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Krystalai: DNA Sound Wave Activation

(Teachings of the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse)

The frequencies that I'm breathing into your files come from my consciousness attaching to specific dimensions in our Cosmic Matrix that restore, realign and reactivate the most etheric portions of the cellular memory that connects to your original perfect blue print created in Cosmic Consciousness and Source Consciousness.

Search for the stirring within your cells. Focus the light and sound energies into those places in your body that need the healing. Focus on the expansion of our consciousness far out side of your physical body out into the spherical realm 36 inches above your head, 60 feet and 100 feet around you in a perfect radius from your body. Feel the less dense, floating feeling of the crystal plasma.

Our DNA sound waves were altered in a way that created a perceptual block of reality that alters the electrical impulse patterns of chemical and hormonal operation in the biological structure.
The frequency wave files that we create all utilize the aUM tone breath, which actually means returning to at onement with Source. It is the breath of atunement of co-resonate atomic charge that uses the key modulations to produce harmonies. This frequency breathing is consciously realigning the sound waves that were altered.

The density one body is the atomic body of the particle universe and the density two body is the elemental emotional body of the Crystal Grid. The density three body is the mental body that is outside of the physical body within the 27 inch radius from the crystal heart center in all directions. This creates the sphere around the Merkaba Body.

The Um tone of atunement into oneness with Source or the return to the original blue print of our rebirth is the frequencythat radiates the atomic light radiation spectrum of density one through the sound frequencies of the density two body --the elemental body.

So, we are talking about something very etheric, something created from an atomic light radiation spectrum of heliotalic frequencies. This is the magical energy of Source. This is the energy that space ships travel occurs. The merkaba is the crystal ship space ship. When it is atuned to the three densities and the spin rate is correct, and the consciousness is raising frequencies into a higher reality, the merkaba body will translate the body into a new reality.

This translation is a gradual process. The more the consciousness is focused on the new reality and less and less on the old reality, the faster the translation occurs. However, if there is any of the old reality still in the consciousness, the merkaba will not achieve lift off. The manifestation of the reality and the orbing into the reality are the same thing. If I keep my consciousness focused on Aquafaria long enough, my breath becomes more and more filled with helium just from focusing on that reality. That means just the focus on that dimensional reality is filling my cells and lungs with helium. This is the beginning of transposing the body to the new chemical structure of H2O2HE3. This is the new bioenergetic field of our reality when we rise into the fifth dimension.

This teaching of harmonic alignment came to me long before I knew the scientific explanation of this Ancient Mystery School teaching. About fifteen years ago, when I was living in Japan, I used to walk around and sing into this tape recorder. I was being directed by my density two elemental consciousness, which is my oversoul consciousness. I was told to hold my consciousness in tune with the mind of God when I sing. The singing kept getting sweeter and sweeter and more etheric. My density two family told me that when I became so focused continuously that my speaking and singing voice kept this alignment of frequency would be the time that I could ascend.

I worked with this process for years. Next, I purchased a professional recording studio and began singing layers of these breaths of Um over and over again on top of each other. I started seeing how there was this harmonic convergence between the layers of frequencies. The more I would hold my consciousness in direct alignment with the Mind of God and let God sing through me, the more harmonious the sound became. I learned that I was creating multi dimensional reality fields of density two sound together with density one atomic light radiation through my focused consciousness.

Next, I learned that I could sing any tone or word or even entire song and layer it harmonically and harmoniously without ever needing to use any special pitch. I was singing beyond the old theories of music that used notes and scales and staying in the same key in order to create harmonic relationships. I was creating key modulation through atomic energy of light and sound that was not do re me fa so la ti do. I was singing in the ka ha ra sa ta ha la kee ra shay ha sha spectrum of the Christic Atunment to Pre Sound and Pre Light. I was singing in pure frequencies of atunement. My singing was always in perfect pitch and it was in perfect pitch to whatever I sang because in the Divine reality everything is in tune with each other. From that time one, it didn't matter what song I chose to sing, the song always came out in perfect pitch. And I had no idea what Key I was singing in.

That magical formula of harmony that I had discovered was the key to restoring the electrical impulse patterns of the chemical and hormonal operation in the biological structure. I watched my body transform as I sang and listened to these harmonious breaths of consciousness. Later, I learned that after I spent hundreds of hours with the music on my head through earphones, my reality started shifting. I was completely within my head and the world around me started to dissolve away.

This was the exact formula that was given to StarSeeds to use at this time to alter our reality and shift into the fifth dimension. I was reactivating the 12 subharmonic frequencies of ka ha ra sa ta ha la kee ra shay ha sha into my cellular memory, and I didn't even know it. I could see the results of what I was doing. But at that time I didn't have the spiritual teachings that explained this sound and light phenomena.

Now, that the 12 frequency signatures of our original race line have been implanted in the Earth's grids, the bioenergetic template of our bodies will begin to re activate the corrected biological structure. These frequencies that will be streaming through the Earth's grids will be just like those frequencies that were streaming through my cellular memory and reactivating my divine blue print. Now, we are being given two gifts, the understanding of how to use the light and sound frequencies, and these same frequencies becoming activated within the Earth.

Now, I can feel myself standing on top of this Earth with these divinely tuned grids. I feel so in tune, so harmonious, so free. I feel a complete transition in the energy fields that are streaming out of the Earth. I can honestly know and feel that I am not living on that 3D Earth that I used to live on. I am standing on a 4D Earth that is completely tuned in to Inner Earth and Tara. I feel my 5D body template electrifying through every cell in my body at the elemental emotional level and at the sound and light level, and at the crystal body level. I feel complete atunement with all three of these bodies. I feel a crystal light streaming through my skin and out about a foot out from my skin. I feel all buzzy inside. I feel a happiness tingle of a brand new reality

The corrected hormonal flows are supposed to pour energy that re-activates the eternal life flow of Source Consciousness within it through every hormone, atom and omnion within the elemental structure of the body. The body translates into a new biological structure. The old physical reality dissolves away.
This would allow the activation of the frequency specific DNA to perceptually activate Divine Reality of the desired kingdom of heaven on Earth.

The 12 subharmonics of our original harmonic universe two Soul Matrix of Tara and Over Soul matrix of Gaia became disassembled codes that were locked away until we became evolved enough to regain them. Now is the time that our density two sound and density one light bodies are harmonized and atuned to Source. Now is the time we return home to the normal universe of Eternal Life.

That time has come. The frequencies of atunement into our Soul matrix are available now. However, most people still have so many distortions in their chakra templates, that they need to have frequency clearing done by qualified practitioners who have been trained in the light and sound teachings of Sound Genetic Restoration.

The atunement of frequencies during this widow of ascension 2012-2017 provides a window for those who wish to align their energies 100% to the activation of their light bodies through Ascension Mechanics of the Merkaba, so that they can actually orb into Tara in 2017.

Once that first group advances our raceline into a new evolutionary potential, a second wave of masters will be ready to orb into Gaia by 2022.

Orbing isn't the only way to go to Tara; but it is probably the only way one truly becomes a master of Ascension. The frequencies of Earth are shifting into the 5D template. Those who do not orb into 5D by 2022 will be living in the 4.5 Inner Earth, which is really Tara. So, it is not like some won't make it. There will just be many who still need to practice their merkaba mechanics so they can enjoy orbing around the universe. Some, will just choose to enjoy their ability to manifest any desired reality, so it won't really matter to them where they live.

The activation of frequencies in the Individual through their Eternal Life mp3 clears the individual's specific distorted areas in the DNA template that were placed there by fallen races. That genetic memory is still there because our body is the manifest template of all of the souls that existed before during the millions of years of race extinction,blown up, being raped, mutilated and restored again. All of those past distortions must be completely transmuted out of the cellular memory.

There are distortions in some people in the DNA 1, 2, and 3 that must be aligned into the original Divine Blue Print for healing and transformation. As the 12 subharmonics restore the sound genetics, the DNA strands can actively begin braiding back together the 1,2,3 DNA into the 4,5,6 DNA. That is all that is needed for our first level of ascension into TARA. The next group of starseeds will activate 7,8,9 DNA and move to Gaia. The Inner Earth Race Lines who maintained their perfect realities will be ready to go on to the 10,11,12 DNA of CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS.

All of these levels of DNA activation restores the ability for individuals to perceive a reality that was not available before. The reality that was not available was multidimensional reality, realizing that we all live within Sun Alcyone, realizing that there is no time or space and the entire Cosmos is within a sphere that is only about 60 feet around us, realizing that we can manifest any reality we wish, orb to any reality we wish, have complete dominion over our reality.

That reality is within our crystal genes. It has always been there. It was just unplugged and so we were asleep to its significance.

There is a responsibility involved in this re-activation process. Each individual must learn to become frequency specific in their own manifest reality. The frequency mp3's are to use to help hold the brain activity to become so focused in the mid brain that all past realities melt away. This requires continuous listening and focus. It requires continuous listening 48 hours a day for at least a month. It requires focusing deep within the cellular level into the etheric omnions of the levels far beyond where any microscope has gone. The spark of source holds the entire reality of the Cosmos. That reality is held within a place so small within each atom of our bodies that it is inconceivable to scientists. The omnions of the entire perfect kingdom fill every etheric fiber of our bodies from the inside of the blood cells, the etheric level of DNA, the light in the skin and the sound waves in the bones. The listener must continuously focus on that etheric level while listening ot the frequencies to create a harmonic awakening within. Soon, the listener will hear the breath of Source singing through the bones and lighting up the skin and crystals will turn the blood into eternal life streaming through the temple that holds the Soul which will glow with heliotalic starbursts of pale, pastel violet, golden waves.



There are two sciences that have been on Earth for hundreds of years that each use light and sound for healing. You know them as Reiki and Theta Brain Wave Technology. These technologies also use frequencies for healing.

However, the Theta Brain Wave technology always uses technology based waves that are very low hertzian frequencies.

Hertzian Frequencies are a part of the third dimensional reality. They are in the Harmonic Universe One of dimensions 1,2,3,

We have moved to Harmonic Universe Two of 4,5,6 dimensions. In order for this ascension into the higher dimensions our bodies went through the process of regaining the 12DNA subharmonic frequencies that extend into the hydroplasma of the gamma wave and the invisible light spectrum of the Cosmic and Universal Planes. When our Consciousness connects with the Mind of God and then manifests that co-create consciousness into our Visible Light we see a sphere of Blue Light. That is the Consciousness that must be manifest in the Mid Brain in order to Manifest.

We do not use Theta Brain Wave Technology. We use Ultra Violet Blue Wave Technology. Our music always uses Infra Red and Visible Light. As the mind connects into oneness with the highest frequency of the Pre Sound and Pre Light of Creation and comes down into the hydroplasma of gamma and then into the place where the spark of Source enters Visible Light and causes Purple Rain or the Violet Sphere, the Visible Light of Ultra Violet Blue appears.

All of our music is based on those frequencies and their interaction with brain waves. Those are the true frequencies that allow the Mid Brain to remain in the realm of co-creation with the Mind of God, and allow Instant Manifestation.

I would like you take a quick comparison test between what a Theta Wave and Alpha Wave is and compare the Feeling in your brain to the sound frequencies on this site at the listening booth. Listen to the NEUTRON and Angel Dust Sample. Here is a link to several youtubes using Theta Wave technology.

Now, continue listening and reading about what we are doing different at this site.

Now, try listening to solfege.

This is the opposite of what we are trying to teach you on this website. We are trying to teach you to discern the difference through your own perception.

To me this sounds like hell. These really are the frequencies of hell. Why do so many people think they should listen to this stuff? Because most training on Earth has come from FAllen Angelic influence trying to align frequencies with the phantom Earth which is in fact hell.

Please listen again to Angel Dust or a sample of an Individual Eternal Life MP3. Can you discern the difference between high frequencies--meaning frequencies connected to Cosmic Consciousness and Source.

The speed of light placed in our wave files takes the listener to parallel reality systems instantaneously. We connect our visions, dreams - our new reality completely into the parallel reality of our Higher Selves, our galactic family, our God selves to become the new creators of our New Golden Galaxy.

Now here is another youtube to show you how someone else uses the same METHOD that we use. We were doing this METHOD at least ten years before this guy. What is different is about the Frequencies used by this fellow, and the Frequencies used by us. I channel frequencies from Entities in the Cosmic and Universal Realms. I channel frequencies while riding in my Crystal Merkaba which is traveling three times the speed of light. The frequencies are coming directly from the Elohim of Hearing into my MIDBRAIN and then through my breath. I always use my Crystal Microphone made of crystal light, dust and gel--translated as hydroplasm, heliotalic light, and crystal light--the Eira spark of Source original creation substance.

Now, look at the youtube and see how this fellow arranges the blobs of sound, and sometimes layers them. I don't use blobs of techno sound. I use real, live frequencies of angelic consciousness. And it is created in the Mid Brain, it is activated in the Mid brain and makes focus stay in the Mid Brain. It is the Divine Frequency of Manifestation.

After listening to the waves on this youtube, go back to the Main Page and listen to Angel Dust. I used the same METHOD, but with angelic frequencies.
Divine Love is the activity of the speed of light in our wave files -- this action connects the listener continuously into Divine mind -- the Cosmic Consciousness -- the highest frequency ignited by Source.


The listener's DNA can be activated to remember all that the listener's really are. We are riding the second wave of Ascension into a very etheric place inside of our crystal cells in our bodies and connecting into the crystal caves of mother Earth's Heart--the place of our original birth.

In order to raise your DNA, you must raise Consciousness to a level that activates the sleeping DNA. You must begin spinning consciousness forward at the speed of light. This is what the ASCENSION WAVES are doing for us at this time. The entire Galaxy and Cosmos are spinning forward and pulling us along with them. Mother Earth is spinning into her Star Self. We may spin along with Mother Earth into our Immortality of the Star System as well.



The Ascension Kit dispersed the coded energy of the Speed of Light Divine Love Activation, Galactic, Cosmic and Source Consciousness in order to awaken the higher intelligence of the DNA to allow the Memory of 12D Universal Consciousness, 24D --the combination of Universal and Galactic Consciousness, 36--the combination of Universal, Galactic Consciousness into Cosmic Consciousness--48--the combination 12, 24, 36 into the Spark of Source -- the Breath of Creation within the listener.


These waves allow the listener to return completely to the parallel reality that the listeners may feel separated from Now as the Ascension Kit Ascension Waves of Cosmic Consciousness penetrates deeply into the DNA to activate one's templates of 12 DNA, 24 DNA, 36 DNA and 48 DNA and connects the listener into one's Star Essence of 96 DNA of the Highest Frequency available on Earth.

1. Ascension Vortal 3. Ascension Vortex
2. Ascension Portal 4. Magic Vortal

23 "Krystalai Music" ~ Songs ~ download as Packed/RAR : (use winzip/winrar&co to unpack folder containing mp3's ) as provided also free OnSite/Player(Cosmicdolphin) & Soundcloud ~

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