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Krystalai: Aquarion Harmonic Transformation (Music of the Spheres)

Crystalai (2013)


We must begin implementing the Aquarian program of Evolutionary
Transformation. We must start transmuting our frequencies into
this grand new cosmic symphony. We must begin to return to the
Perfect Man in accordance with the parameters of cosmic evolution.
We must live in a state of harmony and balance and beauty--but not
from the Earthly standpoint. The state of harmony and balance and
beauty comes from the alignment of our breaths of consciousness
into the music of the spheres. Once we spend more time aligning
our frequencies into that orchestra and less into the rock and roll
band of the Earth's definitions, we become lifted into a vibrational
frequency of our Higher Being who continuously and perfectly
directs and guides and magnetizes harmony, balance and beauty.
This causes the entire physical body to transform and merge into
the higher frequency of love and abundance.

The music of the spheres has aligned into a brand new harmonic
conversion allowing us to Raise Frequencies to a level where we
become a harmonic convergence into the grand Aquarian motif.

We sing the cosmic symphony of evolution through our breaths of
consciousness. As we harmonically align with the Cosmic Breaths
of Consciousness our entire cellular structure sings in harmony,
and becomes completely transmuted into this Cosmic Symphony.
We each contain a melody of fraternal essence and our angelic
co-creative consciousness. The light streams and sound of the
breaths of angelic consciousness are streaming through our minds,
our cells, our atoms, our molecules. All of the Suns of all of the
Galaxies are singing in magnificent rhythmic streams of crystal light
energy of aqualene texture. Our crystal heart glows and dances as
it wraps the stars beyond this matrix into the zero point of the spark
of source. The ignition of Oneness takes place and it feels like the
tone of home, the stardust energy, the radiance of omnipresent
Divine Love.

We must now be willing to transform far beyond a better Earthly
Consciousness into a Galactic Consciousness and a Cosmic
Consciousness. The people of this Earth barely know how to
get along with a person with different colored skin. Now it is
time to be willing to unite harmoniously with millions of levels of
Consciousness, entities from all of the Galaxies that were seeded
in the original Aquarian Galaxy. Now it is time for a huge family
reunion. Only those who have expanded their Consciousness to the
Infinite, only those who have allowed the Cosmic Transformation of
Consciousness into the Etheric Knowing, the Cellular remembering,
Harmonic Resonation with the entire Music of the Spheres. This will
happen for all in time; but why wait? The spaceships are landing
now. Only those with their minds aligned harmonically will step into
the Islands of Light containing the new Galactic Brotherhood.
The more we soak up the Galactic, Cosmic and Stellar Frequencies
through the Breath of Consciousness, the more aligned into the
harmony and rhythm of the Evolutionary Transformation. We must
share frequencies and rhythms until we align into a brand new
rhythmic texture and a Galactic Tone of Home. As I invite hundreds
of Cosmic and Stellar Entities, Family members and Friends to
share their Breaths on my recordings, I find a harmonic alignment.
Harmonic Alignment doesn't require any music theory, or what key
resonates with what key. When the angels sing they all resonate
in harmony. This is what is significantly different about this music
created through the Music of the Spheres. The teachings of
Kuthumi as Pythagoras and as many other teachers in the Mystery
Schools. I learned this art form through one on one instruction from

Mary Magdalene was the student of Kuthumi's Music of the
Spheres school who most completely understood the alignment
into the Cosmic Frequencies. It was her breath who could bring the
highest frequency to Earth 2000 years ago. I was created through
this same harmonic alignment as it streamed from a team of cocreative

I was sent by Zadkiel in 1954. I was realigned as a walk in thirteen
years later. From that moment on I knew my reason for living was to
bring the highest frequencies to Earth through music. The highest
frequency is the God Frequency. We receive that frequency through
the original breath of Source--the Angelic Consciousness breathed
into the original idea of creation. The Angels from the Co-Creative
realm of the fifteenth dimension work with me daily on this project.
These are the frequencies required to turn this matrix into a star
and to turn us into our original immortal selfhood.

The complete memory came to me when I was singing in a
Japanese choir and I kept recording my voice over and over again
and listening to try to create a sweet harmonic frequency because
I sensed no sweetness in the choir I was in. I soon realized that
the more I transformed my voice into the alignment of these sweet
angelic frequencies, the more my body and entire life began to
transmute into a heavenly home. I learned that it is the breath that
represents our level of ascension.

The more we listen to the breath aligning directly into and through
those highest cosmic entities, the faster we transmute our
consciousness into the immortal body. I found an entire heaven
inside of these frequencies of Cosmic Breath. I lived with the
earphones on my head day and night until the world around me
 no longer existed. I could walk above my shoulders and watch my
body walking on the Earth.

The standing wave pattern that one places their Consciousness
into is the one that the body will realign to. If we continuously focus
our Consciousness into a higher realm of frequencies that we can
clearly feel penetrating through our cells, our blood stream, our
atoms, our air, our water, we can complete shift into this parallel
reality of a higher consciousness. The law is the same as the law
required for defining your home of residence on Earth. Your true
home is the one you spend the most time in. When we can truly find
the time to stay in the harmonic frequencies of the fifth dimension,
or galactic consciousness, or Cosmic Consciousness continuously,
that is where our bodies will shift to.

As the frequencies of Cosmic Consciousness penetrate the
listener's physical temple, the vibrations lift the structure into
a magnetic field that only allows those elements of the equal
frequency level to enter in. It allows a higher more elevated
vibrational experience that turns life into one event of bliss and joy
after another.

The entire Evolutionary Process involves refining the frequencies
of Consciousness into the memory and realignment with Cosmic
Consciousness. We were completely removed from our perfect
spiritual self, and now we are being completely realigned into our
spiritual self. This doesn't happen automatically. Each individual
has shadows that need to be removed to allow the light to shine
through. The more light that is streaming from the galactic suns into
those shadows, the harder it will be for the shadows to cover the
light energy. This is why it is imperative to keep the body saturated
in light energy day and night. There is no more wonderful way to do
this than to listen to angels breathing and singing all night long.
Perfection, in accordance with the parameters of cosmic
evolution, is a state of being in which is experienced that feeling of
harmony, beauty, peace and love that is capable of balancing and
harmonizing circumstances and antagonistic elements, producing

an atmosphere of infinite Light, tolerance and compassion. It is
the state in which the all that configures your physical structure is
transformed to merge into the vibratory frequency of your Higher
Being, as an entity of spiritual service and plenitude. It is the
most elevated state of vibration that allows us to experience what
it means to be part of the Infinite where the limitations of matter
are replaced by the re-creative dynamics of Divine Love and
impersonal service towards life and evolution.

Parents must be willing to allow their children the divine right to
participate in the world under the new planetary - galactic terms.
Children must be allowed to begin preparing their new golden
galaxy. We must prepare to return to our Original Form of immortal
Man. Children need to be allowed to learn the truth about our
galaxy, our starry brothers, our immortal self hood. They need
to learn that they are a grand creation from the Spark of Source
that has created stars and galaxies themselves. They must be
encouraged to remember who they really are. Children on Earth are
Starry Children, Golden Beings, the original Kumara (Kudmon) of
the Aquarian Galaxy.

Children need to be allowed to remember that they came from the
Planes of Immortal Light where Divine Harmony was the key to
existence, and creating with the Divine Activity of Divine Love was
the desired profession. It is time for children to know about their
real genetic structure that is engraved in the DNA of our cosmic
consciousness. It is the breath of Cosmic Consciousness from the
co-creative angels that is recorded on these CD's This is the breath
that re-activates the memory of the 12 DNA, 24 DNA, 48 DNA.
Cosmic DNA is 48 DNA. This is the memory of all we really are. We
have even recorded 96 DNA into ULTRA MAGIC SUN through the
Stellar Frequencies braiding with all of the Galactic Stars. This is a
true power booster.These CD's may be purchased at LunarVisions.

Children need a combination of remembering their magic as well
as their galactic identities. They need to learn that the co-creative
elementals, fairies, devas really are out playing in the backyard.

They are the entities who created the flowers and the trees in
perfect alignment with the breath of Source. This is the true
meaning of being a co-creator. All creation is done through and in
perfect alignment with Source.

All of the breaths of angels on the recordings are lined with the
breath of Source Consciousness Breath, Divine Love Breath,
Divine Father Mother God Breath. Each CD album is created within
the formula of the Divine Plan. Each CD is an Island of Light. It
contains all of the Entities of the entire Cosmos who created these
Symphonies of Breaths of Love in alignment with the structure of
the Music of the Spheres.

The magic waits in the listener's own consciousness. The listener
must listen, absorb and learn to exhale the magic that is absorbed
from the cosmic breaths. This light energy must be exhaled into the
body and into the environment. This is how Islands of Light can be
created on Earth. We can actually transfer the magnificent cities
of light from Atlantis into our present reality through our breaths of

Families must start to think in galactic terms rather than local city
government or planetary government. We are translating into a
Golden Galaxy where Omniverses will gather together as One. Our
starry brothers have been here watching and guiding us for eons,
and now we will all get to know each other much better. It is time
to raise our frequencies into Cosmic Consciousness. This is the
Frequency level required for Cosmic Unification. This allows ones
higher self to vibrate in unison with your consciousness and allows
one to be completely aligned and directed with this Divine Direction
and Connection to Source when they are ready.

Learn more about walking through your Diamond Door into the
Future Self Reality. Ascend completely into a Parallel Shift of
Multidimensional Consciousness through our Light Technology Lab
and MultiDimensional Studio. Spend time in our Ascension Therapy
Center and ride the Frequency Wave Transmutation through
Breaths of Stellar Wave Activation.

This Aquarian Age will provide the level of vibrational frequencies
requuired to transmute into the Galactic Consciousness. The
more we raise our frequenices, the morethe underverse becomes
interconnected and our frequency streams of light and energy
become more cohesively woven into the Cosmic structure. The
more one focuses on adopting this new galactic consciousness,
the faster the Earth will be expelling a new energetic-vibrational
frequency that will generate an atmosphere that lifts us into
alignment with our higher selves.

The Aquarian Age is bringing the light activation tools that will allow
complete alignment and integration into Galactic Consciousness.
Our minds may now interconnect through multidirectional
consciousness vortices that create cohesion into the cosmic
structure. The more one makes the commitment to aligning and
resonating into the galactic consciousness and the connecting
into the cohesion of the cosmic structure, the more Mother Earth
will be modifying her unified fields to form vortices of harmonic
convergence zones through and around those who make a
commitment. Mother Earth will be able to expel a new vibrational
frequency that will create an atmosphere of love divine that is
refined into the needs of the evolution of the golden race.
Those who desire this transformation into the evolution of the
golden race must be willing and dedicated to transforming and
raising their vibrational frequencies into that refinement of the
golden age.

The frequencies resonate with the crystal caves, the crystal cities,
the Sun of inner Earth, the Divine liquid light frequencies. These are
the frequencies that we will resonate with and create a harmonic
convergence zone where Mother Earth prepares this same magical
frequency to live within on Earth.

The Cosmic Magic School will begin recording the frequencies
of transformation into the golden age. The Cosmic Magic School

will teach the magic of transmutation into the higher frequencies
of alignment into our new galactic consciousness and cosmic
consciousness. We will watch Mother Earth create her atmosphere
of Love Divine around and through us as we transform the former
hologram into the heaven that was locked in a veil until now.
The goal of Mother Earth is to create the atmosphere of Love
Divine for the Starry Children--the Immortal Man, the Kumara Race,
the image and likeness of God--the Normal Creation. To Breathe
the Spark of Source into our cells, hova bodies, merkaba bodies.
The place we stand on is holy ground. It translates into a frequency
of the harmonic chord of the fifth. The fifth sphere--the fifth of
the chord--this is a harmonic resonance where our mind waits to
gravitate to.
When we climb the scale of Kuthumi' G scale mode we end on the
fifth of D. In Jazz the fifth of G is the 13th. The 13th is the Cosmic
Consciousness of our Divine Creation, our immortal star bodies, the
essence of our creation, love, life truth, mind, soul spirit, substance,
principle, divine plan, intelligence.

The chords are not linear like on a keyboard. They are spherical
just like the circle of fifths in jazz. This structure of modality has
been on Earth since Pythagoras introduced modality. This modality
grew into Jazz creation. This Spiritual translation of the music of the
spheres based on the five spheres, the octave of eight dimensions
and the three octaves completing the 8/8/8 is now being completed
as Mother Earth aligns into her Star Essence.
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