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Ascension Whispers: Eternal Conscious Creation Level 2 Part 3A/B + Blogpost


The Embodied Eternal Life Grid and the 3,3,3 Re-Connection 
( 1/3 Eternal Embodied Life Grid - 2/3 Fall-Grid & Atlantian legacy, Body Template ) 

Pineal Gland Activation, Creative Visualization, Where are the Higher Levels of Consciousness, Dreaming, Brain Waves.

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Understanding what a Conscious Collective is.

Ascension Whispers: Eternal Conscious Creation - Videos Series - Level 1


Assisting the Hologoram to Heal

As we go about our daily lives of healing, remembering and desiring to make a positive change in the world, we see many of the imbalances right in our own backyard and these challenges can make it very hard to look at other peoples’ challenges around the world.

Those blessed with more liberties than others still manage to find things to complain about within the world control system. After a point of dealing with and seeing the world control flashed in front of our eyes every day of our life we become sensitized to it and quickly change the channel. It is a natural coping skill to do so especially when people are made to feel so helpless to be able to do anything about such control.
At least those who are allowed more liberties than others still retain the right to complain where as many people around the world would never dream of doing such a thing as the brain washing is so severe they fear for their lives and soul and would never even think to have one complaining thought for the fate life has presented them.

There are so many people spread around the planet that are forced to go without the basic necessities of daily living and treated even worse than the animal abuse those who have more liberties speak out against on a daily basis.

What is the answer to all of this chaos and imbalance? From a physical standpoint we can all step into the role of feeling helpless to do anything about it and turn away to find something to make us forget about the atrocities that are occurring around the planet. The atrocities cannot be stopped by the common people via physical force simply because those controlling have always maintained such large armies. So, what can the common people do to bring about positive change?

Firstly, the common people must remember their personal power and that is not likely to occur for those who are forced to live as prisoners without the basic needs for survival as the emotional body of such people is so emerged within darkness they most likely cannot find a speck of light anywhere.

For those who still have the liberties to be able to think, they can make a difference with their thoughts if they will only take the time to do so. Instant healing may not show itself but healing will show itself much faster if masses of people come together with the common goal of Love and Balance for all life forms. After that point it is a matter of releasing it All to Source to allow Source to heal ALL that can be healed within balance.

If the masses who still hold the ability to “think” would simply spend 30 minutes each day in meditation or prayer or whatever the belief system allows for and think of the “same thing”, doing so CAN make a difference.

Doing so must become a part of daily living to remain focused within the same thought pattern of the goal for balance and healing. Why? Because the controlling imbalanced energy is the critical mass energy that is controlling the planet and it will require reaching a critical mass of balanced energy for balance through love to begin to emerge.

How can you choose when the imbalance is spread out around the planet in varying degrees? Where should you focus your desire for healing when the entire planet requires it? Focus on the “entire planet”!
If you desire to assist, you can spend part of your daily routine of inner focus to create a White Sphere of Source energy within yourself (3rd Eye – 6th Chakra would be a very strong place to create the White Sphere of energy) and exhale it out from your core through the entire planet and then to surround the entire planet. It will not take long to do so but it must be done daily. It is not a matter of thinking someone else will take care of it, you ARE the someone else who needs to take care of it.

If you desire to do so, you can create localized White Spheres to permeate and surround specific regions but the entire planet and its’ life forms requires your assistance and they require it NOW and every day thereafter. Whom will you be assisting the most? Yourself!



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Energetic Synthesis: Accountability #Lisa Renee



I AM Accountable towards Others and Speak my Truth Harmlessly. 

In leadership roles, accountability is the acknowledgment and assumption of personal responsibility for one’s actions, products, decisions, and policies including the administration, governance, and implementation within the scope of the role or the position of influence and power made over others. Accountability encompasses the ethical conduct necessary to model integrity through being answerable towards the resulting consequences of one’s choices and actions, especially in regard to the impact made upon others, or impact made to a group, organization or impact to planetary resources. Accountability cannot exist without the proper ethical model to understand that being responsible for one’s actions, thoughts and deeds, has consequences that are a result of the decisions that are made.  In other words, an absence of accounting for decisions and choices that are being made means, there is an absence of accountability. Without accountability, there can be no integrity nor trustworthiness present. This is also an accurate statement when determining the quality that one will experience in their personal life, family dynamics, career and in every social interaction and communication they engage in. This principle is required in both the macrocosm and the microcosm relationships of our life. The importance of committing to personal accountability as a developed character trait and skillset in order to improve one’s life conditions in every possible way, cannot be underestimated. 

Have we lost the trait of being accountable? What would someone say about your accountability? Has it become so commonplace to embellish everything we say? 

Accountability is an ethical model and character standard that expresses you, and only you, are totally responsible for your actions. The willingness to be accountable for what you do and what you don't do (or refuse to do) is a significant trait of your moral character. 

Many people confuse responsibility and accountability as being one in same. In the practical reality, they are character traits that are more like two sides of the same coin. Being accountable has more to do with giving up certain ego defense behaviors, such as negative beliefs and attitudes, than just making an effort to behave or relate to others in a different way. One of the most common ego defense mechanisms used to avoid personal accountability or responsibility is to become upset, blaming others or to have a tantrum. When a person goes into tantrum mode or gets upset, obviously, they can no longer effectively handle the matter. They have gone “unconscious”. When a person goes unconscious and engages in tantrums, they are now fodder for dark and negative energies in the vicinity. This is a common ego defense to avoid facing the truth of the matter or the task at hand and to avoid any attention being placed upon the person’s accountability to their actions. It’s a diversion tactic made by the unconscious or conscious personality. This is done by simply tuning someone out, or by having a mental conversation while someone is attempting to point out how you could have assumed greater responsibility or accountability. Some of us may be reminded of occurrences such as these with our significant relationships, partners or spouse. Yet another ego defense is playing the role of victim-victimizer in order to escape or detract from personal accountability. When people are unwilling to look at something or be accountable they will commonly say expressions in the victim-unconscious roles such as  “I can’t” and “I’m unable.” If they are master manipulators they will usually use doublespeak to confuse the truth in the issue and turn around the responsibility to the weaker person or less dominating party.  Sometimes, being personally accountable to one’s actions and the willingness to tell the truth, simply involves courage.  

Do you have the necessary courage to exhibit personal accountability? One may want to examine the consequences associated with being accountable and responsible before answering. First, accountability means you are responsible to somebody or for something. Second, being responsible means that you cause something to happen. Third, by exhibiting accountability, as seen through the eyes of the people around you, may look like the following: 
  • Accepting complete responsibility for your behavior.
  • Meeting/exceeding agreed upon expectations in an agreed upon role or position.
  • Admitting mistakes and taking steps to correct them.
  • Admitting limitations of knowledge or skills in certain areas. 
Accepting responsibility is being fully aware of exerting control of one’s behavior through one’s choices. Additionally, one accepts the consequences of the choices one makes while taking responsibility for what may be perceived as positive or negative experiences that come with those choices. 

Integrity, or doing what is right, because that is the right thing to do, is the epitome of accepting responsibility. We all have much to gain by exhibiting personal accountability in our personal and professional life. Some of these are listed below: 
  • You become a person that can be trusted.
  • You are respected by people around you. Your words or actions hold credibility.
  • You send the message that you are willing to do whatever is necessary for the success of the group/team/organization.
  • You are a person with strong moral and ethical character.
  • You can be trusted to complete challenging projects and meaningful assignments.
  • What kind of person do you want to be? 
Personal freedom begins and ends with responsibility and accountability. Personal accountability is an opportunity. It is an opportunity to contribute to the world, contribute to the human race and the organization of which we are a part. It is the opportunity to be counted as trustworthy among the other people inside our organization and for whom we truly hold caring respect. It is our opportunity to ask, “What can I do to contribute?” and “How can I make a difference?“. If our spiritual and other organizations foster an environment that values integrity, trustworthiness, honesty and courage, personal accountability truly presents all of us with a vast opportunity to grow while serving others. 

Below are a few exercises that we can work on: 
Tell the truth. Many times we may make the mistake to believe that saying a “little white lie” is better than to risk hurting feelings or dealing with someone else’s judgment of our behavior. Maybe we are in fear and afraid to face the consequences. When we engage in lying about something or we try to cover it up, this deceitful action will always boomerang and make the situation much worse. When deceit is used to manipulate or cover up, it snowballs into a larger problem and sucks time and energy. Save yourself some time and protect your energies by telling the truth. 

Monitor yourself. Are you accountable for your actions even if nobody holds you accountable -- or nobody catches you? Of course you are. If you do not think so then you are cheating on yourself. You are the person who will ultimately suffer the consequence of your actions. Even if you cannot visibly see the consequence of your action today, there is always a consequence that will show up either now or later on. 

Go within. When you have conflicts or trouble in relationships or situations, look in the mirror first. Ask the question to yourself, “What is the problem here?” “What am I doing or not doing to solve this issue, and what can I improve upon?”. In many interpersonal communications with every social aspect, whether its communicating with family, friends, or acquaintances, personal accountability is sorely lacking and urgently needed. Accountability is not just a mindset but is an important skill set that everyone can learn and should master. Choose personal accountability and own it. This commitment will always eventually reveal a much more positive situation for everybody involved. 

(Source Adapted from: Wikipedia, http://www.byrdbaggett.com, http://www.huffingtonpost.com)


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Krystalai: Making God's Movie + Note: A Subtle Warning on Astrology

Crystalai (2013)
(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse) 
Image by "FutureAgeSage"
Dear Members,
I would like to bring up a possibility for you to consider in your lives. The possibility that you just might be letting some one else besides your self create your reality for you. Creating our reality is called making God's movie. We actually create a movie around us that we perceive in a Radial Body that exists as a result of electromagnetic images sent from the 14th dimensional frequencies. Our brain is just a movie projector. The movie is made at a higher level.
However, the movie that is created is a result of whatever we are choosing to tell our movie producer is our present reality of belief.
So, let's look at this. I just received this HOROSCOPE in my email this morning. Here is some body telling me that my day and my week end has already been made for me by some alignment of stars in the sky.
Am I just a Statistic that is VULNERABLE to an alignment of stars in the sky? NO, I am not. UNLESS I CHOOSE TO BE. I am Sovereign. I am a Creator. I co-create with my Higher Selves, my Over Soul Family, my Cosmic Family, my Mind of God.
I do not allow others -- even other stars and their alignments create my reality.
Look at this horoscope:

You’ll really be in the mood to enjoy yourself today. But your desire to have a little fun could lead to a few conflicts with someone special. You’ll also end up having a few differences of opinion over some financial matters. And if you expect someone else to lend you something or spend a little money on you right now, you could be a little disappointed. Mantra: I will strive to bring others together whenever I can.
I do not plan on creating these beliefs in my reality. I do not plan on sending this idea to my movie producer to create through my pituitary gland movie projector.
I also don't plan on putting any of the ideas I see on T.V. or in the news in my movie. I also don't plan on putting any of the beliefs of the medical community in my movie. I also don't plan on putting any of the ideas of religions, cultures or educational beliefs in my movie.
You all have complete FREEDOM of Choice. You have the freedom to believe every astrologer, every channeler, every person that links you to their gods, their angels, their brains.
Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse

Visit Cosmic Dolphin Magic at: cosmicdolphinmagic.ning.com
Crystalai @2011 

I sent this post out in the past few days titled Change your Mind.
I am attaching it here. I also recommend going to the page titled Merkaba Mechanics for a more detailed explanation of these simple diagrams.


A Subtle Warning on Astrology - Summarizing What I know about it

November 21, 2013 at 4:11am - Notes by Otto Jakobson

While astrology can have its positive uses, there exists an agenda and it is thus: The beings who make people believe in astrology in specific ways, are controlling peoples decision making so that they would not be likely to take action on stuff that is too different from astrological predictions, analogous to "no, don't do that, it is unrealistic according to our models and data mapping". The system of alignments that astrology is based on, is real, but it is an overlay that has not existed for all of the time that Earth has existed in. It began in Atlantis, when certain changes were made to the planetary grids and axis aligmnets of Earth, and when the local astral and mental realms were mutilated.

I will not yet say who is involved. One of their intentions is to keep people anchoring lower and/or young aspects and fallen soul aspects that play games with astrology to keep consciousness dumbed down in a subtle or overt way, never the ancient aspects who have trillions or bazillions (uncountable years) of years of experience. Physical, astral, emotional and mental decisions are being steered in certain directions. They are manipulating many people to eat unhealthy food, GMO and processed and cooked foods, and others to eat food that keeps them at a certain level of activation, even vegetarian foods. Much misinformation is being spread about methods of cleansing, and not much has been revealed about what makes the consciousness coding of the body putrid and akin to physical death and diseases, and what does not. Colors like red, yellow and milky white, and black, and blue-red combination are used to manipulate peoples decisions regarding realm placement in astrals and physical decisions about food and clothing (not that thosse colors are evil or inherently bad) They use astrology as a predictive programming of activity. They make astrology seem as good as possible, to keep people hooked to it. Astrology is predicatble to the extent of the distortions present within a being. A being who is not distorted significantly, will not fit into astrology's predictive models enough to be predictable. There exist naturally and unnaturally occurring timeline simulation networks in the out of body planes of Earth. Following astrology advice can put a person into artificial light, nonascension or catastriophic ascension timeline networks, not that they are guaranteed to manifest, because there is a lot being done to prevent those timelines from manifesting. The artificial light aspect of a being, is what makes astrology predictable.

Stressfulness, artificiality, machinery, and deliberate distortions... 

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OffPlanetRadio: Randy Maugans with Duncan O’Finioan – recorded 03-12-2014

Randy Maugans with Duncan O’Finioan – recorded 03-12-2014

Duncan O’Finioan: CERN|Darkworld(Complete 30m 28s) -  Right click to download MP3 audio
cern-darkworld1The movie, “Thor: The Dark World”depicts parallel aspects Duncan’s predictions about the CERN LHC being used as a portal to bring in dark entities from other dimensdions.
•The grand convergence  and what is called the “galactic center”;
•CERN=the aether in Thor.
•The vampiric Dark Elven race.
•The origin of the Dark Elven race after a civil war split the Elven world into a lower dimension.
•Earth is Midgard, a strategic realm as a “jump room” for accessing the other eight realms (dimensions)
•We also riff off into current events and the state of humanity’s overall consciousness…

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Music: “The Displacement of Time” – The Alien Mike ET

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http://duncanofinioan.com/  http://offplanetradio.com/

119 Capricorn Radio - Duncan O'Finioan - Innocence Turned Deadly

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Freedom Teachings: The Cosmic Clock Re-set

Rehost - Azuritepress
The Cosmic Clock Re-set : Entering the Reusha-TA Great Healing Cycle

Recorded Phoenix - 2003

This "Arc Gate 7" Planetary Shields Clinic convened following the successful Shields work during the times of the Great Silence (Hetharo - May -03) and Great Thunder (Hethalon - August 03) and the consequent anchoring of the Christos Seed Atom, the inception of the Cosmic Clock Re-Set Cycle and the initiation of the New Vision of Co-evolutionary Peace, and forms the basis of future Shields Clinic missions, Dublin 11/ 2003 and India 05/ 2004.

Contents include: 
Section 1: Secrets of the "Wheels within Wheels" - Christiac "Time Clocks" of Creation, the Universal Monad and Universal Veca and Density Merkaba Axis Alignments. 
Section 2: Universal Creation Templates, Manifest Galaxies and the "24 Elders Before the Throne"; Galactic and Meta-Galactic Merkaba, Vortex Mechanics and the scientifically identified Cosmos.  
Section 3: The "Local Neighbourhood" - our Solar System, Star Gates, the "Solar Shield Clock" and Zodiacal "Time Clock" Misalignments.
Section 4: Stellar Merkaba, the Solar Shield, Celestial Misalignments and the Moda-AdhUrA "Time Seed" - Planetary Moda-AdhUrA and the "Fall of Brenaui" Race Karma Zodiacal Fetal Imprint.
Section 5: Anatomy of the Personal Moda-AdhUrA Complex and Etheric Duct and Membrane System. Section 6: The Reuche Cosmic Clock, Time Cycles, Reusha-TA and Reuche-a Time Shifts and the Moda-AdhUrA - Universal Veca "Time Machine Mechanics".
Section 7: The Cosmic Clock, "24 Elders Before the Throne", "4 Faces of the Soul", Moda-AdhUrA and the many selves in Time.
Section 8: The State of Universal Christiac At-ONE-ment: the Moda-AdhUrA, Zodiacal Gender Mutation, "Gender Twins", "Sacred Sex" and the HonetilE'a and AthonetilE'a States.
Section 9:The Reuche and Zodiac Clocks and the Mahadra-Adhrana Manifestation Wheel. Section
10: The Moda-AdhUrA, Mahadra-Adhrana and LE-TeU-A Manifesting.
Section 11: Secrets of "Clarion", "Khryon", "Maitreya" and the Ad-DON-Draea and Budhara Races. Section 12: The 2003 - 2012 Reusha-TA Cosmic Clock Re-set Cycle - Anchoring the Pillars, the Rainbow and Magenta Races and the Ad-DON-Draea "Crystal People" Christiac Vision Seed.
Section 13: LE-TeU-A Focus Group Manifesting Circles and LE-TeU-A Manifesting.

http://www.4shared.com/video/8L2D2v6R/the_cosmic_clock_reset_disc_1.html http://www.4shared.com/video/pjKhrRKc/the_cosmic_clock_reset_disc_2.html http://www.4shared.com/video/1OXt9RNn/the_cosmic_clock_reset_disc_3.html
Includes 4 Techniques: Technique 1: The 24 EirA Lotus Breaths; Technique 2: Re-setting the Personal "Time Seed"-Activating the Moda-AdhUrA Complex and Density-1 Merkabic Parameter Field. Technique 3: Arc-7 Planetary Shields Clinic - Activating the Universal Christiac Vision Seed. Technique 4: Transcending the Zodiacal Fetal Imprint and Brenaui Race Karma (Phase I - Reverse Code Induction, Zodiacal Alignment Code 1, available from APMCEO website).

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Freedom Teachings: The United Intruder Resistance (UIR)

Rehost - Azuritepress

The United Intruder Resistance "Michael-Mary" Turnstile Matrix (& Calgary Rainbow Roundtable). Recorded in Calgary, Canada, February 2002.
Contents Include:  Illuminati One World order Agenda & the Atlantean Pylon Implant Network (APIN) Legacy, Progression of Intruder APIN Templar conquest, 9-11 Infrasound Sub-Space Sonic Pulse projection, Planetary Shields release Schedule, Radial Body, Merkaba & Trion-Meajhe Field Mechanics, Radial Body Healing and the Veca Codes, Veca Healing: Restoring the Trion Field, Eckasha (God Seed) Healing: Restoring the Meajhe Field, 12 Strand DNA Template, Vector Codes a& Seals, Crisis Intervention Expedited Amenti Opening Schedule, Intruder UIR Races & their Affiliations.  Includes: APIN, WTC/ Pentagon Disaster, Canadian Turnstile matrix, General Phantom Grid, Radial body & Manifestation Mechanics, Real Christ crucifixion, Jehovian Seals & Axi-A-Tonal Lines, Expedited Amenti Opening Schedule 2001-2012

what side has been (ab-)using you?  
http://www.4shared.com/video/BCdn3qfC/UIR_Disc_1.html http://www.4shared.com/video/sYoTwv8J/UIR_Disc_2.html http://www.4shared.com/video/7mOTwr8J/UIR_Disc_3.html http://www.4shared.com/video/eqoZnDTH/UIR_Disc_4.html http://www.4shared.com/video/ye9o3se8/UIR_Disc_5.html http://www.4shared.com/video/XV5UefCF/UIR_Disc_6.html http://www.4shared.com/video/155XmYCX/UIR_Disc_7.html if video wont load issue in on 4shared's side(use the download option)

Freedom Teachings: The Lemurian & Atlantian Legacies

Rehost - Azuritepress

The Lemurian & Atlantian Legacies...the Secrets of the Arthurian "Round Tables." Lecture and two full day workshops filmed in NYC, Easter 2001. Introduces and explains the Great Atlantean conspiracy, the Grail Quest Wars, the Luciferian Covenant, the continuing battles to control Gate 11, the meaning of the Arthurian Legend and the Maji (Indigo/Eieyani) Grail Lines, the genealogy of the Human Angelic Race Line, the significance, meaning and purpose of the Flamekeepers, the 12 Tribes and the contracts they are called to serve now. The workshop reveals the significance and detail of the "Cycles of the Rounds," the contents of the major, suppressed, "Books of Maps & Keys, the secret of the Tribal Shield Rainbow Round Table and relationship to the Angelic Human's original Sacred Mission as well as the nature, composition and interface with the Earth's Planetary Divine Blueprint. The 12 Cycles, simultaneous incarnation and relationship to human DNA is detailed, and the relationship to accelerated, personal, spiritual actualization is explained. Techniques for fastest activation of the personal 12 strand DNA are given, including: Tribal Shield Activation, Emerald & Amethyst Awakenings, the Crystal Temple meditation, Cue Zone creation (safe zone/interdimensional interface) together with the original Anuhazi language Tribal Keys (Psonns) - the sound programs used to correctly activate the DNA and Primal Life Force Currents. The materials from this workshop (and extended further in Kauai May 2001) form the foundations for full understanding and involvement with the Christos Re-alignment Mission occurring on all dimensions at this "time." This is the first detailed briefing and action plan for the awake Angelic Human released by the Guardian alliance - massively emphasizing the significance of our participation in divine Right Action and how it must be achieved!


The entire LoA series. Changelings and prophecy detailing the forbidden history of Atlantis. 

Legacy of the Lost, Freedoms of the Found Hidden...


Ascension Whisps: Interconnected Planetary System

The people of the planet may “think” they are separate life forms from the planet but that is an illusion as nothing is actually separated from anything.

The people of the planet ARE the ones who are creating the planet as the planet and all “matter bodies” are a hologram made of conscious light and sound.

The planet is made of the conscious, living energy of Source and it is very much alive, thinks, feels and has emotions just like all living things do. Think about just the plants on the planet for a moment. It is a known fact that plant life respond to energy, thoughts and sound and they thrive within an environment that offers balance and love and wilt and die in an environment that offers the opposite. Life forms do not exist on food and water alone and either thrive within balance or deteriorate within imbalance. How much plant life exists within the Earth reality field?

Every life form of the planet is plugged into the planet and just like the roots of a tree expand the life forces out to feed the tree so do all life forms of the planet and the planet do the same. Just like the expansion of life force through the root system of the trees allow all trees to be in constant communication with each other, so do all vegetation life forms as well as the animals and people of the planet.

This understanding should make it quite easy to understand how the “emotions” held within the life forms on the planet effects the balance or imbalance of the entire system. If you were to take a potted plant and place it within a war zone or within an environment where masses of people are held in a state of fear would that plant thrive and grow or would it wilt and die?

What do things like missile explosions, sonic booms, blasts of energy waves and sound waves do to the planetary environment? How do such things effect a potted plant? We can think of the effects on the planet increased immensely as a reaction to what the life forms on the planet are doing.

We may think of ourselves as being separate life forms from the planet, we may think our actions, words, emotions and thoughts have no impact on the planetary environment but we would be lying to ourselves to allow ourselves to believe such.

Scientific testing has proven that the conscious thoughts of groups of people on one side of the planet have an effect on the conscious thoughts of groups of people on the other side of the planet. (The Morphogenetic Universe). But not only do they effect the thoughts they also effect the emotions and they may do so consciously unaware to the people.

How might the thoughts and emotions of the people living in areas where war has become a part of their every day living process, where control is to such extremes they cannot even choose what to believe, where suffering is so vast that death seems the better alternative -  effect the entire planetary environment and population?

How are the people across the planet emotionally effected when regions experience mass population suffering either through war and violence or through the planet shifting to heal?

Perhaps you have seen the videos of water experiments that prove how water can be coded with and effected by thought patterns, words and music. (One You Tube Video Here). 71% of the surface of the planet is covered in water and there are oceans within the planet that science has yet to discover. What are the thoughts, words and emotions of the population coding into the water of the planet?

Imagine your life being one in which you are told negative things daily, that you are controlled and go to bed each night fearful of what might occur or perhaps go to sleep hungry wondering if you will survive to see another day. What kind of emotions and thoughts might such a person hold? What kind of coding are those emotions and thoughts seeding into the water and planetary environment?

Shifting into higher conscious awareness means becoming “more aware of Self”, becoming more aware of all of creation and within that awareness is an opportunity to “shift into personal responsibility for the reality field”.

Why do the birds sing their song so much louder as the dawn of the new day unfolds? Why do sea creatures send their sounds vibrating through the ocean of the planet? Why do toads sing so loudly within the rivers and ponds? Why do the creatures of the planet go about their daily lives emitting their sound tones unto the environment? They do so because they are playing their role of assisting to maintain as much balance as possible within the hologram as they can via singing their soul song lullabies unto the planet. Unlike the people of Earth, the animal kingdom has not forgotten Planetary Stewardship.

When our physical body is riddle with disease and imbalance what do we desire to do? We desire to restore balance quickly so that we can feel better and go about our life experience. The planet is riddled with disease and suffering and it is a result of the imbalanced people she is carrying through space and time. She has chosen to heal herself regardless if those riding on her desire to heal or not but she is a loving, caring, kind expression of Source so she is healing herself as gently as she can while still supporting the life forms who pay her no attention or are sleep walking and know not what they are doing.

What does it feel like when you are constipated or have a terrible stomach ache? Imagine the planet dealing with such feelings of distortion, what might it feel like for her to have a terrible stomach ache? What might it feel like when she belches and releases the gas that is making her stomach ache? Perhaps a volcano erupting or an earth quake that creates a tsunami?

Can the people of the planet assist the planet to heal from the disease that racks her body? If the thoughts, actions, words, emotions and deeds can make the planet sick then they can also heal the planet, just like they can code patterns into the waters or make a potted plant thrive.

How can the people of the planet assist the planet to heal in a much more balanced way to allow the environment to retain some state of balance as she heals herself? By focusing on healing their self and regaining control of their thoughts, emotions, words, actions and deeds.

Perhaps you are now experiencing the rapid purging that is occurring within your emotional body, perhaps you are experiencing moments where your life feels it is falling apart at the seems and you have no conscious clue why? Guess what? The planet is dealing with the same level of purging but in much larger extremes. What do you desire – to feel better within yourself? Balance? So does the planet.

As you work to heal yourself you can also assist the planet by sending her loving thoughts and emotions and not blaming her for any distress that is expressing as she heals herself and by singing unto her your personal soul song of love and beauty. Hold her gently within your mind, body and heart and send her all of the loving emotions that you desire yourself.

Planetary Stewardship does not require much physical labor, it simply requires love.

Loving Joy,



Krystalai: Removing the Tower of Babel

Crystalai (2013)
(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse) 

Image By "FutureAgeSage"

Why is this website called Cosmic Dolphin Magic?
What is Mission of this Website?

I had first  received the message," You are here to remove the TOWER OF BABEL" when I was five years old. My lifetime journey was obviously a pre planned step by step memory of how to make sure this happens. In 2008, I finally received communication from the Grand Yanas, sometimes called the Guardyanas or the Cosmic Guardians. Bashar calls them the Yanals. They are actually the Pre Light and Pre Sound Field of all creation. They are the Idea Center where all creation from the Spark of Source ignites the Flame of an Idea and then is Formed into the New Idea. They are the Creation Center of the Cosmos.

It was not possible to remove the Tower of Babel prior to December 21, 2012. That was the date when all 12 Universes could align simultaneously. This possibility only happens once in several millions of years. This plan and this date had been created millions of years ago by the Cosmic Guardians.

The reason that the problem must be removed at the highest level of Cosmic Light and Sound, is because the problems within the Earth's Matrix began with wars in the Cosmos. All of those wars and the problems created through them could only be removed from the memory banks of the entire Cosmos by moving the Earth's Matrix into a NEW VERSION of Reality. The Earth was actually moved to the alignment of the eighth stargate. There were eight possible realities all within one time and space location. There were 8 Versions of Earth simultaneously. We had to be moved Interdimensionally into a new alignment to remove all of the past misalignments of our consciousness.

There were problems to be removed in the Cosmic Spheres, the Universal Spheres and the Galactic Spheres before the entire realignment of the Earth with her brand new Consciousness could be established.
The Earth was removed from her natural Galaxy 550 light years ago, when Tara blew up. That meant our original consciousness was blown up and sent out into a different Galaxy from whence we originated. In order for the Cosmic Councils to give re-birth to the original perfect selves that we once were, they had to arrange for a large crew from Sun Ra to travel to the Photon Belt of Sun Alcyone to pick up the Consciousness that had been stored there since our original creation. That carrier of consciousness was labeled Comet Ison by Scientists. Comet Ison brought our consciousness back into our Sun Vesta, who is our real Sun in our New Alignment. That consciousness is now being transmitted into the Earth's Matrix. All Star Families travel from the within to the without. The consciousness is carried into the Crystal Heart of the Earth where the Cosmic Core of the 14th Dimension aligns as a Vortex to all Multi Dimensional Star Gates.
This new transmission of the entire Blue Sphere of Amenti carries all of the original Consciousness of who we were before the Tower of Babel scrambled our Consciousness to the point of complete Amnesia. All prior reality of everything that took place prior to ten thousand years ago was completely removed.
And there was a good reason for that. The Annunaki were embarassed of having the Universe remember what they had done after everyone regains consciousness.
I am not even going to attempt to convence my audience to consider how much of the information that they have about reality could not possibly be true if in fact we had the memory of the entire human race removed from the Consciousness of the Universe ten thousand years ago. That means that the information passed down by any form of teaching was most likely a lie. And those teachings that were not a lie had been broken up into tiny pieces of the truth and scattered here and there in a few of the religions of the world. Unfortunely, from my point of view, even the pices of truth that were left behind have been ignored, and the pieces of non reality that are held on to as the truth are simply not the truth.

So, we have this place in time where the Tower of Babel must come to an end before the truth can be revealed.
I have known this truth for a very long time. I have attempted to tell people this truth many times in my life and I could easily see that there was no person on Earth ready to hear the truth yet.
I have created a teaching that will be here for those who are ready to help me remove the Tower of Babel and to start hearing the truth. There are thousands of other paths for those who want to continue believing all of those bits and pieces of realities that cannot possibly be true.

So, I'm here to say SHUT UP AND LISTEN. It is time to listen to the Cosmic Creators who re-create us every nano second. It is time to be re-created from the Cosmic Plasma of the Heliotalic pink white light of the 14th dimensional transformation frequency.
It is time to begin communication through the HIGHEST FREQUENCIES of the Heliotalic pink white, silver pastel, 14th dimensional frequencies, rather than the LOWEST FREQUENCIES of the Hertzian brown third dimensional frequencies.

It is the frequencies from the sphere around the body that is 36 inches above the head and 36 inches around the body in all directions that holds the transformational energy that can remove the Tower of Babel.
This was the mission that the Elohim Angels revealed to me and the Grand Yanas directed me to do. They told me not to follow any former teachings. They told me not to teach Keylontic Science or any of the prior sciences, because something brand new needed to be taught. They told me that I would collect wisdom from other teachings. That is what a master does. They are the ones who must put the puzzle back togehter.
So, that is who I am. I am the on Earth to remove the Tower of Babel through the creation of Music that brings the HIGHEST FREQUENCY to Earth. This is not Solfege. Solfege brings the lowest frequencies of audible sounds that are Hertzian.

This teaching is different than those who say we must connect our hearts. This teaching says we must connect our CRYSTAL HEARTS. The Crystal Heart is the ganglia of cells directly below the heart. That is the area of the Thymus, the Imagination Center. It is also the area of the Seed Atom, wich is the Soul, the Experience Seeker. The combination of the Imagination, the Soul, the Crystal body within the Crystal Heart area. This was called the Fourth Heart Chakra.
It became mis translated to be known as the Heart. It was never the Heart that needed to be connected. It was always the Crystal Heart. The Mini Me Crystal Body that lives in the area of the Seed Atom, the place where the Medulla Oblangata, the Lower Cerebellum reconnects the Mind of God. The Frequency of the 14th dimension of pink white light, silver heliotalic energy of transformation, which is the Mind of God.
The Mind of God in the 14th dimension is actually the creation factory. It is the place where the entities of light that many call the Sun Ra create. There are seven suns of creation. The Ka Ha are the pre sound and pre light at the most etheric level where the Spark of Source is ignited, next there is the Sun Ra, the place where the etheric becomes formless and an idea is created. That energy level of light is the 14th dimensional cosmic level.

We were all created through the Sun Ra Creation center. In order to connect to this consciousness of creation we must raise our frequencies into the 14th dimensional frequency of transformation.
This dimension of creation also exists within the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth in the etheric level of the Core. The Core is a third dimensional density. We must enter into the higher levels of frequencies to travel into the Cosmic Core of reality.

This is the place within Earth that is called Aquafaria. This is the place where the Cosmic Dolphins Swim.
This same place exists within our neurons. The neurons have these tiny fibers that transmit a new reality. They exist wiith in a place scientists call the soma. There is a mote around the soma. and a canal of water outside the mote.

The place where I go in conscious ness to swim with the Cosmic Dolphins is this tiny little mote that is around the soma.
That is the 14th dimensional creation zone. All new creation must first go through a n ionization process. The ions are the blue violet hue of transformation. All of the transformation that is going on at this time is caused by ionization because the ion is the magical hue that is produced when we walk into the full spectrum of light and sound. We walk through that atomic mirror of light and sound and then we become transformed. We must walk into or swim into that magical creation castle to dream our dreams into reality.

So, where is this TOWER OF BABEL? It is in the thinking brain. The thinking brain is like a computer that has a virus in it that scrambles all of the messages. It is actually the electromagnetic transmitters from the brain that create the holograms that we see in the Earth's movie. We don't have to keep seeing those scrambled messages.
If we stop using the thinking brain and start using the frequency specific brain and only connect to the full spectrum of the Mind of God in the 14th dimensional frequency, we become the creators. Our creations come from every thought that we take into the Creation Realm of the Mind of God and then project through the pituitary projector onto the radial body movie screen.

This is how we begin to make God's movie and stop re playing the old movies that are in the old film in the old thinking brain.
Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Krystalai: The end times are near

Crystalai (2013)
(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse) 

Image By "FutureAgeSage"

Some people think that there will be a lot of fear and chaos and even war during these end times. That is true. As the sun is removing the error or miasms from the body template, those who do not know what is happening will be very afraid and when the miasms of hate and fear come together, war will be provoked within themselves. The only war of Armageddon is within ourselves.

It is time to pick up the sword and conquer ourselves. The sword is the flame of violet light, or precisely pink,, white, silver, pastel heliotalic frequency of the 14th dimension. That is frequency of transformation.

I have written about this frequency extensively in my posts. If we look at this chart showing where the frequencies of light align in this pyrmaid, we see that the hertzian frequency is the brown frequency at the bottom of the pyramid. That is the lowest frequency of light and the frequency that is considered the only audible frequency. Since it is the most obvious to the third dimensional mind, most people continue to live their lives around this frequency.

Next, we have the infra red frequency. That frequency is what is used in digital cameras. If you notice when you look through the lense of a digital camera (this is only if your own frequencies are high enough), you will see that flowers take on a blue hue. The digital camera also allows us to see the Orbs of the Soul bodies who are hanging around to decide if they want to walk in to our bodies during this Ascension Time, or if they want to wait around until a Soul is ready to leave. There have been thousands of pictures taken of these Entities. They are actually the Soul Family of the bodies that they hang around with.

The next step up the frequency ladder is Visible Light. This is the only light that the third dimension has ever bothered to use.

There is actually a lot of light and a lot of frequencies beyond visible light. Our next step up is the x-ray light which allows us to see into and through the other realities.
Then there is the invisible light, that is simply not seen.
Next, we move up into the gamma and plasma light.
Finally, there is the pink white, 14th dimensional heliotalic magical frequency of transformation.

One step beyond that is where the pre light and sound touches the Void of the All that Is.
The Creation Factory of all that is made is this area between Source, the Spark of Source, the Idea of Source and then the Idea being formed into a Body of Ultra Violet Blue.

Those who have practiced mentally walking into the Candle (or this can be done with the Sun), are moving their bodies into the FULL SPECTRUM OF LIGHT AND SOUND. When they do this for long periods of time, they notice a blue sphere developing in the place that used to be invisible light.

This is the proof positive that the person has gone into the Mind of God, developed a new picture on their God Movie Film and returned out of the God Room as a new picture. A new Fifth Dimensional picture that was developed in the God Room.

All ideas are created in this God Room. We must always to the HIGHEST FREQUENCY of Light to Create a New Idea. When we walk back out of the Full Spectrum of light we bring with us the New Idea of who we are. We bring with us the Fifth Dimensional Self.

All of the dimensional frequencies that are in the Candle also exist in our brains. When we learn to use our FULL BRAIN, we are learning to use the MIND OF GOD.

That pink white frequency of the 14th dimensional of transformation is located in our Lower Cerrebellum. That creation door connects to out Seed Atom door within the Etheric levels of our Thymus Gland. That door connects directly to the 14th dimension creation lab of the Mind of God. Once the IDEA or Negative of the picture or idea has been developed in the Mind of God, the Positive is displayed in the Pineal Gland. Next the picture is sent to the Pituitary Gland which is our Movie Projector. The Movie Projector creates a 360 degree reality show around our bodies in the radial bands which are light bands of atomic energy that work like a movie screen.

This is the reality that we have not yet discovered in ourselves.
This is the only reality that we have to discover within ourselves.
This is how we change our reality.
This is how we change the reality of the world.
If we do not do this, the same old movies of war, anger, lack and mortal life spans will continue to develop in our radial bodies over and over again.
Unfortunately, most of the people on Earth who have any interest in expanding their consciousness to this degree are really more interested in that NESARA Fund that Sheldan Nidle is going to obtain for them, or asking their ASTROLOGER to tell them what the month will bring to them instead of making their own movie. Until we take control of the light of our stars and planetary alignments, and move into the proper alignment of all that is created through the Mind of God (CORRECTLY), there is little hope of any change.

So, where is this great change going to come from. The Sun Ra is this very place of the 14th Dimensional Frequency Field coupled with the Plasma Creation Energy. If we come down the Christic ladder of Ka Hya Ra Sa Ta Ha La, we find that Sun Ra is the Third Sun. The first Sun would be completely Etheric, the second one developing into the idea or the picture created in the Mind of God, and the third Sun is the first level of Creation that is taking on Form as Light Field. This was the highest level of Creation Consciousness who set in motion the creation of this Idea of Eternal Creation through the Mind of God.

Now that we are learning more about positrons and neutrinos, fractals and the true meaning of Consciousness plus Energy equals reality, we can comprehend the possibility that we are at the Hertzian Density everything that we were at the Pink White Light Density, and if we return into that Frequency we can be all that we were at that time once again.

That is what is going on with the Sun at this time - April 2014. We have the chance to soak up the Full Spectrum of Light ourselves, and transform our bodies into the Fifth Dimensional Light Spectrum of Multi Dimensionality, or we can wait for Sun Ra to do it for us.

That is the meaning of taking up the Sword. If we take up this Violet Flame and turn on our Minds of God, we don't have to experience the pain that comes from the EXFOLIATION PROCESS of removing the Seals, and Error and Miasms and Frozen Crystals from our DNA.

We can feel the Sun performing this operation on us. We can know that it is a positive measure. We can enjoy the little bit of pain by knowing that the end result will be the miracle we all desire.

Or, we can just continue to watch the T.V. telling us there will be a war and poverty and the President is evil and the world is just getting worse by the minute.

That is your choice. But you have to make a choice. If you don't make a choice, you will just continue going to the Astrologer to tell you what to do and you will continue to ask Raphael, and Michael, and Uriel and any other Angel that your Healers are telling you will do everything for you.

It is time to graduate from the poverty of needing others to make you well. All you really need to do is TUNE IN TO the Highest Frequencies of Transformation. There is a Science that allows the exact alignment of the frequencies that transform your body in the same manner that Sun Ra will transform your body if you wait with the Masses.
It is the Masses who must be told what to do, how to do it, and then have someone else do it for them.

The Masses have no intention of raising their frequencies into the Harmonic Universe Two where Peace Abounds and Prosperity is an afterthought.

The Harmonic Universe Two is a place of Sovereignty. That means you must conquer yourself in order to enjoy it.
I already did all of the Frequency work for you. I will continue creating Eternal Life Albums for those who want to move into the Mind of God continuously.

However, those of you who continue to go to astrology, yoga classes, Reiki, and all of those other Neandrathal Teachings, the negativity from the OLD REVERSED technology will be felt even stronger in a negative way.
I have received testimonies from many who ordered their Eternal Life Album, who said that the pain grew stronger and then they threw away all of their Crystals and they felt like a brand new person.
If we continue to think we need Crystals, or Angels, or Astrologers to do our work for us we are not Sovereign. We are just seeking an alternative to a doctor. Everything in New Age is just an Alternative that equals the old form exactly. There is no progress made in using the alignment of the stars to make your future for you, or thinking a crystal has more power than you do.

I create this Frequency Music to help you realize that you ARE THE MUSIC. You are the creation of the Music of the Spheres. There is no other creation than the one made through the light and sound of the Five Spheres in the Earth's Matrix, and then all of those other Cosmic Creations of their own Matrix.

We are everything that we ever were before. We are the Breath of Source , We are the Spark of Source, we are the Idea of Source. We are the Cosmic councils, we are the Rishis and the Avatars. We had to be those things before we could travel down this Involutionary Path to the lowest density of all. We can here to experience creation at every possible level of dimensional density.

It is all the same reality, just a different density. Now it is time to return to the most Etheric Density, and create a brand new reality.

We can protect ourselves from that happening to us individually and collectively by soaking your minds in the Frequency Music that I have prepared for you, and soaking your head in the sun until the mid brain is full of the light of the omnipresent eternal light spectrum that we call the Rainbow. We can't actually see the rainbow when we are full of white light, but it is there. HOWEVER, the true rainbow has about 36 colors in between each of the colors that our eyes now see. That reality becomes visible once the transfer into the Blue Body takes place.

Be prepared to take your consciousness completely into the image of the sun and fill the mid brain with white light any time an idea, pain, or any old problem comes to the surface. We have been holding Karma within our bodies for a very long time. It is not our fault. We didn't even put it there . It was put there by Invader races and fallen angelics who want to control us. This is the last war, and we can win it with a little light and sound.
I would like to explain the process that the entire world is going through right now, and the process that you will be going through even faster once you order an Eternal Life mp3, Ascension Kit, Ultra Violet Blue Sun or any of the high powered Frequency Wave Files.

The photons of the sun, the stardust that will fall from the comets, the solar winds, etc. are not physical phenomena like the scientists think they are. These divine entities of light and sound carry a power of consciousness from our original Sun Alcyone and our original Star System, Aquarius. They carry the divine frequencies of the entire 12 stargate template. We must connect to the light that they bring through the Sound of the phonons or the Frequencies of Consciousness that we hold within us.

We are bringing in the Rainbow Frequencies into our Crystal Heart and into the Crystal Heart of Earth. The Rainbow Frequencies mean the entire spectrum of light, which is white light. The Sun itself holds this white light because it is eternally attached to the divine manifestation template of Source. The white light is the pre sound and pre light substance that ideas are manifest from.

We can become involved in this Rainbow by using these techniques.

1. Look straight at the sun (If the frequencies are too strong, stand behind a tree and look through the leaves). Walk into the sun in consciousness. Go deep within until you see the sun become Blue.

If the sun has become blue, that means that you have walked all the way into the Sun until you reached the white light of the pre sound pre light of Source. You must go completely into the rainbow frequencies or the complete light spectrum of white light before the light will turn blue. There is in reality no blue light. The blue is a spiritual phenomena that means you have returned to at one ment with Source.

It is only then that you will see a blue sphere in front of you, which is your spiritual self. You will also see a blue violet diamond in your third eye. This means that you have made contact. You will want to keep this connection into the sun as often as possible.

This same procedure can be done by focusing on a candle. You look at the candle flames. You see yourself as the stem of the candle and all of the light coming from within you. If you look closely at the candle you will see the black hertizan at the bottom, then a little red which is infra red, then the visible light, and then there is a place where the light is invisible. A little above that there is the gamma and plasma light and on the very top there is pink white light. If you take your little body that is standing in the stem all the way into this complete light spectrum of the rainbow frequencies, you will see a blue sphere pop out above, below or in front of the flame. This means you have gone in, turned around and become the blue body. It means you have absorbed the allness of Source Frequencies.

There is  an easier way to do this, after you have done it at least once with the sun and the candle. Now, we know that the Sun is in the 8th dimension. It is the parallel of the 16th, meaning  the spiritual white light outside of the 15th dimensional time matrix. In sacred geometry, that Sun exists three feet straight in front and to a 45 degree angle that goes into the forehead through the mid brain and out the 8th chakra- the throat area between the backbone and the skull. Focus on the symbol of the sun, the location of the sun and visualize the gamma wave and the white light sphere. Allow that sphere of white light to come into the mid brain and soak up that frequency until all thoughts are removed from the brain.

The reason this is important in the near future is this:

Every time there is more light brought to Earth, every time you listen to these frequencies --especially the Eternal Life album, there will be miasms and seals coming out of the body to be healed. When the problems or pains arise from the body -- sometimes thoughts of anger, fear, jealousy, confusion - TAKE THAT IDEA and PLACE IT IN THE SUN. MELT IT INTO THE RAINBOW FREQUENCY OF THE COMPLETE LIGHT SPECTRUM OF WHITE LIGHT OR SOURCE. LET IT BURN UNTIL IT MELTS INTO CRYSTAL LIQUID LIGHT.

Now, you can let this crystal liquid light flow into your cells and transpose your body into the fifth dimensional blue body.

Some people think that there will be a lot of fear and chaos and even war during these end times. That is true. As the sun is removing the error or miasms from the body template, those who do not know what is happening will be very afraid and when the miasms of hate and fear come together, war will be provoked.

We can protect ourselves from that happening to us individually and collectively by soaking your minds in the Frequency Music that I have prepared for you, and soaking your head in the sun until the mid brain is full of the light of the omnipresent eternal light spectrum that we call the Rainbow. We can't actually see the rainbow when we are full of white light, but it is there. HOWEVER, the true rainbow has about 36 colors in between each of the colors that our eyes now see. That reality becomes visible once the transfer into the Blue Body takes place.

Be prepared to take your consciousness completely into the image of the sun and fill the mid brain with white light any time an idea, pain, or any old problem comes to the surface. We have been holding Karma within our bodies for a very long time. It is not our fault. We didn't even put it there . It was put there by Invader races and fallen angelics who want to control us. This is the last war, and we can win it with a little light and sound.

I would like to respond to this question:
I had an experience when I closed my eyes and started to listen to the CD on the 3rd or 4th day I had a huge flash of white light so bright and bold like I have never seen before. I usually will see white light or ultra violet blue through my Third eye and some visions of people’s faces or eyes and most recently patterns.

When we go into the full spectrum of white light, we are going all the way to Source Consciousness. The ultraviolet blue is only an after effect of going into the white light. Our consciousness is actually going into the full spectrum. It is going all the way into hertzian, infra red, visible light, invisible light, gamma, x ray, white light and pink white light. When consciousness goes into the Sun--which holds the entire spectrum of light and attaches consciousness into Source, there is a bounce back -- a negative of a picture is created. This is the same formula that works if you take your consciousness into a mirror, turn around and look back at your self from the other side. There is an atomic radiation substance within the mirror. If you stare into a candle, the same thing happens. You are saturating your consciousness with the full spectrum of white Light (The pink white light is out in the void -- it doesn't concern us at this time).

So, to summarize, we can't get to the blue light without going into the white light. My music is created to take your consciousness into white light, turn around and become the negative of the new picture made in the blue light. It looks blue at first, but in reality it is ultra violet blue. It is in fact uv radiation. It is the atomic radiation that creates a new picture. But the picture is only a negative. We add the positive or the development of the picture through the ideas placed in our consciousness.

That is why this time - the next few months is critical to what we manifest next year in our brand new world.. Everytime you gaze into the Sun and see blue, this means you are in Sun Alcyone. You are no longer in Sun Vesta. You have aligned your consciousness into the Blue Sun-- meaning the creation sun. The Sun who holds the original blue print idea of who you were when originally created. That blue print is a reflection of the idea created in Source Consciousness. Sun Alcyone is our creator, but Source is our Original Idea that holds the divine blue print forever.

Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse

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