadly, the ego of  leaders who believe that are right, often makes it very difficult for them to say; "I was wrong", especially if they have a church tradition behind them.

Lift up dear ones, out of the mesmeric sense of being separate, pitiful, human beings.  You are Divine Beings, who chose to have  a human learning experience.

It is important that you  realize that   "good" third dimensional pictures  are just as much illusion as the "bad" ones.  This is a very important point, for  many believe that only the negative images are illusory concepts needed to rise above. All outer pictures,  good or bad,  are  materialconcepts of a spiritual reality. Try to see through all appearances to the Divine Idea behind it.  This is where you are going in your journey, dear ones.

This is our message to you today, for only as you awaken and let go of those false teachings that you hold closely to heart, will you and Gaia be able to move forward.  There is much energy pouring in from on high to assist you at this time.  Portals are opening, new and higher frequencies never before experience on earth are being felt by all.  There is  much that you are unaware of that is now  taking place.  This is a team effort of love and we and many others you will soon know about are here to help if you desire it.

Do not be afraid dear ones, all is perfect.  You are simply awakening from a dream and it is difficult to even fathom that you have been asleep.  Ponder these things. We do not ask you to let go of all conditioning in one swoop, but simply to just to consider that many cherished beliefs you were taught and are still being taught, are simply not true.They are the ideas of a third dimensional state of consciousness, and you are graduating.

In Love, we are the Arcturian Group                                                1/23/2011     





JANUARY 9, 2011

Dear ones, we welcome you into the new year of 2011.

It is a time for rejoicing because in spite of what you are hearing and seeing, the light is getting brighter.  This then in turn, exposes  those corners that here-to-fore have been dark and unseen.  This is important to understand because although it seems as if things are getting worse they are not, dear ones; not worse, just exposed.

We wish you to stay centered in Truth at all times.  Do not allow yourselves to get caught up in the energy of the negative.  Do not allow yourselves to stray off center and into those dark corners being exposed, for this simply adds your energy to them.  When you become enamored by the illusions, giving them your attention and concern, this gives more energy to these things.  Save your energy for truth.  See through the appearances and into the truth behind them.  You say; "What truth behind these terrible things we see and hear about?"  This is a spiritual universe dear ones, all that you see,hear, taste, touch, and smell is a concept of the spiritual reality.  Evolution is the journey of moving beyond the concepts.

Look at it this way,  mind is the translator of your state of consciousness.  The omnipresent spiritual ideas of Source Consciousness are interpreted by mind in order for  you to understand them.   If your consciousness is filled with  concepts and beliefs of duality  and separation, these interpretations (your outer experience) come out that way; that is filled with duality and separation. All there  is, is Sourceand all that is within Source ( all the Divine Ideas embodied within Divine Consciousness) are therefore also within every living thing for there is nothing else but Source.  Nothing else that anything could be made out of.

It is not the world that is the illusion, it is your concepts of the world that are illusion.

Dear ones, examine your belief system.  Don't be afraid to let go once and for all, of everything  that no longer serves you.  Sit quietly, perhaps with pen and paper,  and examine all those issues that still give you pain, anger or suffering.  Examine all persons and experiences from your whole life.  Take each one and say to yourself; "What am I believing about this?"  Then ask yourself; "In the light of Truth, is my belief about this true?"  This process enables you to get to the root of your belief system and to  to discover  deeply buried concepts and ideas that hold you in bondage to  the third dimensional energy;  theories and beliefs that you accepted without question when  given  by  teachers,  parents, the media, churches, or government.  You are then able to ask yourself; "Why did I accept this?  Do I want this to remain a part of my consciousness?"

The time is NOW, not tomorrow when things "get better", to let go of all that does not resonate with truth, for as the western mystic Joel S Goldsmith used to say; "Any old belief can gum up the works."

There is no unexpressed consciousness.  Think on that dear ones. Think very deeply and strongly about this truth, and then take your power back from all the  untruths you have accepted and held as truth.  This is not a condemnation, this is awakening.  Never hold yourself in guilt over beliefs of your past  for awakening to deeper truth is the evolutionary  journey.

Wake up dear ones, you are in charge of you, and no one else can do this for you.  Let go of the belief that someone is going to save you, be it the government,  the church, or even  some concept  of God.  Let go.  Let go.  Let go, and you will find that indeed the sky does not fall down, nor will it ever.

In love we say we are the Arcturian Group.                                                      1/9/2011