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Krystalai: Pure in Heart - Activating DNA - Crystal Heart


Activating DNA The importance of connecting with Spark of Source in the Crystal Heart and bringing in the Frequencies of Consciousness from all Five Spheres into this Spark in order to ignite the spark into the Flame of ONENESS or ALLNESS.

 The PURE IN HEART means those who have re-connected to their Original Crystal Heart of Allness. From this Spark of Source Consciousness that has now been re-united with - re-connected with all selves from the Solar, Galactic, Universal and Cosmic, as well as all selves from the Planetary realms, TRUE MANIFESTATION may begin. This Spark of Source will grow into a Crystal Sphere. This is the ball of light containing all of the light and sound that each of us is really made of. This is our true Self. Once this ball of light merges into it's allness containing the 12th dimensional consciousness or CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS from the Universal Sphere or the Fourth Sphere, the Co-Creative Consciousness from the Cosmic Sphere or Fifth Sphere, as well as the HOME CONSCIOUSNESS of the 5th dimension or the Solar Sphere or Second Sphere, and the Galactic Consciousness of our God Creation, where our Galactic Suns created our stars and planets and our god selves created the Divine Plan of creation of form.

 All of these Realms of Consciousness must be merged together once more as we collect and rise into the frequencies of these higher realms of consciousness. Once this complete Consciousness of all of our Higher Selves have merged with our selves on this realm, we can once again ignite the Spark of Source to Pop back into a crystal sphere of light that sounds like the wind and blows into tiny particles the golden dust of creation that we can form and mold into any manifest reality that we desire.

 We must realize that these Breaths of Consciousness are REAL LIVE ENTITIES. They are Beings of Light. The Ones we have known as Christ Jesus, Mother Mary, Raphael, Merlin, etc are all spheres of golden star dust who can form into any bodily form that they desire. Each realm, each planet, each star system maintains their own desired manifest form. This is the law of individual freedom in the God Creation. This God Creation was the Gods who created the Galactic Realm. This was the place where Sun Alcyone created Ajaho and the other God Entities created the Divine Plan to utilize the Source Spark to create Cities of Light. These are etheric cities with a form that merges into the physical to create whatever individual form that is desired.

 Those created in the original Ajaho had a Green Blue Essence and those created in the original Sirius Matrix had a Turquoise Blue Essence. This Essence represented the Aura or the Mission of Desired Accomplishments of the specific creation.

 We still contain these original Essences of our Original God Creations. This is what is sometimes called our DNA. Our original DNA could not even be understood in this realm of consciousness. Our DNA was infinite. The DNA of 3 strands or 12 strands is only a mathematical equivalent that can be understood in the third dimensional density. There is no density in other realms of consciousness. This density is simply an unreal structure that is presently being corrected back in to its real structure. There is a relationship of our understanding of the 3D world and the 3D DNA strands. We have been trapped into this density where nothing goes beyond these 3 strands of reality. We are in a work, sleep and eat mode of reality. We simply repeat the same movie of our day over and over and over again. We have been stuck in ground hogs day for millions of years.

 In order to expand our DNA beyond 3D we must expand our Consciousness. We expand into the 12D Consciousness by raising our frequencies of Consciousness to expand into the 12th dimensional light grids that are one foot under the Earths Crust and about one foot above our heads. Expanding our Consciousness even to that small extend helps to raise our DNA immensely.
The crystal heart has also been called the Luxor Point in Serapis Bey's Ascension Schools. It is the spark or point of original Source creation. The spark of Source, which has also been called EirA in the original God Language is the zero point connection or alignment into and throughout all Oneness of Cosmic Consciousness. (Please remember that the original god language was still extremely etheric in nature- the sounds were more breaths than actual sounded out words--there were actually no consonant sounds-- So please think of EIRA as an entity with an essence or a breath of consciousness) This Spark of Source is the point where all of Cosmic Consciousness can be collected back together in Oneness, and this Frequency of the breaths of all of our selves, and all of our family of the Galactic and Cosmic can re-ignite into a grander flame of Oneness.

 Spark of Source ignites within the Crystal Heart which is located between the thymus and the backbone area.

 The Spark of Source becomes ignited or activated when the frequencies or consciousness Breaths are brought into it through the use of the Merkaba Vehicle collecting these frequencies or through listening to the Music Kits that have already collected these breaths into the music.

 MOTHER EARTH To begin merging with the tones of home- the frequencies of consciousness that merge us into our home consciousness-- we must begin with our Mother Earth's Consciousness. Mother Earth contains our Divine Essence as well as her own Divine Essence. We were created from the same Sun Alcyone breath of consciousness. We each contain this essence from our Aquarius Galaxy. Mother Earth's Matrix contains and includes those of us who live on her. Collecting breaths of Consciousness from Mother Earth's Crust, her Mantle, her Core and her Sun begin the process of collecting our own 12D and 13D Consciousness. The Christ Consciousness Grid is just one foot below the surface of Mother Earth. She also contains the grids of Unconditional Love, Substance, Intelligence, Divine Mind, Creative Intelligence, the Crystal River Grids that allow her to magnetize all of the braids and streams of liquid light frequencies from all other higher realms of the Galactic Spheres and Cosmic Spheres into her Body. Mother Earth has been collecting and storing all of this substance of Divine Creation in her Body and streaming this consciousness back out into her Atmosphere where other important parts of her Etheric Consciousness exist. When we merge with the Breaths of Consciousness that have been collected from our rides into Mother Earths Core, her Liquid Light Domain, her Etheric Spiritual Half, we awaken our DNA to the wholeness of Mother Earth. Her Crystal Heart Domain is in her Core. This is the 13th Dimensional Substance of Divine Creativity and Divine Substance. This is where Shamballa is located. Shamballa is a 13th Dimensional realm. This is the place Sunat Kumara has stored our Divine Essence, our Divine Consciousness to be restored at the time all of the realms of Consciousness had Unified as one. This is the first time in 7000 years that this reconnecting to our golden crystal bodies- our spiritual substance could be obtained. These crystal bodies contain the memory of all we originally were. Hear and feel the breaths of Consciousness of Mother Earth and all of the Divine Consciousness contained in her Core. EARTH TONES However, first we must understand what this raising of consciousness actually means and how to do it. We must first learn what a Merkaba is, what a merkaba vehicle and merkaba heirophant are and how they are used to collect the frequencies of consciousness in each realm or dimension. All of these frequencies of consciousness must be brought back into the Crystal Heart through this Merkaba Vehicle. The Crystal Heart can then ignite the spark of source and blow into it the Divine Realities of the 12D, the 24 D, the 36D and the 48 D. The more we spin this merkaba at the speed of light energy, the faster we can return to our original crystal sphere of golden dust that can pop into a funnel of wind and emerge brand new into a new form of reality in the desired location. 



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