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Krystalai: Earth Morphs into Shamballa in 2017 + Understanding How we Moph into a New Form

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Between 2014 and June 2017 Earth will morph into Shamballa. Shamballa is the Christic Reality Structure in Inner Earth. It is known as Agartha, Inner Earth and Shamballa. There were many good zones and bad zones within Inner Earth. There were the hybernization zones where entities were being tricked into believing they were in heaven, but in reality they have been ruled by fallen angelic races keeping them in a sleeping state.

Those zones are going through an awakening just like we are up here. The interdimensional connections to these zones by the Zetas and other Invader races will be completely closed down by 2017. The Inner Earth will only be Shamballa by the time Earth morphs into inner Earth.

The entities who live in Agartha include my Sirius B Maharaji Blue Family and my Braharama Oraphim Family. There are also Azurites from the Melchizedek Cloister Order who live there.

The first soul families that we will encounter will be our blue family. That has been decided because they look the most like us, so it will be easier to accept their presence than some of the other families who don't look so much like us.

When the second seeding of human angelics were still on Earth in 50,000 B.C., many Melchizedeks, Annunaki and Lemurians were forced into Inner Earth before the FAll of Atlantis in order to save our race line.

There are many areas of Agartha and parts of Inner EArth where there is still as much strife as there is up here because many of the races who went down were the Fallen Angelic Race lines including the Annunaki.

I communicate withe the Blue Family of Sirius B - our Maharaji Starry Family who came to bring their 12th dimensional perfection to our rescue. They will be the first ones that we will see once the accretion level is raised in 2017.

We will be shifting into one ness with Inner Earth Agartha in June 2017. Those who are truly Angelic Races of Inner Earth and other realms know these exact dates, and exactly what is happening.

There are many channelers who are really good at painting a pretty picture, but they never tell us anything new. That is because they are talking to an astral consciousness that doesn't actually exist.
It is true that we will all be very wealthy very soon. That is because we are able to gain our 5D frequency which allows us to manifest anything we want. It has nothing to do with a NESARA fund. And the funny thing is, we will all be transferred to inner Earth very soon, and they don't use our money there.

Agartha is half way between the parallel Universe. So, instead of shifting us all the way into the parallel higher Earth, we are going to be shifted half way. This is the plan of the Guardian Alliance that is allowing our ascension to happen 2213 years faster than it would had happened normally.

Image by: FutureAgeSage~


The formulas that we have been given to help us practice transforming our bodies from the particle into anti particle form that are bodies are being prepared for include: walking into the candle
(in mini me form) to absorb the complete spectrum of light including the gamma and plasma frequencies
Walking into the Sun in the same manner.
And walking into the Mirror.

All three of these activities are done for the same reason, which is re-creating the anti-particle or dark matter that is supposed to be in the mid brain. The frequency specific anti-particle mid brain is supposed to act like a photo lab that creates a negative picture and then turns it into a positive picture.
When we walk into the mirror in the mid brain, we are actually going through the exact process of nuclear thermo translation that the suns go through every second of every day of their eternal life.
It is the process of turning the physical into the spiritual, invisible anti particle self.
The sun is translating hydrogen into helium over and over again every breath it takes. Suns share this energy with each other in the omniverse. They have this outflow of eternal energy that is circulated between them. They do not need to take energy from anyone else, they create energy and give it freely.

This is the transformation that our bodies must go through in the same manner.
We are being translated from a hydrogen based body into a helium based body.
If you remember, I have talked about the H2O2HE3A translation of water.

That is the type of crystal liquid light energy that exists in the parallel spiritual universe.
It has three parts helium added to what our water would be.

However, most of us are just going to Shamballa, which is half way between Earth and the parallel spiritual HE3A chemical, so it will be half that amount of helium.

For those of you who are on this site because you are physic majors, I found this pdf that explains this translation that the sun will be putting us through.

This formula is the formula that is not only used by the sun, but by the entire solar system in a NORMAL REALITY.

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