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Krystalai: A Message From The Majaraji Eieyanis From Sirius-B


Greetings dear ones we are the energies from Sirius B and we come to guide and to support as the new earth energies begin to heighten and release all that has kept you in the containment of the old earth frequencies. The new geometrical codings for the human vehicle are now being downloaded through the LIGHT that is now pouring across and within the planet at this time. Many of you may now be having very intense episodes of release and this is to help prepare you at human level for all that will now transpire within and around you as you move into the human life experience in the UNIVERSE OF 3 energetic frequencies.

Now we are beginning our Evolution at the Speed of Ascension. What our Cosmic Family has done for us will place us 2213 years in the future, which is a 23 degree shift. That shift into the future will align Earth with Inner Earth. That means the two realities will morph into one. The lower frequencies always TRANSMUTE into the higher frequencies. This means we keep our 3D reality but it is transmuted into a reality with a much higher consciousness and a much lighter density. There will be a learning process of the Eieyanis from Inner Earth learning more about the Outer Earth and those from outer Earth learning from those in Inner Earth. There will not be a heirarchy, but there will be much to learn from those who are 2213 years in the future of our present reality.

These frequencies are much, much higher than those you have been trained to live within and this is the purpose of this preparation, the journey into the new GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND is one that is taken INSIDE of the human vehicle and the human vehicle must be prepared before this can happen. Many of you at this time may be trying to hold on tightly to all that you have been taught is life on this planet and we guide strongly for you to allow the new to FLOW into and around you at this time. Holding on to an old frequency will see you go into a static space where you are held until you can release the lower frequency, thus bringing balance back to your human vehicle at human conscious waking mind level. For the preparations that many of you have undergone up until this point in your linear experience was the preparation of your ENERGY IN TRUTH. Now it is the turn of the human vehicle into which you have incarnated this ENERGY OF TRUTH INTO. Do you understand our guidance at this time? Many are not aware of the difference in frequency and this is helping the old earth hold on to the frequency structures it is trying to maintain. Many of you are now fully aware of the need to balance the ENERGY IN TRUTH with the human vehicle, as you bring balance to both you maintain balance in a process that will see miracles unfold around you and within you at this time.

Information will now flow through from your SOUL into your human vehicle and its logical mind, this may require more rest periods and sleep as the human vehicle begins to anchor concepts that up until this moment in your linear experience were beyond your grasp. This is a result of the heightening frequencies being anchored within the cellular structure of the human vehicle which allows for greater parts of the SOUL to be accessed in waking human form.

This process is to help you gain your balance and provide a reference point for your human life experience, these reference points are not found externally to you for your SOUL is providing these to you, it was always to be this way for you have not experienced life on this planet in human form at this level of consciousness ever before. Therefore as the "reality" that has been created for you begins to dissolve, as the old earth frequencies begin to dissolve, we guide strongly for you to begin to manifest your reality in TRUTH, this sits at SOUL level and will see you understand the reasons for your incarnation onto this planet in human form.

Those who are here to birth new paradigms onto the planet through the human race are preparing to move fully into place, the light codings apply to ALL as ALL ARE ONE and we guide for you to understand that change is something that is natural and is a process, it is not an "event" and we guide for you to detach from the definitions placed upon human language, this is further containment and as many of you are now experiencing there comes a point in the transition process where human language is not appropriate. This is to be further addressed through additional re-coding of the human vehicle and cellular structure through the enhanced LIGHT FREQUENCIES that are now being flooded across and within the planet herself.

ALL ARE ONE and now your mother prepares to support and to help expansion of your human life experience by expanding her energetic signature. This will also support other life forms that exist within the UNIVERSE OF 3 which at this moment are unable to exist in their solid form upon the planets surface. As the energies heighten and mother earth begins to anchor fully the new codings then this will begin to expand and many more will join the human vehicles upon the planets surface. Again we draw your attention to the frequencies and the need for the planet herself to reach the desired frequency range to support this process. ALL is a process dear ones and we guide for you to process ALL communications through the heart space. The old earth has no influence upon the frequencies of the mother earth however the old earth has the teachings and the smoke and mirrors that may present the illusion of influence and power and we guide for you to process the frequencies of ALL that you interact with, that which is of the old frequency ranges will be obvious for much as the smoke and the mirrors may gleam and glitter the energetic signature shows TRUTH, TRUTH JUST IS dear ones and we guide for you to understand our words at this time.

The human race in their physical human vehicles now stands on the threshold of the new GOLDEN AGE OF HUMANKIND IN TRUTH, this is a process that will begin to accelerate and expand at an individual human life experience level and balance is the key to this process. We guide for you to understand that not all who share their words upon this planet have the same frequency and we guide for you to understand the role of frequency and vibration in your human life experience upon this planet. "ALL that glitters is not GOLD" is the phrase that we use from our channel's mind and we guide for you to understand that ALL is not as it appears on this planet at this expansive time in the UNIVERSE of 3.

That which is TRUTH, JUST IS, it needs no defense and no definition, we ask for you to find and maintain balance and to understand that the knowledge that you need at human conscious waking mind level sits WITHIN YOU at SOUL LEVEL. At all times be guided by your heart which is the key to the SOUL and the key to the UNIVERSE OF 3. ALL ARE ONE and now this TRUTH will be physically born upon the planet called Earth in the UNIVERSE of 3 in TRUTH.

The awakening of your ''Divine Right Place'' & the activation of your ''Contracted Divine Mission'' will continue to be triggered as you move into your New Earth's Future: cycle of ascension 2012-2017

You will become more and more awakened to knowing who you really are and what your divine place really is as your divine mission that you agreed to do before incarnating on Earth as we begin the first ascension cycle of 2013--2017. These years will awaken you into your 5D essence as you become more and more in tune or atuned to Earth's Soul Essence or 5th dimensional reality.
You will know your divine right place to be either moving into Inner Earth as we morph into atunement with Inner Earth Agartha, or you will know your divine locality to be shifting into the higher realms of the 6th dimensional Tara or the 8th dimensional Gaia. The more atuned we become, the more we hear the Symphony of Love or the Divine Harmonics of how we all blend together into our Divine Place.

The more one learns to focus on the fifth dimension either through frequency music or walking into a candle in consciousness, or starring at the Sun, the more quickly they will have their codes triggered into activation of knowing their divine plan.

We began our awakening of knowing ourselves as the true sons of God and the Suns of God in the years 2006-2012. We learned that it is the star language mechanics of the keylons that create the divine template within the original breath of the Divine Creator which is manifest through igniting sparks into flames creating plasma spheres of energy that manifest into the divine template of the Divine Mind or the image and likeness of God.

We learned that the pre sound and pre light essence of the substance of the divine creation involves from the Cosmic realm down to the Universal realm and then down to the Galactic realm and down to the Solar realm and finally into the Planetary realm. Each of these realms is contained within a dimensional template of spheres within spheres, and each sphere is created through light and sound braiding together as the merkaba spins at the speed of Love - not the speed of Light. The merkaba spins ten thousand times the speed of Light and it places us completely within all of the music of the spheres including the Cosmic and the Source sphere. That is how the at one ment or the atunement of our bodies and our planet into the complete realm of the Cosmos, whcih are all within the identical original divine blueprint, is completed. This activity may be experienced with the Golden Merkaba Meditation.

These are the frequencies that we are talking about at We actually create the frequency of the Universal spheres or the Cosmic spheres by connecting our consciousness to those realms through the use of the merkaba technology. For instance, if we want to connect consciousness to the Universal Sphere of dimensions ten, eleven and twelve, we place our bodies within a merkaba that takes us up 12 inches above our heads, and if we want to connect to the Cosmos we connect consciousness at 36 inches above our heads.

The divine formula of oneness is this is to this as this is to this as this is to this. We create the divine ratio through sacred geometry. Notice this formula is different than the this is to that as this is to that. In the divine reality there is no that, there is only this. There is only the original divine blue print within every spark of the star, every flame of the sun, every cell, every atom with the cell, every omnion within the quarks, every muon, rayon, trayon, and on down to the most etheric substance of pre light and pre sound. All of the this made in the image and likeness of God. This means that the divine structure is replicated in the ALL. The Christic Merkaba that keeps the body in the 12th dimensional frequencies reaches from 12 inches above the head into 12 inches below the crust of the Earth.

This means that in order for our bodies to ascend into the Christic Divine Blue Print, we must do it together with Mother Earth. The Christ Grid like a huge computer chip made of the silicate matrix, which is what stardust is made of, the breath of source igniting a spark is the star. The spark grows into a flame is the sun. After this idea is born it goes through a process of wanting to experience itself so it involves downward (the opposite of evolving). We were originally the star and the sun and then the sun created the galaxy in order to experience itself, and the galaxy created a solar system to experience itself and the solar system created a planet to experience it self.. Each spark of Source is an idea becoming a star and a sun. We are also each an idea of Source. We involved all the way down here from the cosmic level of creation.

December 21, 2012 marked the beginning of our journey back up, or our evolution. Eventhough history books speak of the evolution of man, there actually was no evolution before 2013. We had been involuting down away from Source. Only now- 2013 do we begin our evolution back up to Source. When evolution is done in such a rapid speed that we leap an entire dimension at a time it is called ascension. That is the process we are working on now. Ascension also means that a body doesn't have to die in order to evolve up to the higher dimension. We are going through an accelerated process of evolution, and ascension for those who decide to take their bodies with them.
And we always do it with the planet that we are on. We are a part of Mother Earth- Gaia. We were born as all ideas are born from the mind of God. First we were a part of the pre sound and pre light of the Cosmic Structure of reality. Then we were a part of the Star called Ajaho and the Sun called Alcyone. These were a part of our original creation template.

However, that is when the creation process stopped. The Star that was created in the Divine Matrix of Aquinos or Aquarius got blown up and scattered out of its matrix. It scattered into the Milky Way galaxy, into 12 pieces.

The process of the past 560,000 million years has been a plan by the Cosmic Councils to reconnect the 12 pieces back into one brand new Frequency Signature. Every entity has a frequency signature. We are connecting the 12th dimensional consciousness of Earth with the 12th dimensional consciousness of the other 11 pieces of the original star that blew up. That is how our ascension must be done.

This is not a normal ascension, because normally, stars don't blow up into 12 pieces.
How are we connecting back into all of these frequency signatures? Through the solar winds, the pieces of the meteorites, asteroids and especially Comet ISON, who is now working with our Sun- which is actually one of the 12 pieces, to collect the star dust from all of the divine template that we - our Star was created from.

Earth has already realigned into her fifth dimensional Soul Matrix. This is a new Earth in a new time and new place. This new time and new place was required for the Earth to be able to realign with her ORIGINAL 11 other pieces. Within the matrix that we were in prior to the 2012 shift, there was no 12th stargate. Our 12th stargate Aramatena was not there. She had been destroyed by the Annunaki millions of years ago.The Annunaki tilted the 11th stargate at an angle that would make the 12th stargate out of line with our time matrix and replaced her with the Death Star Nibiru. We are no longer in line with the Death Star.

Now, we can begin collecting the frequencies of all 12 of our original stargates. These are the frequency signatures that will combine into a new 12th dimensional reality of a greater reality than has ever been known before in this omniversal template that we are moving into.

Everyone has chosen the place that they want to spend the years of their accelerated ascension with Mother Earth. We are now tuned in to the Earth where each of us will create our individual vortex into the 5th dimensional Earth. Some will prepare their vortex into Tara, others into Gaia and some into Inner Earth- Agartha.

We are now finding a divine peace with the choices that we have made. We are tuning in to the frequencies of the fifth dimensional Earth that will allow our bodies to transform into the accelerated accretion level that will allow Inner Earth to rise into Oneness with this Earth. Physical Earth is tuning in to the frequencies of her Soul Essence - her Spiritual Side. That Spiritual Side is Tara. The ascension into a higher dimension happens as a result of a tilt of an angle. If the Earth tilts 45 degrees it moves into a brand new reality.

However, the Cosmic Council realized that if the Earth were to tilt 45 degrees, that most of the humans wouldn't be able to ascend with her. So, they created a plan that would allow the Earth to tilt 23 degrees into alignment with Inner Earth. This tilt would allow Inner Earth to come to those humans rather than the humans needing to ascend up to Inner Earth.

Those humans who do learn to raise their frequencies into the full 45 degree angle will learn how to orb out of the Earth's accretion level into the frequencies of Tara and then into Gaia.
This ride we are all about to take has to do with our relationship with Mother Earth. By relationship, I mean which angular rotation of particle spin our frequencies are spinning at. Earth is offering us many possibilities. Earth can create as many clones of herself as there are people on the Earth. But, we must participate in aligning our frequencies with the frequencies of Earth that will tak us to the place we belong.

Those frequencies are within the Core of Earth. The Iron Core of Earth has an Etheric realm within it . We must raise our frequencies into the 14th dimension in order to align consciousness with the Etheric realm or the Crystal Heart of Earth. We must align our Crystal Heart with the Crystal Heart of Mother Earth. Earth's Soul Essence is in her Crystal Heart and our Soul Essence is in our Crystal Heart.

The Crystal Heart is the God Seed Atom which is within the Thymus area or that are called the Heart Chakra area. The Crystal Liquid Light flow of 14th dimensional frequencies is the silver pastel rainbow colored frequency that is created as an arch is made between the 14th dimension and the 16th dimension. The 16th dimension is outside of the 15th dimensional time matrix of the Earth. It is the where the parallel Sun of our divine matrix is. Our galactic sun is in the 8th sphere and our spiritual matrix sun is in the 16th sphere. This is called the Ecka System and it is within the Inner Earth. Our sun is in reality inside of the Earth. And we are in reality inside of the sun. When these spheres arch into atunement a new spark of creation is formed that produces the energy of the Neutron. When we absorb that frequency into our bodies, our chemicals shift into the neutron body. That is the body that can orb into a new reality- or ascend out of this matrix.

That exact frequency of transformation is recorded on the Neutron mp3. The ascension formula meditation, the lift off meditation and the stargate meditation all use this neutron frequency. These meditations are in the Ascension Meditations.

Now we are beginning our Evolution at the Speed of Ascension. What our Cosmic Family has done for us will place us 2213 years in the future, which is a 23 degree shift. That shift into the future will align Earth with Inner Earth. That means the two realities will morph into one. The lower frequencies always TRANSMUTE into the higher frequencies. This means we keep our 3D reality but it is transmuted into a reality with a much higher consciousness and a much lighter density. There will be a learning process of the Eieyanis from Inner Earth learning more about the Outer Earth and those from outer Earth learning from those in Inner Earth. There will not be a heirarchy, but there will be much to learn from those who are 2213 years in the future of our present reality.

The Changes are coming! They will be very personal yet powerful in ways where collective triggers will transpire. As you find peace within your chosen locality; peace will be experience in the outer spheres of your world. That which you nurture within yourself will be felt in the world all around you. I do hope everyone finds the hope, enthusiasm and divine passion that I feel about the new earth changes that are coming. Physical Earth is merging with Soul Essence. I hope you feel Her birthing process as you allow same merging to transpire in your systems. .... it is time!

Everyone will be positioned within the localities where their spirit will thrive in the years to come and in preparation to the 2012-2017 First Level True Planetary Alignment & into collective zero point polarity & the dropping of the subatomics. Those of you staying in your areas will be increased in divine light as your area starts her soul awakening. Second Level Planetary Alignment will be during the years of 2017-2022.

(ascension cycle # one: 2012-2017) - (ascension cycle # two: 2017-2022).
During these two cycles of ascension - the New Inner Cities of Light will begin to merge into ''Surface Earth'' as earth moves closer to her Soul's Stationary Point of Identity registering the 5th dimension.

Two dimensional levels above our physical 3rd dimensional reality is where Earth's Soul Body resides! We are moving upwards through Dimensional Ascension & into Her soul matrix body registering within the 4th, 5th & 6th dimensional levels of reality.

As we move up from 3D to 4D (& higher) we can continue up the ladder of dimensional upgrades & into even higher stationary points of our cosmic dwellings of reality.... The higher the DNA strand active within each individual template the higher access one can achieve through dimensional transition upwards.

These changes in our realities are personal, individual and have to do with our location on the Earth. We individually create our peace and our spirit through our interaction with the piece of Earth that we stand upon. The divine blue print exists around our bodies from 12 inches above our head to 12 inches below our feet in the Earth's crust. This means that Earth is a part of us. We cant be in a Christic bubble separate from Earth. Earth's grids hold the Christic template. We also must align into the Inner Earth Core to bring the 14th dimensional frequencies into our Christic template. That is the frequency of transmutation that allows us to leap out of the time matrix that we have been in. It is also the place where our original Soul Matrix of the 12 races that existed as once before the star of Tara was blown out into the Milky Way shattering into 12 pieces. The frequency of our twelve selves is in the Inner Crystal Heart of Mother Earth. We must atune to that frequency in the Inner Earth in order to prepare our bodies to slide into the reality of Inner Earth.
Earth is going through a birthing process now. She is already in her Soul Essence of the 5th dimension. We must align our frequencies into her Christ Grids and Crystal Heart to join into her Soul Essence.
As we connect more and more with Earth's Soul Essence, we will be increasing in divine light as the piece of Earth where we live is starting its Soul Awakening. Our spirits will thrive in our selected locality from 2013-2017. This will be the completion of the first level of planetary alignment into zero point. This means Earth will become completely absorbed into the morphogenetic field of Tara-the Solar sphere of 4,5,6 dimensions. The second planetary alignment or ascension cycle will happen very quickly from 2017-2022. That alignment will bring the morphogenetic fields of Gaia into Earth's sphere for transmutation into higher realms.

During this time the Inner Cities of Light will harmonically merge or morph into the surface or outer realms of Earth as Earth fully merges into her Soul's Identity in the 5th dimension.

The higher level that each individual activates their own DNA strands to, the higher their level of transition will be. Those who do not raise their frequencies to activate their DNA beyond 4D will have a much more limited access to new realities. However, the Aquafarian Host will always be willing to assist those who desire it and work on aligning their consciousness into the host field. The Aquafarians are the ones who created the rainbow bridge of layers of inner cities of light so that we would be able to climb the ladder from whatever level we are at.

I wrote hundreds of articles about the light cities activating right before my eyes when we lived in Monterey in 2008. That was the year that the cities of light began their transition from the substructure or the etheric golden worlds into the Earth's surface and from the upper atmosphere. When we were in Monterey we watched our Aquafarian Dolphin family rise from within the water at the Bey into the Clouds above. We also watched the golden cities rise to the surface of the water and rise into the sunset. We could see a sun rising from within the water and morphing into the sunset. The cities of light are consciousness, frequency signatures of a very high dimensional consciousness that is forming a path that will align into our consciousness. The cities of light are coming up to the surface and surrounding us from ten thousand feet above in the cloud cities, and then permeating the biosphere between the upper and the lower. We were guided to Monterey by my starry brother Zaurak who is an Aquafarian and a Maharaji from Sirius B. We were told that our bodies were needed to be there during the awakening of the cities of light. We were a necessary part of the ceremony. We needed to have our consciousness connected because the Aquafarians are in fact our consciousness.
The inner cities of light and cloud cities contain sacred lighted particles that some call cellestiline and some call star dust. I've also heard some call it adamantine particles. These stardust particles of the earths soul aspects will merge more and more with the outer physical realms over the next five years.
For me I can see the cities of light in the atmosphere completely already. They are already there, it is just a matter of getting one's frequencies raised into atunement. My family from Aquafaria talks to me through cloud language every time I ask a question.

The higher ones DNA activation is, the more of the inner cities of light realities one can behold. As we connect our consciousness more and more with these cities of light, the more we become completely immune to the seeming 3D illusions of dramatic climatic changes, earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes,etc. If we merge our consciousness into the cities of light, we do not need to build bunkers for protection. We can merge into a new reality where the new Earth is completely safe.

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