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Krystalai: Frequencies of Love Versus Frequencies of Emotions

I sometimes browse through the youtubes online to find out what others are saying about our grand evolution into rapid ascension. Last week I shared the one I found that had pretty pictures of the Blue Earth. Today I found one titled: sacred knowledge of vibration and the power of human emotions.
I thought is was a wonderful way to make people feel emotionally good through human emotions. And I thought it was very honest of the creator to name it as it was. You see there really is this sacred knowledge of vibration and the infinite frequency signatures made from different levels of vibrations--that is sacred knowledge and it was brought to Earth as sacred knowledge by Jesus Christ Avatar 12. And then there is the power of HUMAN EMOTIONS which has absolutely nothing to do with the sacred knowledge of Frequency Signatures and how we align our Consciousness into them.
We are talking about Blueberries and Fudge Sundaes. The Blueberry having a divine essence from an organically produced frequency signature and the Fudge Sundae being a man made inorganic Finite Life System.

But the creator wants the viewers to feel so good about themselves that they will become completely endulged in the Fudge Sundae.

Don't get me wrong. I think it is an incredible video. One of the best ones I've seen so far.
I just want my members to know that what I am talking about on my website is a completely different subject and should not be blended together with the Human Emotion version of raising frequencies. If you raise your frequencies into any human emotion, including the emotion of Love, you will never know the true magic of Love Frequencies.

compare what Greg Braden is doing to what is done in Cosmic Consciousness
compare 7.8 hertz with invisible light x ray light, gama and pink white light
compare solfege with cosmic math
compare three, six, nine ratios of solfege with the energy of third dimensional energy linked into the solar and galactic realms

Compare the cosmic clock ratio seen on this video with the true music of the spheres ratios
If we compare these phenomena we will see that the science on that video will only create a better third dimensional reality system. That is all they are talking about. They are talking about the old plan of evolving up another notch in the evolution scale.
That is old news. That is not what is happening. We were put on a 2213 year fast forward to ascension plan in order to make sure the Earth is completely evacuated by 2047, and to make sure the Children of God who have decided to raise their frequencies into the Fifth Dimension will be able to go straight to Tara in 2017.

The phenomena on this video is to create a better world. Of course, we are all for that. But, if you settle for that reality rather than creating the magical reality of Inner Earth, Agartha, Shamballa, the world where the gods play in the clouds, the world where we make our own space ships from our bodies, you will be one of those who is still here making a better world in 2047, and wondering why the world around you has fallen apart.

The more I think about it, this make a nicer world idea almost sounds like something the One World Order group would like everyone to consider.

That solfege science exists because the gods who created that science were only gods of the eighth dimension. That is as far as they ever ascended. Once these gods got locked into the Time Matrix of the Milky Way Galaxy and the hybernization zones within the density of the Earth, they were never able to create the true sacred math that was brought to Earth by Jesus Christ Avatar 12 in the original teachings of the Essenes. The 12th level avatar came to Earth for the purpose of showing us that the 12th dimension was the only way out of this time prison.
Don't get me wrong. I think it is a heartwarming video with many interesting facts in it. If the viewers knew how to truly create a new world, they could watch it and say, well that is true, but I think we should do it this way. Well that is true Mr. Chopra, but shouldn't we be creating the new world in our imagination instead of just saying we want to make a better world. If we manifest wanting to make a better world, we only manifest the wanting. We must see it in our imagination- in our crystal heart, our God Seed Atom, and then project it into the pineal gland and make the movie screen on the radial body. That is how we make a new world. We must become the creators. We must create it in our minds eye, and then know that we are the movie camera.

Any science that only takes us to the eighth or nineth is not truly a science of the matrix of Gaia and the human angelic race line. The original human race line was and always has been built on the 12th dimensional frequencies.

The hertzian frequencies are only one of many steps in the scale of light and sound. We must rise into the pre light and pre sound of the Grand Yanas beyond the Cosmos to correct the alignment of our complete consciousness.

We must connect our consciousness with the Cosmic Sound Frequencies of 12th dimensional etheric consciousness that is ignited by the cosmic consciousness and pre sound and light phenomena of pre cosmic consciousness.

The phenomena that I am speaking about links consciousness outside of the time matrix that these other sciences are linked to.

When words such as we are moving into the fourth dimension are used, this is not what we are teaching on this website. The Guardians have promise to have us all moved into five D by 2017, and those who connect their consciosuness into that reality will partake in that reality. Those who do not partake in that promise and that reality, will in fact find themselves in the promise of those from Pleides and Maldek, who are both consciousness fields that were taken by the Fallen Angelics.
These ideas of a better world are glorious. The word compassion is glorious. Feeling love and gratitude and freedom are glorious. If we stay locked into those feelings without connecting them far beyond the meanings of this three dimensional sound field, we will never glimpse the true glory of the true consciousness of the multidimesionality that allows us to know all that is in the Mind of God. The Cosmic Consciousness that connects us instantly to the co-creation, instant creation and manifestation of the Source Consciousness that gives us ETERNAL LIFE. That is a life without death. Not just a life without pain. A life that knows no beginning or end. the true substance of what we are made of.

We can look at scientific photos showing us behavior of water particles and the association with sound frequencies. However, the true hydrolaise that is water of our ascension cannot be photographed, diagramed or seen by any instrument that has been created by our third dimensonal scientists.

It looks like there are many out there who want to hold on to any reality that looks different than the present reality. We can do that by flying to a third world country that has not been contaminated by the Illuminati. That is not the new reality that we should be looking for.

The continuous link to the Heart is another teaching from the Fallen Races not the angelics. The Angelic Guardians will tell you to link consciousness to your CRYSTAL HEART which the Fourth Heart Chakra. But that isn't the whole truth either. The Crystal Heart is in reality the God Seed Atom within the Thymus where we begin to create our reality from our imagination. When we created the reality around us from our Crystal Heart, we form a reality of our own into our Radial Body which is a spherical structure around our Body. WE CREATE OUR REALITY from the photos we place on our quarks within our cells and then breathe into manifestation.

The Crystal Heart is the direct link to the Mind of God. It is the God Seed Atom. The invisible essence is the breath of Source that sparked a flame from the spark of Source. That seed of the idea created from that spark grew into an embryo and then a baby. The only part of us that is truly what God created is within that spark of Source in th God Seed Atom.

That is the reality that we must connect to in order to find our way home. Where is home. It is outside of this Time Matrix. It is in the Freedom of the Cosmaya beyond the Cosmos.

None of this in your heart, fourth dimensional, ask your self how to make a better world, guidance from consciousness that is not truly our Andromeda 31 Guardian Alliance, will help us do anything besides feel much better about every thing, have a lot of hope in a better future, and most probably even cause some healing as a result of feeling better.

What we are demonstrating on this Website is something far beyond those GLORIOUS CONCEPTS. And they really are glorious concepts. I, personnally really like watching this youtube and the other one about the Blue Earth. However, I know it isn't true because I know we aren't becoming a Fourth dimensional planet. We are becoming a fifth dimensional blue planet.


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