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Krystalai: Regaining our frequency flow of eternal life energy +Note

Crystalai (2013)

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Dear Members,

I have received the remark from a few noble confessors that this information is too vast, too much, too fast, makes our heads spin.

YES, THIS IS A LOT OF INFORMATION. You probably can't understand it and you can't keep up with the massive loads of information that I place in your newsletter emails each week. We are being given information that the masses were not to have for another 2000 years.

That is EXACTLY the reason why I create these musical frequency transformational CD's and mp3 recordings. All of the understanding, all of the correct use of energy, all of the collecting and alignment of frequencies and grid lines, and retrieval of information for the Elohim of Hearing, all of the knowledge within the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse is used to create the musical albums that UTILIZE all of this Knowing and correct alignment So that you don't have to learn it all. I have tried to give workshops that teach these things, and I have found that it is mostly a waste of time. I am giving you the basics of understanding. It is good to understand as much as you can. But I'm giving you a HUGE FREEBEE. If you listen to the music, you are getting the correct alignments of frequency activation placed in your body.

KNOWING IS BETTER. But, I know the amount of knowing that it took to create these albums, and I know that there is not enough time left to transfer that knowing. However, the Frequencies are the key to the entire Ascension Process. These frequencies have already been given to me. All you have to do is buy yourself an Ascension Kit to get started, and when you get really serious about this process, find a way to purchase an Individualized Eternal Life Album.


Crystalai (2013)
(Teachings from the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

The flow of energy into the chakras comes from outside of the body. It comes from the sixth sphere and the fifth sphere- meaning cosmic consciousness and source consciousness. If you were to draw five spheres around the body, and then see the body rising up into the first, second, third, fourth, fifth spheres that are above the body, you would be in the area where the energy or frequencies are flowing from.

As long as energy is retrieved from within only the first sphere or the second sphere, there would only be a retrieval of dead energy. There would be no improvement of frequencies. We must always gain our frequencies from the Cosmos, the pre light and pre sound, and from Source's original divine blue print. If the energy or healing is done at any place in Consciousness below that reality, there will be error, miasms, distortions, twisted, reversed rotations of spin. In other words the energy will be blocked.

There are many on Earth who have been doing healing work that only retrieves energy for healing from within themselves, or by channeling some certain entity who calls themself a god, or lord, or master or archangel. That type of healing might bring about a glorious feeling of ecstacy for a short period of time because it is basically a form of hypnosis. That is not healing. When the true healing procedure is followed , the healing connects the body into the Source field of the original divine blue print. Once the new picture is taken in the Mind of God and that Negative is developed through the mind of the Observer, a new reality will exist eternally.

Unblocking the chakras by removing those seals would restore the frequency flow between all chakras. Presently chakras 2 and 3 are disconnected from 7-12 chakras. That is the cause of the ego problems, jealously, envy, etc. When chakras are connected through harmonic alignment we regain our super consciousness. This means all chakras are connected instead of disconnected. Presently the second chakra of social consciousness is disconnected from the mind of god consciousness so we have made our man made social consciousness- the god of our present consciousness -instead of the god within us that exists only when the chakras are connected through sub harmonics. When the frequencies coming into the chakras through the Hova bodies and Eiron bodies are flowing through the Guardian's - Elohim, Azurite,etc 12th dimensional consciousness that has been realigned through the Earth's Grids from Urtha's Core and the Aquafarian Frequencies aligning us into the Aurora field and the bridge zone to connect to the frequencies of the Stardust Ascension Grid.

We must get freedom from this time harness. Our reality is presently broken into three reality windows that never merge together. We live in a future us, a past us and a present us. We must merge these three realities in one in order to start creating the realities that we want to appear.

Our 12th chakra is presently stationed in the future and our second is stationed in the past. We must realign the past present and future into the Now,. That is being in Oneness or in Attunement. That is how multidimensional time fields are created. We align into all times in this Now Reality.

There are these encryption lattices that intersect into the ley lines of these tiny little bodies that are within and surround our physical body. These tiny bodies are called hova bodies. They look like spheres. If you were to draw circles along your arms, around your head and within certain areas of the boy, you would attach consciousness to these encryption lattices. These are the points were the frequencies from all of the five spheres enter into the chakras. The frequencies don't go directly to chakras, they go to the hova bodies. These hova bodies were designed by the guardians to allow the flow of the frequencies that were blocked from the ckakras to to regain their flow. The energy flow into the chakras was blocked by the lowering of the base pulse rhythm and the blockage of the sub harmonic resonance.

We must realign our present past and future into the now in order change the disoriented reality that we seen to be in. We can do this by creating a link between the reality fields of past present and future.

For instance:
I have always been aligned into the stardust of my 48DNA template, I am aligned into the stardust of my 48 DNA template. I will always be aligned into the stardust of my 48 DNA template.
We must create this reality by stating it and confirming it day after day until we flip our consciousness into that NOW reality.

If we do not make the continuous conscious effort to translate our reality of NOW, we will remain in the old 3D world of the illusions that were created through the NET. The Nibiru Electromagnetic Time displacement template has displaced our reality into the consciousness of dark, fallen angelics and demons who have only one use for us-- their new source of energy. They would continue to use us as the replacement to the energy that they could have continued within if they had remained connected to Source Consciousness. They made the choice to disconnect from Eternal Life energy of Source.

Why did they do that? Why would anyone choose to be cut off from Source's Eternal Life Supply of Energy? Once a raceline makes the decision to obliterate a part of itself because of anger, revenge, outrage or whatever, that part of itself is gone forever.

There were many wars in heaven over the past hundreds of billions of years. The greatest war ever was called the war of original sin. It was when the Annunaki blew up the 12th star. There were 12 stars in the system of our universe. The universe is considered one complete raceline. When a part of a system blows itself up, there are dire consequences for a very long time.

We have the opportunity to become reconnected to Source Consciousness. We do not have to stay in the Mind fields of those who chose not to. Since we are created as the Human Angelic Race with the 12 DNA potential of Source Consciousness Energy, we are very sought after by Fallen Angelic Races.

Stardust flow comes from Aquari -HU3 Christ Consciousness Elohim Angels. That flow can be engaged from 12 inches above head- Christ consciousness Rasha self or 36 inches to Jada Body. Bring flow of Stardust or Star light and sound into Pineal gland and create a flow from right ear up to Elohim and down into left ear or use the Rasha Body and increase frequency by using crystal star merkaba spin a t speed of light. Fill the mid brain with white light sparks and then fill head and down into medulla oblongata now exhale down into crystal heart and increase the sphere of stardust out around crystal heart all the way up to Jada orb field Bring in luminary body to ignite ephemeral body. Fill with stardust flow and connect into Earth's Christic grid by attaching into cosmic earth's core and out into Urtha field of silver star dust frequencies. Create the silver stardust frequencies throughout omnions of quarks in body and connect silver seed frequencies into Earth's grids. Attach to aurora field to create and blend zone into rainbow bridge. Watch the carbon -inorganic chemical substance, melt into organic spiritual substance. The silver seeds of stardust as the silver seed awakening begins. This is the Highest potential for Orbing. That potential is becoming activated now until February 2014.

Continued activation may be achieved for five years- 2017. That will the be the point of MASS ASCENSION, but we don't know how much of the masses will be awakened to the new reality. The rest of the galaxy must become ready for bardoah by 2047 when those who are on the EVAC team on Earth begin to move all of those from the Fallen Milky Way Galaxy back to the Andromeda Galaxy through Inner Earth and Higher Earth.

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