Monday, August 5, 2013

The Terra-Gaia Network: The bio-vessel in the cross-worlds of the future and our timelines – part 2

Monday, August 5, 2013

The bio-vessel in the cross-worlds of the future and our timelines – part 2

Whether or not the following understanding of the body is the original one, is created by the old type of reptilians, is the new energy system of the avatar-reptilian races preparing humanity to be connected to the 5th dimension to facilitate the result in the crystalline worlds or a compromise of the free and non-free Galactic Worlds the past, present and future is narrowing down as we get closer to 2017. Either way the teachings I am about to explore is connected to the cross-world basic energy system we all will be offered as an opportunity. This basic energy system will support the new humans entering through the trinary holographic design, slowly altering reality as we know it and thus my personal understanding is that the energy system is a compromise between the non-free and the free Galactic Worlds to secure our free will and choice of timelines.
It is going to be a slow and optional transformation of the binary holographic bio-vessel (particle-wave or biochemical and electric circuits) into a trinary holographic cross-world basic energy system still holding the particle-wave features but at the same time being connected to the galactic systems changing the structures of first the inner, and later on, the outer reality of those in this generation choosing the new energy system. The next generations will be fully operative within the trinary holographic design. In other words; no children after 2012 will be born connected to the old binary energy systems and those will phase out along with the previous generations leaving the binary holographic design.
Even though the energy system behind the human body is changing and the end result is the same – humanity will be offered this energetic design and in the main population this will be coupled with the template of the crystalline Galactic Worlds - we should do our best to live a good human life in the binary holographic design and for some of us, crossed with the trinary cross-world basic energy system in our bio-vessel. Furthermore we have to live with the growing and expanding trinary holographic design as it merges fully into our reality and connects to the trinary cross-world basic energy system in some of us. Humanity is literally going to live in two sets of worlds, with different holographic reality features and their corresponding energetic set up in the human bio-vessel. At some point the pressure of the parallel systems will force us to choose what reality we want to stay connected to as we get closer to 2047. I have already chosen the trinary design, because this is the way out for me. The basic implications of the trinary holographic design are briefly touched in this article but what it fully holds is yet to be discovered.
For the Gaians being able to control what timelines, by utilizing our template, we want to connect to the trinary cross-world basic energy system of the bio-vessel and the parallel streams of realities pose no problem, because the new systems are connected to the 1st and 2nd dimensional layers of the Galactic Worlds and this goes for all reality fields and energy systems. It is within this fact that the freedom of the system is to be found. If the basis of our energy system is connected to the foundation of the Created and the free Galactic Worlds, then the rest is up to us and the choices we make as well as the actions we initiate to make our choice root and manifest.
The galactic 1st and 2nd dimensional layers differ from our perception of the holographic 1D and 2D in our reality and thus I denote the galactic dimensions, sprung out of the original density-1 manifestation field, as the 1st and 2nd dimensional layers. Other dimensional layers mentioned in connection to the racial DNA templates are according to their system and manifestation fields, thus a dimension is not the same in all parts of the Galactic Worlds.
I will stress again; you can still choose the timelines connected to the Panergeia Project and work your way out as a mind-field, but if you choose this solution, you have to work intensely to alter your system into the threefold lower, middle and upper triangle. The end date for this option lies between 2017-2047; closer to 2017 than 2047, due to the exponential quantum algorithm of the trinary holographic design (the triple interference pattern and its action potentials are speeded up by the quantum possibilities in it).
First we have to look at the binary holographic design and how this functioned. 2012 was the demarcation point where the binary design was supplemented by the trinary design and I will try to explain how this will affect us energetically. 

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